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IJBMer doodles and sketches

edited 2012-05-22 19:03:27 in IJBM meta
They're somethin' else.




  • Oh, perfect timing.

    Steadman and his steer

    Tom Waits


    Here, There, Everywhere

    ^ Those are really cool, Mr. W.

  • They're somethin' else.

    That undertaker beavis is full of fuck yeah

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    They're somethin' else.


  • MrWMrW
    edited 2012-04-22 13:28:54


    I did this one over Christmas of course, on a notecard with colored pencils.

    S.S. Darwin

    This one is strange. I sort of went for a Chrono Trigger-like feel, which explains the coloring scheme being similar to Robo.

    Letter Tree

    Pastel piece, basically my initials.

    Poe's Study

    Blurry-as-fuck picture of some artwork for an on-hold Edgar Allan Poe project.


    Link, done in a Scott Pilgrim style. I recently revised this one, which will be shared some other time.

  • They're somethin' else.

    Awesome Link, Mr. W :D

    I also like the steampunk fly

  • No rainbow star
    You are very good, MrW

    Which means I must kill you and devour your heart now
  • MrWMrW
    edited 2012-04-22 13:50:39

    ^^It's actually a mechanical angler fish. :P

    ^ D:

  • Kichigai birthday!!

    I would post my Doodle or Die account here but I've made too many Yaranaika drawings to be comfortable with it

  • MrWMrW
    edited 2012-04-22 15:45:36

    This was my entry into the Playbill contest last year for the summer play. I was pretty proud of this... until the people who ran the contest traced it over with a fucking Sharpie. It ended up on the back of the Playbill, while some Sharpie drawing made the front-cover for transferring better on the scanner.


    Good evening, I am your obligatory collage




    Self-caricature, supposed to be meant for a hand puppet.

  • I haven't scanned anything new yet, so I'll just copy/paste my post from BtL.
    SKETCH.png   SKETCH2.png   Sorry about the washed-out look, I uploaded these in greyscale.   Edit: Oh yeah, here's one that I did when I was either sixteen or seventeen. I'm pretty embarassed about it now, but I still want to do this comic.   NLVEP.jpg

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    They're somethin' else.


  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Moving thread to IJBM meta category.


    I'm a bit more inclined to let this slide since these are our own artwork, but the way the thread is filled with pictures makes me want to ask people to post links instead of inline images.

  • They're somethin' else.

    What's the problem?

  • Kichigai birthday!!

    Too many huge images might slow down the thread. Right now works fine but imagine when it's in the 50 replies

  • They're somethin' else.

    How do we folder these things?

  • edited 2012-04-23 12:14:03

    Putting them in a togglebox won't really solve the problem.  It'll still make it take a long time to load, since it still has to load everything in a togglebox, even if it's not actually displayed.

     You're better off just linking to each picture individually.  Or linking to a photobucket album or whatever. 

  • They're somethin' else.

    Thank bog i had the inclination to post these bit by bit at a time instead of all at once. It'll make us go to 50 replies fast.

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Well, actually, this is still better than the political cartoons thread.  This is like, maybe a few pictures per post.  That one had like twenty-five pictures in a single post.

  • They're somethin' else.

    I'm trying to pace my photos to let people digest.

    Of course, there's also the idea that I'm an attention whore and want to bump this at every minute update. after all, I don't want people to TL;DR because  of HOLY SHIT SO MANY DRAWINGS.

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    No rainbow star

    A quick character concept sketch I just did (15-20 minutes of work?)

    Basically, he's a combination magitech steampunk robot

  • They're somethin' else.

    That looks like a tumble dryer in his abdomen.

  • No rainbow star

    Yeah, like I said, quick. It's supposed to be the fire for his boiler (the round thing on his back)

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    They're somethin' else.


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    They're somethin' else.


  • if u do convins fashist akwaint hiz faec w pavment neway jus 2 b sur

    A sketch of a Picasso painting that I am very proud of, probably because it's the only remotely decent thing I managed to draw in my entire life (very bad image quality):


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    They're somethin' else.

    I wish I could see that better :(

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    They're somethin' else.


  • Kichigai birthday!!

    What are those things in her legs

  • They're somethin' else.

    She self harms.

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