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GMH plays Pokémon Perfect Crystal: the Quest for the Full Pokédex



  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Record #131: Unown X
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    y halo thar again


    the tables have turned
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    hey look it's misty's signature move
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Time to give this one guy the Krabby that he wants. (Ironic that he wants it since it's easily available from breaking rocks just west of his apparent hometown of Olivine City, but who am I to judge.)


    Record #132: Voltorb
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Cianwood Gym is a fighting-type gym.

    Fighting-type moves are:
    * extra-effective against normal-type, rock-type, steel-type, ice-type, and dark-type pokémon
    * less effective against flying-type, poison-type, bug-type, and psychic-type pokémon
    * completely ineffective against ghost-type pokémon

    Fighting-type pokémon resist rock-type, bug-type, and dark-type moves, but are weak to flying-type and psychic-type moves.

    Tentacool L25 (67 HP, 36/32, 37/63, 49) (Poison Sting, Acid, Surf, Bubblebeam): has a defensive advantage, though it's Tentacool's special defense that is super awesome; its physical defense is actually not impressive. But at least its relatively fast?

    Koffing L26 (63 HP, 49/65, 43/35, 27) (Tackle, Smokescreen, Sludge, Selfdestruct): defensive type advantage on top of inherently great physical defense. Moveset leaves something to be desired though; the best is Sludge being STAB and having a poison chance.

    Psyduck L26 (75 HP, 42/35, 47/39, 39) (Scratch, Screech, Surf, Confusion): no defensive advantage but an offensive advantage with Confusion.

    Arbok L26 (75 HP, 59/50, 48/55, 59) (Glare, Strength, Poison Sting, Bite): quite decent defensively, and also has Strength, which is required to go through the gym.

    Xatu L26 (76 HP, 46/43, 61/48, 62) (Peck, Leer, Night Shade, Teleport): Has a double defensive advantage, but only has STAB Peck for offense. (If only it had Confusion, to take advantage of its much better special attack...)

    Venonat L27 (82 HP, 48/45, 38/46, 41) (Tackle, Confusion, Leech Life, Poisonpowder): This pokémon has both a double defensive advantage *and* an offensive advantage (though it's special attack is its lowest stat and Confusion isn't STAB). Plus a poisoning move too.

    Butterfree L23 (66 HP, 35/33, 51/51, 41) (Tackle, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Confusion): This pokémon *also* has both a double defensive advantage and an offensive advantage (though again Confusion isn't STAB, but its special attack is quite respectable...though its physical defense is less so). Also has two solid status moves.

    Pidgeotto L22 (65 HP, 40/37, 30/30, 41) (Tackle, Sand-Attack, Gust, Quick Attack): Unfortunately just defensively neutral thanks to the weird normal/flying dual-typing, but it does have an attacking advantage at least.

    Crobat L23 (80 HP, 55/52, 44/49, 71) (Leech Life, Supersonic, Bite, Confuse Ray): Double defensive advantage and very solid stats, but nothing good for offense (both attacks are disadvantaged) right now. I'd have to raise it to level 30 to get wing attack, and I don't get Fly until after I beat Chuck anyway.

    Hoothoot L13 (40 HP, 18/14, 16/22, 21)(Tackle, Growl, Foresight, Peck): Perhaps I should have been raising this pokémon more recently, because it could get a boost from going to this gym and is expected to become an HM user later on. Don't hold your breath waiting for Confusion; it only learns this move at level 41.

    Croconaw L28 (80 HP, 57/55, 51/53, 50) (Scary Face, Bite, Rage, Water Gun): Good all-rounder and my starter, I guess. Backup choice.

    Ivysaur L24 (72 HP, 38/41, 46/46, 41) (Tackle, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf): Defensive advantage and good all-rounder. My former starter. Sleep Powder also helps.

    Krabby L22 (49 HP, 54/50, 18/18, 32) (Bubble, Leer, Vicegrip, Harden): I guess is here solely because of its absurd physical defense. Don't let it get hit by a special move though lol.

    Weepinbell L26 (80 HP, 58/40, 58/37, 42) (Vine Whip, Acid, Wrap, Sleep Powder): Defensive type advantage. Strong attacks but lower defenses.

    Beedrill L24 (75 HP, 48/32, 37/53, 45) (Twinneedle, Cut, Focus Energy, Fury Attack): Double defensive advantage, though its defense stat isn't inherently that great.

    Drowzee L23 (67 HP, 33/31, 33/55, 28) (Pound, Hypnosis, Disable, Confusion): offensive and defensive advantages in one package. Physical stats aren't great (but at least it's better than Kadabra's!) and it's kinda slow.

    Gastly L21 (51 HP, 29/23, 56/28, 47) (Hypnosis, Night Shade, Curse, Mean Look): double defensive advantage (to the point of nullifying normal-type and fighting-type moves), and is fast, but has basically the opposite problem as Krabby -- don't hit it with physical moves or it puffs out of existence. Or, considering that this is gen 2...don't hit it with anything, since its special defense also sucks now. That said, it will evolve into a Haunter at level 25, and I would definitely be training it enough to reach that point, so it'll get somewhat better stats at least. Still wouldn't solve the problem of its movepool being kinda subpar, aside from Hypnosis.

    Slowpoke L25 (90 HP, 47/45, 35/35, 23) (Curse, Tackle, Confusion, Surf): offensive and defensive type advantages. It's slow but bulky. Basically a better Psyduck, type-wise.

    Exeggcute L10 (33 HP, 13/21, 17/14, 13) (Barrage, Hypnosis, Reflect): This weird collection of eggconuts might have decent physical defense plus a defensive advantage but I basically haven't touched it.

    Scyther L14 (46 HP, 38/29, 24/31, 36) (Quick Attack, Leer, Focus Energy, Pursuit): Double defensive advantage but has no moves to take advantage of it.

    Oddish L14 (37 HP, 23/24, 30/27, 16) (Absorb, Sweet Scent, Poisonpowder)
    Oddish L12 (34 HP, 18/19, 26/23, 14) (Absorb, Sweet Scent)
    Same basic advantages as Ivysaur and Weepinbell, but obviously less prepared. Probably better on the special side anyway.

    NidoranF L12 (38 HP, 17/19, 16/16, 16) (Growl, Tackle, Scratch, Double Kick)
    NidoranM L12 (35 HP, 19/16, 14/14, 20) (Leer, Tackle, Horn Attack, Double Kick)
    These two have a defensive advantage but again nothing to take advantage of it.

    Spearow L12 (34 HP, 23/16, 14/14, 26) (Peck, Growl, Leer)
    Alakazam L18 (49 HP, 29/23, 58/40, 50) (Teleport, Confusion, Disable)
    Once upon a time, I swept through trainers specialized in fighting types using Fearow and Kadabra. This is not that time.
    Both of these seem like fast and aggressive options, with both offensive and defensive type advantages. Well, actually, not Spearow, since it's also normal-type because lol.

    Spinarak L17 (44 HP, 32/22, 22/22, 19) (Poison Sting, Night Shade, Scary Face, Constrict): Double type defensive advantage, but poor movepool. The next thing it learns is Leech Life, at level 25.

    Qwilfish L5 (22 HP, 14/12, 11/11, 13) (Spikes, Tackle, Poison Sting): Whatever I can get from this I can also get from Tentacool.

    Murkrow L16 (47 HP, 36/23, 32/19, 36) (Peck, Pursuit, Haze): Only defensively neutral, but there is an attack advantage at least. Could be useful, but I've basically neglected this pokémon.

    Pinsir L13 (43 HP, 39/32, 20/24, 29) (Vicegrip, Focus Energy, Bind)
    Heracross L10 (38 HP, 31/20, 14/25, 23) (Tackle, Leer, Horn Attack)
    Both of these just have a simple defensive advantage and no moves to take offensive advantage of it. (Don't hold your breath waiting for Megahorn; that only arrives at level 54.)

    Girafarig L16 (51 HP, 31/29, 36/28, 34) (Tackle, Growl, Confusion, Stomp)
    Farfetch'd L16 (46 HP, 28/22, 24/25, 27) (Peck, Sand-Attack, Leer)
    Both of these pokémon are defensively neutral due to being part normal-type, but have offensive advantages. Both also seem to have some decent all-rounder stats, at least for this part of the game.

    Shuckle L15 (31 HP, 11/74, 9/75, 10) (Constrict, Withdraw, Wrap, Encore): Let us not fuckle with the shuckle.

    Unown L5 (stats vary) (Hidden Power): What do you think this is, a Spelling Bee?
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Record #133: Haunter

    Also, Drowzee learned Headbutt, so it can cover Headbutt duty now too.

    Drowzee L25 (72 HP, 36/34, 36/60, 31)
    Xatu L25 (76 HP, 46/43, 61/48, 62)
    Butterfree L25 (72 HP, 38/36, 56/56, 45)
    Slowpoke L25 (90 HP, 47/45, 35/35, 23)
    Haunter L25 (67 HP, 41/35, 73/43, 64)

    Well it turns out that Haunter has better physical defense than Drowzee. I guess it makes sense though since Haunter just freshly evolved.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Actually, wait, I should do a tiny bit more training.


    Record #134: Hypno

    And since I've been comparing stats, here are Hypno's new stats:

    Hypno L26 (87 HP, 51/48, 53/75, 45)

    Yep, way better.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Time to tackle Cianwood Gym.

    Venonat knocks out Blackbelt Yoshi's Hitmonlee. I goofed quite a bit in here though, since I tried unsuccessfully to apply Sleep Powder and then used Leech Life thinking it was Leech Seed. (Oops!)

    Blackbelt Lao's Hitmonchan knocks out Venonat, thanks to my earlier mistakes and Hitmonchan's elemental punches. I take it out with Hypno.

    Butterfree cleans up both of Blackbelt Nob's pokémon (Machop and Machamp) with little trouble.

    Butterfree cleans up Blackbelt Lung's two Mankeys and one Primeape, and leveled up in the process, though the Primeape got some hits in.

    I sent out Xatu vs. Chuck's Primeape. It used Leer and then Fury Swipes. By critting on its last hit (of two three-hit moves), it actually KO'd Xatu, and I had to finish Primeape using Butterfree (again lol).

    Against Chuck's Poliwrath...surprisingly, it's using special attacks. And it has Hypnosis. (Oh great, this is gonna the Morty Gengar problem again...)

    Slowpoke took down half of its health and forced it to use a berry, before fainting. Butterfree didn't even stand a turn against it. Hypno put it to sleep but that just got Chuck to use a Full Heal on it. And now it's Arbok's turn. Arbok Glares it, but then gets put to sleep after one Strength hit.

    Well, Chuck succeeded at walloping me, after all.

    (Here's what I would have added to my seen list: Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Machamp, Primeape, Poliwrath)

    Notes for next time:
    * Want to lead with something other than Venonat. I still want it to get a lot of experience from this gym.
    * Arbok outspeeds (or at least speed-ties) Poliwrath despite being at a lower level.
    * Poliwrath has Hypnosis and Surf. It will spam Surf, *even against a water-type pokémon*, suggesting Chuck has no better moves on it (which makes me wonder what exactly it has).
    * Chuck has at least one Full Heal. Arbok Glaring Poliwrath may work well for this, since Arbok is faster and Glare has 75% accuracy (same as the Powders).
    * Maybe I could bring an electric pokémon?

    I might want to lead with Butterfree, spending it on the earlier pokémon, and then have a fresher team for the late-gym pokémon.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Trying again.

    Sent out Hypno against the first two Hitmons, to avoid elemental weaknesses.

    Venonat beat the Machop, but it got in some damage with repeated applications of Seismic Toss (which I can't just defend against), so I switched to Butterfree for Machoke. Unfortunately, Machoke woke up and used Rock Slide. Venonat ended up finishing it off, but I'm also realizing Venonat's main weakness: a lack of a sleep move.

    Venonat vs. Mankey. Venonat vs. Mankey, but it got a 5-hit Fury Swipes. Two more hits from Primeape (seriously, that Low Kick did surprisingly little damage) and Venonat goes down to Rage. Xatu tanks one second-stage Rage and takes out Primeape easily.

    Going into Chuck with Xatu and Hypno at over 50% health and Slowpoke and Arbok at full. Leading with Xatu. After Chuck's impressive display of strength, we begin battle.

    Primeape barely beats Xatu thanks to Rage. Hypno tanks a third or fourth-stage Rage and finishes it off, so I send out Hypno. First turn against Poliwrath is dueling Hypnoses, which I win (Poliwrath is faster than me though). Chuck Full-Heals the Hypnosis, so after a Confusion hit we have a second turn of dueling Hypnoses just kidding! Poliwrath goes for Surf. Hypno survives and succeeds on Hypnosis. This gives me a chance to try to Disable Surf, while Poliwrath is asleep. This attempt succeeds. Asleep, Confusion, Gold Berry. Asleep, Confusion. Asleep, Confusion.

    Victory. With 8 HP left on Hypno. Thanks to very lucky Hypnosis hits and a lucky Hypnosis miss from the enemy (it's only 60% accurate!).

    For my efforts, I get the Storm Badge or STORMBADGE), which makes traded pokémon obey me even up to level 70 and lets me use FLY outside of battle (which I think Chuck's wife right outside will give me HM for in a moment), and TM01, which contains Dynamic-Punch.

    I think this is one of several moves that are only 50% accurate but have like 100 base power and also near-guarantee a status effect.

    Um, Chuck, I don't think this is a workable idea. (inb4 bodybuilder forum argument about counting time)

    "My husband lost to you, so he needs to train harder. That's good, since he was getting a little chubby."
    Really? Your husband beat me pretty good in an alternate timeline. =P

    Seen: Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Machamp, Primeape, Poliwrath
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Pokémon on which I want to put Fly:

    Charizard? (must wait for this stage), Pidgey line, Crobat, Hoothoot line, Natu line, Murkrow?, Spearow line
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Steel, offense:
    * advantages: Rock, Ice
    * disadvantages: Steel, Fire, Water, Electric
    * ineffective: none

    Steel, defense:
    * nullifies: Poison
    * resists: Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Dark
    * is weak to: Fighting, Ground, Fire

    lol Steel interacts with almost every type
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    give nicknames to distinguish the two Slowpokes, two Oddishes, and two Poliwags
    (Bropoke, Kingpoke, Plumish/Plumoom, Bellish/Belloom, Wrathwag/Wrathwhirl, Toedwag/Toedwhirl)
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Wow, I actually had a case where the bug fix for leveling up too fast to learn moves was important.

    Leveled up Charmander from 6 to 9. It learns Ember at 7, so I would have accidentally skipped Ember if this were gen 1. Thankfully this bug is fixed in gen 2.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    I just meant to raise up Charmander! I think I accidentally speedran evolving it.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Suddenly, a new pokémon from a familiar place (Route 35).

    Also, how does this thing weigh 84 pounds?

    Anyway, and I forgot to post this earlier:

    Record #135: Charmeleon
    Record #136: Yanma

    (Yanmega does not exist yet.)
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Oh, I accidentally got another entry.

    Record #137: Graveler.

    So far I think Graveler is my only pokémon that uses a ground-type attack.

    I guess I could teach Mud-Slap to things but that's a pathetically weak attack. Probably not great against Jasmine's steel-type pokémon.

    Edit: Oh wait, I have the TM for Dig!
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Finally found what I think is the last area of the Ruins of Alph.

    This puzzle was a little harder than I expected lol. In other words, it took me a couple more minutes of moving the pieces around.

    Anyway, time to indulge in more alphabet soup.

    Record #138: Unown O
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    also here's a cute Yanma gijinka i found years ago

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Just doing some laps at night in the lake behind Violet City and then suddenly:

    Record #139: Poliwhirl

    It's also underleveled. (level 20)

    Also did some training in the Burned Tower.

    Suddenly, another underleveled evolution:

    Record #140: Weezing

    (It's level 16)
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Sandslash finally lives up to its name.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Level 20 Golduck. Another underleveled catch.

    Record #141: Golduck

    Also I noticed that type nullification applies before checking for invulnerability due to Dig/Fly. Sandslash had dug a hole, then Magnemite used Thundershock. The message I got was "It doesn't affect Sandslash", indicating that the game is seeing the type immunity first. (Normally for an attack on a first turn of Dig it'd say "Enemy [foo]'s attack missed".)

    Also I'm amused at how I can use Dig while Surfing.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    TIL fire is actually disadvantaged against rock, not ground, while rock is disadvantaged against ground, not rock.

    I'd gotten so used to having both rock and ground together.


    Record #142: Unown N
    Record #143: Unown L
    Record #144: Unown R
    Seen: Unown Q
    Record #145: Unown Q
    Seen: Unown P (I kept saying "don't crit don't crit don't crit" and yet the attack critted)
    Record #146: Unown M
    and then another crit on another Unown P :(
    Record #147: Unown P (third time's the charm)

    And with that, I've now caught the complete alphabet.


    Amusingly I've been chucking Heavy Balls at them. And this works. I have an excess of those right now. (Unown weighs only a paltry 11 pounds.)

    For some reason, in the Alph Ruins Stamp printing mode, there remains a "vacant" entry even after you complete the Unown dex.


    Sure I can! With an underleveled Oddish that knows only Absorb and powders (and Sweet Scent I guess) and then takes paralysis from your Flaaffy but beats it anyway to level up and learn Sleep Powder then puts your Psyduck to sleep and sweeps while totally ignoring paralysis.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Record #148: Wartortle

    I just have Chikorita left, as far as unevolved starters go.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Quagsire's current movepool is Water Gun, Tail Whip, Slam, and Amnesia (recently learned).

    Tail Whip is essentially an empty moveslot. But I'm here to talk about Slam. And to a lesser extent, Water Gun.

    Slam is an 80 bp attack that is only 75% accurate. This is an annoyingly low accuracy. Compare Strength, 80 bp but 100% accurate.

    Unfortunately, I'm not decided on its final movepool yet. It may learn Surf. It may learn Strength. But if I teach HM moves now, I can't delete them until I reach the last town (which I haven't yet).

    I'm thinking though that I can just keep Water Gun around but replace Slam with something else: Headbutt. That has field utility but also can be easily overwritten since it's not an HM move. And it's only slightly less powerful, at 70 bp. Accounting for expected value, Slam actually comes in under that, at only 60 bp average.

    Also, Quagsire needs a good STAB move other than Water Gun. Dig serves the purpose, while also not being an HM move. Its physical stats are also better than its special stats.

    I think for now I'm going to go with Water Gun/Dig/Headbutt/Amnesia.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Steel, offense:
    * advantages: Rock, Ice
    * disadvantages: Steel, Fire, Water, Electric
    * ineffective: none

    Steel, defense:
    * nullifies: Poison
    * resists: Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Dark
    * is weak to: Fighting, Ground, Fire

    lol Steel interacts with almost every type

    Ice, offense:
    * advantages: Flying, Ground, Grass, Dragon
    * disadvantages: Steel, Fire, Water
    * ineffective: none

    Ice, defense:
    * nullifies: none
    * resists: Ice
    * is weak to: Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire

    Ice and steel, curiously, have some of the same type interactions.

    Also, rock/ground pokémon have a weird mutual weakness with both ice and steel, except it works in opposite ways: rock beats ice beats ground, while ground beats steel beats rock.

    Meanwhile, for the last gym in Johto, we're looking forward to the following:

    Dragon, offense:
    * advantages: Dragon
    * disadvantages: Steel
    * ineffective: none

    Dragon, defense:
    * nullifies: none
    * advantages: Fire, Water, Grass, Electric
    * disadvantages: Ice, Dragon

    Dragon has very few interactions. The main schtick seems to be a defensive advantage toward the "four standard elements", a weakness to itself, and a weakness to Ice. These were also the case in gen 1 but gen 1 just didn't have dragon-type attacks that actually did anything other than fixed damage. Come gen 2, all we add is that steel also resists dragon because steel just has to do that.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Krabby could be defensively useful for its water type. It then mainly relies on physical attack and defense, but while I'm expecting physical attacks in the steel gym, its normal-type physical attacks have a type disadvantage against steel. Meanwhile, despite having a defensive type advantage over ice, its special defense is still poor, and ice-type attacks are special. Probably not a great choice.

    Psyduck and Slowpoke offer that same defensive water typing as well as water and psychic attacks. Psychic-type attacks are resisted by steel-type pokémon, though. Similarly there's Goldeen, whose main type specialty is having a flying-type attack (Peck) for some reason. But at least the water typing offers resistance to both water- and ice-type attacks that are likely to be encountered in the ice-type gym.

    There are the various pure water-type pokémon like Croconaw, Wartortle, and Poliwag, who have a similar situation, though Poliwag at least has Hypnosis, and sleep is a pretty powerful effect. Similarly, potentially good defensive option. Oh, and there's Azumarill, who is water-type but has access to Rollout, a rock-type attack, which could be useful against ice-types. (Can we finally turn the accumulating-power tables back on the gymleaders?)

    Meanwhile, there's Tentacool, whose poison attacks are just useless. Furthermore, Jasmine might have a Steelix, which might have a ground attack.

    Mantine, being water/flying, has a defensive advantage against steel-type attacks and also immunity to ground-type attacks, though that also gives it a weakness to ice-type attacks.

    Shellder is an interesting case. Its water type gives a defensive advantage in Jasmine's gym, but its evolution, Cloyster, gains an ice-type that gives it a defensive disadvantage (net neutral) against ice-type attacks. However, it also gains ice-type attacks (which become STAB upon evolution), giving it an advantage over the eighth gym.

    Remoraid is in a similar position, having access to ice-type attacks, though neither it nor its evolution gains an inherent ice type. So it might be useful later.

    Meanwhile, Quagsire is uniquely water/ground dual-type, with STAB access to attacks from both types. This gives it offense and defense advantages against steel-type pokémon, making it seem like a pretty solid choice against Jasmine, though only neutral or worse matchups against ice-type and water-type pokémon.

    Chinchou is unique among water-types by dual-typing with electric, giving it a double resistance to steel-type attacks (albeit also a weakness to any potential ground-type attacks). It has access to both water- and electric-type attacks (i.e. with STAB), though both are just offensively neutral toward steel. Both are also offensively neutral toward ice, though water resists ice attacks, and the water/electric typing also offers an advantage over the common water/ice combination among ice-type pokémon.

    Magnemite and Flaaffy are both electric-type and thus resist steel-type attacks. Magnemite further resists them due to also being steel-type (though this does mean it's also got a double weakness to ground-type attacks should they appear). Electric attacks are, again, neutrally offensive against steel-types. But, again, they're likely to be advantaged over part-water-type ice-type pokémon in Bryce's gym, and steel does resist ice, though electric doesn't resist water or ice.

    Voltorb is electric-type but is a weird case. It can't learn electric-type moves, except Thunder and Zap Cannon via TM. Otherwise all its attacking moves are normal-type except Rollout (also only via TM), and its base physical attack is actually rather lackluster (while its base special attack is vaguely decent). Has some interesting strat potential, particularly given its excellent speed, but otherwise doesn't seem to present any great advantage at the moment.

    Vulpix, Growlithe, Quilava, Slugma, Charmeleon, and Houndour all have a fire-type advantage (both offensive and defensive) over both ice and steel. Steel does resist dark-type moves, bu this basically just means to have Growlithe or Houndour avoid Bite. Generally speaking these are all good choices. Slugma also knows Rock Throw, in case we need another super-effective move against Ice, though Ember is more accurate and more powerful (due to STAB and also using its better base special attack). Of course, all fire-type pokémon would be weak to any rock-type or ground-type attacks Steelix has to offer. (If Pryce has a Jynx or otherwise access to psychic-type attacks then the dark type might be more useful.)

    Graveler and Onix have that double-edged advantage against both types, as noted above. Graveler has Magnitude, while Onix could learn Dig (I don't have the Earthquake TM yet), giving both STAB offense super-effective against steel-types, but steel-type attacks are also super-effective against their rock typing. For ice, meanwhile, both have Rock Throw, but are also especially vulnerable to ice-type attacks due to their ground typing. Given that both of them are much better with physical defense than special defense, they might be more useful in Jasmine's gym than Pryce's, though they're still risky choices.

    Onix could evolve into Steelix, who also has access to STAB ground attacks, one single steel-type attack (Iron Tail, accessible after beating Jasmine), and resists steel-type attacks. Due to its dual typing, however, it's only defensively neutral toward ice.

    Then there's Sandslash. It's just pure ground type, so it only got an offensive advantage in Olivine's gym (now that I've taught it Dig, that is; otherwise it has no naturally-learned STAB moves). Has good physical stats to back this all up too.

    Meanwhile there's Sudowoodo. It's pure rock-type, meaning that it avoids the rock/ground situation. However, with the prevalence of water/ice dual-type pokémon, it might still be a liability in an ice-type gym.

    Last but not least, there's Machop and Mankey, whose fighting type presents an offensive advantage against both Olivine's and Mahogany's gym theme types. Neither has a defensive advantage, but strong physical attacks might be useful at least in Olivine's gym.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    TL;DR best choices in Olivine gym seem to be fire-type pokémon, Chinchou, Quagsire, Sandslash, and fighting-type pokémon. Best choices in Mahogany gym seem to be fire-type pokémon, Chinchou, electric-type pokémon, and fighting-type pokémon (and maybe Azumarill?).

    Also, Poliwag may be useful due to having Hypnosis, and water-type pokémon might be defensively useful in general.

    And meanwhile, Shellder, and maybe Remoraid or Steelix, might be useful in the eighth gym.

    Also I should be raising Goldeen anyway since I eventually want access to Waterfall. Though it's not like I can use it until I get the eighth badge anyway. And Whirlpool requires Pryce's badge. Sigh.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Was just killing time grinding then this happened.


    Record #149: Houndoom

    Unlike the other two canid pokémon I have (Vulpix and Growlithe), Houndour evolves by level, not stone.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Walking into Jasmine's gym with the following:
    Mankey (65 HP, 57/31, 32/37, 47) (Karate Chop, Fury Swipes, Low Kick, Scratch)
    Chinchou (84 HP, 34/32 45/45 50) (Water Gun, Spark, Thunder Wave, Flail)
    Sandslash (86 HP, 65/71, 41/46, 46) (Slash, Defense Curl, Sand-Attack, Dig)
    Quagsire (96 HP, 57/57, 46/46, 33) (Water Gun, Dig, Headbutt, Amnesia)
    Slugma (65 HP, 35/34, 46/30, 20) (Smog, Ember, Rock Throw, Harden)
    ...and an egg.

    Let's see how badly this goes.

    Arnie just called. I'm going to battle him first.

    And then get distracted by a Raikou encounter. (It fled, of course, as usual.)


    Mankey vs. Magnemite (L30). Low Kick fails to KO. Thunderbolt in return *does* KO.
    Slugma vs. Magnemite. Magnemite just hits Thunderbolt first and KOs Slugma.
    Quagsire vs. Magnemite. Sonicboom, dig a hole. Supersonic miss, Dig. Magnemite KO'd.

    Quagsire vs. Magnemite (L30). Supersonic hits, dig a hole. Sonicboom miss, Quagsire confused no more, Dig. Magnemite KO'd. Quagsire level up.

    Quagsire vs. Steelix (L35). Dug a hole, Sunny Day (?). Dig hits for only a tiny portion of Steelix's HP bar (equivalent to the width of the gender symbol lol), Iron Tail. Dug a hole, Iron Tail miss. Dig (another character width of damage lol), Iron Tail, Quagsire's defense drops. Dug a hole, Iron Tail miss. Dig, Iron Tail, KOs Quagsire.
    Switch to Chinchou. Steelix uses Gold Berry (now it's back up to only about a character and a third's width of damage).
    Water Gun (super effective but again deals only a little more damage than Quagsire's Dig), Sunny Day. (And now I realize it was to nerf water moves.)
    Water Gun (as I realize the rest of my arsenal is basically useless, as it's electric-type or Flail), Screech.
    Water Gun, Rock Throw (over half HP damage).
    Water Gun, Rock Throw KOs Chinchou.
    Switch to sandslash.
    Jasmine uses Hyper Potion, Sandslash digs a hole.
    Dig (a little under a character and a half of damage), Iron Tail miss.
    Dug a hole, Iron Tail miss.
    Dig, Iron Tail hits for more than half HP bar. Crap.
    Dug a hole, Iron Tail miss.
    Dig, Iron Tail KOs Sandslash.

    I was a little worried Jasmine wouldn't be enough of a challenge, but she sure proved me wrong!

    Now if I had a 6th pokémon, or if I used items or even had some Berries perhaps, I could have won. And to be fair, she does use a Hyper Potion herself. But the way I'm doing these gym challenges is that I beat the whole gym, all lieutenants and the gymleader, with no items and no healing (aside from healing moves). The fact that Jasmine has no lieutenants does make her gym easier in this sense, so it kinda makes sense for me to also take a voluntary handicap and bring only 5 pokémon.

    Sidenote: sadly, Slugma is useless. =(

    Also sidenote: I'm surprised she doesn't have a Scizor, Magneton, or Skarmory.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    i'd like to remark that this adorable-looking girl basically has a friggin' mech

    and i love her
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