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The YouTube Video Graveyard



  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Another not quite dead but private: 24gq7J9rhWo
    This is a video from the channel New Frame Plus about the animation of Final Fantasy V.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Not a YouTube video but a Vimeo one.

    This was the version of the following MAD (i.e. AMV) that used the Japanese version of a song rather than the English version of it, which the MAD creator said had to be used to avoid a copyright strike on YouTube.


    Also TIL this forum software auto-embeds Vimeo links.
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    I learned about the term "enshittification" and it reminded me of these rants.
    I don't remember what exactly YouTube was like at the time so I don't remember the basis of some of those points, but I feel like YouTube has actually gotten more honest/"genuine" in its own cynical way, with YouTubers being open about the fact that for many of them that is their job.
    (Edit: On the plus side, the sort of videos I liked are more common now, and either clickbait is less common or one way or another I get less recommendations for these.)
    And also that the (implementation of the) algorithm has gotten worse and now it can be hard to find a video even if you know its title and content.
    I find that non-English YouTube hasn't changed nearly as much.
    I now find that non-English YouTube has changed nearly as much.
    Edit: Related IJBM: everything is in video form now even if it would serve better in text form.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    yeah definitely at that last one

    and oh wow, you dug up one of my rants lol

    i actually had an argument with someone else on the internet recently, roughly about this

    the nominal topic was the youtube algorithm but we basically debated what made stuff clickbait and whether youtube was better/worse than it used to be; i of course argued that it was worse
  • About that, for a while I've wondered if there's a market for a similar video platform but with customizable search and recommendations features, something like however YouTube etc. work internally but with parameters exposed. I'm aware there's may be optimization issues, but maybe not?
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