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  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Hey @fourteenwings you rejoined right in time for me to have finished a bunch of anime series despite not watching much anime for rest of the year before the last few weeks.

    Let's see:
    * I marathoned Null & Peta one evening. surprisingly interesting to watch.
    * I finally wrapped up Halo Legends which I'd started watching many years ago at anime club.
    * Then I randomly segued into Wizard Barristers. Which, despite its unrealism, actually gave me (near the end of the series) a vague taste of "anime Law & Order", which is a thing I've mentioned I've been looking for for quite a while.
    * Then I just finished New Game!!, i.e. New Game season 2. As charming as the first, and I'm glad I got to spend more time with the cast. I even really felt that crunch time, thanks to personal experience.

    I don't have any specific plans on what to watch next. It might be Two Car, though, a series about sidecar racing.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    "anime Law & Order",

    Around 2013 I was really hyped for such an idea, especially if school food punishment did the OP or ED.

    Two-Car's ED single has a really good B-Side song (Feel your breath). I never saw the show but I am a fan of Void_Chords who are doing the songs for the currently-airing RWBY SHAFT-animated anime (again, the B-Side to the RWBY OP; relight emotions, is also really great).

    This year I haven't watched that much anime because I've been busy with other stuff but I did watch all of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE which is a great show which gives you three stories in one.

    Might watch more Gundam eventually but there's lots of other stuff I need to watch before that. I watched the first cour/"season" of Orient and wasn't impressed enough to stick with it for the second (which is airing right now).

    Tokyo Mew Mew aka Mew Mew Power currently has a remake airing right now and it's been enjoyable. Truncating it from 50 episodes to 12 (or hopefully 24) necessitated a lot of changes.

    I actually assumed several things had changed story-wise to appeal to a Western eco-friendly audience but somehow the NYT conveniently had this piece about how Japanese culture is all obsessed with SDGs right now for no real reason which I think makes more sense.
  • More people should watch Princess Tutu
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Is this about the 20th Anniversary event?
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    So amusingly after I posted the Ange Vierge OP in a Discord chat, someone there recommended I not watch it because it was bad.

    Well, I was gonna watch it anyway, but ...y'know how it is when people tell me not to watch something because it's bad. =P
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Ange Vierge is a great anime actually. The quality surpasses basically every modern non-big-deal LN adaptation and it has a beginning, middle and end as well as a comfortable storytelling rhythm. I really like it.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    @fourteenwings I have a feeling you might like this certain MAL user's posts, such as this one: https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=2051346

    Just seems to give off similar vibes as some of the stuff you post.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Is this because:

    a) it's overly long
    b) thoroughly researched
    c) therefore way too many links
    d) did literal qualitative datamining to prove a point nobody cared about
    e) righteous indignation about some little girls thing

    I did not know Romantic Killer was a shounen manga, especially since the plot is very modern shoujo.

    Anyways people seem confused as to what modern shoujo is, especially since shoujo anime morphed into otome harem anime and then somehow back into isekai anime.

    Related to this actually, both arcade-game based long-running shoujo anime series somehow just randomly ended at around the same time (Aikatsu! and Pretty Series) which means the only kid's shoujo anime airing right now is PreCure! Series.

    Problem is I think non-obviously nerd girls in Japan don't actually watch much anime anymore? They watch doramas and YouTubers. The types of shoujo manga that get adapted nowadays therefore tend to reflect that (very normal plots, usually simple romance is the main draw), which is why the magical girl genre (for like, it's actual demo) has just been PreCure for ages.

    There's no need to do any late-night pandering to them, so no more shoujo anime gets made. If we're lucky, NHK might start a new daily block or make their new E-Tele anime shoujo (like Akatsuki no Yona) but otherwise yeah I don't see the situation "improving".

    I would like to see Stellar Witch LIPS get an adaptation though. That manga is great.

    Fricking goodness mentioning Angel Sanctuary and hitting me right where it hurts.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I did this in not too much time then spent way too long writing it up (yes that's a link there) for some reason.


    N.B. I didn't design this bracket.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Is Megumi Hayashibara's album Fifty-Fifty specifically an Evangelion album?

    There's like two or three songs at least on here that are related to Evangelion.

    edit: apparently not.


    it just has Evangelion-related songs front-loaded on the album.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Yeah I'm guessing it's a "why not capitalize on the popularity" situation.

    I wish more artists would re-issue their best songs outside of best albums because it's hard to track down some non-single songs sometimes, but I also actually don't at all because I prefer things the way they are now.

    Also when artists in Japan transfer labels they tend to avoid re-releasing the songs from their old label (though they do perform them live a lot) and I'm guessing it's due to re-licensing back-catalogue stuff.
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