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I Keep My Visions To Myself (aka Dreams thread)



  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    PART 1a

    I was playing a VR JRPG. It was set in a modern urban setting; one of the QTEs evolved almost crashing into a skyscraper, diagonally from above.

    Anyway the part that I was playing involved us fighting various antagonists in an area that resembled the park with grass and some trees, at the bottom of a hill. I was low on HP so I retreated to the safety of the car, and locked the doors, which caused one particular antagonist to for some reason start wasting time obsessively taking photographs of me through the car windows, to provide surveillance for the villains. This, however, gave my teammate (who was something like a ninja) time to knock her out by kicking her from behind. (My teammate was named Lucca, but she wasn't related to the character by the same name from Chrono Trigger.)

    After this battle, I got out of the car and surveyed things, to heal up with the other three members of our team. We took the knocked-out antagonist and tied her up and left her with her face overlooking a hole next to a tree, and I was going to drive us back to our base or something like that, when the area (originally lit with streetlights) suddenly darkened.

    There were some lights far away. Actually, two yellow lights, but it was implied that these were not just headlamps on a vehicle. Identifying it triggered a cutscene where the aforementioned character Lucca had previously interacted with a small magical dog-like creature, with neon blue marks brightly lining its body.

    However, the creature that charged at us, while the same sort of magical hound, had red marks lining its body, and was far larger. I expected this to be a tough fight, but Lucca and another party member named Aaron took care of it, leaving me and a fourth party member to sit around not having to fight.

    PART 1b

    I'm in a dormitory.

    For some reason I've been using this anteroom to our suite.

    Our suite, which contains a kitchen in a common area attached to several bedrooms and a bathroom, is in a space with older wood beams (relatively light-colored wood), and creaky wooden floors covered with an old checkerboard pattern made of red and white panels, with ample marks rubbed off on them over the years. This anteroom, specifically, has stairs leading up to it, from the left, and then for some reason an additional staircase down and to the right, next to the wall adjoining our suite. This second staircase has no handrail for some reason. Anyway, I was seated at an upright piano, which also doubled as my desk, playing a JRPG.

    It had gotten late. I got up from my chair and realized that that I had forgotten to turn the light off in my room, which I could see at a diagonal -- my room was the second room on the left. I got up from my chair, and I started thinking of moving my piano/desk (which was on a wheeled platform) back over to my room.

    But I just walked back to my room first. The doorway into our suite was in a nook to the left of my piano/desk, behind the first staircase by a wooden wall (bottom half solid and with an electrical outlet, top half a series of decorative dark-wooden columns with fancy symmetrically-round designs roughly the diameter of an inch to two inches), and with some brown metal folding chairs/tables stored against the far wall beyond the door.

    Going through the door I saw that my suitemate in the first room on the left was still up. I also looked at the refrigerator on the right, which was in a poorly-lit corner of the suite, behind a partial wall (a pale yellowish drywall, the other side of which was the rest of the kitchen, for some reason). Looking into the fridge I saw that there was a bag of tortilla chips again, because we have one suitemate who insists on storing his tortilla chips in the fridge.

    PART 2

    It would be really cool for a venusaur to be my defining pokémon in some sort of pokémon-related social platform.

    I wonder if I can find a utility that can edit moves at will. And while we're at that, edit IVs/EVs or whatever at will too.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Was Part 1a a dream within Part 1b?
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    1a might have been the game I was playing in 1b.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I was in a store, and I'd asked the girl behind the counter if they had any LEGO DOTS bracelets. Her eyes kind of went wide, before she scanned the room to see if any one was watching before producing four or so bracelets from behind the counter.

    I don't know if dream me knew before this point that somehow they were contraband or whatever, but I paid for them quickly.

    The dream was very vivid. I could even sort of feel the plastic bags they're housed in on my hands.

    I rarely have these sort of dreams -Catholic-style guilt dreams essentially- but I think this was that.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I was in some sort of mall. It's a mall I've been in before in my dreams, but it keeps expanding itself into new areas. I was in a bookstore ( buying a pop-finance book I've been meaning to buy for a few weeks/months IRL.

    When I left the bookstore, I went to go get pizza, and for some reason I was with Terry Crews (the actor). We'd apparently come into the mall together, and he wanted me to lead him out since I'd at least been there before. I wasn't very confident in my knowledge of the place, so we got lost and we ended up at a whole other exit.

    Nobody was really all that bothered, and Terry started to sing a song that's probably not a real song, but it sounded very Broadway. Some time during the performance, I joined in too and then Terry said "Hit it Mary J. Blidge!" so of course she popped out of nowhere to join us, along with Rishi Sunak.

    Somehow, later on in this same dream, I was back in the bookstore and in the middle of a YA novel plot. Somebody had been spreading rumors about the mall, and it was obviously me and my friend group who were holed up inside the bookstore. However, the rumor game had spiraled out of control somehow and now we were all super suspicious.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I had two dreams involving witch schools lately.

    In one, it was as if I were watching a TV show. In the show, there were teams of three witches who all went to one school. The headmistress set a task for the main characters, who happened to be two different teams (so six main characters).

    This was because the two teams had been getting in a lot of disagreements for quite a while, and since she was the wise all-knowing headmistress who knew of their Potential, she wanted them to get along.

    So, this task involved cloning sheep, and they were all really bad at it. However, just before they gave up, they corralled the sheep into a special location under the moonlight.

    Two witches from opposing teams pointed their wands at the sheep, who moved into the center of the grassy pasture-field. This activated a magic not just from the wands, but from the moon too.

    So whilst FAKY's half-moon played, the sheep floated off into the air in a beam of moonlight. The sheep's "outer-parts"; the skin and legs and head just fell away from it. Then the "essence" in the center which it had all been surrounding, a glowing capsule filled with blue energy, split in two. The old essence returned to the original "outer-parts", whilst the new one created it's own outer parts.

    The main characters were very happy with this outcome.

    It then turned out that at least some of their failure with this task was due to the antagonists of the show, another team of witches at this school, had been messing with their efforts. The main antagonist mean girl then threatened one of her lackeys with allowing the other lackey to decorate her page of their "Charm Book".

    I think the Charm Book was supposed to be like, the team's witch manual, which they were meant to create together. Having your page, essentially the guide to how you contribute to the team's magic, defaced by another member, decreased the efficiency of your contributions.

    The Charm Book was essentially a glorified scrapbook. One of the main accents on the page belonging to the girl being threatened was a giant, sparkly gold heart.

    The mean girl team was made up of a brunette, who was the leader, and two blondes, who were her lackeys.

    In my other dream, I was attending a clandestine magic school. It wasn't formalized in years or whatever, I think it was just mainly a collection of magic people who had been gathered by an old mentor like guy.

    It was very clear from the start that law enforcement in this world were not okay with magic at all. At one point, I was driving a bunch of us around and a policeman on a motorbike gave chase for a really long time.

    Later on, the police gathered at our magic school, which was just like a typical urban fantasy magic house. The sort of place where the rest of the neighborhood is clean and spotless but this one house is covered in vines and there are lawn gnomes, gargoyles and such around.

    Their premise was that one of our charges had been reported missing by her parents, and so they needed to execute a warrant. We let them raid the place, but we had to hide the girl because she didn't want to go back home for whatever reason. The mentor guy decided that the best way to do this was to glamour the police into thinking they were observing one of their own whenever they looked at her.

    This got weird since at one point they were all staring at her, since they all had to see a different person and certainly not themselves, whilst also having all the other cops in their line of sight.

    It turned out that whoever she was being registered as was then made invisible to the person looking at her, which made me thing we should have just made her invisible instead. But the mentor guy reminded me magic didn't work that way.
  • It's been a while since I've had noteworthy dreams.
    In one, I traveled back in time to WW2 to witness a bomb exploding on a Nazi plane at a runway, intending to hurt a prominent Nazi's ears rather than kill him. So it explodes and unfortunately I'm close enough that my left ear rings too. It hurts, it's one of those pains that's still there even after waking up until you confirm that it's not real.
    In another, I was breeding three stray kitties I had found, but there was no room at home so I kept them within a cement staircase, one of its steps being able to be dislodged and moved around as if it were a shelf. Eventually they grow up and move to a vacant slot nearby, but they're super dirty so I can't pet them.
    In that same dream, me and a group of about five other students are trying to steal a bottle of glue from a professor, likely based on a real-life widely disliked professor, I think we were trying to steal it because he had stolen it first from one of us without being aware. After lots of dream stuff that I can"t remember we device a plan were he hires us to do some work at his place. For whatever reason the Angry Video Game Nerds lives there too, he has a small room with lots and lots of airsoft guns stacked on shelves and around the wall (as if they were hanging clothes) and we have to work there. While the Prof. is not there one of the students steals the bottle and hastily puts it in his pocket, but the professor comes back early looking for some stuff, also looks into that student's pockets and finds the glue, realizing that we had stolen from him. Then I woke up.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I had an extremely awesome idea for some sort of design for a game or a story or activity or something, a couple nights ago.

    Unfortunately, I've forgotten it.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    The start was innocuous enough; my family and I were on vacation on some island, but of course my express purpose in being there was shopping to see what they had. They only had one toy store of near in the hotel I was staying at, so I went by myself and bid my family goodbye. We were going to meet at the airport for our trip back home.

    At the toy store, I immediately realized there wasn't much up for offer. In fact, there were some new L.O.L's where the ball split in half in one glass cabinet, and I was dismayed to see that somebody had already opened a few. Not that I wanted to buy any, but it just made me sad on principle.

    This little girl came up to the shelf too, before wondering where the exit was. I had also forgotten where the exit was, so we went down this dingy set of stairs. The store had been really sleek with stark white walls and light cyan cabinets, but this space was more like one of those dingy 90s newspaper offices with bad-grade wood paneling and bright orange lighting.

    I'd assumed it was a newspaper office, because everybody who was sitting/standing around seemed like a journalist. They weren't. They explained that they were the shipping offices for postal orders, because the island didn't have online stores for some reason.

    I suddenly felt the need to escape, and so I turned back to the stairs I'd come up but only found a thin off-white rope to hoist myself back up to the upper level with. At this point the little girl who had prompted this whole thing had disappeared, but I didn't give it much thought.

    The journalists tried to explain something to me in a nice, decent manner, but it was clear that I wasn't going to ever be allowed to leave again, and that they had foul intentions for me. I think it involved human experimentation.

    I ran out of the offices whilst some security officers in pseudo ninja garb gave chase. They weren't really wearing ninja outfits, but it was like American SWAT officers except without all the bulk -so very sleek- and black scarves wrapped tightly around their heads with only a space for their eyes and a finishing section that blew in the wind.

    I ran across two "corrupted" Meme Dogs (or Shiba Inu, I guess). They had a black/purple color scheme swap straight out of a video game, and it was clear they intended to hurt me. Instead, I converted them over to my side using some cheap trick I can no longer remember, and so they flanked me left and right as we turned a corner.

    Just like in some toku series, we instantly shifted sets from an urban street to a rocky mountainside with some beach on the end. I knew this was where I was meant to meet my family, so I had the Meme Dogs sacrifice themselves by mauling the SWAT Ninjas.

    Then I woke up.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    A little while ago I had a dream where we adopted, as foster parents, a mom and two younger children, and also a teenage girl. It turned out that the mom was a notorious scammer for jumping from foster family to foster family. Why the mom was also adopted was not explained. It was nighttime, sometime around Christmas.

    Then, I heard water splashing on the tile floor, and it turned out the roof was leaking. Turns out that these certain circular lights just fit into holes in the ceiling/roof, and can be pushed outward to vent the air, but the seal on this light wasn't very good. So I had to turn it off via the circuit breaker and then service the light, while the rain was pouring in.
  • In the restaurant I was working at there was this leak on a light. Like, water would accumulate at the base on the roof, flow down around the cord and drip from below the lightbulb. It was weird finding out that's where the water was coming from.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    It turned out that the mom was a notorious scammer for jumping from foster family to foster family.

    Have you seen Parasite recently?
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    No; I didn't even know of that movie lol.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I was in a montage of sets for (nonexistent) Jack Savoretti music videos (that don't exist). They ranged from Venice but with pagodas instead of normal buildings, to a blooming field of purple and white wildflowers that spun around me via movie-magic.

    I only really remember the last set, which was the deep recesses of some canyon. It was pretty bright, since the sun was out in full force, and when I turned the corner I came to some sort of human settlement with carved out architecture. I thought it was really beautiful...

    But then I realized that there were multiple steppes around me that were acting as shelves, lined with lots of different toys. I knew each toy had a significant meaning as to my inner-psyche or some other significant thing, but I couldn't really identify any.

    I'm starting to wonder if this toy-colonization is ruining my otherwise normally insane dreams.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I had finished up something at a small campground facility, I'm not sure what, but I was about to put in a contact lens but for whatever reason I was in a hurry and had to run out of there. I ran out, apparently to catch a plane or something, and ended holding various objects, including a contact lens, while only my underwear, arrived at a hotel in Washington DC with rich cherry floorboards and wallboards, the whole time while dressed in underwear in public and still holding a (surprisingly large) contact lens, and eventually made it up through an elevator to my hotel room, room #678 on the 3rd floor, whose entrance was a very narrow door that was clearly added after-the-fact just beyond a fire door. The room was designed such that that balcony was repurposed as the narrow but long entrance to a hotel room adjoining the outer wall. For some reason this hotel room had a spacious but kinda empty bathroom with dull yellow tile and cheap-looking dark grout lines, which was strewn with toilet paper because I hadn't cleaned it up yet.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    This isn't as exciting as that one time I visited a hotel (somewhere else) that involved me crawling through a narrow but lighted and light-colored-carpeted passage which was apparently the backup stairwell for the hotel...well, that was part of the backup stairwell, because as I descended further there was eventually a slide that went down (and up and down) like the last twenty stories, before exiting to the lobby.
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    I just went through what I think is my first case of sleep paralysis.
    I was asleep or maybe just very drowsy, I was becoming increasingly uneasy and having random, messy trains of thought. At some point I start feeling dread and that "someone is near" sensation, I start hearing (dream-hearing, not the vivid lucid hearing of real-life) some sort of laughter that turned more and more into scream, it becomes louder and louder and eventually sounds like I'm in the middle of a hurricane or something, At this point I'm completely lucid and aware that I'm sleep-paralyzed or something but still I'm hearing/feeling that stuff, I try to move/wake up to no avail. This keeps going on for what felt like ten seconds until eventually I manage to wake up (actually, I wasn't entirely lucid until several seconds after that so maybe I just thought I had woken up) and the whole things stops shortly after.
    Also my vision was completely black, I didn't think anything of it since it's a dark room but after waking up I realized the room is bright enough that I should have been able to see some things, I think I had my eyes closed even thought I felt as if they were open. (Edit x3: I thought there was something odd about my vision, I just realized that I had no afterimage, I don't remember having "seen" pitch-black like that before.)
    That was scary, though I think knowing/understanding that it wasn't real greatly helped. I'd say it was like an usual nightmare except that you can't wake up even after you turn lucid.
    (Edit: also at some point early on before the scream thing I felt I was having difficulty breathing.)
    (Edit edit: Also I'm very alert now without intending to.)
    Besides that, I had this in my draft, I figure it's something I started writing but didn't get around to finish:
    I was playing WoW, most of it involvedescaping from mobs/players much more powerful than me. At first it was trying to log out close to a large group of enemy players in a jungle area, then escape from a giant gargoyle (looked like a giant gray actual-game wyvern) in a magical desert area, and finally trying to get through an abandoned house alone, a dungeon intended for 5 players. I got stuck at a boss fight against a goblin and a shaman orc at the base of a staircase.
    Also involved was me hearing about an old, real classmate who was suspected about breaking into the classroom to steal an exam, but apparently it was the consierge who did it. I went back to that (also real) school to find out and ended up chatting/gossiping with old (fake) classmaye.
    I don't remember anything about these dreams.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know

    I think I tend to wake up early when a dream really starts freaking me out.

    The most interesting dream I had lately was one I forgot entirely, but I did have a dream the other day where I was standing in line at the supermarket and placed my items on the checkout till too early. As a result, the guy in front of me ended up buying the yoghurt I'd wanted to try.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    So I was playing this video game. I forget what it was called, but it seemed vaguely inspired by what I know of Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Borderlands, Mad Max, Serious Sam?, etc.. (Note: I've never actually played any of them)

    We start with a protagonist selection. I can't remember who else was available, but the one I picked was blond-haired woman. Then the camera in this 3D game went to this small town, surrounded by darkness, though for some reason the spotlight from the character select menu didn't disappear but was part of the town's various lights. There was a zombie apocalypse going on, and people were struggling to survive. I was also warned by the townsfolk not to use a certain common word, but I forgot what that was.

    I don't remember too much, but I do remember that by the time morning rolled around I noticed that we were in some sort of desert, and all ways out of the town were blocked, most commonly by debris (and occasionally debris in the form of insurmountable waist-high walls), but the roads out of town were blocked by seemingly endless chains of police cars, which I could rummage through but found no guns in, just random plastic junk.

    At some point, I was exploring around and was in one certain outpost at the edge of town, when I accidentally used the word that people told me not to use. For some reason, people identified as "Germans" suddenly showed up, and they were all guys in business suits, led by this one "boss" who literally looked like a boss, dressed in business casual wear (black pants, white shirt, red tie), and they were unfriendly antagonists who shouted at me.

    Later, I found another path of town that was wide enough to drive two cars through. There was one endless chain of almost all police cars, but I started driving one of them, pushing the other vehicles to the left side of the road while driving down the right side. When I got to the end of the road, though, at an intersection, I found myself approaching an Army outpost, and the Army did not seem friendly. I was trying to lay low.

    But eventually I was chased into a grassy field with some scattered wildflowers. Some people from the Army chased me and another character into that field, and they started pelting us with hard-boiled eggs that had been sliced in half (exposing the characteristic yellow yolk in a circular dot against the egg white). I remember I caught one and threw it back at them.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Apparently I went to Las Vegas with my parents (even though the location felt more like upstate New York in the fall) and we were in a big shopping mall attached to a concert hall and I ran into someone I knew was my professor and I tried to say hi to him and I was sheepish that he might know I was goofing off but even when I tried to say hi he didn't respond so maybe I misidentified him.

    Later, I was waiting for people to finish something so for some reason I was asked to wait in the fitting room for the maternity department of some store. It had few customers and so I just sat there bored. The room, which had a very high ceiling, was lit by a fluorescent light like two floors up, and I ended up climbing up a file cabinet that was like 10 feet high itself, and there was a basket of random discount goods, among which I found two books selling for like $3.00 and $1.40, one of which was basically Wikipedia article reprints about video games.

    Afterwards, in my boredom I went back outside and found everyone still seated at a large table, trying to work out the details of some political campaign. The area was apparently a car dealership, though to the right there was more shopping mall. The glass doors leading outside were nearby on the left and showed that it was an overcast day.
  • There was this "card" game that Glenn was very much into, it played in a medieval fantasy virtual reality world, up to what I played the point was to reach the end while oversized cards are your common videogame enemy, when they see you float up and after a couple seconds they launch at you and you have to dodge them, rinse and repeat and so you advance through the level. I think the player had cards too but that didn't come up. Also I was pressed for time, I forgot why. There was more to it but I can't remember, maybe I should've written that down immediately after waking up.
    I played MTGA until late last night so that's probably why I dreamt that.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Oh yeah!

    There was this forum game everybody around here was participating in, that involved speedrunning making 3D anime girls.

    Of course since this was my dream, failing involved some extreme real life penalty (possibly death by some theatrical means) and we all started climbing over each other/stabbing each other in the back to win.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I dreamed that I visited a Holocaust museum.

    Also later I dreamed that I was biking to work and I had to take a detour because the police had cordoned off part of a street, and this involved walking through a dirt path in a park.
  • Oh yeah!

    There was this forum game everybody around here was participating in, that involved speedrunning making 3D anime girls.

    Of course since this was my dream, failing involved some extreme real life penalty (possibly death by some theatrical means) and we all started climbing over each other/stabbing each other in the back to win.
    You can't post that without telling us who won.
    If I didn't win, how did I get punished killed?
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I can't really remember the details but I do know that there was one part where I was trying to get everybody to sign something that may or may not have been a terrifying magic based oath that prevented us from just taking each other out outside the competition.

    GMH just kept being really calm and saying nobody was going to hurt each other and so we didn't need to do it and I was really, really annoyed at him.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I was in a multipurpose building in the city. The ground floor was parking, and the bottom floor was being used as a school. The floors above that were variations on the typical office building and shopping mall.

    I worked at a research lab where something had been stolen, so I was investigating something on the school floor. It wasn't a very well maintained school floor, with lots of leaks coming from overhead and most of the natural light blocked out by the large concrete walls. There was a large cleaner's closet room where I knew I'd find the piece of evidence I was looking for, and I did!

    It was a scaled up version of one of those strips of bags of candy, except it was large paper packets of various DIY tools like nuts and bolts as well as fuzzy yellow cloths.

    Whilst I was in the room, I heard somebody coming down the corridor, and so I rushed out as fast as I could. I ran a few metres before stopping to check who was following me. It was a large man in a Disney's Hercules costume, complete with a cartoonishly large head.

    I started running in the opposite direction and up a winding staircase towards an area where I knew there would be more people; it was a sort of patio that had a balcony area with lots of beanbag chairs in tribal and Native American prints. I remembered that people usually had lunch there.

    It was too early in the day (even though I was sure I'd come to investigate in the late afternoon), so nobody was there. So I had to climb over a set of square planters filled with cactus trees so I could get onto an opposite walkway that led to a "twin" building on the other side of the road. I was wearing shorts and sandals so I had to be extra careful.

    When I was about a tenth of the way across the long walkway, I looked back to see Hercules guy just touch the cactus planter and make it disappear. In my head, I knew that he'd just 'Reset' the area to before the cactus planter was ever there, and that he had stolen something from my research lab that allowed him to do so.

    Somehow, this reminded me of yet another incident where I had proven the secret identity of the Hercules guy, but he'd used his 'Reset' ability to erase my memory of the event. It made me really mad, but I couldn't really do anything so I just kept running.

    However, when I got to the end of the walkway, the only door that was open was the one to the emergency stairs that led down, so I took that.

    It started getting really dark and confusing, and the next thing I knew I was back in the cleaner's closet, feeling the pack of various DIY tools, when I suddenly realized that I'd been reset again, but somehow I was the one who had reset things.

    Because of that reset, I was able to confront the Hercules face mask guy with my evidence, knowing he couldn't do anything to stop me anymore, and I revealed that he was actually...!!!

    Then I woke up.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    wow cliffhanger
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I visited an old family friend, an old piano teacher I once studied with, and still have contact with.

    When it was time to leave, I left, but then hours later I realized I left some of my personal belongings (such as a bag of books) at her house. So, I had to go back there, but at this point, she was already hosting a variety of other guests for a dinner party. I felt really embarrassed/bad about intruding, so I sorta sheepishly tried to avoid attracting attention while going through the front door to pick up the bags of stuff.

    Her piano was on one end of her living room, or family room, on a somewhat raised platform part of the room, which was all carpeted with light brown carpet. The walls were light yellow, and there were warm-light-color lights around it, and also windows high up on the walls, which were kinda shaded by the eaves. The house was a one or two story house with an extensive concrete front porch, which had some vines growing into it. Based on the decorations outside, it might have been Halloween or Christmas.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I was in a shopping mall with my mother. We were on the lookout for this new product that was exclusive to pharmacies (this is probably because I saw a commercial for toothpaste/dental stuff last night that specified that the products were only available in pharmacies).

    We went to two pharmacies, but were unable to find the products in question, so we moved on. We got into dimly lit area of the mall that seemed to have a bunch of stores with their wares spilling out into the walkways and corridors.

    In this area, we could move along the floors like we were ice-skating, and everybody else was doing it too. This worked because the floors had recently been waxed or something.

    Then we moved into a separate off-shoot hall area, which was even more dimly lit despite having large arched windows across the walls on the left and right. It sort of looked like it was overcast outside. In this hall there were lots of different mats, like those felt carpet pieces you find in office spaces sometimes, as well as rubber non-slip mats with circular patterns.

    We exited this space out onto an open green field that I could tell was on a highland because I got this precarious feeling I always get when I can tell I'm much higher than normal (ie when I look down, but without the looking down).

    We kind of just walked around this space until we got to a line of sparse trees just before a very deep valley. As we approached, I could see a set of steps leading down to the valley bellow, where there was a large powdery/custard yellow house (which was probably inspired by this). It was three stories and covered in greenery, but in a tasteful way.

    My mom asked me if the steps/staircase leading down were "real", and so I felt along the edges and told her it was. It was a brick and mortar "guardrail" along both sides with the brick having been smashed up and laid into the cement/mortar in an artistic pattern for the top-half. The bottom half was just typical bricklaying.

    I looked towards the house and noticed that all of the walkways featured sunken stones and the whole area was lined with immaculately cut grass so it looked like a painting in green and gray.

    Whilst we were observing the property and going down the stairs, a woman came out of the house to us and told us that we were actually on private property. I told her that it'd be best that she put a sign up if that were the case (since there was no gate anywhere) and she pointed to a soapstone that had been put up on a spire at the top of the stairs.

    She explained that she'd had an artist friend of hers make a "Private Property" sign for her but he'd instead presented her with a soapstone dyed green and featuring a confusing poem about how we should all respect each other's property.

    We had a good laugh, and then I wanted to explain something to her/tell a joke but she started talking to my mother. The her son came out of the backyard with a pile of sunflowers and lay them on the stone/grass walkway. She offered us one of the sunflowers, hoping we wouldn't mind since they wilt like right out of the ground, and my mother accepted.

    I guess should mention that the son was quite the farmboy looker and that was probably the whole point of his existence.

    She also offered us a ride back into the mall in her bakkie and we accepted. I thought I'd be able to ride in the back with her son, but it turned out he also had a sister and she wanted to come along.

    The disappointment from the realization that I had to ride in the front instead woke me up.

    I regret nothing.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Whelp, I wrote up something but then lost it.

    Dream #1: I had a very interesting dream like a week ago but I forgot about it already.

    Dream #2: I played a concert. But this concert was a little unusual in its format, I (1) was on stage an hour before the intended hour-long duration of the concert, during which I basically let people watch me as I warmed up on the piano. The hall was about the size of a high school auditorium.

    Dream #3: I was at home in an apartment on the fifth floor of an apartment building. The walls were kinda yellowish, and there were lights embedded into the ceiling that didn't do well illuminating the top corners of the walls (which had a dark brown wooden molding for some reason). The ceilings were high, like 10+ feet high. The entrance foyer of the apartment led to a dining area on its left and the kitchen on its right; the kitchen kinda turned backwards into a nook on the other side of the foyer's right wall, while the dining area was designed to be open. I was seated at the dining table, which had a ton of stuff on it, and I was facing roughly toward the foyer, though to my right I could see out a high window which showed that it was approximately dusk and the sky was a dull blue. I was talking with my mom, who was in the kitchen, and I continued talking as I stepped through the foyer into the elevator shaft adjoining it.

    There was no door between the foyer and the elevator shaft. Heck, there were no front and back walls to the elevator either; it was basically an open elevator design. I continued the conversation, just shouting more and more loudly, while the elevator descended.

    When I reached the first floor, I walked into the first-floor apartment. There was pale-orange-ish tile in the building's foyer, but that led to carpet of a similar color in that apartment. Apparently we owned that unit and rented it out. I heard the wife telling the husband that they'd be moving out, which I knew my mom didn't know yet, and I was wondering how I'd tell my mom. I also was wondering how to explain how I was barefoot while everyone else was coming in wearing shoes.
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