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I Keep My Visions To Myself (aka Dreams thread)



  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I was playing some edition of AM2R and I barely survived (using power bombs) a room with like seven red or regular green metroids plus one giant yellow metroid.

    Also I turned on the wrong stove and it thankfully ended up not melting a plastic food container nearby but just boiling the liquid inside it, which was from some bell peppers and rice inside.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I was with a bunch of older people in an outdoor environment that was a cross between a garden and a desert. One of them had gone mad and was trying to shoot me so I rushed him and grabbed the gun. We both had our hands on it and I somehow managed to point it upward. I then proceeded to shoot it up into the air multiple times and then pulled him down with me.

    Basically, I was trying to get one of the bullets to come back down and shoot him in the back. I did this multiple times to no avail.

    Then one older woman shouted out and pointed at some strange creatures coming over the horizon on a green hill. I stopped fighting with the guy and we all ran into this old farmhouse that was full of old junk. We were all panicking, accusing each other of putting the whole group in danger.

    The dream just kept going that way until the three figures came to the front doors. The front doors were wood panels that had large inset panels of frosted glass, so we couldn't really see properly. However, their shadows were basically as if some really short people were in cartoonish giraffe costumes.

    Despite this, we were all danged terrified out of our minds at this point.

    Then I woke up.
  • some really short people were in cartoonish giraffe costumes.

    did you dream about Log Horizon


    who will be the next person here to dream about trapped in a video game things
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    A few nights ago I dreamed I was in some kind of video game. I needed like $150,000 in in-game money so I needed to catch a golden fish, but eventually I made it to this cave where there was a little flying thing shooting explosive missiles and I managed to make deploy my own pod through the cramped passageway into where this thing was, and when I shot it down the entire game world exploded and that was the ending to the game.

    * you need 15,000 or 150,000 GP to buy a certain item that some guides recommend, in Operation Abyss.
    * you can get a gem-encrusted fish in Terraria. Well, you can actually fish many things, many of which have decent sell value. But the gem-encrusted fish is actually just a quest item, not sellable. There's also a goldfish, but it's just a goldfish, not an actual golden fish.
    * The way the game ended upon that flying thing shooting explosives and exploding gloriously to end the game is almost certainly a reference to the end boss of Commander Keen V.
  • ^^ How do you people have so many suitable macros for so many situations.

    ^ You seem to dream about video games a lot.

    It often happens to me that I dream I'm in a video game, but the "video game" in question is normal dream stuff where I walk and do things as normal except I'm aware that it's not real (or a dream), although sometimes it's serious business anyways.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Well I have recently been playing both Terraria and Operation Abyss.

    But not Commander Keen though.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    is almost certainly a reference

    I like how this dream had direct references.
    How do you people have so many suitable macros for so many situations.

    Never stop capping.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I was watching this movie. It was nighttime, ilkuminated in dark blues as is typical for nighttime scenes, and a man and a woman (who appeared to be his bride) came out of a car and stepped into this building complex. There was a focus on another man who happened to going througn the trash at the time. After the couple entered an archway into the structure, the man looked at them, and followed them.

    The couple, noficeably suspicious of something, had been going down these outdoor corridors -- white concrete slabs with grass/plants/walls on the side, turning angles occasionally, and stilk dim blue illuminated -- looking over their shoulders, and walking briskly. Once they noticed ths man following them, both parties began running quickly in the same direction.

    Once they arrived on a grassy field in what appeared to be a courtyard within the complex, they confronted each other on the grass. Apparently they all somehow ended up off their feet and on the ground in the grass.

    Then they all pulled out guns. Each of them was dual wielding pistols, pointed at each other -- each person, even the couple who exited the car together had weapons drawn. At least one or two of them had cartoonishly large pistols. Upon firing them, some sort of drazy chaos occurred.

    I forgot what happened after that.
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    For some reason I imagined this as a video game cutscene instead of a movie.
    ^^ How do you people have so many suitable macros for so many situations..

    In this case I just searched for "log horizon giraffe" or something like that.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    GMH your dream sounds amazing.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I'd just arrived at this boarding school that I was going to be doing... something at. I wasn't a student, but I wasn't a teacher either. Anyways, I was there and I was allowed to choose my own on-campus dorm.

    The campus was carved into the side of a mountain and massive. It was practically a miniature city (minus like, the normal number of stores and stuff) and to get in there was this series of entrance gates and you always had to have ID on you to get in. I'm not sure if we arrived together or just met there, but I was with a friend of mine who named Zola (who doesn't exist in real life). We were exploring the campus, trying to pick our dorms (there were communal dorms for the students but ours were actually like mini-houses dotted all around campus).

    We went past the massive, concrete buildings. I could tell they were newer, because they had a lot of modern design sensibilities. Windows that opened up-down instead of left-right, a much more chunky and liney style to any openings, and, more obviously, automatic doors.

    As we went in deeper, we found the more traditionally built European-style school blocks. Brick-built, lots of staircases, fancy stone walkways with ornate double doors. There was also a bell that ran via hydroelectric power provided by a power source inside a nearby underground stream (and a well was nearby, too). Anyways, we continued exploring until we reached the very "back" of the campus, where a bunch of teachers were sitting around on the grass and relaxing.

    I think they might have recognized us, but I didn't want to go up to them or embarrass myself in front of them so we kind of just pretended we didn't see them. This area was grassy and really dark, even though it was midday, because it was covered by both trees and the mountainside. There were two different paths; a more standard asphalt path that was near the other teachers, lined by hedges, and a set of concrete steps that was closer to us but still a ways away if we kept to the normal path.

    Zola stepped off the path and onto the grass, but I was too embarrassed to follow her, so I just kind of walked really quickly until I caught up to her. From then we went to the really really far side of campus (through a tunnel or something?) and we found these really nice "dorms". Really, they were small cabins with chimneys and everything but each was super tiny and made for an individual. We decided to each pick one and pack our stuff (which we suddenly had) into them.

    At this point we were so turned around we didn't know what direction we'd come from so we ended up outside the gates on the whole other side of campus and I'd left my ID in my stuff back at the cabin (and I had no idea how to get there either). I explained this to security and gave them my name and everything so they could check.

    However, this student named Keller, who had it out for Zola even though we'd just arrived, kept badgering us and acting like we were trying to break in. That's when Zola remembered she'd picked up her cabin's ID card thing to be registered. Keller, who was part of the student campus security committee or whatever, kept acting like it didn't matter so I just ran to the nearest head guard and shouted out her cabin number (it was 979) and hoping they let us in. They did.

    I'm sure I didn't wake up after this, but I certainly don't remember anything else.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Is this a grassy slope of a mountain (e.g. central Europe), or a steep but stepwise ascent on eroded layers (e.g. western US), or a sheer rocky cliff face (e.g. China)?
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    First one, definitely.
  • I watched (or perhaps read) something that grossed me out enough that I decided to cut down on the death game stuff.

    Which is so weird.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Wait did you decide this in real life or in the dream.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Oh yeah.

    That makes sense.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I dreamed that I was back in my high school. I needed to pass AP English Literature for some reason, and of course it was taught by the self-styled "Queen of Evil" teacher. Yet I was really unmotivated. This was the one class I needed to pass for [unknown purpose], yet I couldn't motivate myself to do the in-class reading. The pop quiz of the sort I used to do reasonably well on was a disaster.

    I was apparently aware that I wasn't even a high school student.

    Later I had to use a bathroom which was very awkwardly reconfigured, such that I would have to either pee into the sink or pee on the floor and have it flow into the drain just outside my stall.

    After that, I was in the supermarket, and apparently seated next to a cop who had passed out drunk with his face in a lounge chair at the far wall of the supermarket.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I had snuck into a fancy modernist house, with lots of glass countertops and treated wood veneer surfaces, to steal some secret plans to a thing of some sort. The plans were secretly embedded in a painting of a narwhal (the canvas was literally shaped like a narwhal) and I had to take pictures of it on my phone.

    I don't think the owner knew it was a special painting or anything, but there were other organizations who were after it too. After I took pictures, I grabbed some cards out of my pocket and started up an app on my phone. My phone also had a giant card reader attachment on the left side.

    The app was basically like the normal Google app (with the four spinning loading dots), except it was called "Alphabet Reader". I slashed one of the cards through the reader with my phone pointed at the narwhal painting. As I was watching the picture through my phone, the app said "Recognising: Cut" in this computerized male voice and showed what seemed to be an animation of a thousand cuts ripping up the narwhal picture.

    But really it had actually cut the whole thing into bits in real life too, at which point it kind of withered off the wall and onto the floor. Satisfied with my work, I put my phone and the AR cards away.

    As I was leaving I got a pretty good look at the exterior of the house. It was a concrete structure in the middle of a forest with a slanted roof, painted a sandy brown and with lots of frosted glass windows that had these ridges running all along them like they were rows of Toblerone... but glass. There was a giant cobblestone road right in front of the house, as if it were some sort of Disneyified fairytale version of a freeway.

    When I approached the road, I heard engines behind me and saw three vehicles that were a cross between old-school saloons (with the boxy bodies) and go-karts. One of the people in them shot at me with a super-large shotgun. Anyways I got into my own saloon-slash go-kart because I knew they were after the secret plans I'd just gotten from the house.

    Even though it was a dense forest area with the only clearing being the giant road, it was really windy. This gave me the idea to use one of my cards. At this point my phone was in a raised spot right between the dashboard and the gears and instead of slashing the card I just touched it to the Alphabet Reader app and it said "Recognizing: Target" which somehow gathered up all the wind in the area and shot it towards the cars following me.

    Two of the cars got hit, but one of the guys used his own Alphabet Reader cards to shield his car from the blast (it was an RPG type shield made entirely of light too).

    Anyways after this I woke up but I kind of wish I didn't so I knew what happened next.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    i appreciated the read

    and am kicking myself for not writing up some recent but very interesting
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Finally able to remember one! Okay, here it goes:

    So, I was back in the Northern Virginia area, and I was carpooling with Alte (whose name I pronounce "Alt", unlike what that page says). She's a young adult professional, recently married, works for a defense contractor in the NoVA area. So we were riding to work in her SUV. I asked her why she thinks everyone loves SUVs so much in the area (which isn't really true but was kinda true looking around at that time), to which she said something about her SUV being a hand-me-down from her parents, though it looked pretty new.

    She was listening to some melodramatic K-pop ballad or something on it. It sounded nice. I think it was in C minor or B minor. I remember it involving the Circle of Fifths in the refrain.

    Anyway, after driving through lots of expressway roads and going beneath lots of bridges, we eventually got to a security checkpoint and apparently they were going to X-ray scan the entire vehicle, so I was advised to push my phone under my thigh to avoid data loss (for some reason). There was a long line of cars, and for some reason the employees line had some sort of negative symbol on it (like OUT or DOWN or something like that) as opposed to the visitors line. But anyway, it didn't take too long to go through security, and then was a lot more driving to do after that, on twisting and turning one-lane roadways -- and she took them pretty fast, albeit successfully, though at one point the vehicle seemed to almost hit a group of pedestrians and then take a sharp turn, at which point I asked her if she worried about SUVs overturning.

    Later, after we got to the parking lot, she met up with another coworker, and then shrunk the SUV to the size of a large houseplant, and took it with her up the elevator with us.

    At the top of the elevator, we saw a non-enclosed indoor area with some picnic tables, upon which mattresses were placed. We apparently could leave our stuff like jackets here, though some people were using this as a place to nap.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    and then shrunk the SUV to the size of a large houseplant

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    This time I dreamed that we were living in a two-story house and dealing with the aftereffects of having a hurricane wreck our entire neighborhood, including peeling off our roof and wrecking our second floor.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I don't remember much, but I was playing some mobile match-3 RPG when both the game pieces on the screen and me IRL got sucked into the Statue of Liberty's mouth which had turned into a vortex. After that I landed in front of this large school building that was like a neon blue colour with a large blood red clock on the top.
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    I was doing some game in Unity, and it had some bug regarding not despawning the players' corpses after they die and the workaround was to go to my university to ask one of my professors to bury the corpses at the faculty's main building's rooftop whenever they die. I was nervous about talking to that professor (both in-dream and IRL) because she had the reputation of being very mean, but nonetheless she was perceptive and readily agreed to work on what I needed, again both in-dream and IRL.

    There was something about people playing dangerous versions of common sports that I can't remember well. Regardless, at some point the whole thing devolved into some free-for-all fight with people using vehicles modified with junkyard materials into death machines, Mad Max style, to bash and run over people and other vehicles. It was all in good fun, but the damage they did was real and I was aware that the whole thing was insane, so I had to keep dodging them and try to disable them whenever possible. The two I remember well were one like a lawnmower but armored and twice the size with a huge stopsign above it, and one more like a regular car but armored and used high-wheels and covered-chasis so as to not actually kill people who fall under it, but it did have some teeth-pattern-like plate near the back to scare them when they do and that they have to dodge. I fell under it once, but I managed to dodge its wheels/the plate. Also the world was gloomy with a green, apocalyptic-ish fog

    I was one of the few without a vehicle, but at some point I had some sort of similarly junkyard-fit power suit that made me faster, jump higher and punch hard, but it wasn't too effective and it only worked temporarily before needing to be recharged, so I was still at a disadvantage. Eventually I reached a staircase at home (that the vehicles couldn't climb) and then the dream ended.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Now that's what I call post-apocalyptic.
    the workaround was to go to my university to ask one of my professors to bury the corpses at the faculty's main building's rooftop whenever they die

    I did not expect that.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Someone needs to make this into a videogame.
  • ^^ Also I was aware that burying someone on a rooftop is silly, but I didn't think anything about burying video game avatars in (what I thought was) real life.

    Also I made quickie models of the death vehicles. (Environment map from HDRI Hub, the stop sign from Wikipedia, the other non-procedural textures from 3d-wolf.com)
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Didn't they bury someone on the rooftop in Gakkougurashi?
  • Stormtroper's dream sounds like a convoluted take on Btooom's premise.
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