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The Meatpuppet Theater Thread



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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I remember an interview in American Elle where Lucy Hale was all 'Well Pretty Little Liars was like, daft tween viewing now I'm on to SERIOUS TV (on the CW)' and now her new show was just cancelled so like she is .5 seconds away from taking a recurring role on PLL The Perfectionists.

    Which is way too storybook/moral-of-the-story to be fair. The fair part is that Life Sentence was really, really bad.

    As for shows I started this year:
    Still Watching:
    The Good Doctor?:I'm not sure I still care but I had a right shock when I found out all three trainee doctors are British IRL so I might watch it just so I can catch 2/3 of them in an American accent misstep.

    I love these but they're probably cancelled:
    Instinct: Alan Cumming is an adorable ball of energy
    For the People: Britt Robertson you kill TV shows stop being on them

    Dynasty. It was so much that it went from 'I love you Dynasty' to 'Wait what is going on' in like three episodes.
    Andi Mack: I binged the first season of this to catch up with the second because it's the season where the Disney Channel Has A Gay Main Character* but oh my gosh it is so dull. I loved when Andi lived with her grandma and grandpa, and I was not happy with her move to her mom's place. Every plot that stemmed from her new space was worse than I could ever imagine. Really, aside from the I-Ching episode it all ended up being as dull as dishwater. They also rushed through Buffy's mommy issues, which I was looking forward to. Maybe I and the Good Hair Crew will reunite someday, but not right now.

    The Librarians was cancelled, how random. I wish I cared, but I always went from "I love the three Librarians" to "oh goodness Flynn go awaaaaaaaaaaaay".

    *EDIT: I now honestly question whether this was an appropriate plot for this show at all, but I didn't want to edit this post to make it seem as if I'd never said it, so here we go.

    It's embarrassing that I slogged through a whole show I apparently hated entirely because they had a gay character, how shallow of me. I mean, I don't need approval from TV shows, nobody does.

    The Disney Channel really did manage to put lipstick on a pig and magically shield themselves from all the consequences of creating a bad show.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Both Instinct and For The People were renewed, so I'm pretty chuffed.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    So Roseanne Barr tweeted (oh twitter) something extremely racist and her show was immediately cancelled, which feels surprisingly swift for modern America.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Modern America is not one monolithic bloc that only has one opinion on any particular thing. =P

    We're many different people, with different opinions, and different moods and feelings, and different ideas about how the world should be. Depending on who's doing what at any given point in time, results may be dramatically different, in chaotic ways.

    FWIW she seems to have a record of making stupidly offensive tweets anyway.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Well it's just that this involved lots of money* and a show that was appeasing an audience. The whole reason the (terrible) comedy Last Man Standing is back is that people started a weird campaign about how Tim Allen had been fired for being a conservative (and not because nobody watched it enough to care until this happened).

    *It turns out though that ABC had forfeited the right to the money from this show outside of initial airings and reruns (which, it turns out, is not actually where the real money lies) so they didn't lose too much. She also managed to bug out (this time anyways) like, literally during the 6ish week period where advertisers and ad buyers assess how much they're willing to pay to run ads on a show.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Because America will not stop:

    Yesterday I watched a funny clip from Samantha Bee's show about how Ambien makes you racist (yes, referencing Roseanne). It reminded me that she could be good. I'd watched her show kind of religiously (despite the ridiculous amount of swearing she can't stop doing*) until she dug into Aziz Anzari's terrible date PR disaster. It was a seven minute segment that left a really bad taste in my mouth, so I quit.

    Fast-forward to yesterday, I decided to give her another chance. I watched a clip about Melania, which was okay? Then I watched one about Ivanka Trump which used a phrase that I do not believe anybody should ever call anybody, (oh gods why am I doing this) let alone one woman doing it to another. Soured again, I gave up and went on with my business.

    This morning there's a giant storm about this on all the media websites, and it was kind of amazing to see people come to Ivanka's defense? I mean, all she did was post something on instagram the same week America's immigration policies continued being terrible. She didn't deserve the kind of backlash she got.

    Which is what kind of bothers me about where we are now with liberal culture in America. A few years ago, making fun of Fox News' inability to be objective and kind to people who were different was fun and valid. Back then, give or take a few Daily Show segments, the secondary form of attack wasn't "This person is ugly, or this person has done something vaguely unrelated but I dislike them and that's generally accepted so let's dig into them". Now it's starting to feel like the primary form of attack over their policy decisions.

    I still think Samantha Bee does do good investigative journalism, but when seven minutes of a segment can get destroyed by a single underhanded, mean comment, you're kinda doing it wrong.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    It turns out reality TV as a whole was an accident.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I've been watching Madam Secretary's fourth season, and it's getting quite hard not to notice how Henry McCord has developed an aversion to trousers inside his marital bedroom. Considering how often a recap-of-the-episode-so-far or general discussion scene between he and his wife (ie Madam Secretary) will take place in said bedroom, he's become one of the most subtle examples of Mr. Fanservice I've ever seen. Makes sense though since this airs on CBS (the old people network) in America, wouldn't want to be too racy.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    My dad likes Madam Secretary; my mom doesn't.

    I haven't watched it at all.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    A few weeks ago on Madam Secretary, Assistant Blake mentioned a method of geoengineering where reflective particles would be shot into the sky to deal with the excessive UV rays/other sun things reaching the Earth's surface.

    Though Elizabeth (Madam Secretary) was quick to shoot him down because there's no real research in this area yet, this method has been discussed more than once on the BBC and on CNN recently. They tend to gloss over the 'no research' part, which is kind of funny since a fictional program treated it more seriously than factual programming.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    One of the weirdest things that's emerging because of streaming TV is hyper-plot-driven shows built to be binged.

    Which is great for me because I don't like American TV shows like that. I prefer the procedural-ey shows for old people that air on CBS/NBC and similar.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I just finished the first season of Penny on M.A.R.S. (or, as the official title goes, ?enny on M.A.R.S.) and I have to say it provided a fun, interesting take on the performing school teen drama. Though the final episode, which felt like it was slightly cobbled together with little time to finesse it, did have a few points I had to note:
    • I watched a video recently on continuity in movies/TV and how a script supervisor keeps things consistent and in one shot Sebastian's uncle is holding a giant yellow bowling ball and in every other shot in this scene he's not. It's so noticeable that it's hard to believe they left it like that on purpose, so I have to believe they were strapped for time.
    • In another scene, Penny confronts Lucy and it's the only time in all sixteen episodes that Olivia-Mai Barrett's English accent slips out. As I've discussed on IRC, this whole show stars an entirely British cast that is doing Italian accents... whilst still speaking English. There's a really good video where you can see the terrifyingly good accent shifts, especially with people like Sebastian's actor who is so very Scottish in real life. You'd think they would quickly reshoot that considering how well they've done so far.
    • This final episode skips from Penny scoring the role of Juliet in The Big One (the big final year show) to the day of their first performance, which is weird because it took us eight episodes from midterms to now. There's also the fact that at mid-terms, they skip the mid-term break and nobody mentions going on vacation.
    • The Big One's main characters are Romeo and Juliet, but the supporting cast (shown on the official school website) is normal names like "Steven". So... what show are they putting on?
    • This one episode has three entire new songs performed (Penny's audition song, Sebastian's audition song and the big The Big One setpiece song). Previously we have had random inserts in tiny snippets like Ms. Bauer's one and only single or Lucy's performance, but the staples have been We Are The M.A.R.S., Nobody's Perfect and So Sure (oh goodness the number of times I've heard this cast perform a new rendition of So Sure). This also makes me think they'd planned for more episodes but somehow that didn't work out.
    • At one point, Camilla says she also scored a role in the big one, but then she's in the audience at the actual performance.

    However, I have to really give this show kudos for the final scene because it pulled off a real coup: Sebastian has just told Penny that Bakia stole his father's song. In the audience, Penny's father has arrived and sees her for the first (well... third) time, and Sebastian's father is also there. At the end of their performance, Bakia arrives and reveals that Pentacord (yes, Pentacord) "Penny" Mendez is her daughter. Curtain closes.

    It was pretty epic.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Last night, on a whim, I watched the first episode of Hub mini-series Clue, which stars Ana Golja, better known as Zoe from Degrassi. It's fun and cute and only like 2.5 hours total in length so I think I'll watch more. Best quote:
    The whole Gen-X Slacker thing is so 1991.

    Also at the end of the episode I got the following recommendations which is like... I get it Showmax I watch lots of kid's shows.

  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Next time on Clue:
    Guys, these clues...
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    By the way I did finish Clue a few days ago. It was a fun series, but it was clearly meant as the prologue to something bigger. Clearly that something is long past ever happening since it was made in 2011.

    The second season of Penny on M.A.R.S. is airing in the UK and the first music video they released (seemingly) has something romanting brewing between Penny and Sasha of all people. I'm all for love triangles, but it seems as if they were just working on a school presentation.

    I do hope that the first music video of every year is a Penny and Sasha song though. Somehow this is the first tradition the show decided on and I really like Sasha so keep on, show.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    So I watched the first episode of The Perfectionists and overall (like huge emphasis on "overall") I really liked it. Ava, Caitlin and Dylan get to drive the overall plot with the fact that they all slept with Nolan their various issues.

    Then we have Mona and Ali from the original Pretty Little Liars dealing with the mystery of Beacon Heights University and trying to bring down the comprehensive Beacon Guard surveillance system.

    The reason I'm not like "THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" is because of Beacon Guard; it's like a security system but it feels like actually it's a surveillance system from a sci-fi movie which it might be since it's only focused on a number of students. It monitors everything which turns the setting into some sort of secret government facility to monitor... something.

    I like that Ava's thing is that she has to pay for her own tuition via her YouTube channel which is like, the most millennial thing and totally unrealistic. But then it turns out it *is* unrealistic and when her dad ran from the FBI (and CIA? who knows) he left her a designer weekender full of hundred dollar bills. So she's actually using YouTube as an excuse to launder that money.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    This week I got Baader-Meinhoffed after reading about an episode of Criminal Minds that featured Rule 34 as a prominent plot point and was even called Rule 34, and then a few days later I learned about an episode of Law & Order where some incels called their victims "Chads" and "Stacys".

    It also turns out that the Baader-Meinhof Phenomemon was named after what was basically an antifa group.

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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    Yesterday, Andi Mack was officially cancelled. It was obvious since Sofia Wylie, who plays Buffy, was recently cast in (deep breath) High School Musical: The Musical: The Series but it's good to have confirmation.

    Anyways I'd like to thank the Disney Channel for finally giving us this scene.

    EDIT: I now honestly question whether this was an appropriate plot for this show at all, but I didn't want to edit this post to make it seem as if I'd never said it, so here we go.

    Also for goodness sakes thanking a TV station whose whole job is to wring money and attention from you, really me?
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    Yay it's TV Upfronts Season!

    I recently started watching Whiskey Cavalier, just to try and vary my interests a bit and not get too bogged down thinking about things and i quite like it. However, it has not been renewed for a new season.

    It's this fun, dumb spy show with a wonderful levity. Like, good decent levity that really lifts your spirits as you watch.

    In the same boat;
    I love these but they're probably cancelled:
    Instinct: Alan Cumming is an adorable ball of energy
    For the People: Britt Robertson you kill TV shows stop being on them

    For the People was cancelled after two seasons, and I'm sad now because I really liked how the character dynamics had evolved in season 2.

    Instinct will air this summer, but I'm not too sure of it's chances for survival.

    On a sad note, Pua Magasiva, who played the red Ninja Storm Power Ranger, has died. He and the show were a big part of my childhood. It's really unfortunate, especially for somebody as young as he was (38).
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Bye Bye Whiskey Cavlier~
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    The Perfectionists ends next week, the episode 9 trailer was basically one of those "only show things from the last four minutes" trailers. The trailer for episode 10 is just nothing new, but the way the episode ended made me feel like I should have waited until it was out and watched 9 and 10 together. A lot happened and I'm quite psyched but also on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next.

    I liked how after Taylor shoots Jeremy point blank in the chest, Ali goes all PLL Mode and starts spinning a story about how Jeremy wasn't running *away* but rather *towards* them (I mean, he did turn towards them to say goodbye to Caitlin before escaping with his secrets) but then Caitlin is like "Guys he's alive!" and the whole group, including Dylan who was all for adding to Ali's story and Ava who basically placed a weapon in KO'ed Jeremy's hand are like "oh, darn it".

    I liked it because it's the sort of thing you'd think characters on a show like this would do but never do but also it super didn't work out.

    Also if this show doesn't get any more seasons, Dylan will be kicked out of school for academic fraud, Caitlin's Senator mom is carting her to DC because she's well... a lot happened to Caitlin (especially getting hit by a car) and Ava has no money to continue school since her secret bag of stolen funds was stole by a campus security guard with a vendetta against her and so it better get at least one more season for happy ending purposes.

    Plus, I really really like it.
    I remember an interview in American Elle where Lucy Hale was all 'Well Pretty Little Liars was like, daft tween viewing now I'm on to SERIOUS TV (on the CW)' and now her new show was just cancelled so like she is .5 seconds away from taking a recurring role on The Perfectionists.

    Oh about this; it actually turns out the CW really really likes Lucy Hale so they cast her as a lead, again, in their new Katy Keene adaptation.

    Episode 9 of The Perfectionists did have a Professor Hale and Doctor Benson (Ashley Benson played Hannah Marin on PLL) which was a nice, if odd, nod to the previous cast.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I just finished watching The Perfectionists. At first I thought the episode would just be a preemptive episode 1 for S2 but halfway into the final episode the cast sans Taylor is called into a creepy room under guise of joining a secret society where a mysterious voice called The Professor plays video of their little "oh Taylor totally wasn't trying to murder Jeremy" bit and then states that Phase 1 is over and now they are in Phase 2.

    Soheir phones ring and the caller is themselves (wooooooo) and they're asked to state their biggest fears and it felt weirdly like the start of a death game but I mean, they probably won't kill anyone.

    So it turns out somebody hijacked Taylor's Beacon Guard system (basically the Chinese government surveillance system but limited to one college) and rewrote Mona's algorithm to find people of a certain type to conduct lots of psychological experiments on them, it seems.

    It was a really fun episode actually! Also everybody kept reminding us how badly Caitlin had it this season. Her fake boyfriend died, then her fake boyfriend's best friend creeped around her like a lech, then she was run over by a car (possibly a hijacked AI Uber-type thing) and finally her real boyfriend was mistaken for that guy's murderer and shot.

    Also also Dylan's high-school bully showed up and at no point did Dylan guess that said hot brooding guy was there to apologize/make up with him/make out with him and neither does Andrew. Andrew's actor really needs to keep his eye on that recurring role lest he get replaced as "One who is Dylan's boyfriend."

    Oh this also means all three Perfectionists have flirted with and/or had a serious relationship with somebody in food service (though maybe that's not rare for American college students).

    I also really liked Ava in this episode, dealing with her crazy dad, I want to see more of in-control and slightly evil Ava next season.

    So, come on Freeform, you renewed The Bold Type! This show is super-hyper-cheap to produce! It has like, five regular sets total! Give me ten seasons!
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Just finished the second "season" of Penny on M.A.R.S., and I feel like it was more the second half of season one that a second season. I think the original season one ran out of budget and they had to stop filming at 16, but then they got the funding for the last ten episodes so they decided to make a short 10 episode season to bring it up to 26.

    This season overall was pretty good, the Ponytail Crew (Lucy and Sasha) were good villains, and the 2-Good had an Aikatsu Friends! vibe about it too since everybody had to perform in pairs.

    There were a lot of good songs, what stood out to be particularly was Camilla's amazing singing voice in You Rock the Roll.

    There was also a whole new element introduced this season with young transplant patient Pete, who Penny made friends with in the hospital after she fell down the stairs that one time. I was a hundred percent prepared not to like him, but he won me over with his particularly thick Italian accent.

    I was very surprised when Bakia and Penny's father, Bruce, made up super-early in the season after sixteen years of being lied to, but there was a lot of drama to get through so I guess it was okay. I didn't particularly think Bakia did the right thing pushing all the blame on Freddy for stealing Sebastian's father's song, and I was angling for Freddy to come back later in the season with a new client who would act as a rival for Bakia.

    Boy, how wrong I was.

    I liked how this season, Penny really showed off a new character. Her forgiving nature overall was really cool (there was a lot to forgive), and her willingness to fight harder vs last year was brilliant.

    I also liked how Arianna, one of the extras from S1 who ended up in a lot of
    episodes, was semi-officicially promoted to the main cast because she is super cool. She even made the Italian DVD cover.

    Speaking of, I wonder why this DVD doesn't have English audio. I wonder if it's because the Disney Channel has some sort of deal on that.

    So, it's a Penny on M.A.R.S. season finale, so we need a big twist. Penny and Sasha win the 2-Good (why would there be a competition where the #1 trophy has a gigantic 2 on it?) and are off to participate in a reality show. Standard for the course in this universe, since this also happened in Alex & Co to which this show is a spiritual successor.

    But then they invite the producer of said reality show onto the stage and it's Freddy!! I was absolutely blindsided and it was amazing! I can't wait for season 3!

    I sure am finishing a lot of stuff suddenly.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    One of the weirdest things that's emerging because of streaming TV is hyper-plot-driven shows built to be binged.

    I've wondered about whether this effect would be a thing.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    There are actually a few different strategies people are employing. Chinese anime productions prefer a shorter-than-normal length because they're made with watching on a smartphone in mind, ideally somewhere in transit.

    Of course that's a very very consumer minded approach to take, which makes them more perishable not only in product but in the mind of said consumer. Then again, most are based on isekai LNs that are carbon-copies of each other.

    This is VS Netflix, HBO and Hulu's style, which is to shoot for a strategy that combines prestige series with niche products that get every other person to sign up for. That way you get the mavericks who make trends (like Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Big Little Lies), the trend-chasers (unfortunately, probably the majority of your audience) and the hipsters.

    The hipsters* are basically mavericks who don't want to be mavericks, so they avoid the big shows whilst latching on to that same almost ridiculous "You must watch this!" mentality. Like that guy on Vox who would never at any opportunity let him forget that his favorite show is One Day At A Time.

    Which leads me to a fun story; Netflix's algorithm has apparently deciphered that the hipster-maverick shows only bring in new viewers up to three seasons, and has started culling them like the loss-leaders they are. This led to One Day At A Time being cancelled, only for them to announce a suspiciously similar sitcom a few days ago.

    *I'm not talking about me, here. I mean other more mainstream hipsters!
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    A few months ago I became interested in an episode of Doctor Who from the current Doctor called Kerblam!, which was about an Amazon like company that had colonized a whole moon. I didn't know much else about it, aside from that Lee Mack was in it (he was actually only in it for a bit).

    I'm not going to lie here, I had my expectations about this episode. Chief of them all that somehow Amazon Kerblam! and some of it's technology would be the main villain.

    Instead, the final twist was about a young disenfranchised man who is sad that only 10% of the human population has work and that Kerblam! is basically a terrible place to work. Of course, he wants to shut down Kerblam! by murdering a huge swathe of it's customers. The Kerblam! system is actually trying to save humanity!

    Which is like, okay? That sure is a terrible thing for the guy to do but you're totally forgetting how apparently only 10% of humans have work in this planetary system and all the non-management we saw appeared to be low-wage employees. They don't explore the situation on the main planet, but what we do get doesn't sound good in any way. It's really odd a twist for this sort of episode.

    I was actually really disappointed. I get wanting to do a twist that's different or whatever, but if you're going to do social commentary don't forget how terrible Amazon/etc employees have it in real life and certainly don't make your Amazon analogue look like a hero.

    Also it was kind of funny that the human-looking robots were all treated as being creepy and Doctor destroys an entire battalion of them, yet the weird looking v1 bot is humanized (it basically becomes a sidekick).
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Okay, so I'm going to talk about racism now.

    Well, actually, Andi Mack is going to try and tackle racism and I'm going to have serious problems with it.

    So this last week on Andi Mack, Andi takes part in a class exercise where every student is given a piece of paper with the name of another student. Without mentioning their name, that student is to describe the person on their piece of paper.

    Now Andi correctly describes a new kid, who then describes another girl by claiming she regularly calls herself "the most popular girl at Shadyside high". Now, the popular girl is tasked with describing Andi. She describes Andi as "probably being good with computers" or "probably knowing how to play the piano".

    Of course, Andi is Asian. However, Andi is also none of those things. Andi is understandably devastated at this girl, who she's known her whole life, apparently paid 0 attention to her. Especially considering Andi has done a lot of insane things at her school that the most popular girl would know about. Of course, their teacher addresses this (off-screen), teaching the kids about how Stereotypes Are Bad.

    My complaint about this episode is that Andi decides to do something about this, so she creates a massive mural of her own face made up of her various interests, which are mostly art, various forms of protest and social justice. However, during this sequence there are various students looking at the mural, but the only person from her earlier class to see it is her teacher. Obviously, she commends it.

    None of the students who agreed about Andi being good with computers or playing the piano appear, and none of them apologize or share their own stories about being stereotyped. In the end, the episode creates an echo chamber where Andi gets what is essentially a hollow victory. The only named characters this episode who are convinced that stereotypes are bad are the ones who already knew stereotypes are bad, in effect.

    Andi Mack is a show that usually covers real life topics in a somewhat nuanced way, but I can't lie to you and say I was ever excited for this episode (Disney Channel show tackles racism! is never a good plan). I did expect more from it though.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    Gossip Girl is coming back in reboot and/or sequel form! I think that, around here, everybody knows how ridiculously into Gossip Girl I am, but I have two concerns;
    • It'll be airing on HBO Max, which is HBO's upcoming streaming service. Therefore, a show known for it's plentiful intimate scenes will be coming to a channel known for it's explicit intimate scenes, and on streaming no less. I really, really don't want to be one of those unfortunate people who sees Zendaya's full frontal nudity on euphoria. Aside from being a giant prude, I still listen to the music she made when she was on the Disney Channel. What I am trying to get around saying, because it's vaguely patronizing to Zendaya as an actress, is that the very thought of it ruins my childhood.
    • Nothing that Josh Swartz, Joshua Safran and Stephanie Savage have made since Gossip Girl has caught my interest aside from Dynasty, which became too insane for it's own good eventually. I think the magic in a bottle they had the first time around is gone.

    Anyways, there's no doubt that with a big HBO budget they'll be filming in New York again. As long as they keep at least one of the shows themes, like the Van Der Woodsen's real dedication to the concept of family and legacy, I'll at least give the whole first season a go.

    Unless there's nudity, in which case nope.

    I did actually watch the first season of Big Little Lies despite the nudity, and the second season has been much lighter on the softcore stuff overall, by which I mean it's completely gone, hopefully that's what they'll go for.
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    I saw Citizen Kane, I wonder how much better if it'd have been if I weren't accustomed to the cinema techniques it popularized or if I hadn't already known that Rosebud dies at the end of disk one. Still very good tho.

    I think I'll watch some more old-timey movies.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    We do have a separate film thread, actually, but neither this or that really updates much.

    Plus this is the first post in here not by me in a while.

    Meanwhile, I feel like I've run into a serious "The Emperor Has No Clothes" situation with Big Little Lies. The penultimate episode of season 2 is terrible, like, actually terrible.

    Season 2 so far was basically nothing and then this episode drops so much nonsense on itself that it made me want to wring my own neck. For example; Celeste has a one night stand in the middle of the season, and her mother-in-law finds out about it.

    In this episode, that one night stand is suddenly revealed to be a massive pattern that wasn't mentioned beforehand, involving like seven or eight men. You would think, in a season where not much happened to start with, they could at least lead with this instead of pretending that first incident was supposed to be foreshadowing.

    Also I feel like no review of this show has mentioned how between Season 1 and Season 2, Bonnie gained vague magic psychic powers. In a show that thrives(d?) on realism.

    Yet, everybody still seems to love it. I mean, this is HBO for goodness sakes, they make good TV according to everybody. This show was once at the very least artistically competent at all times, now it's just a joke.
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