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Magic: The Gathering



  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    *shake shake shake*
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    So neo Kamigawa has some pretty ugly ass cards. I wonder what all the fuss is about.
    Holy shit this is fucking awesome!!
    Oh my God I'm the motherfucking Fist of the North Star Jesus Christ!
    "The squirming is how you know it’s fresh." Fuck yes! You are the best sac outlet ever!
    (Note: the cards are pretty, also unfortunately for the meme format no card references hunger.)
    So yeah, I got around to drafting the set:

    I ended up 6-3. I had doubts about splashing white, though in the end it worked out fine, although despite all the sagas Satsuki was useless. The Modern Age is surprisingly useful, even without a large amounts of ninjas

    I ended up 4-3. I had doubts about Tribute to Horobi but left it in due to some website's advice, but after facing a ninja deck in game that used the rat tokens to trounce me, I immediately put it away.
    Oddly enough I tried to do both the double-ninjutsu and the ninjutsu-at-end-of-combat tricks but the game wouldn't let me.

    You'll notice this is a five-color pile with very few creatures, it started as GW but after I opened Hidetsugu on pack 2 and some goading I was made to splash black and red for it, then after losing once (or was it twice?) I made it all colors, more out of novelty than anything. On one hand if I had been more focused in my colors maybe I would've made a better deck, on the other hand I ended up 6-3 so no complaints. I also got to live the O-Kagachi dream once (twice if you count the time The Kami War got removed immediately) and I had no mana color issues at all (though I did get hurt once by drawing Rugged Highlands instead of any basic land).

    I like reading these cards list and wonder what they'd come off as for somebody not acquainted with the sets' context.

    It's surprising how nicely the cards play together. Funky interactions aren't rare in other sets, but in this set they're very common and happen without trying hard or downright by accident, so for example you saga creature was actually a Kappa Tech-wrecker, getting you the modified creatures count you needed this combat, then with the kappa's trigger you destroy their Touch the Spirit Realm to get back some artifact you didn't care much about but it triggers some enter-the-battlefield ability and now that you have both artifacts and enchantments you can...
    That plus the mostly balanced colors and archetypes and allowing for both fast and grindy decks, yeah, it's a good time to draft.
    I skipped most of Crimson Vow (and from the looks of it I didn't miss much, at least in limited it wasn't well-received) and I thought I'd leave for good but I think I'll make some more time for this, though I'm being hindered by the fact that the mobile client is not working on my phone.
    Edit: Accidentally two words.
  • So I finally got around to formatting and fixing this stuff. Unfortunately since it's been so long I don't remember these drafts at all and so I'm kind of guessing based on what I had saved as draft decks and what I had writen as (IJBM's) draft:

    7-2 BR Goodstuff

    ?-? I forgot, I think it's this RBG aggro deck

    7-1 GW Enchantments

    3-3 UB Ninjas

    7-1 UB The Saga of Ninjas

    2?-3 RGwub aggro, once again The Kami War proved useful, and multicolor mana easy to get.

    1-3 URw artifacts semi-control (the white splash was mainly for Farewell, which unfortunately did not quite work out)

    5-3 WRu aggro (the blue splash was mainly for Tezzeret, which worked out splendidly)

    So that's it for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. I did not play New Capenna or Battle for Baldur's Gate at all (from what I heard both were awful, the latter for the same balance reasons its predecessor Adventures in the Forgotten Realms was awful)
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    I heard Dominaria United was great, so I thought I would go back to the game. Here are my first Quick Draft results:

    7-1 WUR

    Danitha is love, but Micromancer isn't far behind.

    1-3 WUR control. I forgot to save this deck and had to reproduce it from memory

    3-3 RGWb aggro with some dominion.

    In hindsight perhaps the black splash wasn't worth it

    5-3 WUg go wide

    1-3 WUB defenders

    I'm disappointed, I thought I would get much better results with what's easily the most synergetic deck I've made.

    6-3 White aggro with a little bit of black and green

    I can't help but notice the format is quite slow. Also most decks I've seen are at least three colours, and it's not easy to see the individual archetypes shine through or otherwise be differentiated from each other, with them being some variant of domain, go wider, spellslinging and the occasional defenders deck. That said, I'm clearly in the minority that does not prefer that kind of line-blurring so it's not something that should be held against the set. Other than that, I've found it immensely fun so far.
  • WB Aggro

    6-3, my first take at drafting a decidedly aggro deck. Not bad I'd say, especially considering I lost a game due to a disconnection. Also obviously I thought Defiler of Faith was good, but after it took over one game I was about to lose, my respect for it has risen. I didn't get to use Serra Paragon's ability even once.

    WGB aggro

    4-3, extraofficially 5-2, my fifth victory was counted as a defeat, I believe this happened after cancelling the queue right before a match was found, I've had it happen before due to disconnects, at that point it'd be fair to say I lost but in this case I won fair and square and got a refund for it. I wanted to keep playing with that deck tho, also I heavily considered dropping green.

    GU rampy domain

    7-2, I thought I was going to get trounced, but apparently just playing whatever big stuff there is is enough to go head-to-head with most other decks.

    WG Go wide aggro

    5-3, after the previous draft results I thought this would be a 7 wins deck for sure, but drafting wouldn't be as good as it is if it were predictable.
    I can't help but notice the format is quite slow.
    That said, I find aggro decks to be viable if you force yourself into the more aggro, go wide cards.
  • "you duck spawn, refined creature, you try to be cynical, yokel, but all that comes out of it is that you're a dunce!!!!! you duck plug!"
    Hey @Stormtroper, do you care much for the plotlines? I've dropped out of the loop somewhere around the Odyssey block and since then I only barely know what's the current premise, but I used to have a mild interest in what kind of story the cards are trying to tell.

    Second question is, don't you have a feeling they'd stand on their own better than they do when everything is about planeswalker this or planeswalker that? Because whenever I try to read up on a given block's theme, sooner or later these fellas come out of the woodwork and it feels like executive meddling forced the writer to stuff some or another mascot character into the story, just so that it was included in the story. I guess that's not really what's happening, but it feels this way to me.
  • Despite occassionally posting about plots, I don't pay much attention to the stories, but I do try to figure it out from the cards (see below), read the wiki and watch a YouTube video summarizing a set's plot.
    From what I know, the writers still have much leeway in what they write and the result is still hit or miss, though as you noted the stories are much more based on planeswalker nowadays, who may or may not have anything to do with the plane the story takes place in and may or may not take attention away from it. The common comparison is that they're more like superhero plots now. It's a complain you often see online but apparently they do sell better.
    As for other matters, they no longer sell books (presumably influenced by the disaster that was War of the Spark's novel) and the plot is told through short stories available online. As for the cards, they're much better at explaining the plots through the cards themselves (contrast with those times they wouldn't put spoilers on cards) (comparison: Antiquities and The Brother's War), also they're more willing to make game mechanics fit the story, also something like >20 cards per set are legendary creatures, but that has more to do with the popularity of Commander/EDH. But the biggest difference is that the stories are no longer centered around Dominaria, generally a different world of hats per block (which are single-set now), with varying degrees of stand-alone-ness and with the occasional return set and overarching story. Coincidentially right now the story takes place in Dominaria (see Brothers' War above) and is about to take place in something that resembles old Phyrexia.

    I had this in my draft, I was halfway through writing down the results when I had a crash/blackout and never got around to finishing it, there's no way I'll manage to do so now:

    UB Instants and sorceries

    UR Instants and sorceries

    Wrg Go-wide aggro

    WB Go-wide aggro

    (Draft I didn't record)

    WB Go-wide aggro

    WBg Aggro

    WBR Go-wide aggro

    GUWb Domain

    Some UBWg mix of defenders and domain

    GURw Domain
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    Also, I totally should post about my experience with the 30th anniversary MTGA event (Premier Draft involving all premier sets), I had doubts about joining since those high-risk, high-reward stakes tend to make me tense and nervous, but in the end I did so as to at least get the sleeves reward for participating, and good thing I did because it ended up being my second 7-0 draft ever:

    What little synergy it had, that was still more than most decks from that draft. Also turns out Thieves' Guild Enforcer is good even in an otherwise mill-less, rogue-less deck.
    As for BRO, given that they're doing a "golden pack" promotion (tl;dr: buying boosters is more benefical now) I set out to use up my draft tokens in Premier Draft and save up on gold for packs instead, but... well, see "tense and nervous" above, that plus a general loss of interest with the game means I didn't commit to it. Nonetheless I did draft twice:

    Ended up 2-3.

    Ended up 1-3.

    Both are disastrous results, though I guess I can't complain given how little preparation I did. Also it's kind of weird that there's so many pseudo-bombs in all colours at common and uncommon.
    Regardless, I'll forever remember this set as the one with the spoiler season that resulted in Reddit thread titles like this.
  • edited 2023-02-10 06:12:41
    The new set's release is now compleat.
    They're repeating the golden booster promotion with ONE so I'm spending my draft tokens here too (Premier Draft):

    RG oil

    UGb proliferate

    GR oil - Oddly similar to my first deck but with fewer equipments.

    WR aggro with some For Mirrodin!

    I think red is the strongest color, though I feel it's well balanced. And everybody's right, if you don't cast a creature by turn two you should concede (hyperbolic, but not by too much). Also it's quite bomby, either that or I'm both grabbing and facing an unusual amount of bombs. Still, I don't feel it's a bad format so far, just one I have to get used to. I don't think I'll ever get used to the high-risk, high-reward nature of non-Quick Draft though.

    My mother (of the machines) can't be this cute. Also @glennmagusharvey one of your favourite memes is not yet old enough not to come up again after all these years.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Which meme? "My X can't be this cute"?
  • Philosoraptor. (More like Philosopraetor amirite?)
  • "you duck spawn, refined creature, you try to be cynical, yokel, but all that comes out of it is that you're a dunce!!!!! you duck plug!"
    And everybody's right, if you don't cast a creature by turn two you should concede (hyperbolic, but not by too much).

    Speaking in general...

    My experience has always been that I play a slow deck against all my buddies playing fast, so it happened that I conceded a turn or two quite commonly. All the meat, like, the enchantments or whatnot, needed me to build up some mana first and creatures often had to wait. Like, if I play it right now it dies to direct damage, so it's better if I suffer these few lives if by next turn it's under Lashknife Barrier or something that at least lets it survive a bit longer.

    Hardly ever worked, so I guess it kind of proves the point. But I hate that part where you play creatures only to see them die in a turn. Sure, I usually kept in my deck a few first-turn creatures, but they never really amounted to more than a single block.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Philosoraptor. (More like Philosopraetor amirite?)

    Oh, heh.
  • edited 2023-02-11 07:12:56
    ^^ FWIW it's very common nowadays for (edit: non-cheap) creatures to have enter-the-battlefield abilities or otherwise getting you value immediately or shortly after they resolve, so you'll often still get something out of them even if they get removed, which is a good thing because power creep applies to removal too.
  • "you duck spawn, refined creature, you try to be cynical, yokel, but all that comes out of it is that you're a dunce!!!!! you duck plug!"
    Personally I've always found creatures with enter-the-battlefield abilities a bit of a "master of none" kind of situation, but I've also seen enough of them work that it really shouldn't sway my opinion of them.

    You know, suddenly I realized I no longer struggle to understand the Oldhammer guys, I am the Oldhammer guy.
  • I haven't posted this yet. I had doubts about joining Shadows Over Innistrad Remastered considering I never played either the original Innistrad or Shadows Over Innistrad, still and joined, and good thing I did because I ended up 7-0.

    Nahiri is love, I didn't know what I was doing I just centered my draftin around her, though if I'm being honest the fact that my limited rank has fallen low probably had more to do with my results than anything I did.

    That was a while ago, I haven't drafted since, probably due to an underlying desire not to "tarnish my record".

    In other stuff, I thought I would stop playing by now but I'm kinda looking forward to March of the Machine.
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    I knew the answer immediately.

    Moooooom, let's draft.

    UW Knights

    WUBRG Bombs

    RB Aggro

    GRw Invasions

    WR Not quite aggro with some Backup

    For good measure here's my Midweek Magic sealed deck:

    I gotta say it's been very fun so far, although very bomby too. It's probably a good assumption to play as if your opponent is always holding a bomb in their hand.

    MOM Quick Draft starts on Friday, I'll try out and see if it's as profitable as ever, also since I already have some experience maybe it'll turn out better than it usually does? At least until Platinum rank.
  • I haven't posted in a while.

    Jumpstart reset without warning. Rest in Peace Balance Hoard, you're probably the deck I played the most, maybe one day some other deck will take your place.
    Recreated from memory:

    (For the new Jumpstart I got an Amass Sauron's deck and it's failing to take Balance Hoard's place)

    Besides that, Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth Premium Draft:

    I don't remember whether I got 7-2 or 6-3, but either way I'm pleased.

    I also did a Quick Draft:

    Unfortunately I left it at 3-2 for like a week, at which point I learned there's apparently a limit (besides the event ending) upon which your entry expires.

    I played very little limited for this set (so far at least) but what I did get to see was fun. Also I gotta agree the flavor texts (which are drawn exclusively from the books) are great, even if they were limited in how much the books talked about each card's subject matter.

    As of this post there was a Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Premier Draft, so I thought I'd check it out for good times' sake:

    Not very synergistic, but I thought it'd do. Things got awry at first and I was 1-2, then I thought it'd suck to end up 1-3 so I decided to win six games in a row. My opponents did some dubious deckbuilding and deck piloting choices, I wonder how much of it has to do with being at Bronze and how much is this being an old draft.
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