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I Keep My Visions To Myself (aka Dreams thread)



  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I was being woken up by my friends, who told me I'd been having this weird dream. In addition, I was making everybody late. We, a group of scientists, were meant to be leaving for a research trip.

    We walked down to the wharf together, but at some point the boys and girls got separated. I, one of the girls, arrived at the wharf with the other two (there were six of us total). My suitcase came undone somehow, and my yellow triangle bikini with red straps fell out. I excitedly told the girls that I was going to wear it on vacation with my fiance, and it was inspired by Cali Girl Barbie (which is a doll I super wanted when I was younger, and the bikini looked exactly like it). I don't know why I was bringing it on this trip, since my fiance wasn't one of the guys.

    When we boarded the ship, I got separated from somebody else some time later, and I was playing a game on my phone that involved Marvel and DC characters. For some reason, The Thing from Fantastic Four was on the DC side of the app, and I was trying to upgrade the characters but was having a hard time deciding which ones I even liked (eventually I picked The Thing). I was overcome by this sense of foreboding, like this upgrading of things in the app was to defend myself in real life.

    I heard a loud sound on the other side of the ship, and I went to go check it out. Everything was stained in a dark blue hue, just like a Hanna Barbera cartoon, and there were no windows. Just lots of consoles and cardboard boxes. I considered starting on my research, but the noise had really rattled me, so I kept going in.

    I found four of my friends hanging out, surrounded by work but not really working. They were laughing up a storm, and I was mad that they weren't working and that they were hanging out without me. When I realized the one other guy wasn't there, I got suspicious, and almost immediately the doors that led to the ship's inner quarters were forcibly opened.

    That's when the last guy showed up, and we all ran towards it to find that we hadn't even left the dock yet, even though it felt like we had. There was a guy standing at the top of the wharf, looking down angrily at us. He asked us a few questions; like if I was engaged to Doctor[Something]. I said I was, but so did the guy next to me. Guy X (At the top of the wharf) then looked at Guy Y (standing with me) suspiciously and recognized him.

    Guy X then explained that Guy Y had set up this whole thing, and that the five doctors on board didn't actually know each other. Everything had been set up to trick us after we'd been hypnotized somehow, but Guy Y had made crucial mistakes in the process (ie why I thought I was engaged to his fiance. I really was a girl though, in this dream). He'd also used techniques to distract us from noticing that anything was off until we got on the boat (like the bikini and the mobile app, there was also some type of floating neon musical note thing in the flashback that wasn't in the dream earlier).

    All of this was so Guy Y could force us to work on some type of scientific project, and after that I just kind of assumed he was going to kill us. But Guy X was standing so far away and was so angry that I knew that Guy Y had done something to us that made it impossible for him to save us, and so he planned to kill us too. I inferred that Guy X had also been captured by Guy Y once and made to do some type of research but couldn't bring himself to commit suicide (though he seemed pretty gung ho about killing us). So I couldn't trust either Guy X or Guy Y...

    Then I woke up. I tried to immediately go back to sleep to find out what happened next but I couldn't...
    I made quickie models of the death vehicles

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I dreamed I was at some sort of meeting where some people were getting ready to get going into some sort of foreign trip for something like NGO work or whatever. It was held in a pretty fancy building, though not a fancy nor particularly big auditorium.

    The building was built using lots of fancy reddish/orangeish marble. Also well-lit, with both natural sunlight and artificial electric lighting.

    There's a path that many people followed through said building, down a series of stairs and across various floors, and I found myself actually practicing that path and not just practicing it but literally speedrunning it. I was jumping over ledges, landing in water (like, fountain pools) to break my fall, jumping past gaps, and doing this repeatedly, going through and further optimizing my route over and over again. Like, I'd run around a pillar one time, only to jump over the ledge and land far enough on the stairs beyond it the next time, bypassing the pillar altogether. Then the time after that I'd jump over the ledge and land in the water on the floor below.

    I wish I remembered the exact layout of the building. And I wish I could design this as a little minigame.
  • I was at a funeral for a girl I didn't know. It was mostly mundane, but the most remarkable things were that the music was Touhou instrumental remixes (of the two I remember, one was based on an actual Touhou track and the other was this) that her family chose because that's what she was listening to when she died, and that the place was huge, seemingly like an abandoned mall with an inner courtyard where the funeral was taking place (it may have been based on a nearby museum), with lots of attendees, even though the girl wasn't an influential person or anything.

    Also I got in trouble because I was wearing snickers rather than leather shoes.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I was at a funeral for a girl I didn't know.

    Sounds like a doujin game or vocaloid song that was turned into a novel that J-Novel Club is translating.
    her family chose because that's what she was listening to when she died

    Note to self; start listening to respectable music just in case.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    do not wear chocolate candy

    $350 and expulsion penalty
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I can't remember the specifics, but I was living in either a dystopia or a cult that encompassed an entire country. Everybody lived in what was the equivalent of car garages (with big metal sheets the only door in and when they were open they basically exposed the whole house to the outside aside from like a bathroom maybe) and there were no cars so you had to walk everywhere on dirt roads.

    There were several compounds in the area, kind of like suburbs or something, and one area where the cult people/dystopian government people had a control base in our area at least. Somebody from my area had stolen a set of electric bulbs and that was really, really bad so I had to go to the control base.

    For some reason the entire area at the control base including outside was coloured a weird red. Not like a blood red, but an eerie sort of bright 1980s movie red sunset type red. I knew this was because of the lights they used there, somehow.

    Anyways I ended up coming back with some authoritarian figures who caught the person who had stolen the bulbs. They used to be a friend of mine, so they tried to implicate me in the crime, but nobody believed them. This part of the dream took place at night where the only source of light were these tall halogen lights set up like futuristic tiki torches.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    There are sorta two parts to this, I forgot which happened first, but here goes.

    First, I was in some house, in a neighborhood lined with pine trees. It's the first house on the block, right at the intersection with a larger street, a small-ish house (the size of a small cape). The homeowner (an older, white gentleman) was explaining how a sinkhole, about a couple feet deep and several feet wide, had suddenly appeared in his backyard, partly swallowing up a tree, and being dangerously near the foundation to his house.

    Second, I was in some office. I and the "major principal" of a school (equivalent to an assistant principal but not called that for some reason) were meeting with some higher official, and apparently we were discussing some sort of criminal case, and in response to something, I mused about a story I'd read somewhere. I didn't know how but it made the major principal have a revelation that helped crack the case open.

    I later exited, then passed by a gift shop, then walked into a lobby, of what seemed like a university for the performing arts, with a piano and violin duo practicing in a room off to the side (with no door on it either! though they were far from what would be the doorway), while others were just walking by. These were, of course, a variety of young adults, who looked like students going about their business. In the main two- or three-story foyer of this building, lined with large black tiles and dim lighting and metal-framed glass doors, was a big banner on a metallic fixture, that said something like "Eastman, by Goldman", from which I inferred out-of-dream that this was the Eastman School, except when I walked outside there was south Florida weather (Eastman is located in upstate New York in real life, and I haven't ever even been to it before so I don't even know what it looks like); a blue-tinted covered walkway made the air slightly cooler near the entrance to the building but it heated up quickly as I walked into the sun-drenched open-air areas, complete with misters (i.e. machines things that spray mist, not adult men). Also a lot of students were wearing blue sports shirts, in support of the school's sports teams. (For a university focused on performing arts, this place certainly did have ample athletic facilities! Or maybe the school of performing arts was just one particular subdivision of it.)
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    For some reason I was taking a Latin test . But for some reason I could barely remember my vocabulary, probably because I was using the vocabulary I currently remember as of right now in real life.

    The format of this test was a little unusual: it seemed, despite being an AP test, we students and our teacher were collaborating on it to some extent.

    The setting for this test was an indoor room, apparently a large room in an old library, with green carpets , wood-frame chairs, and small wooden desks snug up against the walls. The room was somewhat dimly, albeit unevenly, lit.
  • You seem to dream a lot about school (and video games).
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Probably all the anime set in school.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    It's just I have fond memories of my school years. (Most of my anime watching has occurred after I finished most of my schooling.)
  • "you duck spawn, refined creature, you try to be cynical, yokel, but all that comes out of it is that you're a dunce!!!!! you duck plug!"
    So, I've been thinking about Updates at first, but guess that's the thread I'm supposed to post in.

    I had this weird dream where I was told a story of a person's past, and the past was like a Quentin Tarantino movie. Quentin Tarantino Bollywood movie. (I've been reading a book on ancient India the previous day.) If this was possible at all, I'd love to swap this dream for one of Tarantino's or Rodriguez's, 'cause if either of them had it, they'd be scribbling down a plot outline right now. And the whole story was told over a retrospect scene, which, to make it even better, was all grainy like it was played from an old tape.

    Basically my dreams often play out like films or video games, some rare times I even see parts of interface.

    Also, recently I have been seeing legible text in my dreams. I wonder what that means. Would like to learn lucid dreaming one day, but I fear this might make it harder.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Quentin Tarantino Bollywood movie.

    I'm not a Tarantino person but I feel like this needs to exist just so that the world can have it.

    I rarely (possibly never) see text in my dreams, wonder what that's about.
  • I was in an auto-repair shop much like the one I used to work in. A chocolate cake had exploded and me and another guy were trying to eat the pieces off the floor as fast as possible before the resident dog did. Neither of us mentioned anything about the fact that we were eating off a dirty floor.

    In another dream I was in the Star Wars universe which was a lot like a real-life environment. I was one of the rebels and my job was to sneak in an imperial base and figure out how to harm them from there. I simply walk in their base (it looked like an ordinary office building) pretending there was nothing odd with me being there (I was even wearing casual clothes). At one point a stormtrooper calls the alarm on me, but I get away and then afterwards I act like a concerned citizen curious regarding what it's about, also turns out there were lots of similarly casually-clothed civilians around who came out due to the alarm, so that helped.

    Eventually I reach a part that's like an university, with a lot of young students passing through checkpoints managed by imperial agents, in a fenced area next to the street of a real-life modern city. There were a group of imperial agents far from me past some checkpoints, so I try to figure out how to reach them to see if I could do some sabotage there, but I couldn't find a way in so I gave up and prepared to go home.

    The students were visibly angry at the imperial agents, one student had something of a breakdown, grabbed a (modern) gun from an agent and it looked like he'd start a shootout against the agents, however at that point they had all left, but after a while a guy came running by screaming for me to get away. I had a hard time understanding what he was saying, but eventually he explains that some special agents were pursuing me, they had big white head-covering masks and black full-body clothes, like Slenderman but shorter, and so I had to figure out how to hide or escape from them.

    And then I woke up.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    The only dream I remember having recently involved walking through the dessert to a University type building where people were having a party. Instead of going to the party, I climbed up this trapezoid tower made up entirely of glass (with some floors having printed patterns on them to provide privacy).

    I was looking for a massive reference tome in a searching "machine"? Like you flicked it lightly and the books inside a horizontal shelf would fly in either direction like you were scrolling on a mouse. They were all spine up, so you could easily pick one out. I found the book I wanted, but I don't remember what happened after that.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I was in some videogame-like situation where I was trying to fight someone and I had to choose between a heavy axe and a lighter hand-axe.

    Later, I was in some sort of indoor amusement park or museum of some sort, and one of the interactive challenges was crossing a pit (contained within generic plywood walls like about three feet high, and situated within a temporary plywood structure with only walls of about eight feet high, and entered and exited via holes in said walls that were partly covered with flexible straps of frosty plastic) of what was identified as "mud" but seemed like some sort of cleverly tricky non-Newtonian fluid. I saw people sinking into it and getting all dirty so I decided to fleet-foot across it, but at the last moment I changed my mind and decided to roll across it, which also worked.

    I later went back to this exhibit and the young man managing it was about to close up, but in the meantime he had revised the challenge by leaving a gap in the pit, where one would have to climb down onto the ground between the two wooden containers of this fluid, or somehow jump across, meaning I couldn't roll across anymore.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I had this dream where I was playing Disney Magical World 2 and I'd gone to one of the character's houses where they complained that 'bears' were eating his crops or whatever, so I had to defeat them using my magic wand. The bears were kind of like yellow crystal-ey Abomasnows and I did defeat them. There was more after this but I don't remember it.

    Another dream I had recently involved me standing at the edge of this asphalt road (again, no railing) and looking out over a field of grass. I just kind of stood with my feet slightly over the edge for a bit before jumping up and getting out a lifting board (yes, from Eureka Seven, probably because I watched a bit of the first Hi-Evolution movi) and doing a few turns.

    In the same dream, the sky had kind of gone dark in one corner but it was still mostly clear and I saw these three skinny boys, all in leggings and those overlong shirts. The one in the middle had an umbrella, and they were all sharing it even though it wasn't raining. I wanted to call out to them, but I didn't for some reason. We were in a massive grassy field but there was nobody else around for miles aside from the four of us.

    As they walked on the grass, I had to hop onto a giant tree that had recently been cut down and make my way across it (on my feet, I couldn't crawl even though it was ridiculously twisty and uneven). I kept going higher and higher until I reached just where the main branches would be at the top, but it had been sheared clean, so I was just kind of standing at the top with my feet over the edge again. I have no idea where those three guys went though.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    woot airsurfing
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    The Old Gods (World of Warcraft's Eldritch abominations who seek to corrupt the world (make it twisty and scary), whose thing is whispering thoughts into its inhabitants to drive their mad and do their bidding) were preparing to attack, so in turn our resistance group slash apocalyptic cult had to prepare for it, so we holed up, first at my (in-dream) home, then at a pent-house somewhere. We kept getting new members, but we were aware that some of them could be Old Gods/government agents and that the Old Gods could influence us inside. Oh yeah, the government was probably after us so we were wary of them, especially during a point where they brought lots of agents on bikes outside our pent-house (it now had a parking lot outside, as if it were a shopping center), however that was for unrelated reasons and we mellowed out for them, they only covered our windows with newspapers which apparently wasn't a bad thing.

    Despite all that, much of the dream was drama about my real-life family. Eventually we go back to dream-home, but my mother had some health issue, collapsed and I decided to stop dreaming.

    I woke up irl, but I fell asleep shortly after and had that dream's continuation; it was the same except we were at my real-life home, the Old Gods's influence had spread much further, this was now an international affair, our group was now much larger, and I was aware I was aware this was a video game plot. This time my family (or rather, the family of the character I was) were: my mother, a blue-haired old lady who had prophetic visions about the event and was the group's semi-leader; my father, a hobo-looking old man whose ramblings we ignored but would probably end up saving us all, and my annoying blue-haired sister.

    Although we were getting outside help (missiles and all), our group was clueless as to how to do anything (we ended up putting those missiles on the rooftop, which even in-dream I knew was a bad idea). The clouds turned red and grew tentacles, signaling that the Old Gods were taking over.

    There was this prophecy that if a video game character died (I think it was any important character from any video game) then my mother would die. My hobo father didn't know about it, played on some arcade machine there, got a character killed on purpose and my mother died. We accused him of dooming us all, but he insisted that prophecies wouldn't save us, only our own effort. This is roughly similar to something that happens in WoW.

    We were trying to get organized into sections, there was the military section and I was looking for the equivalent technology section that I could help with, but didn't find any. Then at some later point I woke up.

    Despite how much I played it, I don't remember having dreamed about WoW before.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I rarely ever wake up from a dream and then continue it, I wish I could do that more.

    I was outside this training school for military personnel doing some type of volunteer work, and we each had to guard a prisoner. I was outside surveying a space for an upcoming event and my prisoner was inside. I ended up getting really worried about him escaping so I went inside inside to check on him, only to find him just kind of hanging around.

    Later in the same dream, I had moved to a whole new city in a new country for school. My main concern was getting new stationery and I was adamant about going to this store where they had it. Inside I found the same prisoner guy from earlier. He was tall, like really tall, and had like really dark skin (I hope this doesn't mean I secretly have unchecked, pervasive internalized racism) and as soon as he saw me he started to run off.

    I ended up catching him right outside the stationery building just as he was heading towards a bus stop (which is a place from real life) and he sort of doubled over and clutched his stomach. He told me his stomach hurt a lot so I instructed a passer by to go into a drawer in my living room to get some antacids?

    Then I woke up.
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    I rarely ever wake up from a dream and then continue it, I wish I could do that more.

    Same here, but this time it was an exception. I think it helped that I was very drowzy after I woke up, so much so that after waking up again I wasn't sure I hadn't dreamt about waking up until I saw evidence irl of me doing things.

    Anyhows, I dreamt with WoW again, and this time it wasn't just tangentially related.

    First there was some backstory on Loki (not the actual WoW character Loken, both being based on the Norse god), a town fool who after an ordeal involving trickery convinced the gods to turn him into a god too, and eventually has to be defeated by the player at the end of a questline.

    Later I was running a dungeon as a druid with a real-life friend and some strangers, it starts at a beach but before heading into the sea the others began moving weirdly around some hills, so I asked and they told me it was for some seasonal achievement involving dropping from the hill in a druid's cat form ten times (they were shamans in spirit wolf form but I didn't question this) (actual achievements ask you to do flavour-related but similarly pointless things), then I spend the rest of the dream trying to get that achievement, but I had trouble the game refused to register me falling down the hill. Then I woke up.

    The whole dream was using WoW's actual graphics.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I was in a basement somewhere with a bunch of people. We were all doing science experiments for a school project, but I got the feeling that we weren't being held or anything, we were just there for school. The projects all had to do with creating renewable energy.

    So I did my project with a small 1:24th scale car. It had an attached bicycle pump that I used to create pressure inside it's... somethings, engine type bits (I'm not an engineering major or even close so this stuff might make no sense) and then it would go zooming off for a bit before making a U-Turn back, all the while playing a song that I've forgotten now that was in the CD player.

    I think it might have been When Love Takes Over by Kelly Rowland and Calvin Harris but I can't be sure.

    Some other guy, this taller super-hairy guy (like, unshaven hair everywhere on his visible body) had hooked himself up to a set of wires and he'd run around the room which would generate power to his own little robot, which did something I can't really recall anymore.

    We both passed, and so we decided to leave. There were two elevators, each in it's own little cubby in the opposite side of one wall. If you were standing in one of the cubbies, you couldn't see anybody standing in the other cubby. By the way, this whole area was coloured like a vivid version of a dark room, with chartreuse reds and acid soft greens. When the tall hairy guy ran around, his wires would glow blue and stuff too.

    One elevator was deemed safer than the other, but it was much slower in getting down to where we were, so for some reason I decided to go for the unsafe one. So did the tall guy. He wasn't skinny or buff or anything, and in fact he had kind of an outstanding belly that actually made him look more statuesque? Iunno.

    Even though this was meant to be the 'faster' elevator, we ended up waiting quite a bit. We got into the elevator alongside this chatty girl and it turned out we were on basement level 7! I remember thinking that was weird, but then I pressed the button for G anyways without concern. We could see the inner (outer) workings of the elevator from where we stood. The elevator's walls moved weirdly, and like someone with a death wish I grabbed a pole sticking out from one wall and it sort of flung me upward for a few seconds until I let it go.

    We got to the ground floor, and it turned out we were in a mall. I'm not sure what happened next but the tall guy convinced me to go upstairs with him to an ice cream place. It was one of those fancy places where a 1/4 cup cost thrice a normal cup. The next part I remember really well, he looked at me and said "First we'll get an ice cream and then we'll exchange punches."

    He didn't mean actual real-life punches (dream-life punches?), he actually meant a dream-exclusive social network called Punch that worked like snapchat.

    My dilemma was that: a) I am lactose intolerant, so ice cream is a no-no. Though I rarely actually do keep away from dairy in real life, I have tried to be better about it and so I was apprehensive. b) I am also allergic to social media, so I knew immediately that I didn't have a Punch account. Regardless, I said yes to both of his offers.

    As I tried to figure out a way to download the Punch app to my phone and register for an account without him noticing (let alone populate it with things so I didn't seem like I'd just done so) I woke up.

    There was also a thing with Punch where when you set up your account, you had to pick five Punch users you knew in real life, and I didn't want to let people know I'd make an account aside from this one guy.

    This had nothing to do with the Grindr Combat app that somebody posted about once here either, I swear.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I don't remember the specifics of the dream, except that it involved travel. What I do remember, quite vividly, is the place I came home to after travelling. It was a large store-front that had a bijoux boutique on the bottom floor and then two more floors above that.

    The whole dream was kind of a very warm brown caramel sepia tone (I really should look up what it means when your dreams constantly have filters in them), which was reflected in the store-windows offerings that varied from clothing neatly folded on shelves to various trinkets and old antique board games I'd never heard of. The only thing breaking theme was the only mannequin we had. It was dressed head to toe in a black ensemble; a black mini-dress with metallic silver accents at the waist, hem and across the bodice in an upside down Anhk shape. Over that was a large black distressed fur coat.

    After the ground floor, the first floor of the building was used as a living room area as well as a warehouse, with one bathroom at the every end of the hall. The next floor was the bedrooms and a drawing room. I only knew it was a drawing room and not just a common area because there was a large embroidered thing in a picture frame that read 'The Drawing Room'.

    On one side of each floor was a set of stairs, but the second floor had a door at the other end that led outside. The opposite side of the terrain from the store-front turned out to be much higher, so the door on the second floor led directly to the 'ground'. There was a parking lot where other people with stores-slash-houses parked their cars and a park a bit further on.

    Aaaand that's all I remember.
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    So IJBM had another meltdown and it was imminent that the forums would become completely inactive, I was one of its two "historians" and it was my duty to chronicle these events (that I didn't dream of) before it was "too late". I got along well with the other historian, we both used Maribel and Renko avatars (friend Touhou characters devoted to studying the paranormal) (I forgot who used which), and s/he was one of the users who left so I was sad.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I tend to have a similar sort of nightmare, but awake and in tiny blips.

    The other day I had a dream where some guys were in a junkyard and I used my giant fleshy pink Eldritch arm to reach across at least a few kilometers to grab their car because I was angry at them for reasons unknown.

    In another dream I climbed up a dirt wall trying to get somewhere and ran afoul of a giant lion (possibly a griffin) and an even bigger bird with dragon wings.

    I only remember these vaguely because I've sort of given up on my dream journal. I really should get back to it.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Last night I had my second dream involving a 100% Orange Juice character.

    It wasn't quite as cool as the dream where I imagined Alte as a young professional working for a defense contractor, driving an SUV that could contort itself into a neat black ellipsoid.

    This time, I visited Tomomo. She lives in a two-story house, and can be a bit of a slob with things. Like, for example, I asked if I could use her bathroom and she pointed me to a room that basically had just a hole in the floor, and whose walls were sorta makeshift planks of drywall connected at odd angles, with a less-than-secure door. Aside from this odd bathroom, right in the middle of the house, the rest of the house looks pretty standard-fare, with off-white carpeting, off-white or yellowish walls, and incandescent lighting -- basically what you might expect in suburban U.S. house in the 90s. I didn't get great looks at the rooms, though the stairs were in the middle of the house, with a wall on the left (when going up) and a handrail on the right overlooking the living room and foyer. (On the other side of the wall were the family room and kitchen, giving the stairs an "island" positioning in the floorplan.)

    Going up to the second floor there's a lounge-like area that again overlooks the foyer and living room beyond its railing. In this space, which she had kinda dimly-lit, Tomomo had a recliner or day bed of some sort, where she lay reading comic books. Said day bed was on the far wall relative to the stairs, while immediately to the left of the stairs was a bookshelf stuff with comic books.

    Also there were a lot of pianos in the house. A grand piano (presumably in the living room), and some older upright/spinet pianos (i.e. low tops) in brown wood, with fancy music stands on them. One was in the family room, one presumably in the dining room, and one in the upstairs lounge.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Last night I had a really, really weird dream.

    I was at (surprise surprise) some sort of school. It was a place that was heavily overgrown plants, and the main building was set up so it created a faux-valley between itself and the side of a small hill. The office buildings buildings were set up on top of the hill, so if you were standing on the third story of the main building you could look straight at them. There was a wood bridge connecting the third floor and the offices.

    At the start I was standing on the ground/first floor. Leaning back against a support beam and listening to Leona Lewis' My Hands on my phone like some sort of cool person. I don't actually remember hearing the song, but the the cover on my phone was a nonexistent single cover that featured Leona Lewis in practically the same position as on the cover of her Echo album but with her hands outstretched as if she were holding on to an invisible rope. The background wasn't grey either, it was a pastel pink.

    I then got a message on my phone, but it wasn't a normal message. It was just an incomplete circle done as if it were painted by a thick brush, but I knew exactly what it meant. I had this secret app on my phone that allowed me and a three other students to send messages in this brushstroke cryptography format because we were spies.

    In this dream, there were two separate forces looking to control... the world maybe? The scale didn't feel that large, so maybe just like half a continent or something. Both sides were pretty technologically advanced, and we had been sent behind enemy lines to infiltrate their schools and find out... something. Something secret, though.

    I don't remember what happened next but I remember being called to the principal's office and walking over that weird wood bridge. The principal showed me somebody else's phone and it was one of my colleagues, and it was opened to the secret app. In my head I just kind of knew that the guy who had dropped it was kind of clumsy and so had probably dropped his phone whilst trying to send a secret message and somebody else had seen it.

    The principal had called on me because I was one of only two contacts in my colleagues phone, which I cursed because he really should have had more to help his cover. I didn't really worry though, I just handed the principal my phone because to access the app at all you had to do a lot of random gestures on the home screen which he clearly didn't know.

    So he let me out of his office and I rushed out of campus, sending everybody a message that we'd been compromised. I knew where they kept prisoners on the campus because I'd stolen a map of the full blueprint of it at some point and ended up going down a giant flight of steps to find an abandoned building on one side of a dirt road and a barn on the other. I started to run towards the barn when a guy walked calmly out of the shadows. It was a guy who I'd gone on several missions with but had disappeared, and it turned out he had been brainwashed or offered immunity or something because he was now working for the other side.

    He told me he'd always hated how I'd stolen 'his' life somehow by studying hard and eschewing all opportunities to socialize to hone my craft and even though he was white and had crazy candy-red hair I suddenly knew that he was me.

    It... was really weird.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    sounds like the plot to some kind of teen spy action flick
  • So I was at the MIT. I was still not enrolled but still physically attended biology classes there, it was a very disorganized place with thin hallways (making it uncomfortable for people to cross paths) and office desktops all over said hallways, but otherwise it was very clean and pretty. Students organized lots of social events around and for some reason someone always brought a SNES to play. Also I was a secret agent with some mission related to these social events, but this never came up.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I remember there is like one hallway with arcade machines, but I forgot where it is.

    There aren't that many tight hallways though. And people do sometimes put out piles of hardware and other sundry items for "Reuse", which is an e-mail list where people just put stuff up for other people to claim for free, though these piles get cleaned up at the end of the day.

    I had a really interesting dream recently but I forgot it.
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