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100% Orange Juice



  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Tomomo-CSE (CPU, player joined ch 13), Hime, Tomomo (CPU, player joined ch 14), Yuki-D (me joined chapter 9)
    Practice Field - Miracle, Charity, Air Raid
    1st Yuki-D, 2nd Tomomo-CSE, 3rd Tomomo, 4th Hime
    Tomomo-CSE had a ton of snow but for some reason declined to build anything the last building session, leading me to win. I have no idea why Tomomo-CSE threw the game.

    Arthur (CPU), Sweebo (CPU, player joined ch 13), Robo Ball (me), Mixpo
    Lagoon Flight - Battlefield, Backtrack, Treasure
    1st Sweebo, 2nd Robo Ball, 3rd and 4th Mixpo and Arthur

    Nico, Mixpo, Star Breaker, Marc (me)
    Christmas Miracle - Random Warp, Backtrack
    1st Nico, 2nd Starbo, 3rd Marc, 4th Mixpo
    Mixpo had consistently bad luck this match.

    Alte, QPD, Nanako (me), Miusaki
    Star Circuit - Charity, Confusion, Mystery
    1st Alte, 2nd Miusaki, 3rd Nanako, 4th QPD

    Poppo (me joined ch 22), Chicken, Tomomo-CSE, Natsumi
    Planet Earth - not sure what
    1st Chicken, 2nd Poppo, 3rd Tomomo-CSE, 4th Natsumi
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Poppo (B) (deal25), Poppo (Y) (deal15), Poppo (C), (def09), Poppo (R) (deal12) (me)
    Poppo's Abyss - Star Devourer Hyper
    Win on chapter 17, using the alternate win condition: bring boss down to 0 stars.

    NoName (heal25), Fernet (def09), Miusaki (avng19), Shifu Robot (atk17) (me)
    Ocean Dive CO - Summer Beast Hyper
    loss on chapter 41
    Trying to get that elusive 3 rampage chieve again.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    They changed the co-op role leveling system. Now everyone starts with all built-in abilities (e.g. guardian can now give shields for 1 HP even if only at level 1, rather than having to level a bit to get to there while shields cost 2 HP instead), and all rewards except one set of cosmetic dice stop at level 10.

    Also, new event, new boss. Basically a mashing-together of Big the Haruo, M10 Robot, and Star Devourer.

    Kyoko (def05) (CPU, player joined chapter 3, left chapter 4?, another player joined and left chapter 9, another player joined and left chapter 13, another player joined chapter 21), Yuuki (atk02), Ceoreparque (heal03) (CPU, player joined chapter 3), Kai (atk02) (me joined chapter 1)
    Lagoon Flight CO - RoPoChi Normal
    Mixers - Miracle, Charity, Treasure
    loss on chapter 34. Boss had 2/60 left too...

    Starbo (atk03), Poppo (atk02), Sora (heal22) (me), Sham (heal22) (CPU, player joined chapter 4)
    Lagoon Flight CO - RoPoChi Normal
    Mixers: Miracle, Charity, Treasure
    Win on chapter ??
    Starbo's bomb finished off the last HP lol. The boss stopped to fight Poppo, and it won that fight...but then we won the game instead. :D

    Poppo (heal02), Manager (deal01), Marc (avng14) (me), Sherry (def01)
    Starship CO - RoPoChi Extreme
    Mixers: Miracle, Charity, Treasure
    loss on chapter 42-ish, boss at 7/60
    This boss is tougher than I expected.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    They also added "mixers". These are just additional conditions to co-op games. They change once a day and can be toggled off.

    Today's mixers: Minelayer (randomly adds trap cards, like the normal field event), Aggressive Heroes (+1 attack for everyone)

    Suguri46B (deal13) (CPU, player joined chapter 23), Tomato+Mimyuu (sup12) (CPU, player joined ch 14), Arthur (def13) (me), Suguri (sup2)
    Sakura Smackdown CO - RoPoChi Normal
    Win on chapter 31

    Mira (def13) (me), Mira (avng2), Tsih (sup11), Suguri (sup3)
    Starship CO - RoPoChi Extreme
    Win on chapter 37

    Mira (sup22) (me), Peat (deal17), Hime (guard1), Mio (avng3)
    Starship CO - RoPoChi Extreme
    win on chapter 38
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Back to PVP.

    Tequila (me), Saki, Sora-M, Nath (player joined chapter 1)
    Sealed Archive - Regeneration, Air Raid, Freeze
    1st Saki, 2nd Tequila, 3rd Sora-M, 4th Nath
    Nath had a very bad time this match.

    Mei (me), Sherry, Suguri (disconnected ch 25, reconnected ch 36), Nico (disconnected ch 25, reconnected ch 27)
    Witch Forest - Confusion, Home Roulette, Bomber
    1st Mei, 2nd Nico, 3rd Sherry, 4th Suguri
    This match was quite a bit more exciting. Nico and Suguri traded the lead for a while, but then I picked up Nico's stars and won it.

    I love my penguins.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    So I recently restarted playing 100% Orange Juice. After not playing it for a few months.

    There's a major event going on right now, which introduces a new game mode, called "Bounty Hunt", consisting of completing adventurers' quests in an RPG-style fantasy setting. Like the original game mode, it's also a PVP game mode, but instead of focusing on earning stars or wins, you earn something called "fame" by completing quests -- either defeating specific monsters or delivering items from specific locations to other specific locations.

    I've played several matches in this mode, of which I've won like two or three. I forgot to record who I played and how I placed, but I think it may have gone something like this:

    * In my first Bounty Hunt match, I played Sora. I made a lot of tactical mistakes and came in 3rd or 4th I think.
    * In my second match, I figured out some of the mechanics and went to play Flying Castle. That didn't work out so well and I ended up placing 2nd or 3rd I think.
    * I then played QP, I think, and won that match.
    * Later, I played a match as Kiriko, but didn't win.
    * I forgot whether I played more matches somewhere in the middle here.
    * My third most recent match I played as Mio, and I came in 2nd or 3rd. This was a particularly hilarious match as I lost to Mousse twice in a row despite starting with full HP.
    * My second most recent match I played as Sweet Breaker, and I won.
    * My most recent match I played as Krilalaris, and didn't win; I think I may have gotten 2nd.

    Most recently, I also played two matches in the regular PVP mode.

    Yuki-D, Nico (CPU, player joined ch 6), Sherry (me), Yuki
    Warfare - Mystery, Battlefield, Confusion
    1st Sherry, 2nd Yuki, 3rd Yuki-D, 4th Nico

    Tomomo, Miusaki (me), Kae, Tomomo-CSE
    Pudding Chase - Home Roulette, Bomber, Mystery
    1st Tomomo, 2nd Miusaki, 3rd Tomomo-CSE, 4th Kae
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Bounty Hunt
    Nath (CPU, player joined pretty late in the game), Starbo, Cuties (me, joined chapter 3), Alte (CPU)
    Beginner Town - Random Warp, Freeze, Playground
    1st Starbo, 2nd Nath, 3rd Cuties, 4th Alte
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Bounty Hunt
    Nanako, Fernet (me), Kae, Yuki
    Night Flight - Home Roulette, Bomber, Freeze
    1st Fernet, 2nd Yuki, 3rd Kae, 4th Nanako
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    more Bounty Hunt

    Yuki, Suguri46B (me, joined chapter 50-something), Lulu, Ceoreparque (player joined chapter 61)
    Clover - Miracle, Backtrack
    1st Lulu, 2nd Suguri 46B, 3rd Yuki?, 4th Repa?

    Hime, Syura (CPU, player joined ch 9), Mira (me), Ellie
    Star Circuit - Sprint, Home Roulette
    1st Mira, 2nd Ellie, 3rd Syura, 4th Hime

    I kinda feel like playing co-op though.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Lulu (defender), Tsih (supporter), Suguri (attacker), Tequila (defender)
    Sunset CO - Big the Haruo (Hyper)
    Mixers: (I forgot)
    Game disconnected. We weren't doing well though.

    Suguri (attacker), Sora-M (attacker), Tsih (supporter) (me), Tomomo-CSE (attacker) (player joined chapter 5)
    Treasure Island CO (Night) - Summer Beast (Extreme)
    Mixers: Charity, Regeneration, Joker
    Victory! in 25 chapters

    Kiriko (avenger) (me), Ellie (attacker), Star Breaker (attacker), Lulu (dealer)
    Farm CO - Big the Haruo (Extreme)
    Mixers: Charity, Regeneration, Joker
    Victory! in 18 chapters

    Bounty Hunt!

    Kyousuke (CPU, player joined chapter 40), Hime (CPU, player joined chapter 18, left chapter 33), Chicken (me), Syura
    Lagoon Flight - Battlefield, Home Roulette
    1st Syura, 2nd Chicken, 3rd Kyousuke, 4th Hime

    Miusaki (CPU), SuguriV2 (me), QP, Suguri46B (CPU, player joined chapter 3?)
    Shipyard - Miracle, Playground!
    1st SuguriV2, 2nd Suguri46B, 3rd Miusaki, 4th QP
    QP attempted at least three or four times to fight a Turnislime, and none of her attempts succeeded.

    Sora-M, Seagull (me), Kae, QP
    Vortex - Regeneration, Battlefield, Sprint
    1st Sora-M, 2nd Seagull, 3rd Kae, 4th QP
    I missed an excellent chance to jump Sora-M after she was nearly spent after fighting a boss.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    More co-op!

    Iru (defender) (me), Suguri46B (dealer), Natsumi (attacker), Kai (attacker)
    Treasure Island CO - Summer Beast Extreme
    Mixers: none
    loss on chapter 42?
    This particular Natsumi was new to the game and made a number of wrong moves early on, and so the boss accumulated enough hype to hit 7 max HP by like 8 or 9 lives left. Still, we managed to get the boss down to 2 lives and 2 HP on the second life, before losing.

    Starbo (attacker), Ellie (dealer), Alte (avenger), Sham (healer)
    Treasure Island (Night) CO - Summer Beast Extreme
    Mixers: Charity, Regeneration, Joker
    win on chapter 20

    Ellie (atk), Suguri46B (deal), Lulu (defender) (me joined like chapter 2 or something), Fernet (healer)
    Training Program CO - M10 Robot Extreme
    Mixers: Charity, Regeneration, Joker
    win on chapter 11

    Mio (dealer) (CPU), Cuties (heal) (me joined like chapter 2 or something), Suguri46B (dealer), Ellie (attacker)
    Training Program CO - M10 Robot Extreme
    Mixers: Charity, Regeneration, Joker
    Everyone disconnected on chapter 20 or so, then I reconnected and Suguri46B was still in game.
    Win on chapter 20.

    Suguri46B (dealer), Ellie (attacker), Tomomo-CSE (supporter) (player joined chapter 1), Natsumi (attacker) (me)
    Training Program CO - M10 Robot Extreme
    Mixers: Charity, Regeneration, Joker
    There was another mass disconnect on chapter 12.
    Win on chapter...15 or so?
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Bounty Hunt!

    Nanako, Tequila (player joined chapter 2), Kae, Ellie
    Tomomo's Abyss - Random Warp, Sprint, Freeze
    1st Ellie, 2nd Kae, 3rd Nanako, 4th Tequila

    Lulu, Starbo (me), Ellie, Suguri
    Beginner Town - Random Warp, Mystery
    1st Starbo, 2nd Lulu, 3rd Ellie, 4th Suguri

    Suguri, Flying Castle (P) (me), Lulu, Flying Castle (G)
    Sunset - Backtrack, Home Roulette, Bomber
    1st Flying Castle (G), 2nd Lulu, 3rd Flying Castle (P), 4th Suguri

    Chicken, Sora-M (me), Suguri, Lulu
    Ocean Dive - Regeneration, Minelayer, Bomber
    1st Sora-M, 2nd Lulu, 3rd Chicken, 4th Suguri

    Poppo, Sora-M, Kae, Starbo (me joined chapter 23)
    Treasure Island - Treasure, Amplify, Mystery
    1st Sora-M, 2nd Starbo, 3rd Poppo, 4th Kae

    I managed to pull Starbo from her CPU-stupidity-induced 4th place into 2nd, but Sora-M still managed to win.

    Kae, Syura (CPU), Lulu, Sherry (me joined for CPU in chapter 16)
    Practice Field - Charity, Confusion, Mystery
    1st Kae, 2nd Sherry, 3rd Lulu, 4th Syura

    I think I've played more than 15 matches this week, because I've run myself out tokens to put into the pet gacha. You can't get more than 15 pulls (at the standard rate) in a week.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Okay here's some regular PVP games. These count toward personal records, while reportedly the Bounty Hunt games don't.

    Tomato+Mimyuu (me), Yuuki (player left chapter 3, rejoined chapter 9), Saki (CPU), Suguri
    Santa's Workshop - Regeneration, Air Raid, Miracle
    1st Suguri, 2nd Tomato+Mimyuu, 3rd Yuuki, 4th Saki

    Krilalaris (CPU, player joined ch 7), Yuuki, Suguri, Arthur (me)
    Training Program - Regeneration, Sprint, Charity
    1st Yuuki, 2nd Krilalaris, 3rd Arthur, 4th Suguri

    Trying to get used to some of the characters I don't use much. Arthur is relatively new to me. Seems to me like for him I should be prioritizing card draws, since he benefits very much from early setup of his shops. Not to mention that his hyper is level 1 and that can basically mean that if I draw his hyper I can make use of cards that should be higher level.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Pretty good luck today.

    I made an Arthur deck, then found myself with a daily challenge to play as Kyoko and Tomomo. So I decided to play three matches.

    If you asked me what I'd expect, I'd expect a loss as Kyoko, since I still don't know what to do with her other than hunker down, try to avoid drops and battles, and hope for the best. That's basically all she does anyway. Even her hyper is about avoiding drops and battles.

    Peat, Kyoko (me), Kyousuke (CPU, player joined chapter 6), Lulu
    Frost Cave - Minelayer, Bomber, Treasure
    1st Kyoko, 2nd Lulu, 3rd Kyousuke, 4th Peat

    I had horrible luck at the beginning of this match. I hovered around 1 and 2 HP, which is very dangerous for Kyoko since she basically sucks at fighting back and always takes 1 damage every battle since she almost certainly can't outright KO her opponent by challenging them. Peat eventually did KO me, though that didn't set me back much because I had so few stars in the first place.

    And mid-game saw me taking forever even to land back on a home panel. I finally hit my third norma when others were on norma level 4 I think.

    And then suddenly had massive strokes of good luck at the end. I'm not sure what happened, but I think I happened onto some of the treasure chests placed by the Treasure field event while also being able to shrug off boss hits due to Kyoko's massive defense bonus, while others traded the lead for a while and also might have fallen to the boss (I remember Peat did). Lulu (one of the two newest characters) did luck into the grand prize from her hyper -- her egg hatched a Lucky Lunch, which is a set of permanent stat boosts. But in the end I got enough stars to level up twice in a row, then after some more stuff happened I had just enough to win, and rolled perfectly to win.

    Kyoko is a character who emphasizes consistency and stability so it's quite ironic that I sorta am stuck with the winds of luck when playing her. (Also Frost Cave has like eight places where you can get stuck with a choice between dropping stars and fighting.)

    I have a better idea of how to play Tomomo strategically, so I had higher expectations for this following match.

    Yuki, Tomomo (me), Syura (CPU, player joined chapter 11), Natsumi
    Space Wanderer - Regeneration, Confusion, Playground
    1st Yuki, 2nd Natsumi, 3rd Tomomo, 4th Syura

    Unfortunately, Yuki KO'd me, twice -- once with her hyper, and then she got a string of excellent luck KOing all three opponents, almost in a row. I was so far behind I didn't even notice when Yuki won, at first, though she did luck into a win with barely enough stars at just the right time.

    I was surprised Yuki would dare to come after me, given that both Yuki and Tomomo are glass cannons, with Yuki having +2 attack, -1 defense, -1 evade, and 5 HP and the regular 5 REC, while Tomomo having +2 attack, neutral (i.e. 0) defense and evade, only 4 HP, and a worsened 6 REC. Tomomo is probably the more frail unit between the two, though, since Yuki has more HP and also the fact that all rolls (with the exception of one co-op boss's "Delusional Numbers" ability) are modified to a minimum of 1 means that Yuki's negative defense has somewhat lessened impact.

    And now, finally, my new Arthur deck.

    This match was nuts.

    It was actually not too bad at the beginning. I opened up an early lead thanks to a Piggy Bank on my home panel as my first move, but then I had some trouble finding my way home, while Marc took advantage of that and successfully used me as a punching bag. But later, I finally gathered enough cards to start setting up my (I tried to gather cards earlier but Marc had other plans.)

    By this point, I wasn't very hopeful. I'd hit level 4 by this point, which I felt was too late to set up shops (even though I did anyway), and Tomomo-CSE was level 2, while Marc and Sora traded blows and the lead. Sora had a spectacular play where she KO'd both Marc and Tomomo-CSE in one turn by using her hyper (which has a new animation now). (Tomomo-CSE had drawn her Magical Red Bean Ice Cream at level two only for it to be knocked out of her hand immediately, by Sora I think, so she was Tomomo (casual) the entire match.)

    Then I suddenly got a small streak of good luck, leveled up to 5, and gained barely enough stars to win. I was two spaces from home, and people were already wishing me gg. Cautiously, I typed "gg?" into chat. And sure enough, I rolled a 1.

    And that was a boss square. And the boss proceeded to max roll its attack and knock me out in one hit.

    The match then became a free-for-all. Sora and Marc were both about to win at that point, but instead of landing home they also landed on the boss, which proceeded to KO Sora, and also Tomomo-CSE. The boss eventually fell after several more smacks, and then Sora made another play to KO both me (which didn't happen) and the boss (which did). She had a giant pile of stars, over 400 (meaning she could take a KO and still have enough to win). Marc had enough stars to win too. I didn't, nor did Tomomo-CSE. But at least I was level 5 and poised to win if I could get enough stars.

    Marc was 5 spaces from winning, but just had to roll low. Sora tried to exact-roll land on home panel, but failed. Eventually Marc x16 Big Rocket'd Sora to get her out of commission for a while, but Marc couldn't land on a home panel either due to her movement rolls. All while I was gathering stars (and finally making use of the bonus stars I get from simply having shops open), and Tomomo-CSE was also leveling up quickly. (At one point, Tomomo-CSE had more stars than I did, meaning I would have been in 4th place.)

    I finally scrounged together enough stars to again get back in contention to win. On the last turn, any perfect roll from anyone except Tomomo-CSE would have won; I was lucky to be the first to actually win it.

    Marc, Arthur, Tomomo-CSE, Sora
    Space Wanderer - Random Warp, Miracle, Mystery
    1st Arthur, 2nd Marc, 3rd Sora, 4th Tomomo-CSE

    So yeah, this last match was nuts. 100% Orange Juice be like that sometimes. I like it when it's like that.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Played co-op matches today.

    Kyousuke (defender), Sora-M (attacker), Sora (attacker), Mira (healer) (me)
    White Winter CO - RoPoChi (Extreme)
    win on chapter 32

    Mira (healer) (me), Marc (dealer), Sora (attacker), Islay (defender) (CPU)
    Starship CO - RoPoChi (Extreme)
    Win on chapter 31

    Fernet (defender), Nanako (defender) (CPU), Sherry (avenger) (me), Poppo (avenger) (CPU)
    Planet Earth - M10 Robot (Normal)
    win on chapter 27

    The last match was basically me demonstrating how avenger works, to the only other player playing. That player was new to co-op, but had played other modes before.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    NoName (me), Natsumi (CPU, player joined chapter 10), Arthur, Kyousuke (CPU)
    Ocean Dive - Minelayer, Backtrack, Sprint
    1st NoName, 2nd Arthur, 3rd Kyousuke, 4th Natsumi
    Poor Natsumi was stuck at level 1 this entire game.

    Peat, Lulu, Kai, Mixpo (me)
    Star Circuit - Minelayer, Bomber, Playground!
    1st Peat, 2nd Lulu, 3rd Mixpo, 4th Kai
    I feel bad for the Kai player here; he/she misplayed a number of times due to being a beginner but then sorta just didn't seem to have much fun with this match.

    Mio, Mira (CPU), QPD (me), Yuki-D
    Christmas Miracle - Confusion, Home Roulette, Treasure
    1st Mio, 2nd Mira, 3rd Yuki-D, 4th QPD
    Yuki-D! My nemesis! She kept on screwing over my good draws with her trap cards, stealing my pudding and turning them into Tragedies in the Dead of Night. Then someone noticed the bot was about to win. Then Mio killed the bot. Then Yuki-D was about to win. Then Mio killed Yuki-D. And won.

    The fact that QPD and Yuki-D were in the same match was greeted with the following commentary from another player:
    Good news: half the deck is pudding
    Bad news: half the deck is pudding

    For reference: QPD gains passives from holding pudding cards. Yuki-D, on the other hand, turns every pudding card she holds into Tragedy in the Dead of Night, a trap card that lets her steal a card from another player. So both characters are incentivized to bring puddings.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Tequila (CPU, player joined chapter 4), Starbo, Iru (me), Natsumi
    Space Wanderer - Regeneration, Charity, Battlefield
    1st Starbo, 2nd Natsumi, 3rd Iru, 4th Tequila
    My first game as Iru, I think. First time I've started playing as Iru from the beginning of the match, at least. But basically Starbo just steamrolled everyone in this match.

    Natsumi, Mei, Sweet Breaker, Hime (me)
    Star Circuit - Sprint, Home Roulette
    1st Hime, 2nd Natsumi, 3rd Mei, 4th Sweebo
    Sweebo player's heart wasn't in it; she really just wanted to play Starbo.

    So he did...

    Flying Castle (me), Mei (B), Star Breaker (player left chapter 6), Mei (RB) (player left chapter 11)
    Star Circuit - Sprint, Home Roulette
    1st Starbo, 2nd Mei (RB), 3rd Mei (B), 4th Flying Castle
    ...and he promptly left for meatspace reasons. But his character still won.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    The Bounty Hunt mode has ended with the event. But the devs have stated their intention to bring it back later, likely with some tweaks.

    Flying Castle (me), Poppo (player joined chapter 1), Fernet, Ellie
    Witch Forest - Minelayer, Miracle, Bomber
    1st Poppo, 2nd Fernet, 3rd Ellie, 4th Flying Castle

    So, there I was, intending to press my luck as Flying Castle, which for some reason I have a decent winrate as. And I get two 4th place finishes.

    That said, I don't think either of them is due to its most famous weakness (that it can't counterattack if attacked). At least in this latter game, I repeatedly rolled stupidly low to move, so it just took me forever to get to where I needed to go.

    Lulu, Tequila (me), Fernet, Sora
    Vertex - Battlefield, Confusion, Treasure
    1st Fernet, 2nd Tequila, 3rd Sora, 4th Lulu

    I severely misplayed at the end of this game. Instead of going for the boss kill when I knew the boss was at 1 HP, I went to home. Fernet got the kill, and the eventual victory. This happens occasionally.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    it's been one week less than two months since i last posted here.

    Iru (avenger 13), Tomomo (attacker 10), Poppo (avenger 13, CPU pick, I joined chapter 4), QP (healer)
    Cyberspace - Summer Beast Normal
    Mixers: Air Raid, Flipped, Blazing
    loss on chapter 44
    Boss had 1 HP left...

    Sora, Teotoratta (CPU), Tomato+Mimyuu (me joined chapter 29), QP (CPU)
    Warfare - Treasure, Amplify, Mystery
    1st QP, 2nd Sora, 3rd Tomato+Mimyuu, 4th Teotoratta

    Nanako, Peat, Saki (me), Kiriko
    Space Wanderer - Random Warp
    1st Peat, 2nd Nanako, 3rd Saki, 4th Kiriko

    Star Breaker (me), Marc, Krilalaris, Alicianrone
    Highway Heist - Regeneration, Treasure, Amplify
    Had to AFK from match.

    Marc (Pilot), NoName (player joined chapter 1), Arthur (me), Marc (CPU, player joined chapter 16)
    Training Program - Miracle, Mystery, Amplify
    1st NoName, 2nd Marc (Pilot), 3rd Arthur, 4th Marc

    Lulu, Teotoratta, Star Breaker (me), Chicken
    Tomomo's Abyss - Regeneration, Air Raid, Home Roulette
    1st Star Breaker, 2nd Teotoratta, 3rd Lulu, 4th Chicken

    Alicianrone, Natsumi, Krilalaris (me), Seagull
    Santa's Workshop - Air Raid, Confusion, Amplify
    1st Natsumi, 2nd Alicianrone, 3rd Seagull, 4th Krilalaris

    Nico (me), Yuki-D, SuguriV2, Kai
    Star Circuit - Air Raid, Miracle, Amplify
    1st SuguriV2, 2nd Kai, 3rd Yuki-D, 4th Nico

    Star Breaker (attacker), Suguri 46B (healer) (me), Kae (attacker), Suguri 46B (dealer)
    Sunset CO - Big the Haruo Hyper
    Win on chapter 26

    Marc (attacker), Star Breaker (attacker), Tequila (dealer) (me), Marc (healer)
    Treasure Island CO - Big the Jonathan Extreme
    Win on chapter 22

    I feel a little rusty.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    So the Summer Beast special hyper chieve got tweaked a while ago so that you don't need 5 rampages, just 3.

    This certainly makes things easier, so I decided to attempt it again tonight.

    Cuties (healer), Suguri 46B (dealer) (me), Kyousuke (attacker), Tomomo (attacker)
    Ocean Dive CO - Summer Beast Hyper
    went for the special hyper chieve...and lost.

    A second attempt:

    Hime (attacker), Kyousuke (attacker), Cuties (healer), Suguri 46B (dealer) (me)
    Ocean Dive CO - Summer Beast Hyper
    Lost again.

    A third attempt:

    Cuties (healer), Kyousuke (attacker), Hime (attacker), Suguri 46B (dealer) (me)
    Ocean Dive CO - Summer Beast Hyper
    quick fail

    A fourth attempt:

    Suguri 46B (dealer) (me), Cuties (healer), Marc (attacker), Kyousuke (attacker)
    Ocean Dive CO - Summer Beast Hyper
    quick fail
    lost after 37 chapters...to a failvade
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    open co-op lobby for Summer Beast at Hyper difficulty

    Ocean Dive CO - Summer Beast Hyper

    Kae (attacker), Poppo (avenger) (CPU, player joined chapter 12), Natsumi (healer) (CPU, player joined chapter 9), Suguri46B (dealer) (me)
    Mixers: Joker, Amplify
    Win after only one rampage.

    Suguri46B (dealer) (me), Suguri46B (dealer) (me), Kae (attacker), Nath (attacker) (CPU, player joined chapter 3)
    match interrupted

    Alicianrone (support) (player disconnected chapter 22, rejoined chapter 26), Tomomo (defender), Suguri46B (dealer), Star Breaker (attacker)
    win on chapter 30! only 1 rampage though

    Ceoreparque (healer) (CPU, player joined chapter 19), Starbo (attacker), Tomomo (defender), Suguri46B (dealer) (me)
    Win on chapter 30 afte 2 rampages

    Noname (attacker) (player left ch 1, rejoined chapter 2), Starbo (attacker), Marc (attacker), Suguri46B (dealer) (me)
    Lost on chapter 12. (wow that was fast!)

    Aru (healer), Marc (dealer), NoName (attacker), Suguri46B (dealer) (me)
    Win on chapter 19, after 1 rampage.

    Fernet (defender), Tomomo (attacker) (player left chapter 4, rejoined chapter 5, left chapter 6), Suguri46B (dealer), Suguri (healer)
    Win on chapter 30, after 0 rampages.

    Yuuki (dealer), Nath (healer), Suguri46B (dealer) (me), Shifu Robot (attacker)
    lost on chapter 7

    Nico (healer), Islay (attacker), Nico (dealer) (me), Miusaki (avenger)
    lost on chapter 29 after 3 rampages

    Suguri46B (dealer) (me), Kiriko (avenger) (CPU, player joined chapter 5), Alicianrone (healer) (CPU, player joined chapter 5), Kae (attacker)
    Win on chapter 21, after 0 rampages
    This team was a little too good, heh.

    Suguri46B (dealer) (NOT me this time), Shifu Robot (defender) (me), Kae (attacker), Fernet (attacker) (player disconnected ch 3)
    Win on chapter 24, after 0 rampages

    Miusaki (avenger), Suguri46B (healer) (me), Nanako (defender) (CPU, player joined ch 5), Mio (defender) (CPU, player joined chapter 6, then left, another player joined chapter 12)
    loss on chapter 31, after 3 rampages

    Mei (dealer) (me), Mei (dealer) (someone else), Tomomo-CSE (attacker), Mei (dealer) (yet another someone else)
    win on chapter 26, after 0 rampages, but with like 8 pairs of penguins

    Miusaki (avenger), Marc (attacker), Natsumi (healer) (me), Suguri46B (attacker)
    loss on chapter 20

    Suguri46B (dealer), Kai (attacker), Natsumi (healer), Miusaki (avenger)
    win on chapter 28, with 0 rampages

    tl;dr still no special hyper chieve
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    New event! Basically a fishing minigame every 5 chapters. It's called "Fish-a-Fish", but I think they missed an opportunity to call this "Fishing Frenzy". The minigame also gets you some stars and wins, which help you in your match. Otherwise it's just a regular PVP match.

    Ellie, Kyousuke (player left chapter 20), Natsumi (me), Kae
    Shipyard - ?
    Ellie, 2nd Natsumi, Kae, Kyousuke

    Mira (me), Cuties, Ellie, Syura
    Sunset - Random Warp, Home Roulette, Playground!
    Cuties, 2nd Mira, Ellie, Syura

    I kinda threw this match to the Cuties. If I hadn't stopped on home, she might not have won that turn...but I had to go somewhere, so I was like, whatever.

    Alte (CPU, player joined chapter 11), Yuki-D (me), Mira, Arthur (CPU, player joined chapter 16)
    Planet Earth - Regeneration
    Mira, 2nd Yuki-D, Arthur, Alte
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Marc, Star Breaker, Hime (me), Sherry
    Clover - Sprint, Bomber, Mystery
    Sherry, Marc, Star Breaker, 4th Hime

    Mira (me), Nico, Syura, Tomomo
    Frost Cave - Charity, Confusion, Bomber
    Nico, Tomomo, Syura, 4th Mira

    Syura, Mei (me), Sherry, Shifu Robot
    Planet Earth - Charity, Minelayer, Battlefield
    Sherry, 2nd Mei, Syura, Shifu Robot
    I was really close on this one, I think.

    Suguri (me), Suguri (not me), NoName, Syura
    Farm - Charity, Battlefield, Backtrack
    1st Suguri (me), 2nd Syura, 3rd NoName, 4th Suguri (not me)

    Lulu, Ellie, Sora-M (me), Arthur
    Practice Field - Minelayer, Miracle, Mystery
    1st Sora-M, 2nd Arthur, 3rd Ellie, 4th Lulu

    Tsih (me), Marc-P, Nanako, Star Breaker
    Practice Field - Minelayer, Miracle, Mystery
    1st Tsih, 2nd Star Breaker, 3rd Marc-P, 4th Nanako

    I felt rusty at first, getting back into PVP. I've kinda played a ton of co-op, and also not played for a while. Kinda got my groove back at the end. Haven't won much with Suguri either, for what it's worth, but that match was super lucky.

    I kinda misplayed the last match, opting for stars norma, but I should have just gone for wins norma, which would have saved me the trouble of having to regain stars after Star Breaker mugged me of them. But, then, I still pulled out a win, though it was probably closer than it needed to be.

    I've found that I'm actually pretty good at this minigame. Thus, I can semi-reliably get wins from it, which is why wins norma is suddenly far more viable than in the usual game.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    More Fish-a-Fish!

    Tomomo-CSE, Iru (me), Tsih (CPU, player joined chapter 4), Kae
    Shipyard - Charity, Confusion, Bomber
    1st Tomomo-CSE, 2nd Iru, 3rd Tsih, 4th Kae

    Nath (me), Shifu Robot, Kae, Suguri (CPU)
    Sealed Archive - Home Roulette, Confusion?, and Mystery
    1st Nath, 2nd Kae, 3rd Shifu Robot, 4th Suguri

    CPU doesn't know how to play this mode.

    QPD, Starbo (me), Starbo (not me), Mira
    Sweet Heaven - Charity, Minelayer, Mystery
    1st Starbo (not me), 2nd Starbo (me), 3rd Mira, 4th QPD

    Poppo, Kai (CPU, player joined chapter 9), Aru (me), Sweet Breaker (CPU, player joined chapter 6)
    Training Program - Charity, Air Raid, Sprint
    1st Sweet Breaker, 2nd Aru, 3rd Poppo, 4th Kai
    I came close in this match, which was sufficiently insane that I had 15 wins and Poppo had 10, thanks to the minigame. Sweet Breaker took full advantage of my hyper though and used it to wreak havoc.

    QP (me), Suguri46B, Peat, Sweebo
    Lagoon Flight - Regeneration, Minelayer, Mystery
    1st QP, 2nd Suguri46B, 3rd Sweebo, 4th Peat
    This match featured the unluckiest Peat ever. He played Blue Crow the Second like five times, against rival players, and only managed to KO someone once. To be fair, he did play it against opponents at full HP, but on the other hand there was also some insane dodging on the part of Suguri46B.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    More Fish-a-Fish!

    Sherry (CPU), Yuki-D (not me), Yuki-D (me), Kyousuke
    Witch Forest - Minelayer, Confusion, Sprint
    1st Kyousuke, 2nd Yuki-D (not me), 3rd Yuki-D (me), 4th Sherry
    I reached a really high number of wins, then the other Yuki-D (not me), and but we just couldn't get home. Then Kyousuke barely had enough and scraped by into a victory.

    Fernet (me), Islay, Iru, Sweet Breaker
    White Winter - Regeneration, Backtrack, Playground!
    1st Fernet, 2nd Islay, 3rd Sweet Breaker, 4th Iru

    Krilalaris (me), Kiriko, Sweet Breaker, Yuuki
    Sealed Archive - Regeneration, Confusion, Amplify
    1st Krilalaris, 2nd Kiriko, 3rd Sweet Breaker, 4th Yuuki
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Yet more Fish-a-Fish!

    Mira, Suguri46B, Sherry, Krilalaris (me)
    Treasure Island - Regeneration, Miracle
    1st Mira, 2nd Sherry, 3rd Suguri46B, 4th Krilalaris

    Star Breaker, Saki (me), Aru, Mira
    Pudding Chase - Regeneration, Treasure, Amplify
    1st Saki, 2nd Mira, 3rd Aru, 4th Starbo

    Sherry, Seagull, Tomomo-CSE (me), Mixpo
    White Winter - Bomber, Mystery, Freeze
    1st Jonathan, 2nd Mixpo, 3rd Tomomo-CSE, Sherry

    Tomomo-CSE (me), Alicianrone, Star Breaker, Kyoko (CPU)
    Planet Earth - Charity, Miracle, Sprint
    1st Tomomo-CSE, 2nd Alicianrone, 3rd Star Breaker, 4th Kyoko

    Marc (CPU, player joined chapter 15), Alicianrone (me joined chapter 12), Islay (CPU, player joined chapter 16), Yuki
    Space Wanderer - Battlefield, Freeze, Playground!
    1st Alicianrone, 2nd Yuki, 3rd Islay, 4th Marc

    Star Breaker, Peat, Marc-P (player disconnected chapter 7, different player joined chapter 8), Tequila
    Lagoon Flight - Random Warp, Bomber, Amplify
    1st Marc-P, 2nd Star Breaker, 3rd Tequila, 4th Peat

    Peat, Tomomo-CSE (CPU, player joined chapter 11), Star Breaker (me), Star Breaker (not me)
    Practice Field - Sprint, Home Roulette, Freeze
    1st Star Breaker (not me), 2nd Star Breaker (me), 3rd peat, 4th Tomomo-CSE

    After the first match in this batch, I had just two more traps I needed to place for a daily challenge.
    > play as Saki
    > draw no traps (but somehow win anyway?)
    > get Tomomo-CSE's new costume
    > play as her
    > forget to equip costume
    > play another match as her
    > equip costume this time
    > join ongoing game as Alicianrone (first time playing her!) and win
    > play another trapspammer, Tequila
    > draw no traps, again
    > play as Starbo
    > finally draw traps
    > finally done with daily
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    two more Fish-a-Fish!

    Arthur (me), Marc, Teotoratta, Miusaki
    Sealed Archive - Random Warp, Home Roulette
    1st Arthur, 2nd Teotoratta, 3rd Miusaki, 4th Marc

    Hime, Aru, Teotoratta, Mixpo (me)
    Space Wanderer - Regeneration, Minelayer, Playground
    1st Mixpo, 2nd Hime, 3rd Teotoratta, 4th Aru
    Hime was ahead of me but I snagged the win.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    And back to classic PVP 100% Orange Juice.

    Tomomo-CSE (me), Yuuki, QP (player left chapter 5), Ceoreparque
    Training Program - Regeneration, Confusion, Mystery
    1st Yuuki, 2nd QP, 3rd Repa, 4th Tomomo-CSE
    I barely even got to level 3 this match lol. Was pretty much repeatedly run over by the other characters. Never drew my hyper despite making multiple attempts.

    Syura, Tsih, NoName (me), Sherry
    Star Circuit - Home Roulette, Mystery, Treasure
    1st NoName, 2nd Syura, 3rd Sherry, 4th Tsih
    I managed to summon two additional bosses in this match, once with Oh My Friend, and once with my own hyper. Also ended up using my hyper once as a battle card; thank goodness I activated the boss the third time so I could do that.
    I also happened to pick up two other hypers, so at once point I declared myself to the be the protagonist (i.e. Protagonist's Privilege), and at another point I performed in an idol concert (i.e. Special Stage).
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Helped someone do their fish-a-fish event. Also we helped each other on the dailies.

    Fernet, Mei (CPU), Starbo (CPU), Yuki (me)
    Over the Sea - Charity, Miracle, Treasure
    1st Starbo, 2nd Mei, 3rd Yuki, 4th Fernet
    A strange match, involving the other player lagging horribly, and me trying to accommodate them by not fishing.

    Cuties, Kae (CPU), Tomato+Mimyuu (CPU), Mei (me)
    Space Wanderer - Sprint, Random Warp, Home Roulette
    1st Mei, 2nd T+M, 3rd Cuties, 4th Kae
    I needed a "win a game" daily so I played to win this game. I almost lost too...though, ironically, I was saved by a misclick. I picked wins norma for my last norma when I already had over 200 stars, but only 10 wins. I kicked myself, then got kicked by the boss (losing half my stars), then defeated Kae, then got two more wins from fishing, and won.

    Poppo (me), Yuki (CPU), Cuties, Marc (CPU)
    Treasure Island (Night) - Miracle, Sprint, Random Warp
    1st Poppo, 2nd Marc, 3rd Yuki, 4th Cuties
    I could have won earlier in the match but didn't, in order to help the other player get a 250-panel movement daily.

    That player's computer seemed to lag a lot, and fishing is unfortunately affected by that.

    But these were also private games which they set up just to get dailies done, so we both got what we wanted.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    There's a big sale on Orange Juice DLC at GamersGate, and I just bought all the remaining character packs. Now I have all the DLC except the Cuties' character song DLC...and any DLC they haven't yet released, of course.

    Characters I just bought:
    * Cuties (basically an alternate universe version of Sham + Sora together, as one character, as a pop idol duo)
    * Yuuki (a puppeteer who is probably certifiably insane, because she never goes out of character, ever)
    * Islay (a pilot. her thing is that she can't ever stop to battle someone else)
    * Suguri (46 Billion Years) (an alternate version of Suguri. She loses her attack buff and defense debuff for flat +0 to both, and apparently she forgot how to Accelerate, but now just conjures direct damage cards from out of nowhere, which she has a special ability to double the damage of.)
    * Sumika (some weirdo so hangs out with Suguri46B. Has the power to copy cards from the discard pile.)
    * Ellie (a new protagonist for 100% Orange Juice season 2? searching for her mother. Has the same statline as Kai. Her hyper gives her temporary bonuses to her stats.)
    * Lulu (a dragon girl? lizard girl? salamander girl? amnesiac of her origins. good defensive stats, and has a hyper that can only be used at low HP.)
    * Alicianrone (the Speed Witch. her hyper ability basically allows her to run over people.)
    * Teotoratta (the Beast Witch. passively gains money that people lose to mook encounters.)

    So I went and created a deck for Lulu. I also created a new deck for Mei, who isn't on here, but whom I got some new ideas for. Specifically I realized that Bad Pudding (a trap card that causes someone to lose a random card from their hand) would be helpful to her.

    Then I played some matches.

    First, some regular PVP matches.

    Kae, Aru, Lulu (me), QPD
    Christmas Miracle - Air Raid, Minelayer, Mystery
    1st Kae, 2nd Lulu, 3rd QPD, 4th Aru

    Ellie, Mei (me), Kiriko (CPU, player joined chapter 14-ish?), and Iru
    Shipyard - Random Warp, Bomber, Mystery
    1st Mei, 2nd Iru, 3rd Kiriko, 4th Ellie

    Teotoratta, Lulu (me), Yuuki, Sora
    Starship - Air Raid, Bomber, Mystery
    1st Yuuki, 2nd Sora, 3rd Teotoratta, 4th Lulu

    Nath, Islay (me), Yuki-D, Suguri46B
    Beginner Town - Minelayer, Mystery, Freeze
    1st Islay, 2nd Nath, 3rd Yuki-D, 4th Suguri46B

    Surprisingly good first time playing as Islay, though this was a little too easy this time since Beginner Town is a large map and so I could get away with avoiding fighting and just staying alive the entire time.

    Less good results as Lulu, so I may have to tweak her deck.

    And finally, two more rounds of Fish-a-Fish!

    Mira (me joined chapter 1), Alicianrone (CPU, player joined chapter 2), Cuties (CPU, player joined chapter 8), Mio
    Sweet Heaven - Air Raid, Miracle
    1st Mira, 2nd Mio, 3rd Alicianrone, 4th Cuties

    Krilalaris, Suguri46B, QPD (me), Mei
    Ocean Dive - Air Raid, Mystery
    1st QPD, 2nd Suguri46B, 3rd Krilalaris?, 4th Mei?

    The latter round concluded a little over half an hour before the event ended.

    I've been long done with the event, but I volunteered to help someone get event progress done since you get more event stuff if there's at least two people in the lobby (I think). So I joined, and then other people did.

    I didn't really aim to win but somehow I won both matches.
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