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I Keep My Visions To Myself (aka Dreams thread)



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    I suspect one of the comments on this post I recently looked at may have had something to do with it.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I've been watching SAO2 and it's interesting as Sinon's story (rather than as Kirito's).

    Edit wait why am i using this as an animu thread

    But I actually didn't know about the Han Solo Story movie until like today haha.
  • I'm guessing you didn't know about the Han Solo song either

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I did not.


    That was weird. Yeah, I was recently on a cruise (for the first time) so the inspiration is obvious, but I just had a dream about being on a cruise ship. But of course, it's a lot odder than an actual cruise ship. Features:
    * The ship traveled and turned a lot faster than made sense for even a small boat. Something akin to a car.
    * The ship traveled in a quite narrow (and presumably shallow) water channel. In fact, at some point, it traveled on what seemed like a wide roadway paved with fancy tropical-style brick. We actually got out of the ship and walked through a gate and waited on the other side for the ship to get flagged through the gate to reboard it. (This happened during the day, so I could see the colors on the bricks, which were arranged so as to form streaks of peach-ish colors running the length of the road.)
    * The captain announced out that we passed by Cozumel, Mexico (which I've never been to in real life, for what it's worth) by pointing to a taller, darker feature on the horizon, while surrounded by things that looked like lighted neighborhoods. (This happened during the late evening, but apparently happened before we got to the gate.) The captain turned the ship around so everyone got a view of that, which is why I know this ship turned quite fast. Like, as fast as a human turning around and getting a personal view of one's surroundings.
    * Part of the hallway with entrances to people's staterooms is actually knee-high and requires kneeling/crawling on a grey rough felt floor to get through. Also, despite being in Mexican waters, I started asking around to other passengers (who, in that confined space, were fellow children, and also happened to be wearing thick down coats) what country we were in, looking for confirmation; I started trying to do so in broken Spanish, which led to someone asking me in English what languages I speak.
    * Outside of that tiny confined hallway is instead a huge open space where there was someone serving food on the side. By huge I mean think about the height of a two-story (at least) warehouse, complete with that unfinished ceiling. Further down there was a hallway. And on the side another hallway, which someone had closed off with a large "!" sign on a temporary wall. (Presumably facing that latter hallway was the exit out of the boat?) Someone (an adult this time) was asking whether the food (on the ship) was spicy.
    * At another point we were looking at something from a bridge (during a shore excursion presumably?). Followed by me participating in an activity where was supposed to find the most geographically interesting thing in the area (we were next to a little brook), and me being anxious to show off something I'd found in my own backpack.

    Incidentally I'm reminded of another dream I had where I was standing in line in a buffet for food. Actually, two separate dreams of that, from a while back. Neither was particularly interesting aside from how photovividly I recall the way they look. One was just a counter (not too brightly lit) that turned 45 degrees twice in order to occupy a corner space smoothly, and had brown walls. Apparently I got there when they were changing from lunch to dinner. And the other time involved me being in a pretty neat-looking restaurant, complete with stained-glass panels surrounding the ceiling lights above the long winding waiting walkways for restaurant patrons, lights which were on (of course) despite the clearly visible daylight.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    fancy tropical-style brick
    This sounds like something that should be in a video game.
    where I was standing in line in a buffet for food
    This feels like it should mean a lot but I can't think of anything.

    That buffet setting sounds really interesting.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    And in my next dream I dreamed that I had arranged a couple short things for piano: the character select theme and the start race fanfare from Super Mario Kart.

    I actually remembered the arrangements I made too.
  • I had a dream reminding me that for some reason I remember American Dragon.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    A couple interesting dreams the past two nights. I only remember fragments of them.

    * I visited a place that was identified as something like the underworld or something. But the only thing notable that I saw, going down a highway next to a residential neighborhood, was that the residents used what seemed like massive amounts of ivory as decorations, and the decorations had very weird modern abstract art designs to them -- like, straight lines and circular curves everywhere. Aside from that, it was just a cloudy day and I was in a vehicle on a highway passing by grass on the side of the road and seeing a neighborhood of houses from a distance.
    * I, along with my mother, had arrived in a city, which for some reason was identified to be Baltimore, but looked much smaller. There was a convention center at which an anime or geekystuff type of convention was happening, but I wasn't going there, and I wasn't even aware of it beforehand. The convention center was about the size of a strip mall or a high school, and all one-story, with some covered walkways leading to it. My mom and I were walking through this, looking for some other destination. It was raining so we were basically hurrying between the covered walkways. We eventually made it to this other building, which was used as an independent residence by a student group at a university. The first floor consisted of classrooms which were not in use because it was a weekend (why classrooms would be in an independent residence hall was not explained in the dream), and on the second floor, we found a group of students in a small lounge, watching TV. (The walls were painted white, a clearly amateur paint job of course, and the floors were checkered parquet wood floors. I asked them whether I could use their bathroom, and they pointed me to a bathroom near the lounge, which I entered. My mom embarrassingly had to describe out loud exactly everything I had done. The bathroom turned out to be really tight, like barely twice the size of an airplane bathroom. While I was in the bathroom doing my "number two", I overheard my mom striking up a conversation with one of the students, in Cantonese.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    massive amounts of ivory as decorations

    So the underworld is full of elephant poachers?
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    that or bones or plaster or concrete painted white.

    a noticeably white substance used for abstract sculptural designs for some reason.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Dreamed that I was at a hotel and it was already past 11 AM and I had to play a concert (specifically a special guest concert for a school's music competition) at 2 PM but there were things on the program that I hadn't practiced in months so I was sorta panicking looking for a piano to warm up on. Wanted to use one of the hotel's two lobby pianos -- one was a fancier-looking decorative piece but seemed like the wood had gotten too dry, while another was in use by another guest who was "finger-synching" to the nearby TV that was showing some pop song.

    Also frantically trying to get directions to the venue. Apparently it was in far eastern Tokyo while I was in central Tokyo (note: I've never been anywhere in Tokyo in real life aside from at an airport briefly), but for some reason the road names were in English, and given the road intersections I and the venue were at, I was somehow able to figure out where it was because I apparently had somewhat of a map memorized. But I still had to contend with calling someone and them speaking Japanese to me and trying to find someone who could understand English (this may have been influenced by my experience one time in Costa Rica where someone had to fetch an English-speaker.).
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    another guest who was "finger-synching" to the nearby TV that was showing some pop song

    was it me
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    another guest who was "finger-synching" to the nearby TV that was showing some pop song

    was it me
    no; it was a girl who was not important to the dream

    also it was a western pop song, despite the dream set being in Japan
  • are you sure you weren't dreaming about Seventh Sisters
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    also it was a western pop song, despite the dream set being in Japan

    Was it Austin Mahone?

    I wonder how many more jokes about this we can make.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    also it was a western pop song, despite the dream set being in Japan

    Was it Austin Mahone?

    I wonder how many more jokes about this we can make.

    No, it was either an unrecognizable song or Rita Ora's "Your Song".
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I was travelling somewhere in the Middle East, probably the United Arab Emirates, but it was far away from any of the more glamorous locales.

    There was this giant construction site, and the hotel room I'd rented was in a building that wasn't finished yet too. Despite this, I thanked the taxi driver and walked off into it. The room inside was pretty fine, but there was no running water, so this skinny guy in a short-ish thoub (I could see his jeans) had to come in and fill the water up in a tank thing (this is probably related to what we discussed in the interior design thread somehow).

    I was like, me about things and I just kept pestering him with questions and stuff to avoid awkward silences. He kind of sighed and left, but he dropped something. I'm not sure it was on purpose or an accident though.

    It was an ad for an oceanside trip, so I decided to call up the taxi and go on it. Despite arriving at the hotel at night, the sun was bright as I left the hotel. The address on the brochure ended up taking me further inland, and we arrived at a giant pirate ship that was sitting on land. I started thinking about that guy again as I got onto the ship, when a large East Asian (or Polynesian, I think) guy kind of walked up behind me, and I knew somehow that he was there to hurt me so I couldn't do something or other...

    and then I woke up, which was somehow not reassuring.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Well, those were some interesting dreams just now.

    So first, there was something happening but I didn't really remember what, but I was part of a group of people working to deal with it, and my group happened to be the cast of Elsword. At some point, the character named Elsword, who was the party leader, approached me and we worked on a thing together and I ended up voting for the plan we made, and later I heard someone grumbling to Eve about how he shouldn't have done that. Eve was, of course, very cute.

    Anyway, that happened at night. Next scene, daytime on a cloudy day, inside a somewhat sparsely-furnished single-family house in a suburban neighborhood, that looked more like someone's storage facility than an actual home. I was waiting for my party to get ready, and one of the doors suddenly rattled like crazy. I opened it and a raccoon ran in. Turns out, despite that door looking like it should be the front door, someone had built a wall around the front porch for some reason, and the raccoon had apparently climbed in and panicked. So I stood there while the raccoon scampered around inside the house, and eventually I called to it while standing in the door and it came running back to the door and then it climbed the wall in a flash and ran out.

    I peered over the wall to find a large black bear eating something, I couldn't tell whether it was a raccoon, or a squirrel, but eventually I think it saw me so I went back in, closed the door, and went to another part of the house.

    I think the right side of the house had one garage-like structure that was filled with round off-white patio tables, amongst other storage. There was an unfriendly black bear there, who tried to throw one of the tables at me, so I left. There was another guy nearby, not affiliated with my group.

    There was another garage on the other side, at which point I actually got to see that the first bear had in fact caught a red fox, and was starting to tear it apart, above its protestations, while the bear also seemed to get a little angry that I was watching it eating, and as it reached for a patio table to throw at me, I left.

    However, both bears found their way into the house, at which point that guy and I both started panicking looking for a way out. We eventually exited out the back door, with the bears gradually following us. We then also ran away from the house, with the bears throwing apples at us. An unidentified someone said to watch out for the fencing because it's near July 4th weekend.

    But anyway, we ran past the house next door then down the road. I was actually treated to a preview shot of the road before I ran down it.

    Then I woke up.

    But as I woke up I also kinda dreamed that my floor was carpet (it isn't) and my window was a lot higher than it actually is.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Something about being Sonic the Hedgehog and trying to avoid being trapped by Dr. Heinz von Doofenschmirtz, while looking for chili dogs.
  • That sounds way too sensible.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Well, okay, here's a less sensible one.

    I'm apparently traveling from Alaska to Oregon on a large boat or amphibious vehicle, which is traveling at first near shore then riding parallel to some train tracks that have been recently washed out. At some point, we stop at a town called Willimantic, where I and some other people get out and walk through some bushes to get to a church that apparently houses a carnival attraction inside. Then someone notices it's on fire and so we hurry to call the fire department.

    Later, I'm driving around some part of Mexico City that features densly packed low-rise apartments. Also lots of hills.
  • I had a dream involving (I think) three different segments:
    • A non-franchise toku that's for some reason a very close imitation of current-day Kamen Rider
    • Comically violent Jeanne d'Arc on vacation
    • Some sort of supernatural hominid that might've been a Sumerian deity. There was a text(?) predicting its mother will show up after it gets attacked.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Comically violent Jeanne d'Arc on vacation

    Is this GO 4koma related?

    The other day I had a dream involving an alternate ending to Lostorage conflated WIXOSS. The main villain was using a combination Red/Green deck and Ril was her LRIG. Her coin bet skill was "Cheating", which involved borrowing another LRIGs coin bet skill which was then added to Requiem. This manifested as her hands glowing green and red and then blasting it at the heroine.

    The heroine, who was also using Ril, countered with something or other and managed to save the day.
  • Sounds like Ril finally became a Fate character.
    Is this GO 4koma related?

    It was more Apocrypha-related, I think.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Sounds like Ril finally became a Fate character.

    Oh my gosh this makes so mush sense.
  • Now I'm imagining that she only agreed to switch to weapons Signi because she was promised the opportunity to do this:

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Something involving me being in a high office building and hearing lasers come through the window. At first, I thought it was one of my colleagues who was working on magical lasers, so I called to him, but then it turned out not to be him. So then I jumped out of the building, and noticed that it was a magical bomb placed at the center of the city and then I ran to the far corner of the city. It was bounded by walls somewhat akin to some of the edges of cp_egypt in TF2 for some reason.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I had this dream about a co-worker who I think I've mentioned here before. He kind of has his issues IRL, and in this dream I was kind of sitting in a park waiting for him.

    There was this stadium in the background; a geometric half-circle type thing. There was some kind of game going on later, and somebody asked me if I was there for that, but obviously I wasn't so I told them. Then they sat down and started playing this game called "Ride on Dice" (like yanaginagi's lyrics from the Black Bullet ED, and those lyrics are actually "Like lotus").

    Then I kind of just walked across the street and there was a hospital and I knew my co-worker was inside there. I was really worried but when I walked in there he just had an animal of some sort with him that he was having treated. I told him I wasn't a pet person, and then he told me to take him home so I did.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I dreamed that was hired to teach this class, but apparently I somehow missed the entire orientation session, instead accidentally listening to some local elected official or the university official or someone make some sort of important public statement. As a result, I had no idea where all the safety equipment was.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Oh GMH~

    This ones a real doozy;

    I was a young student, probably 13-14, going to a specialized school in VR. Like, this wasn't a big deal to me and I wasn't even paying attention. I was more concerned about this bigger boy who had been bullying me recently, so I was trying to push through the crowds to get to this special class we were having that day.

    The teacher for this class had coaxed us all into it by promising us all a free day if we participated in her experiment. So, already in a VR world, we were led to these "chambers" that were supposed to lead to an even /deeper/ sense of VR (and our own mental states).

    At first I didn't really get it, because it was as if we'd just closed our eyes and opened them in the same room except less strapped down. The chambers were open now, and the only thing holding us back were straps on our upper bodies and these machines on our arms and legs.

    Then these robots started pulling out each of our organs one by one. First it was the eyes, then the whole jaw/teeth/mouth bit, and it was bleeding danged everywhere. Then it pulled off our legs and finally our arms. It was, frankly, super-hyper-terrifying. People were sort of trying to cry but they had nowhere to cry out of. Others had escaped their restraints mid-process and were just sort of wandering about.

    I somehow managed to realize this was just the deeper level of VR and this triggered some sort of error that let me actually escape the program. Every other student was still squirming in deep VR and the teacher was watching intently. For some reason she didn't seem to be too concerned with me too much, looking me over once before paying attention to the rest. The other boy who bullied me managed to escape too, and we sort of ran out of the room together.

    Outside the room, he kind of just rushed into P.E. class and I ran out of the school altogether but using the doors I'd accessed the wrong exit protocol and somehow ended up in the principal's garden with his two virtual dogs. One of the dogs was completely normal looking, but the other was green and it had all of these digital pegs hanging out of it's back-half forming like a bubble type existence. It also had the face of a Chubby Puppy toy.

    Anyways, I think this part of the dream started out pretty normally; I'd freaked out a lot over being subjected to the Deep VR experiment bu then the dogs started to calm me down. As soon as I was like, really calm, the feelings I'd had about the Deep VR thing kind of separated out of me and became their own person-slash-program thing. A young blond boy who was like the most basic of young anime blond boys.

    He was really creepy, going on about how he was going to survive and never let anything hurt me again and how he would carry all of my sorrows. To prove this, he ran up to this dried-up orange-tan-ish cactus and hugged the heck out of it. He came out of the hug with a lot of deep looking giant quills out of him. At this point VR me decided I was d-o-n-e with this school forever and activated the shutdown on my VR headset and immediately cancelled my attendance at that school, even though it had cost my parents a fortune.

    So the dream switched POVs (my dreams tend to do this a lot) to the blonde boy who was confused by what I had just done, but insisted he'd continue protecting me until I "came back". To achieve this, he took over the normal looking dog's body (maybe because the school wouldn't let his data ID in? this part isn't clear) and ate the weird looking dog which made me (watching me do these things in the dream since technically he wasn't me) feel sad.

    In dog form, he went into the school and looked around all of the classes before finally finding the P.E. class and going in. I think there are some other things that happened after this bit, but I don't remember them. Then I woke up.

    I basically woke up and wrote out the whole dream in detail because I really didn't want to forget any bit. It was a really really weird dream, but there are a million parts that I can look at and say "Yes I understand why this happened", which is kind of good, I guess? Maybe reading dreams isn't such artsy-fartsy nonsense.
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