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GMH plays Pokémon Perfect Crystal: the Quest for the Full Pokédex



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    Come to think of it, checking Wooper's moveset, I think I'll pick it up after I'm done raising my Krabby.  It doesn't ever get a better water move than Water Gun.

    It learns Crabhammer, the best most powerful water attack in the game.

    Edit: Although I guess you can count Hydro Pump as the most powerful.
  • BeeBee
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    Bee wrote: »
    Seriously, man.  That Girafarig you caught would have trivialized that fight.

    How does that Gengar's AI respond to Girafarig? Does it whiff Shadow Ball against it or go with Hypnosis?

    Doesn't matter much.  Shadow Ball does nothing, Hypnosis has shit accuracy, Awakening's cheap if it does land, and you have psychic attacks.  Only thing I'd be worried about is Confuse Ray and IIRC that Gengar doesn't have it.

    Now if this were HG/SS you'd have to worry about Sucker Punch and things actually get tricky...
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Come to think of it, checking Wooper's moveset, I think I'll pick it up after I'm done raising my Krabby.  It doesn't ever get a better water move than Water Gun.

    It learns Crabhammer, the best most powerful water attack in the game.

    Edit: Although I guess you can count Hydro Pump as the most powerful.

    I was referring to Wooper's moveset, not Krabby's.

    Bee wrote: »
    Bee wrote: »
    Seriously, man.  That Girafarig you caught would have trivialized that fight.

    How does that Gengar's AI respond to Girafarig? Does it whiff Shadow Ball against it or go with Hypnosis?

    Doesn't matter much.  Shadow Ball does nothing, Hypnosis has shit accuracy, Awakening's cheap if it does land, and you have psychic attacks.  Only thing I'd be worried about is Confuse Ray and IIRC that Gengar doesn't have it.

    Now if this were HG/SS you'd have to worry about Sucker Punch and things actually get tricky...

    I guess I got unlucky with Hypnosis my first time around.  Still though I only have a limited number of chances to deal damage to Gengar before I run out of Mint Berries, so I also have to deal enough damage in those chances, without letting Gengar heal.

    Also I haven't been using items, except for auto-use held items.  I've used no items at all in trainer battles since the beginning, and I mean to keep it that way.  I know Awakening can be used and basically trivializes the fight because each time it's used, that Gengar has to re-roll his Hypnosis (60% success rate).

    Without items, that means that each mon I have can get hit with Hypnosis once before becoming useless (because Gengar heals using Dream Eater).  With Mint Berries, each mon can get hit with Hypnosis twice.

    If I wanted a more foolproof way of beating Gengar, using only a Mint Berry, I would have gotten a Paras(ect) with Spore and given it a Mint Berry and probably Fury Cutter.  It is guaranteed to survive one Hypnosis, then it uses Spore, and then attacks it until it goes down.

    (Also you're right that that Gengar doesn't have Confuse Ray; its fourth move is Mean Look.)
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    SEEN: Pokémaniac Andrew's Marowaks.

    I wasn't very prepared for this fight, but that just means I should use some of my 22 Berries.

    Oh fuck you Leonard and your self-destructing Geodude!

    Well anyway I should probably pick up my balls from Kurt before venturing further.  BBL
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    The Cooltrainer trio attacks with their demonstrations of evolutionary lines!  Irene with Goldeen and Seaking, Jenn with Staryu and Starmie, and Kate with that level 26 Shellder with Aurora Beam (holy shit!) and a level 28(!) Cloyster with Aurora Beam as well.

    SEEN: Starmie, Cloyster.

    That Cloyster managed to beat both my Level 25 Krabby and my Level 28 Gloom, so my Croconaw got mad and Raged it to pieces.  Croconaw grew to level 28 too and attempted to learn Scary Face, but I informed it that it was quite scary enough already because it is able to overwhelm opponents with the Surf, tear them to pieces in a Rage, and then Bite them to death.

    later%20tully%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpseyquugf8.png  Tully, you have strange timing.

    I've now got three Eevee eggs and two additional Eevees.  I'm all set, so it's time to take back my original Eevee and my Ditto.

    My Ditto has grown 21 levels, so it costs 2200 Pokédollars to get it back.  My Eevee has grown 13 levels, so it costs 1400 Pokédollars to get it back.  And it's probably learned some moves I don't really like that much.  Fortunately I have well more than enough cash to pony up for these two.  I'll see you Day Care folks again when I need a Pichu, Igglybuff, Tyrogue, Smoochum, Elekid and Nidoqueen, and Magby.  (Actually, I can already start getting myself an Igglybuff...with that same hermaphroditic Ditto.  Hermaphroditto?)

    Eevee now knows Sand-Attack, Growl, Quick-Attack, and Bite, and is level 33 (started at level 20).  Ehh, I guess I can work with this.  But I now have basically six Eevees anyway.

    Incidentally, my level 33 Eevee and level 31 Ditto are now my highest-level pokémon.  lol.  They probably have crap for EVs or whatever it is that makes actively trained mons more powerful than ones just pumped full of Rare Candies.

    Now with Surf, I can add three more fruit-bearing trees to my rounds around Johto.  Specifically, I can now make Pro-Homosexuality Pokéballs Love Balls, Friend Balls, and Glorified Regular Pokéballs Moon Balls.  Also Mt. Mortar's Marills apparently learn Bubblebeam naturally.  And I forgot to bring my Onix with Strength...

    Tully says he's improved since the last time I saw him, but he still has a level 18 Qwilfish.

    I've also just met Sunny.  He gives me the Magnet.

    Tully, why the phone call?  I just battled you.  Do you want your Qwilfish to be humiliated again?

    And in case you were curious at just how pathetic Krabby's special attack is, even with STAB Bubble: pathetic%20bubble%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsovcpamcl.png

    Ahh, finally back at Kurt's place.

    I've noticed that I'm now carrying a pack that consists of a large number of berries and apricorns.  It currently consists of:
    Escape Rope x1
    Revive x1
    Super Potion x4
    PrzCureBerry x12
    Bitter Berry x14
    Berry x12
    PsnCureBerry x20
    Ice Berry x12
    Mint Berry x6
    MysteryBerry x3
    Wht Apricorn x3
    Red Apricorn x2
    Blu Apricorn x4
    Blk Apricorn x1
    Pnk Apricorn x1
    Grn Apricorn x1
    Ylw Apricorn x1

    I am the clearly the Fruit Queen.

    I also am Queen of the Balls:

    Fast Ball x9
    Ultra Ball x3
    Poké Ball x12
    Great Ball x5
    Heavy Ball x9
    Level Ball x6
    Lure Ball x6

    Pretty soon I won't even need Poké Balls at all anymore because I'll be catching things in the name of the Moon, or maybe the Fast, the Lure, or even the Level.

    (The Heavy is not a hugely useful entity for doing activities in the name of, unless those activities involve similarly weighty Sandvich-loving targets.)
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    BTW after doing more thinking I should probably raise my Psyduck instead of my Wooper, because Wooper is Water/Ground and thus takes 1x damage from water attacks as I'm surfing around, while Psyduck gets Confusion which can be used to mess up Tentacools and Tentacruels quite handily.  Psyduck also gets no native Water-type moves except Hydro Pump at a very high level, so Surf will be very useful.

    It evolves into Golduck at level 33, which I have yet to get up to.
  • I remember I mained Wooper/Quagsire back in Gen 2.  Wasn't remotely the best choice, especially with Octillery and Lanturn available.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I might bring it along just because I can get Earthquake from it.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Back to Union Cave!  Hiker Philip just fails to show off the entire evolutionary line of Geodude, since he has two Geodudes and one Graveler.  Krabby tells him to get better pokémon, because he thankfully doesn't use Selfdestruct at any point.  Krabby wants to learn Guillotine but I confiscate his French Revolution propaganda just in time.

    And somehow I've ended up at...the Ruins of Alph?  Psychic Nathan greets us with a Girafarig.

    "Patterns appeared on the walls..." - "HO OH" - I probably need Ho-oh for this one?

    HO OH? ho-oh%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsizldguxp.png More like OH NO, I'VE ACTIVATED THE RUINS' TRAP CARD AND HAVE FALLEN DOWN AND CAN'T GET BACK UP THROUGH THAT STUPID HOLE oh hey I'm back in this room.  Unown catching later.  I'm gonna get myself a Smeargle and a Natu first.  But meanwhile...
    LOGGED: Kingler.

    This means that I can put my Kingler into storage and bring out my Psyduck.  And since I'm teaching my Psyduck Surf, it means I can bring something else out of storage...there was that Strength rock in Union Cave so let's grab my Onix.  Or I could put down one of the Egg, Cleffa, and Togepi that I've been carrying for a while.  Egg is about to hatch...nah, I'll keep them around.  (I'd pick up my Ekans except that would mean that I only have one appropriately-leveled mon, my Gloom.)

    *looks at water*  Hey Psyduck.  "Psy?"  *hands HM03 to Psyduck*  *Psyduck suddenly becomes far more awesome*

    Back to the grass next to Nathan the Psychic.

    LOGGED: Natu.

    So apparently Smeargle doesn't appear unless it's daytime, and it's almost 8:30 PM right now.  Oops.

    Surfing has given me access to a third puzzle.

    "Patterns appeared on the walls..." - "LIGHT"

    Probably means using Flash.  Anyway, this puzzle looks like an Aerodactyl. aerodactyl%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsz2dfm1r0.png

    I seem to have unlocked more Unown forms.  (Note: I already have A through K logged.)

    LOGGED: Unown Z, Y.

    Wait, there's another couple cave holes, and a Strength-gated path that I haven't taken yet.  Time to do that.

    "Patterns appeared on the walls..." - "WATER"

    This one I'm not sure.  Surfing doesn't work here.  Anyway, the puzzle pokémon "drifted in the sea using its ten tentacles", which suggests "Tentacruel" to me, but it seems to be an Omanyte. omanyte%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpso4gyjfas.png Praise be to the Helix Fossil!

    LOGGED: Unown N, M, V, S.

    I love you for your False Swipe, Scyther.

    LOGGED: Unown L, X, Scizor, Unown O, T, Q, W, R, P,...

    The amount of Acid that my Gloom spewed while searching for all these Unown can't be good for these ruins.

    Also apparently tuning the radio to the Unown's own channel increases the chances of encountering Unown one hasn't encountered before?  Well at least it apparently greatly boosts the encounter rate.  I should have done this before I'd caught like 25 of them.

    Finally, an Unown U!  We are done with this!  Except for the extra items puzzles which I will save for when I actually get Ho-oh and then I'll do them all at once.  I don't feel like fishing out my Hoppip and a Water Stone just for this right now.

    the%20last%20unown%20is%20in%20captivity%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsfeuj1iyi.png catch%20order%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpst4yzigv8.png
    The last Unown is in captivity.  The Pokédex Unown Mode is at completion.

    Buena's password tonight is my Johto starter in my past life, Chikorita.  And the less expensive haircut brother is on duty tonight apparently...well, it's an excellent thing then that I'm carrying my Cleffa and Togepi with me.  Hey, why don't you style their hair!...whatever hair they have.  I can't tell.

    It made Togepi "a little happier".

    Anyway, Psyduck just grew to level 16 and finally learned the "psy" part of his name -- Confusion.  Meanwhile, I've decided to raise a Ledyba instead of a Wooper since all I need is to take it from level 10 to level 18 to get a Ledian.  It just hit level 11.  Meanwhile, my Togepi's friendship stat is finally over 200...time to walk around with it just a little more...
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Approximately 36% chance of capturing this Smeargle.  Go, Level Ball!

    Gotcha!  Smeargle was caught!

    LOGGED: Smeargle

    (And its Sketch even failed so I don't have to deal with one dumb slot if I ever plan on training this Smeargle.)

    Troll logic, Pokémon style: Using a bicycle adds extra speed to my movement.  Using Surf adds water compatibility to my movement.  Therefore, I should attempt to use a bicycle while surfing atop my Psyduck...only to get berated by Prof. Oak.

    Apparently wild Slowbros can be found in the Slowpoke Well.  Good to know.  If I get tired of raising mons I can come back later to catch stuff like Noctowl, Slowbro, and such.  Anyway, this trip down Slowpoke Well netted me a King's Rock and a TM18 (Rain Dance).

    beach%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsiqrkdsj7.png  Unfortunately for you, the limited color palette means that this looks more like an actual beach only in the morning.

    Nothing interesting can be done in Mt. Mortar without Waterfall apparently.  But in the meantime, Onix picks up Rage, which replaces Bind, and...
    LOGGED: Ledian, who looks like a sentai hero, lol.

    Let's go and do something about that shiny Gyarados.  And maybe get ourselves a Togetic in the process because I'm a little tired of carrying around something that has no damaging moves other than Metronome and Sweet Kiss and is crap at running from a Furret.
  • BeeBee
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    ^ LOL

    Oh crap, level 30 Gyarados.  And my first shiny.

    First try was a wipeout.

    Second try...36.719% or 37.109%.  Ultra Ball, go!

    LOGGED: Gyarados (shiny).  Also got a Red Scale.

    And it only KO'd my Gloom.  Haunter came through with a successful Hypnosis.

    ...and its data reveals that:
    1. I could have used a Heavy Ball, but it's actually less effective than an Ultra Ball, oh well.  45 catch rate, in case you're wondering.
    2. It's a troll that's drawn to flamewars: world%20conflict%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsyfbvejk1.png

    Meanwhile, Lance (the Elite Four leader from gen 1!) demonstrates that it's okay to use pokémon to attack people, as long as they're criminals.  With Hyper Beam, no less!  But we'll save that for next time...though not before I share this funny image: Disable%20was%20Disabled%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsuzea5uwf.png
  • The only guaranteed shiny in the series.

    Well, unless you count Celebi in Time/Darkness/Sky, but you don't exactly catch her.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Isn't there like a 1/8192 chance of getting a shiny?

    And I hear the chance is elevated for the Odd Egg but my Cleffa wasn't shiny either.
  • Yes to both.  For Gen 2, shininess was tied to a specific mask of its IVs so it would retain shininess if traded back and forth from Gen 1.  The Cleffa is unusually likely to be shiny too.

    Also the red Gyarados is one of the only wild Pokemon you can't run from.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    yep%20its%20hyper%20beam%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsbaysqfki.png surprised%20hyper%20beam%20doesnt%20blast%20him%20through%20the%20wall%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsxybkbysy.png
    Yep, it's hyper beam all right.  I'm surprised it doesn't blast that guy through the wall.

    Sadly for you, Leech Life is weak and Psyduck isn't actually Psychic type.  (Something that confused me endlessly as a kid.  Actually two things, because it took me a while to realize that the non-Bug-type Zubat could have a Bug-type move.)

    Wait, you're with Team Rocket too?

    Oh, I see, those panels are wild pokémon encounter panels, for no real reason.  At least they got me this:
    Angry Pokéball's catch rate is 190 and I've got it asleep and HP down to a minimal amount.  76.563% chance...Lure Ball, go!

    LOGGED: Voltorb.

    I'm kinda worried that this entire floor will be filled with self-destructing mons though.  One Koffing just took out my Psyduck.  Looks like it might be, since I've also encountered a Geodude.  (Checking Bulbapedia reveals that I'm right, and there are only these three mons in this trap area.)  I don't think this trap floor will be here after I finish this dungeon so I'm going to milk this floor for all the XP it's worth.  My Gloom will love this experience.  Due to Voltorb being quite fast (it is the pre-evolution to one of the fastest mons in existence), it occasionally happens that a Voltorb self-destructs on me before I get to do anything.
    this%20occasionally%20happens%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpse5hayokg.png However, thankfully, that deals less than 30 damage to my overleveled Gloom, and then my Gloom enjoys healing back up whenever it encounters a Geodude, which goes down in one hit to Absorb.  Say, Rockets, where's your precious trap now?  Oh, oops, my drooling radish ate them all.
    They're gone.  I ate 'em all.  Well okay, fine, I caught one.  Thanks.

    Meanwhile, a neat thing I just discovered is that if the pokémon stays in battle, its Rage counter doesn't decrease even after beating one opponent.  Which suddenly means that throwing my Onix at these four Rattatas turns out to be an excellent idea.
    By the time I get to the second floor, Lance thinks my Pokémon are tired and gives my party full healing...lol, I just got back from the Pokémon center because I had to drop off some extra crap or else I couldn't pick up the crap that's littered around here.  I guess he was in a real hurry and didn't notice...

    Floor B3.  There's one Scientist here who has a Ditto, so let's make it copy my weak-as-crap Cleffa that knows only Pound, Charm, and Dizzy Punch.  Worked like a charm.  One Strength from my Onix downed it.
    copy%20my%20cleffa%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsoa0xzfke.png one%20strength%20that%20was%20easy%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsgdb3jfhy.png
    Meanwhile, this Rocket channels Yoda.  It's rather amusing that this guy (or rather this AI) doesn't know my strategy.  Its plan for a Rattata is to Tail Whip on first turn then use Quick Attack.  Meanwhile, I use Rage...which means Quick Attack goes before Rage and powers up my second Rage.
    Turns out this Rocket ran into Kishgal at some point.  Interesting.

    ...oh crap.  He wasn't kidding.  Kishgal just showed up...and he's not fighting me.  Apparently he did seriously get beaten up by Lance.

    The game makes me auto-walk once I'm a few steps into the leader's office.  Uh-oh.  Wannabe Giovanni wants to battle.
    wannabe%20giovanni%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsfqbcshft.png Wannabe Giovanni has a lackluster set of mons, a Zubat (which falls in one shot to my Onix's Rock Throw), a Raticate (which I choose not to Rage at and instead Throw more Rocks at), and a Koffing (at which point I suddenly realize I have a Haunter who is completely immune to Selfdestruct and also resists Sludge and Smog).
    because%20you%20are%20bad%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsx3nsgepn.png That's because you're eeeevil.

    A Murkrow who looks like a random blue bird tells us that the last password is HAIL GIOVANNI.  Wait, that's three passwords...unless RATICATE TAIL isn't one, but then how did I enter two passwords onto the executive's office door?  lol script
    Also I want to catch this Murkrow but I can't.  Sadly.
    double%20battle%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsvrhieqyf.png This presumably inspired them to make double battles.  It became such in the remake.

    They're getting with the times.  Villain gender equality FTW!  She's got an Arbok (divided between my Onix and Psyduck), Gloom (Haunter wins the sleep contest), and Murkrow (which takes out my already weakened Onix but then goes down to Haunter).  On defeat she invites me to join Rocket...well, good to know that even a girl like me can be a crime boss.

    SEEN: Arbok, Murkrow

    Lance leaves me three chances to catch an Electrode...well, presumably I can try to catch this I guess, unless it explodes on me and thus faints.  It has a catch rate of 60.  With a Level Ball (and Level 26 Haunter) or an Ultra Ball I have a chance of about 48%.

    Level Ball, go!  Level Ball, go!  Level Ball, go!  Level Ball, go!

    LOGGED: Electrode

    Now to teach it Spore.

    First one.  Nice.  Now to waste Licks on the others in the hope that they'll explode on my Haunter and do nothing.  How many Licks does it take to get to the explosive center of an Electrode?
    Answer: zero.  (The second one outsped Haunter.  Impressive.  I was lucky the first one didn't.)

    Alternative answer: three to paralyze it, and four more to take it down.  FYI its moves are Tackle, Sonicboom something that Guile does aside from having his theme go with everything, Screech, and Selfdestruct.

    GET: HM06 (Waterfall).

    Fun fact: every time you walk past the Persian statues or the wild selfdestructor pokémon trap panels, the game pauses for like a frame.

    Anyway, time to leave this place.

    Ahh, looks like the Lake of Rage is back to normal, i.e. not being enraged.

    ...hey, why is there a random extra Fisher here--oh, crap, trainer battle.

    oh gosh level 22 magikarp why

    Anyway, looking forward, I have dates at the Mahogany Town Gym, which is Ice-type, and Olivine City Gym, which is Steel-type.  What should I raise in preparation for it?  Choices:

    * Cyndaquil (not in the original Crystal, but whatever)
    * Growlithe (the only fire-type I would normally have at this point in the game)
    * Machop
    * Mareep (to take advantage of the common Water/Ice dual typing)
    * Chinchou (same as Mareep, plus Water-type defense)
    * Magnemite already at level 22, so pretty well-prepared already
    * Shellder/Cloyster (entirely defensive option)
    * Sudowoodo (only for the fact that it gets Rock and Fighting moves while only being Rock type, but raising it is kinda useless)
    * Poliwag/Poliwhirl (eventually Poliwrath)
    * Wooper

    Ice is resisted by Water and Ice but weak to Fighting, Fire, and Rock.  Rock is hard to come by without Ground (which Ice beats)...Sudowoodo is the only such pokémon in this generation, until I can get to Omanyte and Kabuto (and Aerodactyl) over in Kanto.

    Fire, Fighting, and Ground type moves would be useful against Steel-type, and Water and Electric type moves deal normal damage.  (If Electric gets 2x against Water, why doesn't it get 2x against Steel?)  Meanwhile, Steel beats Ice and Rock so Cloyster and Sudowoodo might not be that great of options.

    Wooper is 1x defense against Ice-type moves, but it does learn Earthquake eventually.  Sandshrew, on the other hand, learns no Ground-type moves at all, sadly.  Onix and Geodude/Graveler would have the same problem against Ice that they had in gen 1.  And maybe I could consider Nidoqueen or Nidoking...?

    I guess Machop, Growlithe, and Cyndaquil seem like the best choices at this point, barring my finding more Fighting- and Fire-types soon.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    okay here's what i have right now: L27 haunter (hypnosis/mean look), L32 gloom (sleeppowder and cut), L9 cleffa, L22 psyduck (surf), L18 togepi.  other mons i've been working on: L29 Onix (strength), L28 Croconaw (surf), L26 Magnemite (goes to 28), L15 hoppip (Flash), L11 pidgey, L7 Ekans (whom I want to replace Onix when it becomes Steelix at L35)
    Box "2stg lvl": L20 Chinchou, L10 Goldeen, L4 Hoothoot, L14 Koffing, L10 Magikarp (I already have a Gyarados), L14 Marill, L16 Meowth (good source of money), L18 Natu, L6 Paras, L10 Pineco, L6 Sandshrew, L10 Spearow, L10 Tentacool, L5 Venonat, L23 Voltorb (already have Electrode), L4 Wooper
    box "3stg lvl": L10 abra, L5 chikorita, L5 cyndaquil, L6 geodude, L15 machop, L14 mareep, L4 poliwag
    "3stgston": L5 Belloddish (Oddish destined to become Bellossom), L5 Bellsprout, L12 NidF, L12 NidM, L8 Slowpoke, L4 Wrathwag (poliwag destined to become poliwrath)
    box "2stgston": L10 exeggcute, L5 growlithe, L20 shellder, L20 staryu, L14 sunkern
    box "breeding": jigglypuff, eevee, eevee, eevee, egg (eevee), egg (eevee), ditto, eevee
    box "no evol": aipom, articuno, celebi, corsola, farfetch'd (holy crap it's common in this game), girafarig, heracross, miltank, moltres, smeargle, stantler, sudowoodo, tauros
    box "completd": ariados, beedrill, butterfree, crobat, furret, granbull, hypno, kingler, ledian, raticate, scizor
    box11 (should be "stg2ctch"): electrode
    box "Shiny": gyarados
    box "UnownA-F": Unown A, B, C, D, E, F
    box "Unown G-Z": Unown G through Z

    total: 90 logged (including all Unown forms)
  • Chinchou/Lanturn is really, REALLY good.  Just saying.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    While doing some moveset planning, I noticed something funny:

    Low Kick - Bulbapedia
    Gen 1 - 50 power, 90% accuracy, 30% flinch chance, 20 PP
    Gen 2 - no description
    Machop Gen 2 learnset page - 50 power, 100% accuracy, unlisted other effects?, 20 PP
    Gen 3 - power depends on opponent's weight, 100% accuracy, no other effects, 20 PP

    Low Kick - Smogon
    Gen 2 - power depends on opponent's weight, 100% accuracy, no other effects, 20 PP

    Low Kick - Player's Guide
    Gen 2 - 50 power, 90% accuracy, 30% flinch chance, 20 PP

    I'm going to go with the player's guide on this one.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Possible movesets:

    Ekans - Strength
    - STRENGTH, Screech/Glare, Acid, Bite
    Sandshrew - Cut, Strength
    - STRENGTH, Sandstorm, Poison Sting, Swift
    - CUT, Sandstorm, Poison Sting, Slash
    Chinchou - Surf, Flash, Whirlpool, Waterfall
    - Water Gun, Thunder Wave, Spark, Confuse Ray
    Hoppip - Flash
    - Tackle, Leech Seed/FLASH, Sleep Powder, Mega Drain
    Meowth - no HMs
    - Pay Day, Faint Attack, Slash, Screech
    Growlithe - no HMs
    - Bite, Agility, Flamethrower, Take Down
    Pidgey - Fly
    - FLY, Sand-Attack/Agility, Wing Attack, Quick Attack
    Hoothoot - Fly, Flash,
    - FLY, Hypnosis/Confusion, Reflect/Dream Eater, Take Down
    Natu - Flash, (Fly)
    - Peck/Psychic, Night Shade, Future Sight/FLASH/FLY, Confuse Ray
    Paras - Cut, Flash
    - Slash/Cut, Spore, Giga Drain, Leech Life/Flash
    Pineco - Strength
    - Rapid Spin, Spikes, Explosion, Protect, Bide, Double-Edge ?
    Wooper - Surf, Flash, Whirlpool
    - Water Gun/SURF, Slam, Amnesia/FLASH/WHIRLPOOL, Earthquake
    Psyduck - Surf, Strength, Flash, Whirlpool, Waterfall
    - Fury Swipes/Strength, Confusion, Screech/Flash, Surf/Hydro Pump
    Machop - Strength
    - Foresight, Seismic Toss/Vital Throw/Cross Chop (two of these), Strength
    Mareep - Flash
    - ThunderShock, Thunder Wave, Light Screen/Tackle/FLASH, Thunder
    Poliwag - Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall
    - Rain Dance/Whirlpool, Hypnosis, Waterfall/Hydro Pump, Body Slam
    - Poliwrath learns Submission at 35, Mind Reader at 51
    - Poliwhirl evolves into Politoed at 45
    - Poliwhirl: Water Gun, Hypnosis, Rain Dance at 27, evolve into Poliwrath at 27 before 35 => Whirlpool, Hypnosis, Waterfall, Submission (35)
    Tentacool - Cut, Surf, Whirlpool
    - Acid, Bubblebeam/SURF, Barrier/Screech/WHIRLPOOL, Hydro Pump/CUT
    Sunkern/Sunflora - Cut, Flash
    - Absorb/Mega Drain/Giga Drain, Sunny Day, Synthesis, CUT/FLASH
    - Sunny Day, Petal Dance, SolarBeam, CUT/FLASH
    - Mega Drain, Sunny Day, Petal Dance, SolarBeam

    Observation: I basically need pokémon that have crappy natural learnsets but are compatible with HMs.
  • BeeBee
    edited 2016-08-13 18:38:32
    Aipom is good for the more useless ones like Cut, Strength, and Rock Smash.  You should be able to headbutt it out of trees just about anywhere.

    You might catch a spare Poliwag and use it exclusively for surfing.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    So, as some of you may have known, I lost my save in this game. Sorta been bummed out about it, but starting over gives me an opportunity to make a choice I didn't consider before: What hack should I play?

    So far I've been able to dig up these hacks of Crystal that allow the player to collect the full gen 2 pokédex. If there are more I would like to consider them before I pick one, so please let me know.

    * Pokémon Crystal Emu Edition - http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/1420/
    This is the hack I had been playing. It seems to be the most authentic to the original Crystal, with all its nostalgia as well as all its faults. It inserts the "missing" Pokémon in logical locations, mostly, including restoring the Celebi event. Though some just replace trades for easily-available pokémon with trades for legendaries, which feels a little odd. Aside from this, some rare items are enabled (I think such as the bedroom decorations), and there are other minor fixes.

    The advantage with this version is that I can basically look up pokémon stats and game mechanics in Bulbapedia because they're all pretty much the original gen 2 ones.

    * Twitch Plays Pokémon Anniversary Crystal - http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2938/
    I know less about this hack, aside from that (along with including all the mons) it apparently does change more things. Slightly worried that it might be memey, but I don't know. Looks like there's some bugfixing as well as the addition of the Fairy type, though I can't find a full features list.

    * Pokémon Polished Crystal - https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=373172
    I only just now heard of this, while doing a search for Crystal full pokédex hacks. Seems to be the one with the most extensive changes, and actually contains two versions, one of which changes less than the other. Seems to have added 17 mons and removed 15 others, which is a bummer because that's quite a big change. It does also significantly change/update the mechanics and also add new locations and restore some locations (e.g. Viridian Forest) which I like. Also has a Nuzlocke mode switch, which I'll never use anyway. Its Github page suggests that they're working on other features like making the items work more like the modern Pokémon games' items.

    Unfortunately both versions of this patch seem to change the pokémon available.

    * Pokémon Crystal Kaizo
    It's apparently a Kaizo hack that also has 251 catchable without trading (and apparently 252 seeable). Kaizo hack, meaning it's the kind of thing that is intentionally painfully difficult. Not really what I want, unfortunately.

    * Pokémon Crystal All - https://www.zophar.net/hacks/gb/pokemon-crystal-edition/Pokemon-Crystal-All-545.html
    A full-pokédex hack that also jacks up difficulty. Its homepage is gone, so it seems like it's just a poorly documented game at this point.

    * Pokémon Crystal Deluxe - https://www.zophar.net/hacks/gb/pokemon-crystal-edition/Pokemon-Crystal-deluxe-950.html
    An even more poorly documented full-dex hack.
  • > not playing Moemon
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Apparently TPP Anniversary Crystal is actually pretty well-documented (probably partly because it's recent, and partly because it's famous and lots of people worked on it).


    There's a zip file containing the docs detailing everything in the game. Or something like that.

    Checking them indicates that there are ways to capture wild starters, wild eevees, and so on. Also, TMs are infinite-use now. And there seem to be separate map entries for Viridian Forest and Cerulean Cave, as well as a place called "Guyana" which is rather interesting because it's the "real life" location where Mew was discovered. (Too bad the Orange Islands aren't in this hack...)

    I don't know to what extent this is based on the Emu Edition, which is what was actually played by TPP.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Also I just ran across a hack called Pokémon AshGrey: http://pokemonashgray.com/

    It's not a hack of Crystal but rather a hack of FireRed I think, and it's meant to imitate the actual Pokémon anime series.

    Also as for the Orange Islands, there is this game which isn't a hack: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=225147

    (I know, the Orange Islands are supposed to be represented by the Sevii Islands, but it's just not quite the adventure shown in the TV series, complete with unusual gym badge challenges.)
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    > not playing Moemon

    Is there a full-dex gijinka 2nd gen hack?
  • Oh wait, for some reason I hadn't read your latest posts until now. There should be a full 2nd gen hack, yeah, I mean, the original was a 3rd gen full-dex hack so all it'd take would be to hack its sprites into Heart Gold or Soul Silver. A quick Google search tells me this is so. I doubt there's one for the non-remakes, though.

    Anyhows, I'm here 'cuz I found there's an actual playable Cursed Black hack and you must dooooo eeeeet
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Oh wait, for some reason I hadn't read your latest posts until now. There should be a full 2nd gen hack, yeah, I mean, the original was a 3rd gen full-dex hack so all it'd take would be to hack its sprites into Heart Gold or Soul Silver. A quick Google search tells me this is so. I doubt there's one for the non-remakes, though.

    Anyhows, I'm here 'cuz I found there's an actual playable Cursed Black hack and you must dooooo eeeeet

    Hmm, looks like the Gijinka thing is a third-gen thing. Maybe I'll check it out when I get there.

    Anyway I found a few more 251 hacks of Crystal, like "Pokémon Crystal 251" and this list here. Except I get the feeling I'm kinda scratching the bottom of the barrel and Crystal Emu Edition is going to be my best option for an experience that feels both mostly authentic to the Crystal release version but also lets me catch all 251 pokémon.

    The closest second choice is TPP Anniversary Crystal, though it might be a little different, and is apparently slightly buggy and they also recommend a custom AI or something like that.

    I'll restart this sometime...after I finish at least the first Trails in the Sky game which is on my front-burner now as far as gaming goes.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Y'know...given my dissatisfaction with the then-existing choices...the following might actually be useful.

  • I just found out about that romhack and came to this thread to tell you that you must dooooo eeeeet
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