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The Virulent Hatred Thread



  • No offense taken Tno!  (Not that I was miserable or anything)
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Hey, don't worry about it; life is sometimes frustrating.  Having a good place to rant about shit is a very nice thing.

    By the way, was this the same guy you went to the hot springs with?
  • Well, that put me in a somewhat more optimistic mood.
  • Thank you for that.

    I feel a bit better now.

    Sorry Bob for being snippy in the PM.
  • It's alright. I know I've said this before, and I don't want to seem bothersome, but if you ever need to talk about anything, feel free to PM me.

  • As passive-aggressive as this may sound, I am now convinced someone posting either here or there is full of shit. Of course, what was I thinking, given the past circumstances regarding said user. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at said user's ignorance of the bigger picture.

    Blathering here, feel free to ignore, just in a fucking pissy mood. -_-

  • There is nothing wrong with passive aggressiveness, and I still don't get why everyone is so dicktangled about people being so.

    I know how that is most of the time. Sometimes my willing suspension of disbelief on things mentioned on the internet can only go so far before I'm going "I need pictures now before we go any further", but in the end, I just ignore and disregard said person. I never understood the bigger picture either.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    People who rag on passive aggressiveness are ragging on the rogue's ability to set traps, go through locked doors, throw sneak-attacks at targets, and play pranks.
  • Oh, I get it.

    It's a "man up" thing.
  • It looks like "Bob" isn't going to show up tonight.  And that's a shame, because she and I make one of the best spamming duos in TvTropes history.
  • As long as you don't spam too much.
  • Don't worry, I'll make sure to ask her to keep our hilarity confined to one or two threads next time.  She and I are pretty hilarious when we team up though.
  • edited 2011-02-24 23:02:54
    /jp/ has to be one of the most disgusting hives of pillowfucking Otaku Filth I have ever seen. It's beyond fucking disgusting how these people even manage to survive. How do they pay bills? How do they interact with people on a human to human basis? The thing is, sometimes, I keep forgetting about "that", and keep calling them "human".

    How to they go outside if they never venture outside of their dwelling areas, filled to the brim with inhuman demented statues shaped to resemble human forms being bent and pressed into erotic displays? The scribbles on the walls of an unknown language, bastardized by thousands of imps and morons? Toilet paper and socks hung on the walls like dead animals, the smell of bodily fluids burned into the walls by the noises ejected from apple earphones. A beady little pair of eyes and patches of festering maggot-filled skin, with pus-dripping fingers digging into an old keyboard filled with chips and semen, millions and millions of images and files all scattered across a heathen network, all supported by this disgusting fucking creature. They rip their skin off with their fingernails, ochre liquid filled with poison blistering all over their unclean nails as they return to hitting the keyboard repetitively with their elongated fingers. With just a sliver of survival skills these monsters are able to wade in the darkness of their dwellings, unclean, staring deeply into the Matrix of porn and depravity, creating a fake reality with shows made to manipulate these warped and sad monsters, and amuse them, sexually arouse them, and try to program sympathy and affection into them through the avenues of pseudohuman artwork, animated into a style they enjoy and kill each other over through the matrix. Anything that disturbs their vast fixation on this will trigger an intolerable volatile barbaric rage that will slaughter and kill everything in it's way, leaving a trail of anger, frustration and horror behind them to be repaired by those left behind.

    I want them all to fucking rot in their homes. I want them to fester in their giant piles of semen-covered rugs and disturbingly alien gargoyles of women twisted into sexual fashions. They can keep their blinds down forever and stare into that screen forever, like the disgusting unsociable galeb duhrs of japanese fiction that they are. I hope they never see the light of day, I pray to God they never rise from their dwellings. It would be hell on earth to see them walk in the sunlight of our world, to infest our subways and our recreational areas, to inject our children with that disgusting poison and convert them into a monster as well. To have them become shambling corpses that bleed plastic and wet paper, eyes that have porn of mutilation forever burned into their eyes, toes covered in rotten food and clothes soaked in drool and bodily fluids that have been there forever. Twisted gnarled hair that has never been washed, and a saddeningly shrill voice speaking words so cruel and twisted they will drive you mad. Everything about them is wrong. They are wrong about things that you cannot be wrong about, that NO human should be wrong about. Soon enough, after accompanying them, you will become just as wrong as them. You will no longer be human...
  • Go back to wherever you came from, you fucking monster. You inhuman shambling absence of sanity. You one-dimensional spacial atrophy.
  • Do I dare ask what websites you've been visiting lately, Tno?  What you just described sounds pretty horrific.  Granted, I'm prone to occasionally falling in love with fictional characters and then temporarily feeling suicidal at the realization that I can never be with them, but nothing like that.  That's just... why?
  • /jp/ is a board on 4chan.  So... that website.

    Though that whole post is mostly just Tno being Tno.
  • edited 2011-02-25 00:03:22
    Laconic: people who regularly post on /jp/ are depraved and fucking disgusting.
  • Oh, that clears things up.  Yeah, I've heard that 4chan is like that, which is probably why I never go.
  • /adv/. People have told me it's hilarious and fun.

    They were wrong.

    It's filled to the fucking brim with idiocy and illogical fallacies. Inhabited by morons who go "hahaha, this is funny because it would never happen" when it's happening right fucking now. To you. The poster. It's a giant circlejerk of every poor soul, a mirror reflecting all of the shit you are dumping on yourself and all of the misery and wangst you could possibly fit into one gentle little terd. There is nothing good about what anyone has to say on /adv/, they are all a bunch of people pretending they are trolling each other, devoting thousands of hours to copy-pasting memes and chuckling, thinking they are being taken serious when it's a giant farm of cows, cows with hands typing at computers, eating each others shit and wafting in each other's odors. All they are, are cows, nevertheless lifeless pieces of shit dressed as cows sleeping in their own cum and shit. They are filthy fucking morons with self-improvement issues and a pathetic pessimism that is laughable on a godly scale.

    But don't tell them that. They are convinced that everything that is happening there IS true, that everything you read there is some poor soul taking advantage of the "anonymous shroud" and filling their void with that area of the internet. It is all fucking lies. It's all bullshit. Packed into one little subforum to retards seeking attention and "lulz" by lying to each other constantly, never knowing the truth. It's like a little pocket of hell filled with drama and morons, all trying to pass time by pretending everything stupid they read is REAL and to be taken seriously.
  • edited 2011-02-25 00:28:32

    Suddenly, I can't stand anyone anymore. Why are their flaws and quirks so glaring? So annoying? Why can I no longer tolerate anyone anymore?

    I feel like I am going insane with anger. You people are just so fucking stupid, so one-dimensional. There is nothing good about what you say, what you think. You don't feel anything. you don't cry. You are like the blocks I destroy on Minecraft, the ones that are in the way. The gravel underground. Why are you in my way? Why the FUCK are you down here!? Go away. Leave me the fuck alone...
  • I don't even know what to do anymore..

    ..help me.
  • Use leechblock and stay away from the internet.
  • I think you are being too quick to judge people. You never see very many facets of someone's personality on the internet, and even in meatspace you often find out new things about people you've known that make you see them in a completely different light. 4chan is probably the smallest possible window to viewing someone's soul out there.

    About /jp/ and /adv/: Fear can do terrible things to people. And I just avoid the forever alone threads, and only read the "my gf has other men's semen inside her. Is she cheating on me?" threads.

    I have this feeling you would hate me if you knew me.
  • ^^ That's a lousy idea. It's like assuming that if you're not directly involved in something, you needen't worry about it, or that it doesn't concern you at all. Out of sight out of mind? I have a huge quote from someone else that makes the point better than I can, which you can have if you want.

    I enjoyed reading that wall of text, I've never actually been to the place you talk about, but I think I know the kinds of people. It worries me too. And I know I'm just some random voice ont he internet saying it, but I'm not going to try and force you to like me. I just hope that my agreement with you helps you somewhat
  • edited 2011-02-25 17:13:10
    I keep forgetting how much of a useless snide asshole Noimporta is on the internet.

    Ignore listed.
  • Shinji Ikari is such a pussy. Did Gainax do that on purpose, or is it normal in that show?
  • I'm pretty sure that's the point.
  • OOOooooOoOoOOoo, I'm a ghoOooOooOOOost!
    Yep. He's definitely not supposed to be anything other than pathetic.
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