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  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Why is Dragonaut's soundtrack so incredibly good?
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Atelier's episode 5 is heartwarming.  And while Lucille isn't typically my type of character, I felt that I could empathize with her.

    (On the other hand, I'm starting to feel that Linca is my type...)
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    Let's talk about the Free! Eternal Summer ending (Spoilers obvs).

    For some reason; I don't believe it was able to make the same points as Ping Pong even as it mirrored it in many respects, and as such created an entirely other message that did not agree with me at all.

    I mean I really liked Free! Eternal Summer, it's just that one thing overall really didn't sit well with me and it just happened to be the ending of the main characters arc.

    Haruka wants to swim, he's happy in the water in or out of any pools. In fact I always thought his favorite place to swim was the ocean. Presumably, he gets fine enough grades and likes his friends and his life etc

    So I always thought when he froze up mid-competition for pressure he never asked for it would end with Haruka in some unknown profession befitting his character, whilst always finding time in his day for a swim.

    Turns out I was super wrong, because it turns out that when Rin takes him to Australia the Australian swimming pool is so beautiful or whatever that he wants to completely throw away any semblance of principals that he has (he basically says this at the end) so he can swim in an Olympic pool.

    I mean, I guess he might actually just want a job where he gets up, swims, and goes to bed, but I'm pretty sure there are lots of non-competitive environments to do that in.

    I mean, it's not like with Makoto where he's truly living up to his nature as a nurturer or Rin who wants to compete, he just accepts that he's dedicated to a life of swimming under the watchful eye of people who care about things he doesn't which he will also now start caring about so he can swim in Olympic pools which he never actually had an affinity for.

    They don't even frame it in a way that would've been compelling; like if he'd met lots of people in competitions all throughout the season who would inspire him to want to continue meeting more and more of them and he'd compete without a care for the more sinister (I know this sounds like too much but it fits) eyes of the scouts or whatever.

    And finally, I especially don't like that whilst writing this I presented two entire options for endings that would've made more thematic sense.

    Also the Australia episode happens way too late.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    fripSide and yanaginagi confirmed as OP/ED artists for Owari no Seraph 2nd Cour.

    On one hand, I love both those artists. On the other; last time they did an OP and ED together was Black Bullet <_<
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    "[Fertilizers and pesticides] might harm the harvest in the long run."

    This show is environmentally-minded.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I got interested in a character and looked up spoilers for her before watching the episode about her.


    Well, I still learned more.
  • SPOILER: It was actually DIO the entire time. :p
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Watched the K movie today, it was very K and everything I'd want out of a movie about bishounen swordfighting. It was very good at reminding me of things I'd forgotten (ie by the time Anna was finished the HOMRA chant I actually remembered it) and only very slightly expanding on things (Green Clan exists! Golden King knows Adolf! etc.) as to give Return of Kings time to properly play them out.

    The themes (like I'm serious about the themes, really) were quite consistent with the original series and it was nice to see Mikoto's death continue to be a point from which characters grow and the story expands (though it was a bit funny that the Blue King's bit was a post-credits scene).
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I spoke too soon about Atelier being wholesome due to lacking fanservice.  Hot springs episode just occurred.

    Though it wasn't too obnoxious.  Linca made the inevitable boob size joke funny.  And if you know me, you know how much I hate boob size jokes, so you know she did something interesting.  but I won't spoil it.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    "The series is not even over yet, and I'm already calling it one of the best I have ever seen."

    *looks at character designs*

    Sorry, I don't feel like watching this.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Sorry, I don't feel like watching this.
    You're not offending anybody by not watching it though.

    Also the character designs are pretty brilliant you pleb.
  • What's wrong with the designs? they look perfectly anime to me
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Someone else on Hummingbird explained this better:
    I've been planning to watch Rokka no Yuusha but honestly I just can't
    stand how ridiculous and impractical the female outfits are. Especially
    the bunny girl; what is it with skimpy attire in medieval esque
    fantasies these days? Arslan had this issue with one character, Hitsugi
    no Chaika with 3 characters and in Madan no Ou to Vanadis plus Maria the
    Virgin Witch has this all over the place. It seems that Berserk is the
    only series that doesn't have skimpy armor.
  • >The outfits are impractical

    Says the Nanoha guy.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    what is it with skimpy attire in medieval esque
    fantasies these days?
    It would take me -4 seconds to find skimpy outfits from the OVA era.

    And Berserk a terrible example because it's a seinen obsessively accurate universe thing (ie way out of demo).

    Also in Rokka no Yuusha's case, if the girls are magic users they don't need "practical" outfits.
  • >It would take me -4 seconds to find skimpy outfits from the OVA era.

    Enough with the empty threats and the hypotheticals, do it!
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Dirty Pair, who are gunmen yet wear less than a Symphogear covers.

    And the girls from Lodoss War, especially Deedlit, whose skirt doesn't even begin to count as one.
  • for Noimporta
    I think Noimporta will be interested to see what bing thinks of one of his favorite animes.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    The Atelier OP is so bright and happy it feels slightly wrong to watch it at night.
  • >I think Noimporta will be interested to see what bing thinks of one of his favorite animes.

    It's anime!

    In any case, that's funny, I tried a bunch of other series to see if something similar happened, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

    The most important question is, of course, why the hell are you using bing?

  • Don't accuse me of such scandal.  It got linked in #yackfest with someone mentioning you.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Episode 10 of Ateiler E&L is a touching one.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    The post won't go through here so if anybody cares I've uploaded my Preview list elsewhere, if you care enough.

    Next season I'll be watching:


    Aikatsu! 4th Season (Enter Risa and Nono!).

    Future Card Buddyfight Hundred (Even more Drum nonsense!).


    Noragami ARAGOTO (I love Noragami, even though I felt the anime adaptation was perfect as is. Especially with the confirmation that this season will be darker and more serialized).

    K : Return of Kings (Welcome back Shiro~).

    Heavy Object (I've really struggled choosing just one show to watch next cour, but the premise is intriguing and I like the character designs).


    Brave Beats (Dancing robot super hero anime, it is now a thing).
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    What error does the forum cough up when you try to post that?  If it's a "too long" error, have you tried throwing it in notepad first?
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    [found in a post on the HB forums]

    > basic generic anime's

    What the heck do people mean by this anyway?

    Because I don't think I've ever seen something I'd characterize as "generic".

    There are some shows that I have seen and don't like, sure, but
    "generic" is not a term I'd use to describe them.  They all have pretty distinct mental signatures.

  • >Because I don't think I've ever seen something I'd characterize as "generic".

    Fighty haremy stuff, Infinite Stratos, the one with the Rie Kugumiya character,  etc.
  • edited 2015-10-02 14:15:19
    Noimporta wrote: »
    the one with the Rie Kugumiya character
    Which one?
    >inb4 see what I mean?  
  • edited 2015-10-02 14:30:36
    I was thinking mostly of Hayate and Zero no Whatever... I'm sure there are other that apply.

    Also, Index (as an example of what is understood as "generic" anime, no idea if it has a tsundere loli). 
  • edited 2015-10-02 15:49:26
    There is love everywhere, I already know
    She was so tsun she got a spinoff series that lasted as long as the original (in anime terms ie 52 episodes each) and that series has a redheaded tsun twintail girl.

    When I think along those lines I think:
    X Yey no English Word(s) written in Kanji

    In this adaptation of the popular light novel series, Protag-kun is the most powerful character to exist literally from the start, but is treated badly because of an incident that makes very little sense. He goes to school for magical battle things, where he meets main girl (who may or may not be forgotten by episode 4).

    He then meets a male rival, who is possibly related to him, and a female from his past who feels he mistreated her but as he's special Protag-kun, he did not and she's just being a bit antsy. No worries, he'll defeat her soon enough. This girl is usually the emotionless one.

    There are other girls and plots, but those tend to vary.

    Also like a third tend to have "Protag-kun is the only boy who can do some super magical thing girls do, but 20000000000000000x better, and he'll soon meet another boy who is almost at his level who will be Rival-kun".
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Complaining on the internet makes literally all dreams come true (New Accel World anime!) .

    I mean, it's not a second season but it's good enough.
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