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100% Orange Juice



  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Saki (from the Suguri series)

    Her thing is apparently that she uses explosives which are modeled/named after musical instruments. Her main weapons, which she is seen holding, are supposed to be grenades that look like maracas. Her hyper (shown below) is a giant explosive bell. In crossover OJ lore, she's one of the six Sweet Gods, specifically Sweet Maker. (I wrote Sweet Baker earlier; sorry for the mistake.) She does bake cookies though.

    Stats: HP 4, ATK +0, DEF +0, EVD +1, REC 5.

    At 4 HP, her HP is slightly on the low side, and she has neutral attack and defense too, making her somewhat frail and not a huge combat threat. She does have +1 evade, but this still feels lackluster compared to the likes of Suguri (+1/-1/+2 with 4 HP), albeit with a bit more durability toward strong attacks. (Saki has the standard 5 REC.)


    Hyper - Big Bang Bell (trap, level 3, 0 stars)

    The first time in the history of this game that a hyper card used the trap type. Partly made possible by a change in traps that makes them all cost 0 stars to play (there were previously some traps that cost stars to play, making it possible to "see" some traps).

    This hyper is somewhat unwieldy and sometimes impractical, but absolutely spectacular when it goes off right. Basically, it's a damage-dealing hyper, and it deals a base 2 damage, then more damage the longer it's been sitting on the board (I like to call this "stewing" for some reason), one more damage per two turns, and has an explosion radius of two squares (which I think basically means a 5x5 square centered on the panel where it's laid). And when it goes off, half the stars of whoever gets knocked out by it got to whoever set this trap (just as if you'd defeated them in battle, just no win points).

    So the idea here is that you want to place your Big Bang Bell (commonly abbreviated "BBB" or just "bomb") and let it stew for a while, and then take out one or more opponents when it detonates. Someone else can detonate it, and so can you -- and if you detonate your own BBB, you're safe (since you lose half your stars only to regain them immediately). Given time, this is one of the more devastating traps that can be set on an opponent's home panel, or at a chokepoint -- alongside other traps like For the Future of the Toy Store, or Sky Restaurant Pures, which cause that opponent to lose half their stars one way or another, or Go Away, which prevents the opponent from leveling up, or Exchange, which exchanges their stars, position, and hand of cards with someone else.

    Furthermore, the fact that it is mostly harmless to the trap-setter (only knocking out the trap-setter and thus delaying them, but giving them a full heal by revival in a turn or two generally, with no loss in stars), means that it's actually a relatively okay trap to put onto one's own home panel. It's one of several traps that are generally seen as possible candidates to put on one's own home panel, a list which also includes Exchange, Tragedy in the Dead of Night (take a card from whoever steps on this), Assault (whoever set this challenges the trap's target to a fight), and For the Future of the Toy Store (lose half your stars to whoever set this), as well as...Piggy Bank, the one solely beneficial trap, which gains more and more stars the longer it sits there and then gives those stars to whoever triggers it.

    So, Saki gameplay sometimes involves mind games. Ideally, you'd put BBB on your opponents' home panels (which you're unlikely to land on) and Piggy Bank on your own, but it's also possible to put BBB on your own home panel, and (if you're feeling especially devious) Piggy Bank on theirs. Similarly, if you wait until level 3 to put down traps, you can basically confuse everyone into wondering which one of your traps is a bomb, which one is a piggy bank, and which one is something else that might either be devastating (like Sky Restaurant or Exchange) or just a minor inconvenience (like Mimyuu's Hammer (take 1 damage) or Dangerous Pudding (skip a turn)). And you don't even have to trap an opponent's home to knock them out -- triggering your trap yourself, while they are nearby, could knock you both out, but give you a big windfall of stars in the process.

    As a result, a typical Saki deck involves bringing an assortment of other trap cards (including Piggy Banks, teehee!) and then leaving them lying around everywhere.

    We Are Waruda, a card that randomly moves all the trap cards around, can be situationally a blessing or a detriment. It's bad for if you're Saki and you set things up just right and want someone to walk onto their home panel where you've put a bomb. But on the other hand, they might be expecting it, so WAW can allow a complete randomization of all the traps (works best if you're playing on a field with Minelayer, which automatically sets neutral trap cards every few chapters, thus giving you a lot of confusion fodder) so that no one knows where the bomb is now.

    Another useful card, and a recent addition, is Completion Reward. This just gives you 7 stars for every trap that you've set that someone has stepped on. While Saki does tend to lay a lot of traps, she's actually not the best trapspammer -- that honor would go to characters like Krila, Star Breaker, and Tequila, whose hyper cards specifically spawn multiple traps at a time. Saki, in comparison, is could be seen as more of a "trap sniper", with one supremely powerful trap at her disposal.

    Okay, that's enough about Saki, who might be my favorite character. Because it's just funny to lay down a trap card and then, in Morshu's voice, say "Bombs?"

    ("You want it? It's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rupees.")

    Kyousuke (from QP Kiss and QP Shooting - Dangerous!!)

    This fellow is a genderswap of Kyoko from the Suguri series (who was later added to the 100% OJ roster herself), and debuted in an April Fool's boys-love dating sim which featured genderswapped versions of many OJ characters (most of whom are female). Specifically, he's very much in love with Kyupita, the genderswap of QP. He later appears as the level 2 boss in the remake of QP Shooting, confusing QP with Kyupita. Among 100% OJ players, he's best known for his raving theme song, as well as his hyper (see below), which involves taking his shirt off.

    Stats: HP 5, ATK -1, DEF -2, EVD +0, REC 5.

    Similar to Fernet, at first glance -- low attack, great defense, decent HP, so he's a tank and goes around collecting stars. His specialty, however, involves his hyper, described below, which switches around his base ATK and DEF.


    Hyper - Cast Off (boost, level 2, 10 stars)

    Yes, you can threaten to take your shirt off in this game. (Or jacket. Whatever.) And when you do, your base attack and defense stats are swapped. Also, Kyousuke literally gets a set of shirtless sprites to go along with this. He's even holding a rose. If he gets knocked out, then he revives with his shirt back on (I like to call this "enforcing dress code"). He can also put his shirt back on if you play another instance of this card.

    So essentially, you have the option of switching to blinding voip attack mode anytime you have this card in your hand. And if you have two of this card, you can switch to attack mode then switch back.

    It's been a popular request of the devs to come up with separate character art with all the other characters shirtless, for if they ever get their hands on Cast Off (as of right now, if any other character uses Cast Off, it just swaps their stats but doesn't change their sprite). While it remains to be seen whether this request will be filled, mechanically many other characters would actually get a defense bonus by playing Cast Off, because many more characters have higher attack than defense base stats.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Lost one horribly, won one with extreme luck.

    Well, actually, the first match wasn't that horrible. I was doing reasonably well as Tomato+Mimyuu. I think I even hit the jackpot on the boss. Just that Krila had too many stars for me to overcome.

    The second match, on the other hand, was...a horrible start. I placed a Bad Pudding (lose a card) trap on my own home panel, expecting that losing a card would be good for my hyper as Aru (which fills everyone's hand with cards and gives me money for the number of cards distributed this way). Meanwhile, Star Breaker beat me up several times. I later drew my own hyper, but no one else stepped on my trap, and so I lost my hyper on my own trap. I placed a Piggy Bank on my home panel, but Robo Ball picked it up. All in all, Star Breaker was at level 4 and ready to get to level 5, and I was barely at level 2. And I only had enough stars to get to level 3 (about 50 stars at the time, which is less than 70 but more than 30).

    Then, one turn, I beat the boss, who was loaded with over 200 stars. Then I stepped on my home panel. Then, two turns later, I stepped on a home panel again and this time it wasn't even mine. Then, I went backwards, and then the turn after that I stepped on that same not-mine home panel again. Then, I moved forwards and then teleported behind the same not-mine home panel, then I stepped on it again the turn after that. And I won.

    I'm not even sure what happened there.

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Today was Second Place Day, aside from the two (of six) games I won.

    I nearly won the 4th game, playing my standard Poppo strat, except Tsih got the perfect roll to win.

    The last game, on the other hand, was basically just Suguri winning battles left and right, and every time people tried to stop her, she won again anyway. lol

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I'm enjoying the latest 100% Orange Juice update too much.

    The latest update changes things drastically, by introducing a new game mode: co-op, which has four players cooperating to fight an endboss, basically what might be considered a raid boss.

    The game mechanics are adjusted somewhat to fit this mode. Instead of choosing a character and a set of 10 cards, you choose a character and a role; the character's official in-game ranking at the role provides you a pre-made deck. The role also gives your character different bonuses as you progress in the match, and assigns you a special hyper.
    * Attackers gain attack power as the match progresses and get a hyper that gives them +3 attack for a battle.
    * Guardians gain defense as the match progresses and can sacrifice 1 HP to give someone else a 2 HP shield; their hyper applies a 2 HP shield to everyone, which stacks with the other shield.
    * Supporters gain movement bonuses as the match progresses and can spend stars to revive teammates by walking past them; their hyper allows them to revive a teammate anywhere on the field at a fixed cost.

    In co-op mode, everyone shares the same pool of stars and win points, and everyone sees everyone else's cards. Early on, the goal is to get to norma level 5 as quickly as possible, but then after that, the goal is to bring down the boss ASAP. One can actually fight the boss as early as chapter 2, and the boss's counterattack is significantly less powerful early on. On every even chapter, boss squares randomly replace regular board squares for a chapter, and as the match progresses, more boss squares appear. By chapter 30 or so, boss chapters cover pretty much the entire board in boss squares, barring blanks and home panels; home panels are actually REMOVED at chapter 30 and replaced by blanks...and then by boss panels at chapter 40. Furthermore, the boss gains more and more powerful abilities as the match progresses -- early abilities like dealing 1 damage to everyone or preventing card use for a turn get replaced by more devastating abilities like dropping everyone's HP to 1 or forcing everyone to roll a 1 for a chapter.

    The goal is to bring down the boss, or to survive through chapter 50. You lose if everyone is KO'd at any point.

    This mode isn't perfect by any means, but it is a TON of fun and also opens up A GIANT BOATLOAD of possibilities for expanding this game.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Fernet, Kiriko (me), Nath, Tequila (CPU)
    Training Program - Charity, Miracle, Home Roulette
    1st Fernet, 2nd Kiriko, 3rd Tequila, 4th Nath
    The lead changed hands a few times.

    I haven't written down a bunch of co-op matches I've played, but I guess I should write them down. I've won and lost a bunch of matches so far, before the following.

    Tomomo (Attacker), Suguri (Supporter), Marc (Guardian), Sora-M (Attacker) (me)
    result: loss

    Nanako (Guardian), Kae (Attacker), Tomomo (Attacker), Sham (Supporter)
    Witch Forest
    result: loss

    Edit: played a couple more games.

    Sweebo (guardian), Shifu Robot (guardian) (me), Nath (attacker), Kyoko (attacker)
    Treasure Island
    result: win

    Starbo (supporter), Kae (attacker) (me), Aru (supporter), Shifu Robot (defender)
    Sakura Smackdown
    result: loss
    This was close.

    I'm not really sure what the "proper random" win proportion is for co-op mode. It's 25% for regular pvp, but for co-op it's not 50%.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Flying Castle (attacker) (me), Starbo (attacker), Tequila (defender), Tomomo-C (supporter)
    Sakura Smackdown
    result: win

    Sham (supporter) (me), Sora-M (attacker), Starbo (attacker), Marc (attacker)
    result: program crashed. I think there was some bug with alt-tabbing?

    Marc, Ceoreparque (CPU, player joined chapter 29), Alte (me), Suguri
    Clover - Miracle, Backtrack
    1st Alte, 2nd Repa, 3rd Marc, 4th Suguri
    In this match, Marc and Suguri (both played by low-level players) displayed some rookie mistakes, such as shooting me with Long-Distance Shot while I was at 1 HP and had the most stars, thereby preserving my lead rather than fighting me for my stars.

    Marc, Starbo (CPU, player joined chapter 24), Tsih, NoName (CPU, player joined chapter 26)
    Tomomo's Abyss - Battlefield, Bomber, Mystery
    1st NoName, 2nd Starbo, 3rd Marc, 4th Tsih
    Tsih insisted on going for wins norma in this game. The player needed wins norma for a daily challenge and also wanted to play Tsih. Oh well.

    Fernet, Store Manager, Kai (me), Tsih
    Clover - Miracle, Backtrack
    1st Store Manager, 2nd Kai, 3rd Fernet, 4th Tsih
    I was stuck in last place early on, but then I gained a giant pile of win points and catapulted into first place. However, shortly after that, Store Manager got enough win points to win the match, and then landed on a home panel first.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Bunch of miscellaneous terminology/memes. Some of these I'm not sure how popular they are but I just like them.

    2guri: Occasional nickname for Suguri (Ver.2).
    7gull: When a seagull rolls a 7 in a counterattack. Devastating, and also embarrassing if you don't survive it.
    Armless: Nath without any Active Extensions. See Prosthetics.
    Aru-S: Aru (Scramble).
    Bad egg: Anytime someone who's not Chicken steps on Chicken's hyper.
    Bad hair day: Either Ceoreparque's hyper or her counterattack upon successfully evading an attack, both of which involve her hair.
    BBB: Big Bang Bell.
    Being ____ is suffering: A comment lamenting the bad luck faced by a character after they lose some important situation such as a key battle. Typical characters mentioned include Nath and Alte (who normally don't look very happy anyway), and Kae (whose special ability is to trade defensive ability for higher attack power, and thus often gets beaten up if she can't KO the opponent in one hit). The line comes from the Madoka Magica fandom.
    Bell: Big Bang Bell, Saki's hyper.
    Bomb: Alte's hyper, Self Destruct, or an Invisible Bomb, which is laid by Starbo's hyper.
    Bombs?: Anytime a Saki (who is at least level 3) puts down a trap card, no one knows whether it's actually a Big Bang Bell. The best part is that it could also be a minor mostly-harmless trap, or even Piggy Bank, as there are multiple viable options for Saki to put on her own home panel...as well as basically anywhere else. Spoken the way Morshu does it in Link: The Faces of Evil.
    Bondage: Hime's hyper, Binding Chains.
    Bunny: Aru (or Aru-S).
    Cat: Yuki.
    Cat with the Gat: Yuki, because she has a gun.
    Chains: Hime's hyper, Binding Chains.
    Christmas: Any one of several possible situations involving Aru (or Aru-S), including their hyper giving out gifts, or the character (especially Aru) getting norma and putting Christmas music on the jukebox.
    Clutch: Rolling exactly what one needs to win (or achieve some other desired outcome), when it's very unlikely. The term comes from outside 100% OJ but has seen some use here, especially in co-op mode.
    Cyborg: Basically any character from the Sora and Suguri games.
    Dead: One of Suguri's two speeds. This applies whenever she's KO'd. The joke is that she has excellent evade but is very frail. See also Fast.
    Deer: Uncommon term referring to Tomomo, inspired by her hair ribbons which look like deer ears. Also, she is large, she hits hard, and when she goes down she has a hard time getting back up.
    Dog: QP (or QPD).
    Doll: Krila's hyper, or specifically one of the traps spawned by it.
    Dress code enforcement: KOing Kyousuke while he's under the effect of Cast Off, thus forcing him to put his shirt back on.
    Drugs: How Kiriko sees battle cards. If she uses drugs, she gets short-term battle bonuses (+1/0/+1) but also a long-term detriment (-1 max HP).
    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil Spy Work: Mimyuu's hyper.
    Egg: Chicken's hyper, Golden Egg.
    ESW: Evil Spy Work. ESW-P: Evil Spy Work - Preparation. ESW-E or ESW-X: Evil Spy Work - Execution.
    ExSpecs: Sora's hyper, Extraordinary Specs.
    Fast: One of Suguri's two speeds. This applies whenever she's not KO'd, and especially when she evades stuff that no one else has any business evading. See also Dead.
    Goat: Old name for Poppo, before she was revealed to be inspired by a hamster.
    Go back to sleep: What Tomomo (Casual) does when KO'd.
    Jukebox: The background music, which changes when someone does a successful norma check. Likened to the characters fighting over who gets to play their theme music on a jukebox.
    Krilalaris: Krila's full name.
    Kyousuke raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave: Kyousuke's theme music.
    Lazymomo: Tomomo (Casual).
    Loaded: A regular enemy who just so happened to KO a player who had a large number of stars and thus now has a large number of stars itself, is described thus.
    Magical Girl Tomomo: Tomomo wearing her magical girl costume, or Tomomo (Sweet Eater). Sometimes termed "Magical Girl [word] Tomomo", or "Mahou Shoujo" instead of "Magical Girl".
    Midnight Highway: The original name for the field Highway Heist. It explains why there's an Extra Scenario called "Midnight=Kemonomimi".
    Mixpo: Marie Poppo (Mixed).
    M-Sora: Sora (Military).
    Mugging: The act of taking half of an opponent's stars by KOing them in combat.
    Pacifism enforcement: The effect of Aru-S's hyper, which presents that person from challenging other players to battle, or the effect of Suguri (Ver.2)'s hyper, which changes battle and drop panels to draw and bonus panels and leaves flowers on random panels which give people -1 ATK when fighting on them.
    Peaceguri: Suguri (Ver.2).
    Plushie: Any of the traps spawned by Krila's hyper.
    Police: Yuki, when wearing her cop costume.
    Privilege: Any of three cards, President's Privilege, Princess's Privilege, and Protagonist's Privilege. Often punned into the phrase "check your privilege".
    Prosthetics: Nath's stacks of Active Extension, which are rendered visually by her gaining cybernetic enhancements including arms.
    Pwnmomo: Tomomo with her single-player stats.
    QPD: QP (Dangerous).
    RAF, or Royal Air Force: Reverse Attribute Field.
    Repa: Ceoreparque.
    Russian roulette: Yuki's hyper, Gamble!.
    S2: Occasional nickname for Suguri (Ver.2).
    Santa: Aru (or Aru-S).
    Santa bunny: Aru (or Aru-S).
    SAOM: Super All-Out Mode.
    Softmomo: Tomomo with her multiplayer stats.
    Sora-M: Sora (Military).
    Specs: Sora's hyper, Extraordinary Specs.
    Star Baker: Nickname for Star Breaker, especially when she's wearing her chef costume.
    Starbo: Star Breaker. An initialism of "Star" and the first syllable in the Japanese pronunciation of "Breaker".
    SuguriV2: Suguri (Ver.2).
    Sulk, or sulk in the corner: What Suguri and Fernet do when KO'd.
    Sweebo: Sweet Breaker. An initialism of the beginning of "Sweet" and the first syllable in the Japanese pronunciation of "Breaker".
    Syura powers activate: Getting Syura to 1 HP, which gives her ATK and EVD bonuses.
    Take a nap: What Hime does when KO'd.
    Talent: Sora-M's hyper, Awakening of Talent.
    Trapspam: The hypers of Krila, Star Breaker, Yuki (Dangerous) (to some extent), and Tequila.
    Unarmed combat: Nath without any Active Extensions, in combat. See Prosthetics.
    Yuki-D: Yuki (Dangerous).
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Sham (supporter) (me), Nath (attacker), Sora-M (attacker), Miusaki (supporter)
    result: loss

    Shifu Robot (guardian) (me), Sora-M (attacker), Nath (attacker), Suguri V2 (guardian)
    Treasure Island
    result: loss

    Starbo (attacker), SuguV2 (guardian), Sora-M (supporter), Miusaki (attacker) (me)
    Star Circuit
    result: loss

    Starbo (attacker), NoName (supporter) (CPU), Sherry (supporter) (me, joined chapter 9), Aru (supporter)
    result: win
    A surprising win considering that the role distribution is lackluster and two of the characters were CPU controlled until I joined.

    Alte (attacker) (CPU), Sham (supporter) (me), Starbo (attacker), Aru (supporter)
    result: loss

    Shifu Robot (guardian) (me), Mixpo (supporter), Suguri (attacker) (CPU, player joined chapter 8), Kyousuke (guardian) (CPU, player joined chapter 9)
    Treasure Island (Night)
    result: win
    Finally, a well-planned match that actually resulted in a win.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Nanako (guardian) (me), Starbo (attacker), Nath (supporter), Shifu Robot (attacker)
    White Winter
    result: win

    Yuki (attacker), Miusaki (supporter), Nanako (guardian) (me), Starbo (attacker)
    Star Circuit
    result: win

    I'm liking this.

    Meanwhile: Major mechanics change in the update. Supporters can now heal (at no cost) other characters for 1 HP when passing by them.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Another major mechanics change, but this time from something unlocking due to progress in the seasonal event: a new role has unlocked, the Avenger. This gives passive max HP bonuses, and adds to attack the amount of damage you took in battle. Also significantly increases boss HP.


    edit: two more matches.

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Two losses and one win today.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Turns out there's one hidden costume from this event -- Tomato and Mimyuu wearing a seagull mask. To get it, you have to KO ten seagulls as this tag-team character pair, in the avenger role. Too bad they actually suck at being avengers.

    So I lost all four matches...but at least I KO'd enough seagulls that I got the costume anyway!
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Jumping back into the game just now. Five matches, for the Halloween event. Amazingly, I won four of them.

    2nd game ended too soon, while the fourth game I sorta derped while playing it. But oh well.

    The new event involves exchanging pieces of candy that are randomly assigned to players. The candy can be turned in for perks (stars and win points) if they're your own type, but anytime someone walks past you, they get the right to demand candy from you. You can refuse, in which case you get a random "trick" (e.g. lose 2 HP, lose a card, gain frostwalk, etc.), or you can give them the candy ("treat").
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Well, today I won no games, so this made up for my smashing success yesterday.

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Played 7 matches

    1st place in 3 matches
    2nd place in 2 matches
    4th place in 2 matches

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Another pretty good evening -- 4 wins out of 7 matches, 1 2nd place, 2 3rd place. I got to play Mei for the first time, even.

    First match was played at speed 3, which is definitely a lot more chill than the usual speed 4 and I like it a lot more.

    Next three matches were played in one lobby; the last three were played in another lobby.

    FWIW I'm using "Lazymomo" to mean Tomomo-C/SE. Tomomo (Casual) is the reason for the name, though it's actually not very fitting for Tomomo (Sweet Eater) who is basically like an even more crazy-high-strung version of Tomomo.

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Another pretty good evening. Started off the evening with two 3rd-place finishes, but then I won the next three games.

    Then I needed to fix the toilet.

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I fired up the game again just to finish off the event, albeit without its random drops. Now here's a nice failure reel to make up for my beautiful successes earlier: four 2nd-place finishes.

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Capping off the event with a bunch of matches. Finally got all three bonus costumes.

    matches: 11
    1st: 2
    2nd: 6
    3rd: 1
    4th: 2

    Not a great win rate, but some of these matches were nevertheless quite exciting even if I lost them. A good number of the 2nd-place finishes were in close matches where I or almost anyone else could have won had I rolled a little more luckily or had the winner been delayed just a bit.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Well today (and like two days ago) was entirely a bust.

    (completed) matches: 7
    2nd: 4
    3rd: 3

    I'm also hunting down the last avatar pose for Suguri. I had a 1/18 chance of getting it before I did all this playing, then a 1/17, then 1/16, then 1/15, then 1/14 chance, but still haven't gotten it.

    There are only 13 poses left for me to buy using multiplayer-generated "oranges". (I've intentionally ignored the hair colors crates.)
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Almost won the first match...but then the game disconnected. Oh well...

    Got no wins at all. But I'm not done for the day yet...

    Also failed a 1/13 and 1/12 chance to get that pose. it's counting down...
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Aaaaaand I've finally beaten a 13-game losing streak.

    Also I bought two more crates. 1/11 chance? Nope. 1/10 chance? Nope. Still not this one Suguri pose I've wanted since forever.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Two games today; both 3rd place.

    Anyway, two more chances to buy that one last Suguri pose.

    1/9? Nah, Sham crying.
    1/8? Nah, Kyousuke being bumped into.

    1/7 next time.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    We're not done for the day! Four more games, winning just 1. So that's 1/6 today; that's below par. At least I got to win with my favorite character, Saki!


    1/7? Nah, happy Seagull.
    1/6? Nah, the sugary remnants of Sweet Breaker.
    1/5? Finally! Content Suguri!

    And there are four poses left for me to buy.

    But for now I shall set my avatar to the Suguri I always wanted it to be -- Chihaya Suguri.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    One win, one 2nd place, one 3rd place, today.

    I also went and beat Waruda Christmas Party (the event's single-player campaign scenario) and this revealed a bonus items counter on my home screen. It says 3/8...implying that i'm missing five things...except I'm missing all six of these items: https://100orangejuice.gamepedia.com/Waruda's_Presents

    Maybe one of them doesn't count for me because I don't have Yuki-D unlocked (she's a DLC character) and/or maybe because Tomato+Mimyuu count as one costume? Not sure.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Christmas 2018 event! The following stuff happens as part of the event:
    * Snow accumulates on panels. Walk over them to collect the snow. If you let enough accumulate it eventually hides the panels, lol.
    * Build a snow castle every six turns using your accumulated snow! At the end of the match, players ranked based on how much they've built.
    * Start snowball fights! Challenge other players by throwing a snowball at them. Nearby players become your/their allies. Use special battle cards that can let you throw two snowballs at once, or reflect snowballs. Winning a snowball fight lets you take half their snow.
    * Game ends in 24 chapters rather than going until someone gets to norma level 6. So getting past level 3 is actually not a priority, it seems.

    As with co-op mode, you can choose whether to play in normal or Christmas event mode.

    One win and one loss so far today.

    I'm accumulating stars much, much slower than I would in a normal game.
  • edited 2018-12-24 08:22:00
    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Four more matches. All in the event mode.

    I won one of four, though the one I won was...weird. Oh well.

    Done for the day.
  • edited 2018-12-24 08:21:53
    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Okay, one more for the day. Also one more win.

    Christmas 2018 event mode
    Saki, Sora (me), Kiriko (CPU, player ch 4), Repa (CPU, player joined ch 8)
    Training Program - Regeneration, Miracle, Treasure
    1st Sora, 2nd Saki, 3rd Kiriko, 4th Repa?
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    One match tonight, to finish off a daily.

    regular mode
    Suguri (not me), Kae, QP, Suguri (me)
    Space Wanderer - Mystery
    1st Suguri, 2nd QP, 3rd Kae, 4th Suguri
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