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100% Orange Juice



  • Played 3 matches today, won 1.

    The first match I joined very late in the match.

    After that, I tried to pick characters I'd gotten less than a 30% win rate on.

    Ceoreparque is actually...technically not that but she's listed as lacking a win rate because I've played fewer than 10 games as her. But I did have a win rate of 2/6. Now it's 3/7.

    Chicken may have gotten a buff since the last time I played her. I thought she had 4 REC but apparently she actually has 3.
  • After getting winning 1/3 and 2/6 for the last couple sets I played, this time I got 0/3. 4th place each time, in fact. So we're back at par.

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    This year they released an update making co-op mode permanent. They heavily tweaked it (compared to last year's version). Each class needs to be leveled up to get all its skills, and there are also difficulty levels to the mode (Casual, Normal, Extreme, Hyper).

    Fernet support (me), Marc attacker, Aru support, Natsumi avenger (CPU, player joied ch 3)
    Space Wanderer CO, Big the Haruo Extreme

    Saki support, QPD attack, QP avenger (me), Aru support
    Star Circuit CO, Big the Haruo Extreme

    Kiriko avenger, SuguriV2 defender, Alte attacker, Miusaki avenger (me)
    Sunset CO, Big the Haruo Hyper

    Kiriko avenger, Miusaki avenger (me), SuguriV2 defender, Alte attacker
    Sunset CO, Big the Haruo Hyper

    Kyoko defender (CPU), Mixpo support (me), Kiriko support (CPU), Tequila defender
    Sunset CO, Big the Haruo Hyper
    loss... (well of course given the coordination that would be needed this would be a loss but somehow we survived 36 chapters)
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    I tried beating hyper-difficulty Sunset CO (i.e. Co-Op), with boss Haruo, several more times, but still ended up in failure every time. We came close one time though.

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    I'm burning through my weekly allocation of 15 games that get rewarded with pet catcher tokens. The week began to day, and here's 8.

  • I wanted some more Co-op action, and a certain multiplayer lobby caught my eye -- it was focused on the Hyper (i.e. hardest difficulty) for the first two bosses (Big the Haruo and M10 Robot).

    Natsumi (sup), Aru (atk), Natsumi (sup), Miusaki (avg) (me)
    Sunset CO - Big the Haruo Hyper
    This first match for some reason had someone picking attacker Aru. It was weird and it didn't get very far.

    Kyoko (avg), Natsumi (sup), Kae (R) (atk), Kae (B) (atk)
    Sunset CO - Big the Haruo Hyper
    win! (finally!)
    This second match worked out right. I was hoping to deal repeated chip damage to the boss after the other players took out the chicken minions, but instead, the minions never really died off, while the two Kaes took turns dealing savage blows to the boss (then mostly getting pasted immediately after and having to revive, as is par for the course for Kae, particularly facing a boss rolling 3 or 4 dice to attack). This match went way faster than the usual attempt did.

    Shifu Robot (sup) (me), Shifu Robot (R) (atk), Tomato+Mimyuu (sup), Shifu Robot (T) (atk)
    Cyberspace CO - M10 Robot Hyper
    win! (amazing!)
    This boss's main gimmick is that it has a shield that reduces all hits to 1 damage until it runs out (and it takes a few hits to run out, and is restored every 5 chapters), and on Hyper, its second gimmick is that it also has another (permanent) shield that causes it to always deal back the damage you deal it. The setup shown here was basically to make it possible for the characters (particularly on this very small map, which is to the players' advantage) to heal each other -- Shifu Robot revives cheaply (if healed by a support class)/quickly (if reviving alone), and heals itself over time, and the support class can heal others by running past them. Tomato+Mimyuu also get up very quickly/cheaply. So this match basically consisted of doing 1 damage, over and over again, about 60 times (as the boss has 60 HP and while we did deal >1 damage a few times, the boss also did heal a few times).

    It got a little dicey at the end, as we went past the chapter 40 mark (which means no more home panels for easy stopping/healing and just a permanent map of boss and warp panels), but we beat it on chapter 44 I think.
  • One more match today.

    Miusaki (avg) (player left ch 10?, new player joined ch 13), QPD (sup) (me), Aru (sup), Alte (avg)
    Highway Heist CO - Big the Haruo Extreme

    Unfortunately I discovered that co-op mode doesn't do "bring this card" and "play this map" dailies.
  • Okay. My 15-game allocation for getting gacha tokens for the week is done. My latest 5-game task is done. No more OJ until next week.
  • Okay I played anyway.

    These three attempts against Star Devourer on Hyper difficulty weren't as well-coordinated, and were thus unsuccessful.

  • Got the special chieves for beating Big the Haruo Hyper with a special condition (don't kill more than 2 minion chickens) and Star Devourer Hyper with a special condition (no +atk characters).

    Also tried to fight Star Devourer with lots of Poppos all trying to Ubiq her. Unfortunately, it takes a while to get out enough Ubiquitous cards and this strategy turns out to be a lot more difficult than one would like.

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    More co-op matches.

    And now, finally, the first two non-co-op matches since this event began! (Note: the event uses co-op, but co-op will continue to exist after the event ends.)

    Too bad they were both losses.
  • In which I continue my losing streak at PVP games while I also continue playing co-op anyway.
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    Two first place finishes in three pvp matches today. I probably should try to go for a healthy balance between pvp and co-op matches.
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    Miusaki (avg11), Marc (atk04), Shifu Robot (def09) (me), Krilalaris (sup18)
    Lagoon Flight CO - Big the Haruo Extreme
    win! - and somehow I was able to make my hyper (Turbo Charged) actually worth it, as defender.

    Tomomo (sup) (player joined ch 1), Alte (def), Krilalaris (def) (me), Sherry (avg) (CPU, player joined ch 17)
    Space Wanderer CO - Big the Haruo Extreme

    Yuki-D (me), Tomomo-CSE, Yuki-D (G), Marc
    Training Program - Regeneration, Home Roulete, Playground!
    1st Yuki-D (G), 2nd Marc?, 3rd Tomomo-CSE, 4th Yuki-D (me)
  • edited 2019-06-23 06:41:56
    Fresh off a disappointing fourth-place finish (where Yuki-D just ran away with the win), I played one co-op game and then three pvp games. While I didn't do well as Saki, despite getting off one of my BBBs on Suguri's home panel (but she eventually came back to win anyway), I did then get a lucky win as Krilalaris (I had a 1/6 chance to win, and I didn't win, Kiriko would have had a 1/2 chance of winning, albeit also a 1/6 chance of being flung somewhere else), then a solid win as Sherry.

    Kae (B) (atk15), Aru (atk17) (player joined ch 1, left ch 18), Poppo (avg19), Kae (me) (atk12)
    Poppo's Abyss - Star Devourer Hyper

    Saki (me), Tomomo-CSE (player left ch 4, new player joined ch 11), Suguri, Mixpo
    Starship - Charity, Miracle, Treasure
    1st Suguri, 2nd Mixpo, 3rd Saki, 4th Tomomo-CSE

    Kiriko, Nico (player left ch 8, new player joined ch 15), Suguri, Krilalaris (me)
    Space Wanderer - Charity, Miracle, Treasure
    1st Krilalaris, 2nd Kiriko, 3rd Suguri?, 4th Nico?

    Sherry (me), Peat, Yuki (3), Yuki (4)
    Pudding Chase - Minelayer, Miracle, Treasure
    1st Sherry, 2nd Peat, 3rd Yuki (3), 4th Yuki (4)

    The two modes are feeling very curiously different. It's like, some basic mechanics are the same, but my strategic mindset is very different, for the two.
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    Won one co-op match, and won 1/3 pvp matches today.

    I was too distracted by the new character's features to play correctly that last game.
  • edited 2019-07-05 05:36:59
    A recent bunch of talk about game balance in pvp has made me feel like playing pvp again.

    Won two of five matches. The third one I almost won...but the result that happened was arguably even better than winning.

    If you think that being hilariously trolled by the RNG is better than winning, 100% Orange Juice is a game for you.

    Edit: then I played four more matches.

    Won two of three PVP matches. Though the second one was weird. The Starbo player was a ragequitter, but then the other two players, I'm not sure why they quit the turn after. One of them rejoined next match as Tomomo for a moment, only to get KO'd and then quit immediately (ironically Tomomo ended up winning!).

    Sometimes I worry that there's a few of these players who, if I win in front of them too conspicuously, they think I'm cheating or something. (Despite the fact that I'm not, and I actually have a pretty detailed log right here of how I've done in match after match.) For people who are like this, it's better to play co-op with them.
  • And I just played co-op today.

  • 2 co-op matches.

    A new event started -- a new co-op boss -- but I haven't played it yet.
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