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Useful Threads

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This is an index of threads every IJBMer should know about. A lot of these used to be stickied, but that led to a lot of clutter, so now they're just linked here.

Forum mechanics-related threads:

  • The rules. Everyone needs to read these.

  • The sandbox. Used for figuring out how to do formatting stuff.

  • The suggestion box. For your ideas on improving IJBM.  Also for reporting bugs.

  • Avatar-changing page. Not a thread, but useful if you want to change your avatar without decreasing your notification count.  Also links to pages for changing user title and other stuff. NOTE: THIS PROBABLY DOESN'T WORK; WE'RE NOT SURE

IJBM community stuff:

IJBM community off-site stuff:

  • IRC channel is #ijbm on Espernet.  For those of you with IRC clients, try clicking this: irc://irc.esper.net:5555/ijbm.  For those without one, go to the Espernet Webchat app, enter your username of choice, and type #ijbm into the "Channels" box, then click Connect.  FYI: IRC is basically multiplayer notepad an instant-messaging chat room.

  • MuMu Player: a place for you to upload your own music, and up to four friends can listen to it with you.  We had rooms here but the site's since reorganized so we'll post when we have a new one going.

  • Plug.dj: a place where you can queue Youtube and Soundcloud files for people to watch/listen to together.  Unlimited room size, but can't upload your own music.  We use http://plug.dj/ijbmer-musica-stuff/.

IJBM media threads:

series-specific threads

Gaming subsection:



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