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100% Orange Juice



  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Time to try out my new characters in co-op matches!

    First, I fought one match with me as Lulu defender, with a Tomomo attacker, a Poppo avenger, and an Arthur avenger, in some order, against Summer Beast Hyper. This failed within like 20 chapters or so (relatively short).


    Lulu defender (me), Fernet avenger, Tomomo attacker (player left chapter 30), Natsumi healer
    Ocean Dive CO - Summer Beast Hyper (going for the chieve again, which requires 3 rampages)
    failed on chapter 41
    The boss had 1 HP left. Argh!

    Nath attacker (player joined chapter 1), Yuki-D attacker (CPU, player joined chapter 8), Alicianrone healer (me), Shifu Robot attacker
    Farm CO - Big the Haruo Extreme
    win on chapter 18

    Poppo (starglasses), Poppo (dapper) (me), Poppo (demon), Poppo (cool witch)
    Poppo's Abyss - Star Devourer Hyper
    win on chapter 9 by depriving the boss of money
    The most hilarious way of beating this boss.

    Nico dealer, SuguriV2 defender, Shifu Robot attacker, Kae attacker (me)
    Sunset CO - Big the Haruo Hyper
    win on chapter 30

    Fernet avenger, Suguri46B dealer, Natsumi healer (me), Starbo attacker
    Ocean Dive CO - Summer Beast Hyper (NOT going for the chieve this time)
    win on chapter 24

    Then we decided to go for RoPoChi's special hyper chieve. To get it, the players may only play QP, QPD, Chicken, Robo Ball, Poppo, or Mixed Poppo.

    Chicken healer (me), QPD attacker, QP attacker, QPD dealer
    Tomomo's Abyss CO - RoPoChi Hyper (going for the chieve)
    loss on chapter 15

    Chicken healer (me), QPD attacker (straw hat), QPD dealer, QPD attacker (Christmasy)
    Tomomo's Abyss CO - RoPoChi Hyper (going for the chieve)
    loss on chapter 36
    7 hp left on boss.

    Chicken healer (me), QPD dealer, QPD attacker, QPD avenger
    Tomomo's Abyss CO - RoPoChi Hyper (going for the chieve)
    win on chapter 40

    Though unfortunately this above match was...colored by one of the players complaining extremely bitterly about Chicken's theme. It didn't help that somehow I ended up taking care of all the normas this match, and I also happened to be first player, so Chicken's theme was the only theme that played this entire match. But the extremely bitter comments started the previous match, actually, after someone commented on how QPD's ska-based theme didn't seem fitting for difficult gameplay involved in trying to win the match.

    Frankly, I didn't know someone could hate a (rather chill and inoffensive) theme that much.

    Arthur dealer, Shifu Robot attacker, Yuuki healer (me), Yuki attacker
    Farm CO - Big the Haruo Hyper
    Win on chapter 28
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    One more attempt today, at someone's request:

    Star Breaker attacker, Syura dealer, Natsumi healer, Lulu defender (me)
    Ocean Dive CO - Summer Beast Hyper (chieve attempt)
    loss on chapter 43

    Lulu played the part of meatshield here and wasn't very effective.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Some PVP games today.

    Yuki-D, Iru (CPU, player joined chapter 35), Mixpo (me), Teotoratta (CPU, player joined chapter 30)
    Planet Earth - Battlefield, Bomber, Amplify
    1st Teotoratta, 2nd Yuki-D, 3rd Iru, 4th Mixpo

    That was it for my dailies, but I just played on anyway.

    Mira, Tomato+Mimyuu (me), Sora-M, Natsumi
    White Winter - Backtrack, Amplify
    1st Natsumi, 2nd Tomato+Mimyuu, 3rd Mira, 4th Mira

    Star Breaker, Sora-M (purple), Sora-M (vanilla), Kiriko (me)
    Farm - Regeneration, Charity, Treasure
    1st Kiriko, 2nd Sora-M (purple), 3rd Sora-M (vanilla), 4th Star Breaker

    And now for a co-op hyper special chieve.

    The one against Big the Jonathan is to survive for 50 turns. This is difficult because of two reasons:
    * Big the Jonathan's abilities, which try to kill you. This is not surprising, though it is of course difficult to deal with, as usual.
    * Big the Jonathan's defense also drops through the floor as the match continues. While he may try to fight you often, he may end up killing himself in the process anyway, due to your counterattacks. You can't let this happen either. This is unique to Big the Jonathan.

    Some suggested cards for decking:

    Serene Hush (for one chapter, no battles can happen)
    Party Time (everyone goes to one spot on the map; your turn ends. Useful for avoiding fighting the boss.)
    Shield (defense bonus in battle; cannot counterattack.)
    Ambush (fight whoever is on your same panel. Strangely, you can use this even if no one else is on your same panel. It just gets "wasted"...but that's a good thing here.
    Serious Battle (all stats are 0 for this battle. Stops Jonathan from using his crazy high attack *and* his crazy low defense.)

    I have a feeling that we kinda overdosed on the special cards, especially Party Time. Eventually I started coming up with my own ideas.

    Other ideas of mine:
    * the usual healing cards (Saki's Cookie, Dinner, Pudding).
    * Metallic Monocoque (prevents one point of out-of-battle damage).

    Some ideas for characters:
    * Cuties dealer - her hyper allows her to avoid fighting things for several turns in a row.
    * Cuties healer - because someone needs to be healer.
    * Arthur dealer - so that he can spam his Rbit Hobby Shop everywhere, which allows players to continue drawing cards beyond chapter 40. also, high HP pool.
    * Flying Castle defender - high HP pool, and does not counterattack when attacked, which will be often.
    * Any character with +1 or +2 defense.

    Cuties (Little Red Riding Hood + Big Bad Wolf) dealer, Cuties (healer), Arthur (dealer), Cuties (vanilla) dealer (me)
    Over the Sea CO - Big the Jonathan Hyper (going for the chieve)
    loss on chapter 14

    Cuties (healer), Cuties (Pink Poppo) (dealer), Cuties (vanilla) (dealer) (me), Arthur (dealer)
    lost on chapter 26

    Arthur dealer, Cuties (green) dealer (me), Cuties (teal) healer, Cuties (pink Poppo) dealer
    lost on chapter 17
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    A few more co-op matches.

    Krilalaris avenger, Suguri healer, Teotoratta defender (me), Fernet defender
    Lagoon Flight CO - Big the Jonathan Extreme
    loss on chapter 30

    Sora-M healer, Teotoratta defender (me), Tomomo attacker, Store Manager dealer
    Sunset CO - Big the Haruo Hyper
    loss on chapter 24

    Teotoratta healer (me), Tsih healer (CPU), Starbo attacker, Cuties defender
    Lagoon Flight CO - Big the Jonathan Extreme
    loss on chapter 6
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    And a couple more PVP matches.

    Tomato+Mimyuu (player joined chapter 1, left chapter 3, another player joined chapter 23), Star Breaker, Yuki, Teotoratta (me)
    Vortex - Battlefield, Sprint, Bomber
    1st Star Breaker, 2nd Teotoratta, 3rd Tomato+Mimyuu, 4th Yuki

    Yuki, Ellie (me), Chicken, Flying Castle
    Sakura Smackdown - Miracle, Mystery
    1st Yuki, 2nd Flying Castle, 3rd Ellie, 4th Chicken

    In both of these matches, the eventual winner pulled out a wide lead only for the gap to narrow significantly. I was on the cusp of winning the first match, while I was two normas away from winning the second one while having enough stars.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    another idea for the characters pile vs. Big the Jonathan

    Kyoko, with +3 defense (and no ability to evade but against seagulls she basically never will be doing that anyway)

    also Fernet with +2 defense

    both -1 attack
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Mixpo healer, Lulu avenger (me), Starbo avenger, Kai dealer
    Sunset CO - M10 Robot Normal
    Mixers: Regeneration, Random Warp, Ampilfy
    win on chapter 24
    Had a nice game with some Japanese folks. I couldn't understand them, but they could understand me when I typed in chat.

    I've been remiss on typing up the mixers before. Whoops!


    Sora (CPU, player joined chapter 11), Kai, Nath (me), Mira
    Warfare - Miracle, Home Roulette, Mystery
    1st Nath, 2nd Kai, 3rd Sora, 4th Mira

    Sherry, Syura, Tsih, Kiriko (me)
    Witch Forest - Charity, Mystery, Playground!
    1st Tsih, 2nd Syura, 3rd Kiriko, 4th Sherry
    Sherry got an early blowout lead in this match but then lots of stuff happened along the way and then she lost her lead and it passed to Syura, but then she lost her lead and it passed to me, and then I was leading but while I was trying to land on home, Tsih also got 200 stars and got to home first, while Syura beat up some random mook that had someone else's stars and went ahead of me in stars count. Amusingly, Tsih had some really lucky battles early on but very few stars for most of the game.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Played three matches today.

    Kyousuke (CPU), Kyoko (CPU), Sumika, Miusaki (me)
    Treasure Island - Home Roulette, Bomber, Mystery
    1st Kyousuke, 2nd Sumika, 3rd Miusaki, 4th Kyoko

    Nanako, Kae (me), Suguri46B, Miusaki (CPU)
    Tomomo's Abyss - Mystery, Freeze, Treasure
    1st Kae, 2nd Miusaki, 3rd Suguri4B, 4th Nanako
    Got a super lucky boss snipe in this match.

    Alicianrone, Yuki-D (CPU), Suguri46B, Tomomo (me)
    Sweet Heaven - Charity, Confusion, Mystery
    1st Yuki-D, 2nd Suguri46B, 3rd Tomomo, 4th Alicianrone
    This match involved everyone repeatedly dying to things. Though I think the other players could have died less if they hadn't tried evading as much as they had.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Shroom Zoom!

    This event featured the characters mushroom-hunting.

    It seems that the game is gonna present a series of plot-related episodes via events. This is the second one so far, after Bounty Hunters.

    Anyhow, this game mode introduces a field event called "Spores", wherein mushrooms randomly grow on panels. Stopping on a panel with a mushroom gives you a mushroom card. There are many kinds of mushrooms, but they have a randomized slate of different effects -- such as adding to or subtracting from your battle stats, making you go an extra panel or making you frostwalk, making you gain or lose some stars, or even no effect at all. The same kind of mushroom gives the same effect, but only within the current match.

    I guess this could encourage people to pay attention to the game, rather than try to multitask while playing.

    Anyhow, there are also special Legendary Red Mushrooms and Legendary Blue Mushrooms. They can be obtained once per game, then they become a Gift card that grants a nice perk (extra stars/wins when getting stars/wins from any source) while held, and can be transferred between players by KOing whoever is holding it.

    Event progress was measured by the global number of games where people had gotten each of the legendary red or blue mushroom. Though I joined so late that the event had already finished, so I played a match and then picked up all the unlocks immediately.

    A couple other differences:
    * the Spores event you get in the event is (1) additional to all other field events that you can normally set, and (2) happens more often in this event (like once every 2 chapters rather than once every 3) than the Spores field event outside of this (game) event.
    * From what I've heard, wins (and losses?) in this event don't count toward one's win (and losses?) stats.


    Mio, Alte (CPU, player joined chapter 31), Sumika (me joined at chapter 24), Aru-S
    Christmas Miracle - Sprint, Mystery, Goo
    1st Mio, 2nd Sumika, 3rd Alte, 4th Aru-S
    My first time playing as Sumika. I never got to use her hyper though.

    QP (me), Sweebo, Sora, Hime (CPU, player joined chapter 7)
    Sweet Heaven - Miracle, Confusion
    1st QP, 2nd Hime, 3rd Sora, 4th Sweebo
    Unfortunately this game started out with someone acting like a bad caricature of a social justice warrior, in chat. Thankfully, they shut up after a while.
    Anyohw, this was a surprisingly pacifist game. I even hung onto my cards after Sweebo flipped them, and suffered no consequences.

    Mei, Starbo, SuguriV2 (me), SuguriV2 (not me)
    Shipyard - Battlefield, Mystery, Amplify
    1st Starbo, 2nd Mei, 3rd SuguriV2 (me), 4th SuguriV2 (not me)
    Mei accumulated a ton of wins and got to 12 wins first. But Starbo overtook her late in the game, for the win.

    Normal (i.e. PVP) mode

    Kae, Aru, Mixpo (me), Tomomo-CSE
    Space Wanderer - Battlefield, Mystery, Spores
    1st Mixpo, 2nd Aru, 3rd Tomomo-CSE, 4th Kae

    Tomomo-CSE, SuguriV2, Ceoreparque (me), Coreparque (not me)
    Highway Heist - Battlefield, Goo, Spores
    1st Ceoreparque (me), 2nd SuguriV2, 3rd Tomomo-CSE, 4th Ceoreparque (not me)
    I won a huge jackpot from the boss -- I had like 400+ stars while everyone else had less than 100.

    Yuki, Marc (me), Ellie (RB), Ellie (Reg)
    Space Wanderer - Battlefield, Playground!, Spores
    1st Ellie (Reg), 2nd Marc, 3rd Ellie (RB), 4th Yuki

    Back to Shroom Zoom!

    Saki, Kyoko (me), Tequila (player left chapter 24), Cuties
    Fungus Cave - Mystery, Playground!, Goo
    1st Cuties, 2nd Tequila, 3rd Kyoko, 4th Saki
    I was doing well as Kyoko, but then suddenly there was an excellent Special Stage play by Cuties, compounded by a very well-placed Dangerous Pudding. I also made a few suboptimal plays, but I don't think they would have made much of a difference.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Normal Mode

    Kyousuke (me joined chapter 5), Kyoko, Tsih, Miusaki (CPU, player joined chapter 10-ish?)
    Fungus Cave - Goo, Spores
    1st Kyouko, 2nd Kyousuke, 3rd Miusaki, 4th Tsih
    I was poised for a first-place finish but then for some silly reason I decided to use a mushroom of unknown effect during a battle against Kyoko. It turned out to be a mushroom that made me roll only 1s.
    I almost caught up to her in star count when she won, but you know what they say -- almost only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and high-yield atomic weapons.

    Mei, Marc, Aru (CPU), Tomato+Mimyuu (CPU)
    Shipyard - Backtrack, Freeze, Spores
    1st Mei, 2nd Aru, 3rd Tomato+Mimyuu, 4th Marc
    A match against a kinda noobish player. Though, I did need to win 1 match for my daily.

    Nico (me), Sherry, Syura, Cuties
    Space Wanderer - Miracle, Treasure
    1st Sherry, 2nd Syura, 3rd Cuties, 4th Nico

    Nath (me), QP, Sherry, Syura
    Space Wanderer - Miracle, Treasure
    1st Syura, 2nd Nath, 3rd Sherry, 4th QP
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Info on 100% OJ's play rewards:

    100% OJ gives you some tokens for logging in every week (without eve playing), and each multiplayer game on top of that gives you some more tokens, for up to 15 games. The tokens are used to buy some cosmetics.

    Furthermore, you also get orange, another in-game currency used to buy cosmetics, for playing multiplayer games at all. There is no limit to the number of oranges you can get in a week, but every three days there are three tasks that refresh on staggered days, and if you complete these tasks while playing multiplayer games, you get much larger amounts of bonus oranges.

    Furthermore, for every match you play, you get stars. This applies to both multiplayer and single-player. Stars are used to buy some cosmetics but mostly "earlier" cosmetics since, especially for longtime players, we've stacked up huge amounts of stars already. Stars are also used to buy new cards (which are relevant to gameplay), but there have been comparatively very few new card releases so this aspect is often not relevant. (Some card packs are paid DLC while others are free.)

    (Actual playable characters are paid DLC-only or bonus only, except for the core cast of 19 characters, but every week a rotating set of two randomly-selected non-core characters can be played by anyone.)

    Stars were the original in-game currency before the game got on Steam. Oranges were added later; tokens are even more recent. (In-game currency cannot be bought using real money.)

    I haven't been playing 100% OJ lately, and I tend to have dry spells like this. I think the reason is because I understand that matches take like half an hour each, during which I can't really walk away. And so when I think ahead I often just end up doing something else.
    Besides, I tend to play several matches in a row, which means an entire evening's worth of gaming.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    A conversation with someone from a Discord server unrelated to OJ led both of us to actually pick the game back up. So I went and played again.

    Since the last time I played, there have been:
    * a number of events that have come and go, including Halloween 2020, Christmas 2020-2021, and another event that brought back the Bounty Hunt mode.
    * the permanent addition of Bounty Hunt as a game mode.
    * Like six new playable characters or so. I haven't bought them yet (they're DLC).
    * Various improvements to the user interface.
    * A new community card pack.


    Teotoratta (me), Nico (CPU, player joined chapter 15), Nath, QP (CPU, player joined chapter 14)
    Star Circuit - Sprint, Home Roulette
    1st Nath, 2nd QP, 3rd Nico, 4th Teotoratta
    I made a big play to fight Nath in order to beat up the boss. It backfired spectacularly.

    Tequila (me), Halena, Cook (player disconnected chapter 2, rejoined chapter 3), Hime
    Training Program - Treasure and some other stuff
    1st Cook, 2nd Hime, 3rd Tequila, 4th Halena

    Suguri, Syura, Cook, QP (me)
    Ocean Dive - Minelayer, Backtrack
    1st Syura, 2nd Cook, 3rd Suguri, 4th QP

    Yuki, Alicianrone, Mira, Mei (me joined Chapter 2)
    Practice Field - no events
    1st Yuki, 2nd Mei, 3rd Mira, 4th Alicianrone
    I was so close to winning. But Yuki beat me on movement rolls.

    Yuki, Alicianrone, Alte, Store Manager (me)
    Space Wanderer - Random Warp
    1st Store Manager, 2nd Alicianrone, 3rd Alte, 4th Yuki

    Maynie, Yuki, Alicianrone, Suguri46B (me)
    Star Circuit - Sprint, Home Roulette
    1st Maynie, 2nd Alicianrone, 3rd Yuki, 4th Suguri46B
    If I hadn't gotten warped right in front of Maynie with +8 attack thanks to her raging mode, I would have had continued maintaining my distance from her. And I might have been in contention to finish better than 4th.

    Cook attacker (me joined chapter 21), Sherry support, Miusaki avenger, Suguri support
    Witch Forest - Big the Jonathan Casual
    Mixers: Backtrack, Confusion
    Win on chapter 28

    Sumika dealer (CPU, player joined chapter 18), Sham defender (CPU, player joined chapter 7, left chapter 8), Suguri supporter, Suguri46B attacker (me)
    Space Wanderer - Big the Jonathan Casual
    lost on chapter...twentysomething?
    Somehow we lost this. Not sure how.

    Sherry avenger, Miusaki attacker, Krilalaris defender (me joined chapter 21), Cook dealer
    Treasure Island CO - M10 Robot Normal
    Win on chapter 26

    Natsumi support, Sumika attacker, Cook dealer, Sweet Breaker support (me)
    Lagoon Flight CO - Big the Haruo Normal
    Win on chapter 26
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Played a few more games.


    Ellie (CPU, player joined chapter 20), Suguri, Kae (me joined chapter 3 or so?), Arthur (CPU)
    Practice Field - Regeneration, Miracle Sprit
    1st Kae, 2nd Ellie, 3rd Suguri, 4th Arthur

    Bounty Hunt has even more stuff going on at once, including lots of stuff to read, which especially lends itself to my suggestion that the game shouldn't just use "did you hit the timer limit" to determine whether to kick you for idilng but should instead detect whether you've done any actions at all.

    But my daiy is for stars norma, so I'm switching back to normal mode.


    Suguri, Mio (me), Star Breaker, Nath (left chapter 15)
    Scarred Land - Random Warp, Home Roulette, Mystery
    1st Suguri, 2nd Star Breaker, 3rd Mio, 4th Nath

    Syura, Suguri, Islay (me), Star Breaker
    Highway Heist - Air Raid, Home Roulette, Treasure
    1st Islay, 2nd Suguri, 3rd Syura, 4th Star Breaker
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Alicianrone (CPU player joined chapter 15), Maynie (CPU, player joined chapter 9), Tomomo, QPD (me)
    Treasure Island - Sprint, Playground, Goo
    1st QPD, 2nd Alicianrone, 3rd Tomomo, 4th Maynie
    Good luck in the very beginning, bad luck in the middle, then good luck at the end, outspeeding Alicianrone to the win if I recall correctly.

    Sweet Breaker (me), Alicianrone, Sumika (CPU, player joined chapter 13), Kai
    Clover - Regeneration, Miracle, Amplify
    1st Kai, 2nd Alicianrone, 3rd Sumika, 4th Sweebo

    Mei (me), Marc (CPU, player joined chapter 2), Tomomo-CSE, Suguri (CPU, player joined chapter 16)
    Fungus Cave - Bomber, Playground, Goo
    1st Mei, 2nd Marc, 3rd Tomomo-CSE, 4th Suguri
    I think this was another lucky win where I outsped someone, not sure.

    I had a daily of "use 5 boost cards" and so far I'd used just one. In my next match I used at least one more, but it unfortunately disconnected. I was doing pretty decently too.

    Sham, Shifu Robot (me), Teotoratta, Maynie
    Christmas Miracle - Regeneration, Sprint, Freeze
    match disconnected

    I wonder if

    Islay (CPU), Store Manager, Marc (CPU), Shifu Robot (me)
    Tomomo's Abyss - no events
    1st Store Manager, 2nd Islay, 3rd Shifu Robot, 4th Marc

    Mei (CPU), Peat (me), Store Manager, Maynie (CPU, player joined...sometime)
    Sakura Smackdown - no events
    1st Store Manager, 2nd Peat, 3rd Mei, 4th Maynie

    Mei (me), Star Breaker (CPU, player joined...sometime), Store Manager, Maynie
    Sakura Smackdown - no events
    1st Store Manager, 2nd Mei, 3rd Maynie, 4th Star Breaker

    These three matches featured the same person playing Store Manager quite aggressively and actually doing well with it. I think it was partly a result of the maps too though; both Tomomo's Abyss and Sakura Smackdown have a lot of battle panels in their shortest loops, which favors a Store Manager trying to get battle wins, and that in turn jives with attempts to bully other characters. Meanwhile I was trying to get boost cards and that generally meant taking the long route for me, and the characters I played weren't as durable. That said, I did almost grab victory in at least one of these matches, I think the second one, but Store Manager outraced me to the finish line.


    Peat attacker (CPU), Star Breaker dealer, Suguri 46B healer (me), Chris healer (CPU)
    Star Circuit CO - Big the Haruo Extreme - no mixers

    This match started out bumpy and was starting to get good (what with tons of invisible bombs everywhere) but then it disconnected.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    A couple matches to start the day.

    Hime (me), Suguri46B (B), Suguri46B (R), Mio
    Dark Citadel - Confusion, Backtrack, Sprint
    1st Mio, 2nd Hime, 3rd Suguri46B (R), 4th Suguri46B (B)
    I had great luck with battles this game. Suguri46B (B) challenged me a few times but got wiped every time, somehow. And I even won the boss's jackpot. But Mio beat me to getting home.

    Nico, Kyoko (me), Peat (CPU, player joined chapter 10), Iru (CPU, player joined chapter 14)
    Fungus Cave - Mystery, Goo, Confusion
    1st Kyoko, 2nd Iru,3rd Peat, 4th Nico
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Fish-a-Fish event is back for the summer! There are four new bonus items.

    Poppo, Cook, Suguri (CPU, player joined ch 21), Alte (CPU, player joined ch 11)
    Space Wanderer - Home Roulette, Mystery, Goo
    1st Cook, 2nd Alte, 3rd Poppo, 4th Suguri

    Sora, Kiriko (me), Arthur, Lone Rider
    Shipyard - Random Warp, Mystery, Spores
    1st Sora, 2nd Kiriko, 3rd Lone Rider, 4th Arthur
    Rainbow shroom - frostwalk
    Brown shroom - teleport
    Pink shroom - -2 attack
    Red shroom - +3 def
    White shroom - no effect
    Orange shroom - sealed memories
    Purple shroom - gain 3 HP

    Marc, Aru, Merchant, Suguri (me)
    Icy Hideout - Air Raid, Bomber, Mystery
    1st Marc, 2nd Merchant, 3rd Aru, 4th Suguri

    Sweet Breaker (CPU, player joined ch 11), Kyoko (me), Merchant, Saki
    Night Flight - Air Raid, Mystery, Playground
    1st Merchant, 2nd Saki, 3rd Kyoko, 4th Sweet Breaker

    Seagull, Star Breaker (CPU, player joined ch 13), Kai (CPU, player joined ch 1), Miusaki (me)
    Santa's Workshop - Regeneration, Charity
    1st Seagull, 2nd Kai, 3rd Miusaki, 4th Star Breaker

    Kyupita (CPU, player joined ch 4), Fernet, Maynie, Natsumi (me)
    Witch Forest - Battlefield, Home Roulette, Goo
    1st Maynie, 2nd Fernet, 3rd Natsumi, 4th Kyupita
    I misplayed in this last match. I should have challenged Maynie when I had the chance. That would have kept me behind her.

    When Maynie has activated Raging Mode, positioning is everything to avoid getting steamrolled by her.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    The losing streak continues with more Fish-a-Fish!

    Arnelle (CPU, player joined ch 22), Ellie (me joined chapter 2), Suguri (CPU), Mira
    Space Wanderer - Sprint, Playground, Goo
    1st Suguri, 2nd Ellie, 3rd Maynie, 4th Mira

    Iru, SuguriV2 (me), Yuki-D, Sham
    Space Wanderer - Sprint, Home Roulette, Goo
    1st Sham, 2nd Iru, 3rd Yuki, 4th SuguriV2
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Normal mode

    Nath (me), Sweet Breaker, Tsih, Aru-S
    Clover - Regeneration, Sprint, Amplify
    1st Nath, 2nd Tsih, 3rd Aru-S, 4th Sweet Breaker

    Finally broke my losing streak!

    Yuki-D, Saki, Chicken (me), Nico
    Training Program - Regeneration, Freeze, Spores
    Brown Mushroom - gain stars
    Pink Mushroom - nothing?
    Green Mushroom - Shroom Zoom
    Whte Mushroom - nothing?
    Red Mushroom - Slow
    Yellow mushroom - -1 evade
    Blue mushroom - drop
    Orange Mushroom - Sealed Memories
    1st Yuki-D, 2nd Saki, 3rd Nico, 4th Chicken
    This was a strange match. I don't remember anything Yuki-D did that was particularly notable, but she and Saki sorta just did their things while everyone went around trying out mushrooms and also Nico kept playing her hyper just to get random hyper cards to use, for the sake of chaos. Meanwhile, I never got very far. Ended the match at just level 3.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I played another match, where I joined very late (chapter 31) as the second player, and won playing as Sham. Opponents were Suguri (the only non-CPU player) and two CPUs, one of which was Kyupita.
    The map was Space Wanderer; the only event was Random Warp.
    1st Sham, others I forgot. Everyone was at level 5 and had well over 200 stars though.

    Then, the next match, I was playing as SuguriV2, against Krilalaris, Lone Rider, and Suguri, and I was sorta in the middle of the pack, with the Suguri player (who was a noob) lagging and Lone Rider reaching level 4 while I was still trying to get to level 3. The field was Training Program.
    But then, suddenly, my computer crashed.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Fish-a-fish event ended, so these are now normal-mode PVP games.

    Nanako, Sumika (CPU, player joined chapter 20?), Tequila, QP-D (me)
    Vortex - Confusion, Mystery, Goo
    1st QPD, 2nd Tequila, 3rd Sumika, 4th Nanako

    Suguri (CPU, player joined ch 14), Merchant, Sherry, Halena (CPU, me joined chapter 8)
    Scarred Land - Sprint, Bomber, Mystery
    1st Halena, 2nd Sherry, 3rd Merchant, 4th Suguri

    Fernet (CPU, player joined ch 1), Alicianrone, Peat, Mixpo (me)
    Regeneration, Air Raid, Mystery
    1st Fernet, 2nd Mixpo, 3rd Alicianrone, 4th Peat
  • edited 2021-08-23 06:07:07
    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Peat, Sweet Breaker (CPU), Tomato+Mimyuu (another player joined chapter 19), Suguri (me joined chapter 19)
    Practice Field - Miracle, Treasure, Spores
    Yellow Mushroom - random warp
    Pink Mushroom - 1 damage
    Purple Mushroom - -3 atk
    1st Suguri, 2nd Peat, 3rd Sweebo, 4th T+M

    Sora, Krilalaris (me), Marc, Yuuki
    Warfare - Charity, Miracle
    1st Krilalaris, 2nd Marc, 3rd Sora, 4th Yuuki

    Marc, Sham, SuguriV2, Lulu (me)
    Icy Hideout - Charity, Battlefield, Confusion
    1st Marc, 2nd Sham, 3rd SuguriV2, 4th Lulu
    This match had some excellent plays and luck on my part. For example:
    * early on, I was attacked, and I was left with 2 HP. I played Cloud of Seagulls and successfully KO'd myself.
    * I had Big Magnum and two of Lulu's Lucky Egg. I managed to parlay Big Magnum into reducing myself to 2 HP, then played Lucky Egg (with most of my remaining stars) which got me a ton of stars because I rolled a 6, which I then used to play my second Lucky Egg to get my permanent boosts.

    Unfortunately, I made a crucial bad bet near the middle of the match, when I was close to leveling up -- I took a chance at attacking Marc, which didn't work and ended up getting me KO'd and making me lose my lead. Then the leads changed hands several times and eventually both Marc and Sham threatened to win, with Marc actually clinching the win while I couldn't even level up after that misfortune.

    But I got all my dailies done, so it's all good.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Co-op mode added a new boss for a new event. In it, Tomomo tries to learn to swim, and Mio makes a mess of things because she turns everyone's floaties into a giant floatie monster. ("That's why no one wants to be friends with you!")

    I'm doing the event now, but all the unlocks have actually already been done by other people before I got here.

    Also, there were some big changes to co-op mode. Here are some of the changes that affected the meta:
    * The Guardian role was substantially reworked. Before, it was a "drain HP to shield others" thing, which greatly favored characters who could regenerate HP or wanted to lose HP for specific reasons. This didn't really make sense with what the role seemed to be meant to do, which was to buff defense. Now, the shielding mechanic has been kept but the HP drain has been removed entirely (a slight cooldown has been added). Furthermore, a mechanic has been added that if you roll high enough defense you can take no damage at all. So basically this role is very much revamped, or "un-vamped" if I were to make a pun on "vamp[ire]" and draining HP. In turn, this means that Suguri (version 2) and Shifu Robot are no longer super good defenders.
    * The Dealer role was also reworked a bit; now you can choose which card to give to other players, and the only stipulation is that you have to have at least 3 cards in hand. This makes it both easier and harder for Mei to spread her Red & Blue buff around, since they are only generated when she has no cards -- it's harder to generate, but easier to distribute.
    * Two characters (Sora (Military) and Shifu Robot) who revived instantly when KO'd now have "Burn Out" periods.
    * Miusaki, who previously was able to take just 2 damage at a time (which was super useful for roles that gained HP), now takes up to half maxHP damage at a time. This means she's no longer as super effective as an avenger as she used to be.
    * Kae was a super effective attacker despite having base 0 atk (which in turn gave her a relative advantage due to having lower REC from not having positive atk); this was due to her passive and her hyper stacking defense debuffs on her which get converted to attack power. She no longer gets those buffs (but she still gets defense debuffs converted to attack power).
    * Summer Beast's Rampage buff was changed from a max HP buff to a temporary HP buff. This makes a certain achievement, previously extremely difficult, somewhat less difficult.

    In short, the Guardian role was thoroughly reworked, and a bunch of characters who used to be super effective at things (to the point where they basically were THE choices for certain roles) are no longer super effective at them. Also a boss was tweaked a bit to make a certain chieve less of a pain.

    But I'm playing against the new boss, the Swimming Coach. Its thing is that it starts off with a huge amount of HP (150; compare the other current bosses which have 75 or less), but then spends its HP spawning mooks of all sorts. It doesn't move around on the board itself, but while you can challenge it through boss panels, most of its HP loss will come from taking down the various mooks it spawns -- Balloon Jerk (12 HP boss damage per spawn; it's basically a walking mini-boss in the form of a beach ball monster), Swimming Ringer (6 HP boss damage per spawn; it's a basically an elite mook in the form of a swim ring monster), and Goalpost (2 HP boss damage per spawn; it's basically a minor mook in the form of a buoy monster, and it has crap stats but you have to do exactly only 1 damage to it when you hit it or else the damage doesn't apply).

    Kyupita dealer (CPU), Krilalaris avenger (CPU), NoName avenger (CPU), Kyoko defender (me)
    Dark Citadel CO - Swimming Coach Extreme
    Win on Chapter 43

    No one joined me this match and so I played alone. I didn't get any daily-task progress because of it. But at least I won the match, in part because the AI for the CPU players is a little better now.

    But it's still somewhat silly, since it keeps trying to use extreme force against the Goalpost enemies, hitting them really hard and thereby doing nothing.

    Suguri healer (CPU, player joined chapter 33), Fernet defender (me), Arthur dealer (CPU, player joined chapter 11), Iru avenger
    Practice Field CO - Swimming Coach Extreme
    Win on chapter 40

    Lulu defender (me), Cuties defender, Halena dealer, Yuuki dealer
    Beginner Town CO - Swimming Coach Extreme
    Win on chapter 38

    Halena guardian, Sweet Breaker avenger (CPU, player joined chapter 5), Krilalaris dealer (me), Lone Rider dealer (CPU, player joined chapter 2)
    Fungus Cave CO - Swimming Coach Extreme
    Win on chapter 29
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Mei dealer (me), Kyoko healer, Sham healer (CPU, player joined chapter 8), Miusaki attacker
    Whirlpool - Swimming Coach Hyper
    loss on chapter 12

    So, in addition to having nastier abilities, the boss on the highest difficulty ("hyper") simply does not take damage in battle. It gets a free swipe at you every couple turns (if you land on boss panels), in addition to its minions going around causing shenanigans, and the only way you can damage it is by beating up its minions.

    Krilalaris dealer, Kyoko defender, Miusaki attacker, Mei dealer (me)
    Whirlpool - Swimming Coach Hyper
    loss on chapter 21
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Normal mode

    Star Breaker, Sora, Kyousuke, QP (me)
    Training Program - Charity, Sprint, Miracle
    Game not completed because apparently I kept desynching.

    Yeah, this isn't happening tonight.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Poppo event!

    Poppo, Mei (CPU, player joined ch 25), Miusaki (me), Alte (CPU, player joined ch 26)
    Sealed Archive - Miracle, Mystery, Amplify
    1st Poppo, 2nd Alte, 3rd Miusaki, 4th Mei

    Hime (me), Yuki-D, Poppo, Ceoreparque
    Lonely Railway - Miracle, Mystery, Amplify
    1st Ceoreparque, 2nd Poppo, 3rd Hime, 4th Yuki-D
    Yuki-D actually got most of the stars since she beat the boss.
    The boss was Big Poppo, which makes it ironic that it beat up characters a few times. But yeah, Yuki-D ended the match with 400+ stars, despite being at just level 3 or level 4.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Someone invited people to get the special hyper achievement for Big the Jonathan.

    Chicken healer, Cuties dealer, Kyoko defender, Kyoko defender (me)
    Over the Sea CO - Big the Jonathan Hyper - going for the hyper chievement (survive until chapter 50)
    fail on chapter 46

    Kyoko defender, Cuties dealer, Chicken healer, Flying Castle defender (me)
    Over the Sea CO - Big the Jonathan Hyper - going for the hyper chievement (survive until chapter 50)



    This achievement involves playing against Big the Jonathan, a co-op boss, at the highest difficulty level (level 4, more commonly known as Hyper), and surviving through the end of Chapter 50.

    Big the Jonathan was the first co-op boss, back when co-op was just a special event mode. Back then, there weren't difficulty levels (though you could adjust his HP level based on what roles you picked), and he was a reasonably difficult co-op boss, but he featured a key secondary win condition: in addition to just depleting all his HP, you could also survive to the end of Chapter 50, at which point the boss would attack everyone, and if it didn't KO everyone at that point it just handed the win to the players.

    (The loss condition is having everyone KO'd at any point.)

    This boss was later reworked to a different design. It worked similarly, but it had its own set of special boss abilities rather than just using various existing cards/field event effects, and it had fixed HP, and now (particularly with difficulty levels) the boss actually turned out to be easier, because while its attack power grew as the game went on longer, its defense also kept falling, making turning it into a glass cannon that actually had a tendency to suicide by aggressiveness.

    Every co-op boss has had four difficulty levels, and three achievements: one for beating the boss, one for beating the boss on the highest difficulty level, and one for beating the boss on the highest difficulty level with a special condition.

    For Big the Jonathan, who is a giant seagull, that special condition is, again, to survive to the end of Chapter 50 (i.e. the 50th turn), at which point Big the Jonathan would again attack everyone and then surrender if anyone was still alive.

    But now, this achievement is not just about tanking a lot of hits (or otherwise denying his ability to attack), but is also about not accidentally KOing him in the process. This is easier said than done because, even if you have very defensive characters, you can still end up dealing a lot of damage to him, because his defense gets super low. So you have to avoid fighting him when possible, basically, because every fight generally includes an attack and a counterattack.

    Well, I finally did it, with the help of some other people who also wanted this chieve. Including, incidentally, someone who was basically a complete newbie to co-op mode.

    Cuties's hyper allows you to avoid battles. Kyoko's hyper does too. And so does Flying Castle's, but I never drew that. And so do a few other cards. Meanwhile,
    Chicken has only 3 HP and seems stupidly weak but it also revives very quickly.

    Amusingly, the second match seemed to go much worse than the first one. We almost lost the match within the first ten chapters. And we never made it to norma level 4. And we had far fewer stars to work with. We didn't even have enough to pay for all the Special Stage hypers we had on hand.

    ...but, somehow it worked out.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Kyoko defender, Kae attacker (me), Miusaki dealer, Natsumi healer
    Ocean Dive CO - Summer Beast Hyper - going for the special hyper achievement (let boss rampage 3x)
    loss on chapter...13 or so?

    Kyoko defender, Kae attacker (me), Natsumi healer, NoName dealer
    Ocean Dive CO - Summer Beast Hyper - going for the special hyper achievement (let boss rampage 3x)
    Game interrupted (I had to leave)
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