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I Keep My Visions To Myself (aka Dreams thread)

in Meatspace
There is love everywhere, I already know
Because we talk about dreams a lot.

Two recent-ish dreams that I can remember include:
  • A dream about a Symphogear OVA that began with Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris singing Synchrogazer, then Maria and Carol have a duet where they sing a dubstep version of Betrayal from MahouIku (and instead of Minase's Swim Swim voice, she had her Carol voice).
  • I was doing choreography for MAG!C☆PRINCE's UPDATE and the entire group was there. I got through the whole song and I felt proud of what I'd done... and then for some reason I had to do the choreography for a Miyano Mamoru version of UPDATE (which had way more guitars), the dream ended before I was done, at a point where I was really worried about not being able to finish the choreography at all.


  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Dreamed that my family and I went to see a property we might buy.  The property was a condominium unit (i.e. an apartment or flat) but its distinctive thing was that its entrance led to a small lobby, then a long hallway, then finally the unit's living room and adjacent bedrooms.

    The living room had windows at the very top, that looked outside, but also had windows for much of its height, down to the floor, that looked into an indoor area.  This area, one floor lower, was a library, but there were people hanging out and smoking in it.  For some reason I was reminded that this was a library for residents, not a school library, so I shouldn't expect to be able to study in it.

    Also, for some reason I heard my parents suggesting that we should look to move to a condo in Delaware to facilitate my getting a job near Washington DC.

    Also we were in our old house that we'd moved out of (with the same wallpaper and lighting, but strangely, with a different layout than in real life), and I noticed that there was a ledge with no railing, and I was like "that's weird" then I "remembered" that we'd removed the railing in order to move a couch downstairs when moving out.  (We never had the couch in question upstairs in real life.)
  • Bovarian Mammarian
    I dreamed I was on a ship full of lesbians
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Several nights ago, I had a cool idea for a drama plot for a game, tabletop or videogame, but I forgot how it went.  It involved basically temporarily cooperating with some people who were either suspicious or otherwise contrary to the protagonists' goals, in order to accomplish some things, and then one of the biggest moments in the story is whether the player decides to betray them at a certain key moment.

    A couple nights ago I dreamed that I was involved in some sort of animal or land conservation thing.  This is different from that time I dreamed I was walking through a huge shallow tidal pool of seagrass.

    And last night I dreamed I was in some sort of spy game that involved sneaking around this hotel-like structure.
  • Bovarian Mammarian
    I dreamed I was watching a movie. At first it was about The Simpsons, for some reason. Then it turned into this disturbing story about nuclear war and people dying of radiation poisoning.

    I'm sure there must've been some kind of connection
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Homer DOES work at a nuclear power plant
  • Bovarian Mammarian
    yeah, I thought of that. But he wasn't the one who launched the nuke and misaimed, hitting some American town instead of the commie bastards or whoever
  • I once dreamt we were hit with a nuclear bomb near home but just far enough that my house wouldn't be affected by the blast radius so that it was perfectly fine, but the next home would be slightly damaged, the next one somewhat more damaged, and so on until they're completely wrecked.

    I keep having vivid dreams about doing my job playing overwatch. Like I'd picture myself doing stuff that makes sense in the actual game (doing reasonable things to kill and not get killed, capture objectives, the characters do what they do in the actual game), except that it's somehow related to managing an inventory, incomes and outcomes, etc. and I'd plan things out so as to get as much of the job done as possible.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I just took a nap that started from thinking about some real estate I'd once visited in real life (a condo) and then it ended up with me following a realtor touring the condo facilities one of which was a hallway in the basement with some specialist shops -- not selling-stuff shops but like a workshop with tools sort of shops.  The realtor was telling us that there's someone who regularly plays heavy metal there, using one of the shops as a practice room, and we could hear him playing, but he tried opening several doors and none of them were the metal player.  (One was a bearded guy on a couch watching TV while the sun shined through the blinds.)

    Now that I've woken up again, I remember the music but it doesn't seem like metal at all lol.  Well, something more funky, sorta like modern jazzy soundtrack with minor 9th chords in parallel motion.  (Like the style of Mario Kart music.)
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I had the weirdest dream last night; I was in a death game, and I don't really remember a lot of the details about it from before a specific point (aside from the fact that we all had The Belko Experiment-style tracker tags that would explode if we broke the rules) where like we'd broken a rule and five people were to die (I do remember there were only fifteen to start with).

    It took place on my grandparents' farm, and we were in the guest house at the time. I ran outside to find my father pulling up and I told him about what was going on, which, obviously, is usually against the rules in a death game so I thought I'd died. Then this girl came up and was like "what the heck are you doing lying down on the ground like that" and my dad was gone, so we went back into the guest house.

    Then, I saw somebody behind a curtain and I was certain it was Homura from Madoka, and it was? I'm not sure if beating her was the clear condition or she was just part of the game, but suddenly I had a sword and she had a sword and we were fighting and I was doing pretty okay until she had like four or so normal-length swords held between her fingers.

    So, obviously, I died, but like as soon as the gorey stuff started happening my death was replaced by ukiyo-e art of me ascending to some sort of afterlife.

    The dream continued for like a few more minutes where I'd taken on the POV of an old man, but then I woke up.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Multiple parts:

    I visit this place that looks like some dusty retail store with lots of boxes. One of them seems to have an interactive display...wait, why is every item that the display can produce, an award given to my high school? Turns out it's an unfinished gallery of awards for my high school, owned by the school's principal. He could only afford this small place for now but he has grand plans to build a larger gallery...except land costs too much in the western part of the county.

    I visited an old house in the eastern part of the county. There were two cats. One of them was reportedly unfriendly due to having had bad history before being picked up by an animal shelter. The house had a basement, which my mom advised me not to go down to because it wouldn't be courteous since I wasn't invited down there. (Even though it's highly unusual for Florida houses to have basements.) The house was on an old-ish street, with above-ground power lines, like you could tell it dated from the 1950s or 1960s, and across the street there was a multi-family condo thing with a few units, in which I could see some Hispanic children playing (it was nighttime and the lights were on inside, and the door had a glass window). One of the residents was a middle-aged white woman, reclining on the couch, watching TV. For some reason, I identified this location as "Washington Street", and anything east of that was susceptible to sea level rise. (In real life, Washington Street runs east-west, not north-south, though it's certainly in an older part of Broward County, and is ever so slightly lower in elevation than the western part of the county -- the eastern part is like 2 to 4 feet above sea level, while the western part is like 6 to 9 feet above sea level.)

    At some point I saw a scene of a girl, tween-age (i.e. younger than teenage), tucked into and soundly sleeping in her bed, and her parents standing next to the bed, discussing her future. They were discussing sex ed and childcare, and I felt that it was wrong that they were basically going to start training her to be a mother at such a young age. I think this scene was the result of my (in real life) encountering a family entering a Burger King the previous day, where there was a young girl who was carrying a doll-sized baby carrier basket, and I muttered to myself "already? at such a young age?".

    I was at a supermarket. I said/texted/chatted(?) something silly over a local electronic social network thing, to someone over a personal message I think? Or maybe I already knew some of the people there. I'm not exactly sure how it happened. But anyway, I said something silly to this one girl, then another girl got my attention, but then for some reason even though the second girl was attractive, I suddenly became attracted to the first girl, so I was going to approach her, but then I had something silly in my chat history to her. But then I used the power to turn back time! And so I reset time to before I said something silly to her, except I look in my chat history and it's still there. I reasoned (in the dream) that it was some sort of "conservation of causation" that caused it to still be there, because I wouldn't have become attracted to her had I not said something silly in the first place.

    Sitting outside in the evening, doing some outdoor cooking with a small pot over a small fire with my mom (not like we've ever cooked this way but I guess it seems quaint now that I think about it?), I remark to my mom something like "When my kids reach age 13, I'm gonna tell them this: 'At some point, you're going to transition from childhood to adulthood. And I'm not going to force you to do it, but you're gonna have to choose when you do so. And remember, when you do, there's no turning back.' "

    I'm a close friend of this one Russian girl who turns out to be royalty, even though she's the daughter of a family friend. She has a room with lots of closets and while it seems uncourteous to look through them without asking, I'm specifically looking for one item, a transforming box that we both played with as a kid. So I'm basically clambering up to this tall stack of closets, checking the drawers at the top one by one. (This part may have been inspired by Allison & Lillia.)
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Part of my dreams last night included an apartment/condo layout that had three bedrooms, but the third bedroom was unusual: The hallway to it leads to a door that leads to an area that is screened but otherwise open to the outside air. There's still a ceiling and a floor, but the walls are just screens. (It was not clear whether it's possible to see into this room from elsewhere.) This room is actually a suite, with its own bathroom, but the bathroom is only accessible by going through the open-air bedroom. I think there are a few steps up out of the bedroom and into the bathroom from the bedroom.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    but the walls are just screens.

    This actually sounds really cool.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    So I got a job at this library -- I thought it was a university library, but based on the number of science-museum-like attractions on the first floor and the sizes and ages of the crowds, I'd think it was a public library -- and I was listening to the staff lead tell me what my responsibilities were, like to whom I'd check in and find out what I had to do and stuff. Except while she was telling me about that, I had to go to the bathroom.

    Along the way I found this odd device that I brought to the attention of the library staff. They said that it's a noisemaker and should be put in the "laser pile", and directed me to a pile of things that seemed like they were bound for being destroyed by being cut to pieces by lasers.

    When I got back, I found out that my mom had listened to the information in my stead, so I missed the rest of the staff lead's info, but she was now gone and busy with other things.

    Also, as a joke, I mentioned that my name was "Demon King [something starting with the letter A]", despite this not being anywhere near my real name, but then I checked my nametag and found that that's what it said. whoops

    Later, i contemplated dropping a couple classes because I was basically not attending those classes anyway. Both of them were classes I actually took before (and finished) in real life.
  • I read that without knowing what thread I was in and I wut'd
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I had this dream where I was playing a JRPG/Legend of Zelda type game that kept switching between a 3DS-ish approach with cutesy sprites and a more Final Fantasy-ish CG style. It was about a doctor of some sort (I think she was a genuine like, general practitioner-type) who started engaging in lots of dark mafioso type deals (and also obviously dark arts since this is a JRPG) but then she decided to quit after getting to the top of the food chain on every black market in her area.

    So she decided to go after another doctor who had gone down the same path in a distant land (across a desert because, as I said, JRPG) where the other doctor had developed an army of chimera type creatures that were a cross between a kangaroo and every single terrifying skinless creature ever. They fought it out and then something really cool happened that I can't remember anymore (the good doctor won, though).

    I remember that the other doctor had started out as a plastic surgeon, though.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I dreamed last night that we were still at our old house and we'd been robbed. Well, robbed in a strangely interesting manner.

    The thieves were not the stereotypical thugs. They were particularly well-trained in combat, though the one I faced seemed only interested in fighting me off when I confronted her rather than injuring me, and she proudly announced their intent pull off their heist the evening before it took place. Then they made it happen the following evening, on schedule, with a variety of logistical support, including having two vans and a bus prepared to haul away the loot, despite not stealing very much. They took the loot out the side window and the bus and vans hauled away the loot by driving on the grass toward the back of the house, despite the fact that there's no road but a pond in real life behind our old house.

    And for some reason I didn't call the police until after they actually stole the stuff, despite the fact that they broke in the previous evening to threaten us with theft. They made off with some personal documents as well as some hobbyist wares like old videogames.

    When I did call the police I was sitting on the stairs and using a phone that was made of textured grey plastic but was a semi-ellipsoid about the size and shape of half a large watermelon, but with phone parts sticking out. I was oddly calm when describing the incident to the dispatcher.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    A few days ago I had a dream where Simon Cowell decided that Niall Horan from One Direction needed to join S4 (from Aikatsu Stars!). I don't remember much about it aside from there was another guy who hung around S4 who was sort of like Naoto from the original Aikatsu! anime and Niall couldn't figure out the Aikatsu System and so he showed up on stage in a biker jacket, on a motorcycle, and drove the whole runway while singing Mirai Transit.

    I think Yozora did not approve.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I dreamed I was (re?)watching Guilty Crown except now that I've woken up I realized that the plot of what I was "watching" was entirely different; it didn't involve any of the original characters and instead focused on a villainous government agent forcing young teens in secondary school to fight each other or fight other things to the death.

    Basically, cutting out the entire romance and most of the school drama and instead replacing it with more of the "the government is evil" premise.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Part of my dream last night included being in a Pokémon game where I took a teleport from Viridian City to Cerulean City.

    First, the teleporters were large roughly-oval pots. If you activated them, a cobra would come out of them, and these teleporter cobras could take you where you needed to go...or where they felt like going, at least.

    I was walking into the Viridian City Library's computer lab, but decided to bother a teleporter cobra pot right outside its back entrance. It immediately sent me to some place in southern Cerulean City.

    I then found myself facing a level 36 Pokémon. What's worse, my team consisted of my most recently-caught pokémon because my sixth mons rather than my newest catches were being sent to Bill's PC, so instead of having my well-trained starter with me that might stand a chance, I had some random mons including my first mon out, a level 2 Kakuna.

    Though for some reason this was a (more recent?) version of the game which auto-healed stuff I caught, so at least it started with full HP.
  • I dreamt I was inside a horror movie, it was about an alien invasion and we were in an X-Com style military base except laid out vertically, with the top (ground level) areas being the "civilian areas" with refugees (although it looked like a mall) and going down you get the armory, labs, hangars, etc., but the defense operation wasn't going well and those of us there were the last remaining humans on Earth, and the aliens had already breached the defenses and were slaughtering people one floor at a time, with people racing downwards trying to survive for as long as possible.

    In-dream I remembered already having that dream and it being horrific, but I don't think I actually saw/remembered any horrific part except one; a scene of a woman with the back half of her head cut off, flailing about and spreading blood everywhere, with a calm face but despairing that her boyfriend (should've been husband I guess), who was one of the researchers/physicians and was next to her trying to calm her down, wasn't using their wedding ring, the implication being that he had given up on her surviving, although I thought it was simply because he was wearing surgery gloves at the time.

    I don't know what my role was in there, I wasn't one of the refugees, but I had no specific role in the organization and instead I went back and forth through floors seeing how I could help, and at one point I got lost trying to find some place.

    Anyhows, after a while I was half-asleep and since I thought I already had that dream, I didn't want to have it again and I thought I wasn't missing anything by waking up, so I did. Though I remember the dream/movie ends simply with the last human being killed.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I had a dream where Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, was an anime. This is probably because I binge-watched all the performances from it a few weeks back.

    It was a traditional 2D animated series, but like every idol anime, the performances were in 3DCG.

    I remember watching the OP (which was Brand New Day, an actual song from the movie). From that, it seemed like Mitchie, Caitlin, Tess and Luke were the main characters (Caitlin isn't a main character in the second movie) and they represented the idol elements Rock, Dance, Star and Pop, respectively.

    It started with this shot of Mitchie was in her mom's catering truck, and then it panned out to reveal lots of cars, filled with campers headed to Camp Rock. Then there was a big dramatic reveal shot of Tess and Luke at Camp Star. Like any good idol anime, when the chorus started getting really big, there was a 3DCG bit where the four of them perform, and I remember that the credits showed the song was by Demi, Alison, Meaghan and Matthew from ROCK☆STAR (well, I saw the ROCK☆STAR in big letters and there were names before it so I assume that was it).

    Also later during the dream Mitchie went on stage to perform Brand New Day in her Flannel Heart Coord and they were all fighting to obtain pieces of the [something powerful sounding] Coord but she couldn't get her piece. The interesting thing was that whilst her Coord was a single dress piece (in idol stuff there's always four slots for top/bottom/shoes/accessory) they didn't have accessories, but they had performance pieces. Mitchie's was her guitar.

    Baaaaasically it was really cool and why can't real life be this cool.

    If you think this is an oddly specific dream to have about a Disney Channel Original Movie, I liked this movie enough to once try and figure out a whole JRPG based on it. Sadly, I lost the (extremely embarrassing) files where I did my "work".
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I had a dream @Bluesy_Cowgirl and @Unknown_Entity may be interested in.

    Two parts.

    First, I dreamed that I was playing some sort of hack of Metroid Zero Mission. Specifically, it was such that the zero-suit segment had a number of high-difficulty changes:
    * the Zero Suit is now white, and looks slightly bulkier. this is just cosmetic.
    * your first move in Chozodia after crash landing is to drop into the ruins. the ruins are now filled with water. you have no Gravity Suit of course. you can still breathe; this is a videogame after all.
    * there's a really annoying turret in the first underwater room that you can barely jump over. Actually, you just need to walk around it, because the game is rendered in 2.5D with polygons now.
    * the first underwater room now has an ice puzzle. Go all the way to the right and there's an ice machine, which turns some areas into being covered with ice spike hazards and other areas into slick floor that will make you fast enough to reach...I'm not sure what.
    * this first room has a large circular feature that you can really conspicuously obviously get into as a morph ball Samus, on the ceiling. You can't do that yet of course.
    * Chozodia now has doors that are activated by the emergency pistol.
    * If you shoot out that turret, you'll find that it leads underground to weird place with non-textured polygons involving a tall grey staircase down (with a similarly grey platform at the bottom which is inhabited by two moles that are running up and down the stairs and also the ones operating the turret, that are really hard to hit. You can apparently jump out of bounds into the black. There is no water here.

    I thought this was weird, so in my dream, I put the game down, and went to my computer to try to write this all down, as if I had dreamed it and would forget it very soon. At some point I was interrupted by my mom, and I explained to her that I know I should be packing for our impending trip, but I pointed to the game on top of a several-foot-high stack of clothes.

    At some point I also checked out a possible rental car. It had regular size back doors but they opened weirdly such that the space they opened to seemed especially tight. My dad gave it a test drive with us in the car and commented to the rental agent something about car insurance.

    Then later, we were sitting at our table in our old house, the one we just sold, even though it looks nothing like it in real life. It was placed against a wall painted light blue, also next to the kitchen with a really open placement for a grill, and not beneath a high ceiling.

    There's a nook nearby, that we use as storage for various things, and as we were sitting there, some large spotted gecko appeared. I moved my finger toward it and it ran backwards into the stuff. I later noticed two glaringly obvious holes in the wall nearby. Turns out the spotted geckos were coming from those holes, and I felt stupid that I didn't notice that any earlier, given that I'd "lived" there. I actually placed one gecko into a hole while another one was trying to come out, and they cartoonisly tried to both squeeze into the hole. My mom suggested feeding them some strawberries. I remarked that watermelon would be enough. Later I looked out the other hole and found both a breeze from the outside, and several geckos all sleeping in a corner of a nook just outside.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    Your dreams always sound like a student arthouse film that needs to exist.
    but he tried opening several doors and none of them were the metal player.
    Turns out the spotted geckos were coming from those holes
    The house had a basement, which my mom advised me not to go down

    Also your dreams regularly employ horror movie cliches even though nothing terrifying ever happens.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    are you afraid of geckos?
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Reptiles coming out of holes in general is like the first sign a demon has possessed your unborn child and a cult of crazy witch ladies is on their way to kill everybody.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Reptiles coming out of holes in general is like the first sign a demon has possessed your unborn child and a cult of crazy witch ladies is on their way to kill everybody.

    They're just holes in the wall. Like, you can see the sunlight in the yard outside. They're like little tunnels through concrete.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Last night I dreamed that I survived a tornado that passed directly over our condo building, and I could feel the storm windows bulging like mad, but they didn't break. I had seen the tornado form on the ground nearby, but then it decided to move over us. And then that wasn't the end...it decided to move back over us again, for some reason. And then it moved back over us a third time, even. Some sort of electrical thing outside broke and caught fire but it wasn't a big deal to us so we resolved to call the building management after the storm had passed.

    The night before I dreamed I was at a visitor at agricultural fair where they had organized an automobile race. I saw that this one stall vendor deliberately sabotaged the race by making part of their moveable stall crumble into pieces that were hazardous to car tires, and crashing that into one competitor's car. I later asked that stall vendor why he did it, and he replied something that implied a sense of nihilism.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    A more pleasant dream this time: I dreamed I played an Atelier game. Or rather, i dreamed that I was in an Atelier game.

    I've never really played an Atelier game before, so this was based on the idea, that came from asking my superior in the organization (an alchemy guild I guess), how much time I had, which was that the "basic course" normally lasts 4 weeks but I have 8 weeks to complete it.

    On my first day I chose to use what few resources I had to build a herb garden and level up my herbalism skills.

    And then it turned out that I actually missed a meeting for alchemist guild members on my first day in the guild.

    My superior showed me photographs. Except they were called "mirrors". I deduced that that's what photographs were called in this setting.

    Also, she seemed to be hinting at a request that I find a way to brighten "mirrors", which would make them much clearer. (The ones she showed me were noticeably dark and not clear.) (Said superior did look rather like Marion Quinn from the Atelier Dusk trilogy, now that I've woken up.)
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Except they were called "mirrors".

    Were you actually dreaming you were in the Ever After High universe (they have mirrorphones/mirrorpads instead of smartphones/tablets)?
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Dreamed of being in my college dorm again. Third such dream at least I think.

    This time, it:
    * the hallway looked vaguely like (fluorescent hall lighting, no natural lighting since it was nighttime) and was mentally known to me as the second dorm I lived in
    * had people I recognized in-dream but not IRL
    * their rooms were much messier than I'd expect IRL
    * there may have been architectural features that didn't exist IRL, such as pass-through rooms (i.e. bedrooms where you had to go through if you lived in the room beyond it)
    * my room was on the opposite wing compared to where it was supposed to be IRL
    * somehow, going downstairs from the fifth floor resulted in being on the third floor

    Also, before I went back to the dorm, I was in a cafeteria, conversing with a friend with whom I was working on a project. It was late at night, and I reminded her that I hadn't eaten since the last time we met, which was around lunch. After the meal, we parted ways and went back to that dorm. I ran up the stairs to get to my room, and ran up one flight too many which is how I ended up on the fifth floor briefly.

    For some reason, I had a worry about how I would look if I was going to take a shower but needed something and forgot my keys and was running around shirtless.
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