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The Meatpuppet Theater Thread



  • a little muffled

    Did Matt Smith lie about quitting?
    The Christmas special is his last episode.

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    when Doctor #1 was in it

    Uh, First Doctor was only there for like half a second of archive footage...

    (unless you mean John Hurt, but he's officially numberless)

    Anyway, I'm glad

    Galifrey is back. After End of Time, I need more episodes with Time Lord villains. Preferably the President James Bond guy.

    Also, I missed a lot of the Matt Smith stuff, but the ending seems like it basically changed the premise of the show more than I would have thought was possible.

  • There is love everywhere, I already know

    (unless you mean John Hurt, but he's officially numberless)

    I do mean John Hurt, but he's probably not even actually #1 since he probably died at least once in the time war.

    but the ending seems like it basically changed the premise of the show more than I would have thought was possible.

    It did, it made it more... possible to end I guess?

    I need more episodes with Time Lord villains.

    Nobody will ever be the Master though.

    The Christmas special is his last episode.

    This will surely be a very merry Christmas :|

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    It did, it made it more... possible to end I guess?

    If only people were willing to let Doctor Who have an ending. That's possibly the problem with a long-running sci-fi franchise technically having the same main character all throughout forever. Giving the Doctor himself an ending would be ending the franchise itself, instead of just a single instalment.

    but he's probably not even actually #1 since he probably died at least once in the time war.

    John Hurt is more like 8.5, since he comes after McGann, but before Eccleston. The Time War is after the 8th Doctor's movie.


    Nobody will ever be the Master though.

    He's probably coming back too.

  • There is love everywhere, I already know

    John Hurt is more like 8.5, since he comes after McGann, but before Eccleston. The Time War is after the 8th Doctor's movie.

    I keep forgetting the Doctor was on Gallifrey before, but they've retconned it a lot anyways.

  • There is love everywhere, I already know

    Revenge's third season starts off with a bang, a bang that I feel means they won't get renewed for a fourth season.

    Charlotte has come back and is relevant, which makes me long for season 2 when she was not. She was already whiny enough then, now she's just a complaint monster. Pair that with her becoming best friends with the foremost idiot on this show (Jack) and it's just infuriating.

    Hey, remember the initiative? Some random thing Nolan couldn't have possibly actually done destroyed them. Senator Grayson? Emily faked his medical records in a second so he can't be that anymore. Victoria's secret baby? Who needs looking for and build up when they can just skip six months ahead to when the mother/child bond of 29-ish years has been instarestored in a second. That is every single important plot from the past two seasons shafted.

    Emily's Revenge becomes extremely stupid, taking down a completely innocent man because... she has to, even though her dad explicitly told her not to. Nolan is still sad over Padma and learned to bake in jail, and is also still embodying the straight=bestest relationship/gay=one night stand thing. Jack shows up again and kisses Emily, only to tell her that he doesn't love her and sets a limit on her Revenge schemes because an old sad guy can do that.

    Daniel is just... frustrating beyond belief, this guy who is super incompetent whenever on screen becomes super competent when we aren't looking. Aiden is back to get Revenge on Emily because he's completely forgotten the reason he left her last season (That Revenge is bad).

    Also who is visual director now? All the saturation hurts my eyes.

    Anyways, whatever little respect I still had for this show is gone, but I'll keep watching because... no, no reason really, just cause.

  • There is love everywhere, I already know

    Switched at Birth's fourth season premiere is really the worst thing I've watched this year. Thank you ABC for bringing this show back.

    I should mention I didn't completely hate it. Katherine's plot with her asian gay (who used to be Ugly Betty's asian gay) was quite fun. I can just imagine her telling people about it:

    "I was finishing off a wonderful vanilla ice-cream cone when I noticed a fun little tapdancing place, I couldn't help my curiosity so I went in and my life changed forever!"

    The only reason this didn't move this up to "Generic ABC terribad show" is because Katherine is also having another entirely different plot involving her terribad psychiatrist prescribing her medicine after like a four second meeting which will probably somehow ruin this plot.

    Carlton has been overrun by troubled students since the 50% hearing thing was enforced, these people have fights at a whim and slash Daphne's car tires on the first day of school (and are incidentally 99% black). Daphne gets in a fight with one girl, who blames her for having a school she can go to (her anger literally makes no sense). Daphne is also having father problems and thinks her dad will kick her out. Daphne is also starting a field hockey team. Daphne is also doing community service for that time she blackmailed a senator. This all happens within like 15 minutes of episode.

    Bay is sad that Ty slept with someone else which he didn't which Mary Beth who is still a thing knows. I wish I could care but after literally sleeping with him seven minutes after deciding to wait I just kind of want to strangle her. Also this show is putting way too much on this losing her virginity thing because that's what it boils down to. I mean, won't somebody say "Virginity is overrated, he's a jerk and all this is doing to you is making you feel like you owe him something because the first time you had sex was with him. All you can really do is move on with your life because while you made a mistake and obviously weren't ready you need to start doing is dealing with yourself and not fawning over a guy who slept with someone else." She even says things like "Is it because I didn't say 'I love you' to him?" and the show gets away with this. Bay is also taking art classes with Dave Karovski a frat boy, who is in art class for some reason. Also frat boy is an idiot because he does whatever his frat-mates tell him to as he's a pledge. I don't care if this is a thing that happens in real life because dumb is dumb.

    Mary Beth is also apparently in college? The last season made it seem like she was even younger than Bay (and it also makes her seem like an idiot for relying so much on high school kids to solve her emotional problems).

    Regina asks her fake-husband to buy a business for her and when he correctly responds with "I gave up my daughter for a chance with you and I paid for your rehab you can danged get a new job." He's the one who has to apologize.

    Oh yeah, Toby is happy with being married so young. Great lesson TV.

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    There is love everywhere, I already know

    There's something that has always kind of annoyed me about Pretty Little Liars:

    Toby is dead in the books, therefore they're never allowed to explore what happened with Jenna but in the TV show he is still alive. So they basically treat his thing with Jenna (His stepsister sexually abused him until she became blind) as non-important, which irritates me to no end and kind of makes me sick (especially in flashbacks where Allison is also shown to want to take advantage of him). Speaking of which, before book-death Toby seems much slower and possibly mentally challenged but after book-death Toby does not, he basically transforms into Spencer's mega-boyfriend whose only problem is that his mother was possibly killed by Allison/Cece.

    He also has a completely healthy relationship with Spencer, which is also annoying since they could have like, left him alone at least (Also it was honestly less-annoying when Spencer was less anchored because the only Liar who shouldn't be is Aria and that's because Ezra is the only thing she's ever had going for her).

    And yet another thing this implies; everybody is just okay with Jenna doing this. The Liars are too busy being self obsessed and Toby only ever seems mildly annoyed at her. In fact, one of the latest episodes has Jenna being presented as super sympathetic because Allison/Cece is after her.

  • There is love everywhere, I already know

  • There is love everywhere, I already know

    So I officially quit Switched at Birth! It just got really annoying (Daphne has a perfect life but it's nawt guys plus Bay actually starting to talk about Ty again and Mary-Beth existing).

    Otherwise; Pretty Little Liars has been okay this season with Alison being alive but Hanna's random and unimportant thing with Mike was really sad. Also Ravenswood really screwed with the show and since that was cancelled it was for no reason.

    Spencer continues to date Toby, who has not spontaneously combusted because of all the hate-rays I shoot at him yet.

    EzrA is fun-ish, but it's ruined for me by his lack of skill since A should really be more skilled and crazy. Aria's fake dilemma with Jake is annoying, as nobody likes Jake.

    And then there's Revenge, which has just really slowed to a halt outside of Emily and Nolan making watching it quite boring. Also prison-boy better not date Nolan because that would make the four gay people on this show a crazy money hungry prostitute murderer, an idiot no-show who betrays everyone at the drop of a hat, a dumb murderer and a guy who was in jail for... something I'm pretty sure once he's on one more episode he'll have killed someone too.

    Also I hate that Conrad is so powerless because he is the only person on this show I don't completely hate.

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    There is love everywhere, I already know

    fourteenwings for thread takeover President/Dictator!

    Anyways, watched the first episode of Star-Crossed. In the end, it came out looking like it cared about absolutely nothing going on.

    It's a very interesting discussion that it could've sparked in narrative; what do humans do when aliens come to earth? But there are so many logical fallacies involved it's kind of annoying. One Atrian is killed as he approaches defense forces unarmed. Defense forces who should obviously know something since the alien ship crash landed.

    And again, why are the houses right next to the ship completely okay? Did it really crash land? Obviously it did because they can't move or have chosen not to. Then why is Emery's house completely fine?

    Then we come to the aliens, why did they assume arriving on another planet without warning would be cool with it's inhabitants? Why no examination of humans or prior contact before crash-landing? The Atrians (ooo plant imagery) are a silly, silly species that acts idiotic at every turn. Only Roman's father even attempts to understand why humanity aren't exactly accepting of them, and even he is keeping a huge trump card that could jump start their integration in the form of Cipher, which actually cures cancer.

    Then we have Ms. Human Representative leading the program, revealed to be obviously evil mid-episode for no real reason. We haven't even gotten to know her yet so the twist is pointless.

    Other stuff in the episode was standard CW fare, including an unnecessary romance block between Emery and Roman which is just there to be obvious and annoying. There's also a mean girl who is completely irrelevant to everything but is in the episode a lot.

    It's all very sloppy, but I think I'll give it a couple more episodes before quitting.

    Totally forgot: It's 2024 and girls are still lacking in empowerment on this show (Emery doesn't even bother trying to break up a possible fight between Roman and a big mean guy, the first person almost attacked by the anti-tattie kids is Roman's sister and she does nothing to fight back or get away.).

    Also, Roman says he's only met one good person on the planet (Meaning Emery). I guess poor sick Malese Jow who was totally cool with finding out that the miracle drug was just a ruse and was super nice to you doesn't count.

    And finally, the Atrian kids seem to enjoy getting things to escalate. When Roman is faced with his friends going out to beat up the anti-tattie kids, he does not report it to his father which leads to a string of events that lead to him indirectly killing his father.

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    There is love everywhere, I already know

    Pretty Little Liars got two more seasons, not only am I mad that I'm trapped by this show once again but I'm also concerned. Season 5 seems to be the perfect place to end the series, not only because everybody danged knows Alison is still alive but also because that's basically what Emily promised her.

    But if two more seasons are added on how many people have to be A exactly? A lot of important plot points have already been tossed aside for Alison's return (like how much the girls realized they didn't like her), imagine three more seasons (season five just started).

    Anyways, I mostly watch this show for the insane things that happen (Revenge really needs to take a page out of it's handbook) so I guess eventually it'll just reach the point of ultimate stupidity and I'll stop watching it since I don't like any of the liars now (Aside from Emily's possible thing with Ali she's the most boring, Aria has been dumb from day one, Spencer has gone crazy twice in a row in nonsensical ways and Hanna has just evolved into a machine that reminds you how dumb it is). I guess I also like Alison, but I'm betting I won't after this season.

    Then again...

    In other stuff, Liv and Maddie is probably going to be cancelled after it's second season considering the Disney Channel just premiered a new show about blonde twins who have things happen to them that's infinitely better. Don't get me wrong, I Didn't Do It still pretty bad, but it's the first show of theirs in forever not to have an annoying younger sibling (or a cast member who acts like one) and it's almost always watchable (aside from when Delia does things).

  • There is love everywhere, I already know

    Sam & Cat got cancelled!

    Would be ecstatic if it weren't the only show on Nickelodeon aside from Spongebob even remotely successful right now.

    I guess a lot of their shows are doing okay but it was their only real hit (unlike Disney Channel who creates hits merely by thinking about them), well... at least their entire schedule isn't Korra (which is doing terribly).

  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I wouldn't like to say I'm a "fan" of procedurals because as if I can obsess over things that don't come out of Glorious Nippon but
    a few moments ago I learned that Unforgettable was un-cancelled (again)
    and I was quite elated. And now that I've started documenting my TV
    watching habits (not like...obsessively, just on TVShowTime) I notice
    that I'm watching six (Major Crimes which I consciously admit is my favorite, Elementary which is another actual favorite, CSI which is like ehhh but George Eads even if just for one more season, Criminal Minds because crazy, Law and Order SVU and Stalker, which is so offensive it ends up being funny a lot).
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Is there any ongoing L&O other than SVU?

    edit: the answer's no (sadly): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_&_Order_(franchise)
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Funnily enough the cable station that uncancelled Unforgettable is in talks with Dick Wolf to do a limited 21st season of the original (obligatory "this is mostly an internet rumor" disclaimer).

    The problem with Dick Wolf is that he seems to have gone off New York (and by extension L&O) because of his now super successful Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. series and SVU is really only hanging on because of it's lead (Mariska is superbest).

    What Law & Order really has me wanting is a full-on legal procedural, How To Get Away With Murder almost tricked me into believing it was one but it got sickeningly self-obsessed after five episodes with it's Desperate Housewives style "We all killed a guy" plot.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Didn't they have Law & Order: Trial By Jury for a little while? I haven't checked it out, but if it has a similar tone to the original, that would seem to be it.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I realized a while ago that I really did like the first season of Elementary but I hate the third (haven't seen the second, I'm just watching both at the same time because I don't actually care enough about it to wait for spoilers or whatever). The third season has a poorly introduced third character who messes with the Sherlock and Watson dynamic (who I presume is there for when Lucy Liu becomes too expensive to contract) and solving cases actually takes a backseat to her story which is grating.

    As for Major Crimes I don't think I actually like it as much as Motive (because actually decent storytelling which makes sense because it's not American) or CSI: Cyber (Criminal Minds really needs crazier people to deal with Hayley Kiyoko, Fat Neil and a former rap star being hackers). I also like Major Crimes less than The Mysteries of Laura, which is quite possibly just scripts from 20 years ago reworked into a "modern" TV show.

    Getting away from procedurals (because apparently not all of my brain belongs to a seventy year old) I started watching Fresh Off The Boat. I think it would be a much better show if the protagonists were Eddie's parents and not him because his plots are really dull.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Revenge was cancelled and I'll miss it even though it was really dumb.

    At least now ABC gets to throw more crazy people at me next Fall~
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I wonder if Madam Secretary will ever bother stepping beyond the "Twist every ten minutes" thing.

    Then again it is ridiculously entertaining either way.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    oh my gosh IJBM am i the only one who watches TV around here
  • edited 2015-08-12 12:34:38
    Well, it wasn't on TV, but I've watched Game of Thrones and... I think that's it.
  • I am currently in a slump, since I dropped GoT and haven't gotten around starting the new Season of True Detective.

    Have you seen The Wire? Go watch The Wire
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    At least now ABC gets to throw more crazy people at me next Fall~
    when I said this I did not actually expect Quantico to be happening, but it is, and it is perfect
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Okay, for posterity: Quantico was actually a bust.

    Right now I'm watching:
    Elementary S4 (Best Procedural Ever)
    Major Crimes S4 (This show is like a really huge wool pashmina; you don't really care for it's style but it's so. danged. comfy)
    Pretty Little Liars S6-2 (Started out slowly but Red Devil Not A possibly stealing Emily's eggs was golden)
    HTGAWM S2 (I wanted to quit, honest, but the episode-to-episode madness is brilliant. I don't care for the "who shot Annelise" drama but otherwise I'm in for the long run)
    Shades of Blue S1 (I actually like this show somehow)
    Criminal Minds S11 (Is it just me or has it gotten much less insane?)
    iZombie S2 (yeah... zombie girl and cop, it's a show)
    Law and Order SVU S15/16 (what is with all the torturing your MC show?)

    And a bunch of other shows I don't really pay attention to whilst watching them.

    I'm really looking forward to The Family, even though I don't like some of what it's premise is based on. I'm not looking forward to The Catch at all though, it seems dull. Definitely on board for Crazy Ex Girlfriend if it ever starts on TV here, that and JTV S2.

  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Shades of Blue S1 (I actually like this show somehow)
    yeah no i quit now
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Belatedly moved thread from "General" to "Media".  It only took a few years lol.


    Just finished watching Law & Order Criminal intent, Season 1 Episode 3.


    No, there was no action.  Unless you count maybe a couple scenes in the whole 44-minute episode.

    real intensity was the mind games.  The coming together of not just the
    clues to the mystery but also of a strategy to pin down the ultimate

    High-intensity mind games.

    I'm actually taking a deep breath right now, now that I'm letting off that tension.

    this is what I really appreciate in a good Law & Order episode.  No
    nonsense, just an intricately-weaved piece of storytelling that goes
    from "What just happened?!" to the final piece of the puzzle clicking
    into place so elegantly yet brutally.

    The elegance is from the
    intellectual beauty of the detective work.  The brutality, however, is
    from palpably feeling the anger, the fear, and the sadness (and in some
    cases, the comfort afterwards) that the various characters so acutely
    feel as the case develops.

    The two become two sides of one coin.

    Drama at its finest.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    If you guys ever want to look into the world of soap-drama stuff, I highly recommend episode 8 of Notorious. Yes, just that one episode. It was so insane it mixed "Ripped from the Headlines" with a million things, all of the subjects were sleeping with each other (like literally) and Ray J was in it. Ray J.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I promised myself I'd never fall into the HBO trap and then I started watching Big Little Lies.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Live-action TV shows I'm enjoying right now:
    • Elementary S5 (6/??)
    • How to Get Away With Murder S3 (9/15)
    • Big Little Lies (3/8)
    • The Catch S2 (1/10)
    • Jane The Virgin S3 (5/??)
    • Legion (4/8)

    I might expand on why, but I'll leave that to later.

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