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The Drama Chronicles Thread

edited 2011-04-27 01:16:29 in IJBM meta
Because I have nothing better to do, I decided I'd start chronicling our drama for posterity.

Warning: I have no previous experience with writing or journalism, so I wouldn't expect it to be a fun read, it's mostly just a collection of facts I want to preserve.

Should I Just Leave?

Antecedents: Chagen creates "The first fic I might seriously finish is..." (a fetish fic), and shortly after posts a few snippets. His writing is criticized. He doesn't take this well, gets into a heated argument and eventually relents, throwing him into a down mood.

Action: Chagen creates "Should I just leave?", in which he self-deprecates and asks the title's question. The thread immediately derails into various users (most prominently Bob, Vorpy and Vivi) posting random images, many of which involve Lady Gaga or My Little Pony. The lack of seriousness doesn't sit well with Chagen. "People who deliberately derail serious threads by posting non-sequitur images" is created, becoming a mixture of talking about Chagen and posting random images, causing "Threads on this Forum Spill Out" to be created, which predictably becomes about posting random images. A small amount of fallout reaches other threads. glennmagusharvey locks "Should I just leave" the next morning (local time).

Aftermath: "This feels like the last days of IJBM 1" is created. A small discussion gets made on the rules thread in which glennmagusharvey explains that one should limit his or her wonderposting, and Vorpy explains her intentions to obstruct attention towards Chagen and his thread.

Additional (edit): A couple hours after the fact glennmagusharvey locks "People who deliberately derail serious threads by posting non-sequitur images", allowing for it to be recreated which it is. Bob and Gelzo agree on the rules thread not to shitpost like that again, Longfellow edits the shitposting rule to add emphasis.


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