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I Keep My Visions To Myself (aka Dreams thread)



  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    and discovered a bunch of e-mail spam from some site with free games that I'd never heard of

    when ads start inceptioning your dreams
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I was at a J-pop summit or fan event. It was a big event, held at a hotel which has a restaurant my parents like to go to whenever there's something to celebrate. In my dream, the hotel spanned about four times the size of what it currently does.

    I attended an lol panel, which was held outside on the stone pavement of an Italian style bistro that is a real life feature at this hotel. All the tables and chairs had been put aside, and people lay down on blankets as somebody spoke and then they played the PV for nanana.

    Then I went to an exhibition on Utada Hikaru, which was held inside. It included an installation that was a small enclosed room. The only thing in the room was a small TV that played a fan PV of Utada's Anata. The PV involved a rookie female police officer (who was black) being framed for the murder of a young black man who had been killed by a more senior white officer, and it was supposed to be linked to the Black Lives Matter movement.

    When I exited the room, I thought about how the PV reflected how pretentious Utada has gotten recently (though I'm not sure where the cultural appropriation bit came from). Somehow, a girl who was in the room with me heard my thoughts and started arguing about how I was actually just a fan of dumbed down stuff, and I countered with something about simplicity, but before we finished talking I woke up.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    The details are fuzzy now, but last night I dreamed that my parents and I were vacationing somewhere out in the mountain west of the United States, and we were staying or at least dining at some sort of hotel/restaurant.

    We were having dinner and it was a buffet of some sort. I don't remember what most of the food items were like, but two of them were in these typical large serving trays, located outdoors rather than indoors (for reasons I don't know). One of them was some sort of starchy food (French fries or something like that?) but for some reason it was in a liquid. And ringing the edge of the serving tray were frogs, which I presumed they had caught and cooked for use as a garnish for this dish. Most of them were green frogs about a couple inches long, but one of them actually was still alive and apparently was living at the bottom of this dish for a while since it was moving around and was noticeably larger. For some reason I wasn't weirded out by this, and thought it was vaguely interesting and continued to eat from that dish.

    After dinner, which we graciously tipped the hosts for because they had served us well (for reasons I don't remember now), we walked out to the garden behind the restaurant, which was a one-story building overlooking a hillside on one side. (The parking lot was directly on its other side, relative to the downhill slope, though I think this was basically on a sort of lower ridge of a series of hills or mountains, because beyond the road past the parking lot I remember seeing more mountainous scenery.) The sky was dark, though not too dark, sorta like a pale dusk color. It was snowing lightly, and there was also snow covering the ground.

    The garden had a rectangular fenced-in area (topped with barbed wire for no apparent reason), where there were various plants, and some sort of antenna near its edge. The fence had an open door, so I walked right in. In the middle of the fenced-in area, a curious type of sensitive plant was growing -- when I'd step on it, an entire row would disappear, immediately. Then when I walked away and came back a few minutes later, it would have reappeared. I was able to confirm this with multiple passes, and stepping on and even laying on different rows of this plant. These rows were arranged in sort of a concentric rectangles pattern.

    Outside of the fenced-in area, there were other plants, including one that grew in a narrow but very, very tall stalk. The stalk seemed to have some regular markings on it, making it look a bit like a really thin totem pole. When standing next to it, it seemed to go all the way up to the sky, though stepping away from it revealed it to be maybe about 40 or 50 feet tall.

    At the end of the dream, my parents wanted to get directions or something, and for whatever reason, we walked back from the car to try to find a back door marked as door 11. We found it and started talking with the employees there.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    but for some reason it was in a liquid

    Was this a nightmare?
    since it was moving around and was noticeably larger


    GMH if your dreams are ever made into a movie I hope they get the cool dusty filters they deserve.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    But they're not nightmares!

    This was just, like, a frog that was surprisingly not yet dead, living at the bottom of a bowl of delicious food! If this were a cartoon, we'd say hi to each other!

    The ones that are nightmares are about me being horribly unprepared for an exam/a presentation/a concert/etc.!
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    If this were a cartoon, we'd say hi to each other!

    Maybe in a trippy surrealist cartoon like Fat Dog Mendoza.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    So, last night, I dreamed that I was exploring a small residential neighborhood.

    It was nighttime, and it was snowing outside, or at least there was reasonably recent snow accumulation on the ground.

    I'd gone past some buildings, in a small area surrounded by pine woods and a nearby street and lit by sodium streetlamps. There was this one building, which I entered.

    It was a multi-family residence, with some hallways in between.

    I found my way, in mostly the dark, first to this one room, which seemed like an unused bedroom or living room of some sort. There was a window, as well as a desk, and a reclining bed or something like that. I think the cloth covering that was white but with a lot of little flower patterns all over it. Anyway, this room was dimly lit by light from the outside, through a couple windows. One of the windows, on the far wall, was a high window, with moonlight coming through, while another window was about normal window height (torso-high) and a two-pane window with the lower pane being something sliding up to open the window. The walls were wood paneling. There might have been baseboard heating.

    Then I found my way into the basement. Found no second exit from there, but it was a storage space, entered beneath the stairs to the second floor. There were things like a child's tricycle, fishing gear, a workshop table with tools, and so on. I did make some noise entering this basement, though.

    Then I went up to the second floor. The hallway lights were lit in some places, and as I walked down the second-floor hallway I could see through some interior windows (which were waist-high, and stretched to the ceiling, kinda like interior windows in an office building) that parts of the residences themselves inside (which were arranged a little like offices, basically interior compartments with an exterior hallway before the actual hallway I was in) had lights on. I was careful not to be noticed by people but I personally didn't see anyone.

    FWIW, the hallways were carpeted with a dense, commercial-grade carpet. The dark room had slightly less dense carpet, sorta like finished-basement-grade. The floor of the actual basement of this building, was concrete, however, as the basement wasn't finished (in the sense that it didn't have interior drywalls and such).

    Anyway, I tried entering the door at the end of this hallway, but I made some noises, and then I heard various people say stuff like:
    "Is that Eeyore?"
    "Sounds like Eeyore."
    "Yeah, that's definitely Eeyore."
    For whatever reason, "Eeyore" didn't register for me at that time as the Winnie the Pooh character, but rather, it was a clear indication that I had been spotted, so I quickly retreated down the hallway, and as I descended the stairs, I heard doors opening and people chattering upstairs.

    Now I had to choose: would I hide in the basement? Or try to escape through the dark room?

    Then I was awoken.

    I went back to sleep for a bit, but if I recall correctly, I broke the first-floor window and jumped through it, then walked away on the snow. Then I started running down the cleared sidewalk, after I realized that I had made footprints in the snow. I was considering hiding in the woods when I woke up again.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    "Eeyore" didn't register for me at that time as the Winnie the Pooh character, but rather, it was a clear indication that I had been spotted

    This sounds like one of those low-key but big-bang sci-fi shows. Like, maybe you should try your hand at writing the next season of Legion.


    I was playing a new 3DS game. At the start, you had to pick whether you were in a boy band or a girl band, and then you were thrown right into a battle. You were facing a single monster called something or other, but your own three monsters included one called "Devil". I was doing pretty well, even though I started with half HP, until the single monster used a spell called "Devil's Line" (probably related to the anime) and murdered the heck out of your entire team. I was mad because it also killed my own monster called Devil.

    Then you wake up in a room with your two friends, who proceed to inform you that the boy band (in my case) you were a part of was a front to somehow end the world using Devil-type monsters. You joined in semi-innocently, wanting to be a famous musician/card-game monster person but knowing something was up. The battle you were in was a tournament held between members, and you got to the very end before failing to prove yourself in front of the "Ultimate Producer" guy, so they just dumped your body in the middle of nowhere.

    Thankfully, your old friends found you somehow and hand you your old "Rhythm-type" monsters (three monsters, all alive, held in cards). Buuuut, you can't use it anymore, and you can't use your Devil-type monsters either.

    Then you realize you can combine your Rhythm-type and Devil-type monsters into Vibe-type monsters, which you can use. I have no idea what happens after that though, because I woke up.

    Oh, also Devil-type monsters are weak to other Devil-type monsters and nothing else but Vibe-type monsters aren't and when I woke up I wondered if Vibe-type monsters were super gamebreak-ey.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Last night's dream.

    Living in a high-rise. For some reason, there's an unguarded drain pipe in the middle of the tile-floor bathroom. I drop my soap down it. I can hear it echoing for like twenty stories down.

    For some reason I decide to put on some clothes and go down the elevator (without a key pass to get back up to my floor), to pick it up on the first floor. I even hurry to put on my pants as other people right before other people walk into the elevator. I keep my back to the wall but nevertheless as I walk out someone teases me about wearing a tank top.

    Downstairs there's a large gathering, but it's quiet. A lot of people are taking some sort of exam. Up on a stage, student government members are gathered. As I walk past the stage, like several down from it (but vaguely overlooking the gathering of people, under the glare of fluorescent lights, one of the student government people (a girl named Harriet or something?) asks me from a distance whether I do any one of several professions; the ones she names are sort of an odd mix, like "hunter" or "military tactician". I reply that I am not.

    I go over to the bottom of the pipe, but find that it's sealed and I can't get my soap back.

    So now I go run up twenty-something flights of stairs back to my unit. Ahh, the #5 unit, which is (curiously, as far as architecture is concerned) basically built such that the stairs wrap around it. Except it's also accessible from the hallway outside the stairs.

    I also forgot my key into my unit, but I knock on the door and look at the darkened interior through a glass wall next to the front door. After a while, my mom comes down the interior half-flight of stairs, wearing a white wolf mask, and lets me in. Apparently this is her idea of a prank.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I later "see" the architectural layout of the unit from the inside, and here's what I see:
    * entrance, with two glass windows next to the door.
    * half-floor stairs up to a landing, where the kitchen and part of the unit is
    * another half-floor (or maybe 3/4-floor) stairs up to where the bedrooms and one common area are.

    The unit sort of "slopes upward", though the stairs are parallel to each other, so after you enter, you pass a landing and turn right to go up the first stairs, turn around leftward on the landing with the kitchen, then turn around rightward to go up the second stairs, then turn left to enter the second landing.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    After a while, my mom comes down the interior half-flight of stairs, wearing a white wolf mask

    I'm surprised she didn't announce she was joining MAN WITH A MISSION.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I was on a beach. Heavily populated with human presence. People reclining on beach chairs beneath a shade running parallel to the shore. I walked over to what looked like some guy examining a burrow containing sea turtle eggs, and it was filled with seawater.

    Then I turned back around when some loud noises happened behind me, and I saw a giant sea monster's tentacle. Eventually, its body came up above the water, and it was a giant octopus, with a gun-like snout with telescoping barrels. Said snout kept on pointing at me, telescoped to the max, but didn't shoot for some reason, even though it scared me so I ran around, and it followed me. There was no mass panic nearby for some reason.

    So I went behind the wall behind the beach chairs, and appeared on the other side. The octopus's snout was still pointed at me.

    Eventually, said sea monster turned into a human girl with sea-themed powers, or something. Apparently she and I recognized each other (though I don't think she looks like anyone I know in real life). I think she was holding a trident?

    (FWIW this wasn't a fictional character either. The girl in the dream looked photorealistic, with dark skin color, very short curly hair, a reasonably athletic build, and about my height.)
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    said sea monster turned into a human girl with sea-themed powers

    Now this is what I expect from GMH dreams.


    I was a "fixer" for some sort of futuristic government. I don't really remember the start of the dream very well, but I do remember picking up a newspaper where the headline was about this skinny guy, who was a popular athlete (I don't remember if he was a swimmer or a runner but it was some sort of triathlon related event). I picked up this paper on my way into an office building with lots of complex tech, where it turned out the government was holding said athlete.

    He was being experimented on in a large glass case to develop some sort of something. My job wasn't to experiment on him or whatever, but to make sure nobody found out the government was doing this. I do remember that we had to get his consent, and that he would most definitely die due to this experimentation because it was still early days, but we couldn't let it get out where he had gone and what he was doing.

    There was another girl who had come before him, and her brother had started sniffing around the project and was close to finding the base of operations because he'd somehow traced our untraceable means of paying her family off. I don't think he knew about the money, but their parents did, and were unsuccessful in turning him off the investigation.

    I ended up meeting him on the back roads of this industrial complex that I've actually been to in real life, but the configuration of the roads was way off. He was a really tall guy, but I remember not really being concerned with physical violence because I had some futuristic means of subduing people (plus it wasn't like he was built or anything, just very very tall). I told him I was a journalist trying to dig up more information too, and that I'd been fired from my job as a result.

    I then told him that whoever was behind this project had offered me money to shut up, and I suggested he accept the same sort of payment. This was because in my research I'd found out that their family was having money problems, which was why the girl had participated in the trial to start with. When he sort of sighed and was looking to give up, I offered him part of "my" payoff. Then I drove off.

    I woke up feeling genuinely guilty.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I was an adult woman in this dream. Weird, I know. Like a professional woman who had taken her family on vacation. This family included her elderly grandparents and a niece she was taking care of for some reason.

    The hotel they were staying at has sort of appeared in my dreams before, as an office building? It was a very large building, but the bottom five floors were made almost entirely of glass, even the floors, so you could see anything that was going on above or below you, but there were breaks that made it so it wasn't overwhelming.

    In that dream, I was mostly worried about precarious ledges between floors where you could randomly fall through since you couldn't tell floor from empty space, but this time it wasn't really important since those were gone.

    Anyways, this woman's father suffered from dementia, I think? It was very anime-style in that he would put on different clothes and be somebody else for a while and then come back and have no memory of it. The woman didn't suffer from this, but I think she was very distraught (justification) but also extremely jealous of all the attention it got him. So she decided that on this trip she would start pretending to have similar episodes.

    The middle bit is muddled, but I remember that at the very end she snuck out of the hotel room in the middle of the night wearing sloppy clothing she'd bought off of some bum on an outing (like an oversized worn out shirt, a pair of similar cotton track pants and some old sneakers). She made it all the way to the lower floors, where she ran into a woman she'd met on her vacation who seemed to almost recognize her and then give up. There was a gala being held downstairs, and she was too busy attending that to pay too much attention.

    Then the woman leaves the hotel entirely and re-enters through the service entrance and kind of just sits around in a closet until morning. She then re-emerged near the gift shop and is found by her family, who have spent the whole morning looking for her.

    They group-hugged and cried for a while, and then the woman promises to "Never do it again". I'm pretty sure she wasn't found out, and her father vigorously nodded his head at her affirmation in a supportive way, so I'm really not sure what happened there.

    I think my dreams are trying to tell me I am a sociopath and should embrace this.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    The hotel they were staying at has sort of appeared in my dreams before, as an office building? It was a very large building, but the bottom five floors were made almost entirely of glass, even the floors, so you could see anything that was going on above or below you, but there were breaks that made it so it wasn't overwhelming.
    excellent place to play laser tag
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    I had a dream that involved doing body-hopping of some sort and I thought "this one looks so obviously unpleasant, it won't even be a twist when I inevitably betray [someone else]".
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    It's cause you just watched the Peeping Analyze adaptation, isn't it?
  • No, my stolen(?) body reminded me of Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker except with darker and pointier hair, and I might have been thinking of Symphogear at the time.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
  • I had this dream that I should've written down this morning, but I remember that at one point I was at my high school except it extended into the horizon with stairways, passageways etc. and at one point I had to navigate through it. Also at some point someone saved my life and as reward I had to extract from a pile of Lego a certain amount of sword and fork pieces.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    A couple nights ago I dreamed that my family was house-hunting in Wasilla, Alaska. I was in a house that seemed to be a ranch or a raised ranch, of which I remember there was a basement bedroom with some windows, and which was characterized by being long, having the bed at one end, having a messy desk and also a shelf with videogames in the middle, and having a piano on the other end near the stairs. After exiting the house, I noted how it looked like modern U.S. suburban living, drywall and carpet and neatly manicured lawn and all, and felt that Wasilla wasn't all that different from any other suburb.

    I am not sure how true this is, though checking realtor.com I can find many houses whose interiors would basically be indistinguishable from recent constructions in the rest of the country, such as this, which comes complete with ceiling fan, even. Of course, you also sometimes run into properties like this, which clearly are meant to evoke a more rustic lifestyle, but it's obviously no longer the case that everyone lives in remote hunting lodges. Wasilla today is often a bedroom community for the major city of Anchorage, as far as I know. If there's anything unrealistic in my dream, it's probably that the exterior had a neatly manicured lawn and there weren't that many trees in the neighborhood -- vibrantly-green lawns seem rather uncommon, except for pricey properties, while trees are quite common (as they made up the entire landscape before humans moved in). Gravel driveways are also often present. Architecturally, these modern-style buildings seem pretty similar to ones I'd find in suburban and rural New England, or even recently-developed parts of Texas. The major difference is probably just the tree species -- seems to be a lot of tall and thin evergreens like spruces and pines.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I had to extract from a pile of Lego a certain amount of sword and fork pieces

    Sounds more like a punishment than a reward of any sort.
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    So I go to my backyard and there was this guy apparently trespassing, after a second of making sure I don't know who that is, I grab a broken tile to defend myself and run home, but the guy pursues me, catches up to me and we struggle, but I get ahold of some scissors and stab him several times in the shoulder, killing him. Then I have to explain everyone I come up that it was in self-defense (the dream becomes inconsistent on whether this was at home or a mall, so there were lots of people around), not helped by the fact that it took me a while to tell anybody.

    Also it turned out the man was either (the dream isn't consistent) a gardener or an M:tG assisting a tournament there, and that it was (somehow) a misunderstanding that I had to explain wasn't my fault.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I've had a few dreams recently, but two I still remember are:
    • I was on vacation somewhere, and I was riding in a caravan-type vehicle along with my parents. We realized that we were super lost, since we were driving past these abandoned factories and office buildings. There was a massive drop on the other side of the road, and no railing to protect from it, but I wasn't afraid of it or anything.

      I mostly remember it because it made me think how little safety stuff was is my dreams. We drove for a bit more, and then we came up to this party full of colorful glowing lights. I offered to go in and then the dream turned into an alternate version of the movie Bratz Desert Jewelz: Genie Magic 2, but I don't remember the details of this bit. When I left the party, I had a map of the area on me, and the party was still going on behind me.
    • Last night I had a dream where I was taking a test, and one of my least favourite sort of essay questions popped up, a one sentence thing about how AI and Robotics will affect organizational cost structures. I also had to come up with like a proper economic model for adapting to such things.

      As I was thinking about this, the dream transitioned to Chuck and Nate from Gossip Girl at a party (as they usually are). They were fighting over a girl, which makes sense considering I'm currently watching Season 4 where they are fighting over a girl, but in the dream the girl was actually a robot, and this was a bet to see who could woo her first. Eric was also in the dream, as depressed as he is in Season 4 too, and was taking to/flirting with a male robot.

      The dream transitioned back to my exam, and we were being shifted to another room to continue taking the test (we had to bring our papers with us and everything). This new room was on an incline facing the outside, so it was as if we were perpetually falling outside but also still, which for me made it worse. I think if I believed in reading dreams this is basically all of my anxiety and tension about upcoming academic things distilled into a single visual.

      Then the dream transitioned back to Chuck and Nate, who had been confronted by Dan about their game. He told them that sexual encounters with robots were beneath them, and even playing at flirting or winning her over was a dangerous slippery slope. I guess this is probably what I think in real life, too?

      Of course then the scene transitioned to Eric, who had actually slept with the male robot. I mean, it was a Serious Dream I had so like it was all done in a very tasteful (at least I think) shot where any of their private areas were hidden by upturned sheets, but the robot's eyes had also gone dead because it had immediately activated sleep mode upon erm, completion of services?

      Anyways, I sort of woke up after this but I was still pretty groggy, and I ended up imagining a version of the TV show Timeless where the main trio was replaced by Chuck, Nate and Raina (the girl they are fighting over in Season 4).
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I dreamed a few strange things the past two nights.

    At one point, I had apparently chosen to live on an oil platform in the middle of an ocean. There was a small bedroom with four beds, each of which had a desk, the size of which was correlated with the importance of the person sleeping in the adjacent bed. There were windows to the outside so you could be reminded how isolated you were.

    At another point, I was adventuring through some kind of fantasy world, vaguely akin to a videogame, and I'd recently acquired this new weapon and had to fight (alongside my buddy, who resembled Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria) this major opponent, who were these two guys, except these two guys looked like real-life people and we were in a relatively small living room with white drywall and carpet, and they were questioning me about how dedicated I was to my friendship with my buddy, while I was trying to figure out how to use this new weapon.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I had apparently chosen to live on an oil platform in the middle of an ocean.

    Not about Symphogear AXZ somehow.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    And last night instead I dreamed I was watching some sort of Star Wars movie. There was apparently a species of organisms that resembled pikmin and are confined to this one hill (with "no going beyond this point" signs on the edge of it) and they generally keep to themselves but can be influenced by a charismatic leader to join en masse in uprisings.

    Also the movie contained like two main characters in captain-like protagonist roles, both ones I didn't recognize. I briefly thought it might be someone I recognize then "realized" that this was a new movie so it wouldn't make sense. Both were young men of fair complexion (so neither of them was Rey or anyone else I'd recognize from actual Star Wars movies); in fact for some reason something made me think of Star Ocean instead, despite my never having played anything from that series. Anyway, one of them looked out a window at some point.

    Also I was stuck in some place where they had their own radio stations, and I was looking for a classical station, but it only broadcasts at certain times of day -- sadly, not 3am (when I'm up), but a confusingly written schedule that says something like "10-4, 5, 6, 7, 9", which took me a few tries to realize it meant that they broadcasted from 10 AM to 4 PM, then had different programs for the dinner hours and the evening, and probably stopped broadcasting at 9 PM.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    that resembled pikmin
    to join en masse in uprisings.
    of course
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    I briefly thought it might be someone I recognize then "realized" that this was a new movie so it wouldn't make sense. Both were young men of fair complexion (so neither of them was Rey or anyone else I'd recognize from actual Star Wars movies);

    The newest Star Wars movie is Solo featuring a younger version of a preexisting Star Wars white dude as the main character so I don't really understand this reasoning.

    Though I guess dream thoughts are weird like that.

    I remember my most recent dream being vaguely Sword Art Online-related but I have no idea how or why.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Because we talked about Maria being the least popular Symphogear the other day and she had a giant SAO arc?
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