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GMH plays Pokémon Perfect Crystal: the Quest for the Full Pokédex



  • Yah. Mud Slap and Shadow Ball are Gym Leader's TMs, which Gen I or II's mons don't learn (IIRC some mons do learn them in Gen III and on).

    Also, the National Park is in Gold, too.

    Maybe I should finish my playthrough of Puppet Dance Performance.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    What's Puppet Dance Performance?

    Meanwhile, a level 13 Golbat:


    If only the previous line of text were "YUNICA told enemy GOLBAT it shouldn't exist!"

    SEEN: Golbat, Pokémaniac Shane's Nidorina and Nidorino, which he says he should have evolved using a Moon Stone.

    ACQUIRED: Gloom!

    And some douche blocks the way to the Mahogany Town gym.
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    Fantasy Puppet Dance Performance is the standalone Pokémon game, the best PokémonxTouhou thing around until somebody makes this.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    SEEN: Benjamin's Dugtrio, Tully's Qwilfish, Dana's Flaafy, Valerie's Skiploom, Toby's Doduo, Chad's Mr.Mime, Eugene's Poliwhirl, Eugene's Krabby, Olivia's Corsola, wild Fearow, Miller's Nidoking and Nidoqueen

    I didn't know Qwilfish is poison-type until now.

    Irwin's number gets booted in favor of Tully's, because Irwin doesn't have anything to offer me, according to Bulbapedia can't stop telling me how great I am because he heard I beat Whitney.

    ACQUIRED: Miltank, which ate about 12 pokéballs (well, about 9 regular balls, 2 fast balls, and 1 great ball.  A regular ball was the the one that caught it.  It has a catch rate of 45.)

    -phonelist Bug Catcher Wade, +phonelist Lass Dana

    ACQUIRED: Golbat!  Now I'm one step closer to my very first friendship-based evolution.

    Pokénerd Derek wears a Pikachu shirt, costumes his child like a Pikachu, taunts me with a line about his Pikachu, and sends out a Pikachu.  Oh, he's married, too.  To a fellow Pikachu fan.  By the way, you can Double Team all you want, but after three Screeches, your level 17 Pikachu falls to one single Tackle from my Onix.

    I get to Olivine City.  So apparently I have access to the Ecruteak Gym, and stuff at Mahogany Town or Lake of Rage, and Olivine Lighthouse, all at the same time.  So perhaps I wasn't completely wrong in what I was going to say earlier about nonlinearity.

    Kishgal shocks the fuck out of me by showing up in my face right when I enter town, then he says that he's not battling.  Still looking at him suspiciously.

    Good Rod get!  Also, HM04 (Strength) get!  Onix replaces Tackle with Strength.

    I found someone who comes from a place with lots of ice birds.  He desparately wants a Krabby Pattie.

    ACQUIRED: My first electric-type and steel-type, Magnemite!  Also the first thing I have that can use electric attacks I think.

    And my mom bought me a doll!  Yay!

    ACQUIRED: Taurus, which wasted me yet another truckload of balls.  Mostly Great Balls this time...

    Time to go fishing!
    ACQUIRED: Goldeen, Tentacool, Krabby, Corsola, Staryu (it turned 6 PM just at the right time that I got my Corsola and Staryu one after the other), Chinchou, Shellder.

    And now that it's night...
    ACQUIRED: Meowth (that's right!), Stantler (it ate 6 Great Balls and then three regular Balls; these 45-catch-rate mons are REALLY irritating me...), Eevee (Bill's gift)

    I've got a male Eevee, which means I'll need to breed it with a Ditto to get four more Eevees so I can get all the Eeveelutions.

    Time to take on Morty's Gym.

    Sage Ping asks me if I can damage any of their pokémon.  Trust me, Ping, only a noob wouldn't know that considering how much crap ghosts went through back in Gen 1.  In fact, I'd use five different mons to knock our your five Gastlies, if not for the fact that I specifically want to level up my Golbat and my Drowzee.

    And that friendship-rater in Goldenrod City was right!...

    ACQUIRED: Crobat, my first friendship-based evolution!
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    So I guess the inevitable is happening -- I'm getting into Pokémon breeding.  Let's figure out the lay of the land:

    • There are 8 baby pokémon.  They are accessible only via eggs, as gifts from NPCs, or from breeding other mons.  These are:
      • Pichu - breed Pikachu and/or Raichu (not yet possible)
      • Cleffa - hatched from my Odd Egg (already have this one)
      • Igglybuff - breed Jigglypuff and/or Wigglytuff (currently possible; I have a Jigglypuff)
      • Togepi - hatch from egg from Prof. Elm's assistant (already have this one)
      • Tyrogue - given by Kiyo on Mt. Mortar
      • Smoochum - breed Jynx
      • Elekid - breed Electabuzz
      • Magby - breed Magmar
    • There are also pokémon with branching evolutionary paths.
      • Oddish -> Gloom (level) -> Vileplume (Leaf Stone) or Bellossom (Sun Stone) (can catch multiple Oddishes)
      • Poliwag -> Poliwhirl (level) -> Poliwrath (Water Stone) or Politoed (trade w/item; here, level) (can catch multiple Poliwags)
      • Slowpoke -> Slowbro (level) or Slowking (trade w/item; here, Water Stone) (can catch multiple Slowpokes)
      • Eevee -> Flareon (Fire Stone), Vaporeon (Water Stone), Jolteon (Thunder Stone), Espeon (friendship/day), Umbreon (friendship/night) (one available from Bill; Celadon Game Corner for more)
      • Tyrogue -> Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan/Hitmontop (level 20 + stat spread) (one available from Kiyo)
    • Finally, there are pokémon that evolve by friendship.
      • Cleffa -> Clefairy
      • Eevee -> Espeon (day)
      • Eevee -> Umbreon (night)
      • Golbat -> Crobat accomplished
      • Igglybuff -> Jigglypuff
      • Pichu -> Pikachu
      • Togepi -> Togetic (currently possible)

    I can't raise friendship at the Day Care but I can bring these with me.

    I need to wait a while to get eggs from the mons I want at the Day Care.  Then I need to walk around with the eggs.

    Seems right now the only mons I definitely need to breed to get more of are Eevee (unless I use the Game Corner, which is probably a worse idea) and Tyrogue.

    (The starters are catchable in this version.)

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    So I deposited an Eevee and a Ditto at the Day Care.  I replaced Crobat with Snubbull, who gets Bite and Lick.  My Snubbull, Gastly, and Drowzee will probably be the main offense against Morty's gym, though Onix (with Rock Throw and Screech) and Croconaw (with Bite and Surf) could certainly also wreck house.

    In all honesty, I should probably aim to finish evolving my Croconaw so I can replace it with another water-type.  Chinchou seems like a good idea.  Once Onix becomes Steelix, I can put it down and pick up Ekans, who will also get Strength.  (Incidentally, Goldeen learns Waterfall naturally...but evolves into Seaking before it does.  And it learns no other water moves...)
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    My Drowzee is also level 25 already -- one more level up and it becomes a Hypno.  But that also means it has Headbutt.

    ACQUIRED: Sunkern (from the National Park grass, one I'd neglected earlier), Ledyba, Pineco, Aipom, Exeggcute (took a few Poké Balls),

    Ledyba is titled the "Five Star Pokémon".  Must be a free gift when I stay at fancy hotels.  Also it turns out that I'd forgotten to battle trainers at the National Park.  Actually that's not a bad thing; I'll just fight them later.  Also Pineco has access to Selfdestruct...probably the first mon I can get that has that.

    Tully the Fisherman has a gift for me.  It's a Water Stone!

    Meanwhile, Arnie the Bug Catcher can't seem to catch Abra because he doesn't know its weakness, and same with Pidgey...

    Gastly reaches level 21 and wants to learn Night Shade!  It currently knows:
    * Lick - pathetically weak attack and only one of two Ghost attacks that actually takes the type table into consideration.  But useful for whittling down the health of wild pokémon in small spurts, so that even very underleveled mons can be captured.
    * Hypnosis - putting things to sleep is always useful, and most importantly, gives +10 to catch rate.
    * Spite - "I hate your attack so I'm going to run you out of PP."  Useful against Fury Cutter, but I ended up using a different tactic against Rollout.  Are there any other attacks like these?
    * Mean Look - prevents opposing pokémon from escaping or being switched out.  What wild mons are there other than Abra and Growlithe that actually use a move to escape?
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    Spite is the only attack-PP move there is, though I guess for something similar there's Disable.

    Eventually you'll need Mean Look (or Spider Web) for the legendary trio, though.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Actually, Disable sounds like a great way to deal with Roar...except it seems that Disable in gen 2 tries to target the last-used move and fails if used first...

    Anyway, I got rid of Spite because it's the least useful of these moves, though this also means my Gastly no longer has any moves that use that cool gremlin sprite.

    Snubbull hit level 19 and now knows Lick (replacing Scary Face, which I didn't find much use for).  It also has Tackle, Bite, and Charm (opponent's attack -2 stages).  Incidentally, unlike Ghost-types, Snubbull has a high physical attack (42), which can complement Lick's low power (20).  Meanwhile, though, its special attack is just 27, and I'm not sure Bite's higher power (60) can make up for it.  It'll be interesting to compare.

    Also a fucking Pineco exploded in my face.

    Edit: I compared.  Lick is still worse than Bite.  Against Pineco at least.  It might be different against an actual Ghost opponent because they tend to have crappy physical defense and better special defense, though.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    My goodness, Morty, your lieutenants are idiots.  Attempting to curse already-cursed opponents.

    (Ghost) Curse + Mean Look is a nice idea, but at least teach them not to mess that up!  And tell them not to curse themselves when their last mon has only half HP left!

    Okay, let's make this battle with Morty like a real (i.e. anime) gym battle.  Well, sorta.  I'm going to choose four mons against his four.  My four will be Snubbull, Gastly, Croconaw, and Drowzee.

    Morty says he's "secretly" trained...yet he runs a gym.  Heh.

    Aaaand, we're off!  Morty and I both lead with level 21 Gastlies.  I get the first drop, hitting it for just under half its health with Night Shade.  Its first move is...Curse, leaving it with a tiny sliver of health.  My Gastly uses Lick to finish off the opponent.  Yunica wins the first match!

    As his second mon, Morty sends out a level 21 Haunter, and I send out my level 23 Croconaw.  Haunter outspeeds Croconaw and again uses Curse, losing half its health.  Croconaw has picked Bite, and if he doesn't finish this Haunter he takes 25% HP damage...but he does take down Haunter in one Bite, avoiding the damage from Curse!  And he grows to level 24.

    As his third mon, Morty sends out a level 25 Gengar, and I send out my level 21 Snubbull, since I expect him to use Shadow Ball, a powerful Ghost attack that will fail against the Normal-type Snubbull.  Snubbull's way slower than Gengar (and a bunch of other not-quite-as-slow things), so Gengar gets the first move, and attempts Hypnosis...which fails.  Snubbull, meanwhile, hits with Bite...but Bite only depletes just over a fifth of Gengar's HP bar!  This is a more serious opponent.  Snubbull tries to Lick Gengar on his second turn, but Gengar actually connects with a Hypnosis this time.  I switch back to ordering Bite, but before Snubbull has a chance to wake up, Morty's Gengar demonstrates a far more dangerous tactic than I was expecting -- Dream Eater.  It leaves Snubbull with 4 HP and refills Gengar' HP bar.  Snubbull is still asleep, so I guess it's high time I switch to my own psychic-type, level 25 Drowzee.  Gengar is still expecting a sleeping Snubbull so his Dream Eater misses.  Drowzee is faced with a choice between Hypnosis (countering with the same tactic), Confusion (to deal damage immediately), and Disable (to temporarily knock out Gengar's Dream Eater).  I'll take a risk with Hypnosis...except I forgot about Shadow Ball.  So much for Drowzee.  I send out Croconaw, which Gengar puts to sleep (to no one's surprise).  I switch it out for Gastly, so that Gengar's Dream Eater misses.  I then switch back to Croconaw to tank the incoming Shadow Ball.  Then it's Gastly again, Dream Eater misses, Croconaw takes another Shadow Ball, Gastly to make Dream Eater miss, Croconaw to take another Shadow Ball, and that's it for Croconaw.  Let's try to have Gastly hit it with Hypnosis...assuming it survives the Shadow Ball...which it doesn't.  Well, I've officially lost my challenge conditions.

    Let's see if my other two mons can fix this...nope, they can't.

    Dream Eater, man.  Dream Eater.  Maybe I should have picked Disable.  Though he'd just Shadow Ball me instead.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Number of gymleaders who've kicked my ass: 3 of 4 so far

    (Faulkner didn't)

    is because I knew about Shadow Ball but forgot about Hypnosis + Dream
    Eater.  I feel so dumb now because I know all too well that the Gastly
    family's movepool in gen 1 is Lick, Confuse Ray, Night Shade, Hypnosis,
    Dream Eater.  I'd have to find a self-cure for sleep, or buy a truckload
    of Awakenings and hope that Hypnosis fails enough times to get damage

    I guess Hypnosis was just too successful this time. 
    Should only work 60% of the time, but that's still going to be
    challenging to work with because Gengar is guaranteed to outspeed
    everything I have.

    That said, quite frankly, I'm enjoying this.  I'm enjoying the sense of awe.  Gymleaders ought to be not just like other trainers but with snazzier music.  If they can kick my ass on the first pass, without me powerleveling or developing a specific way to counter them (or possibly even if I do), then I'd say the game was well designed.

    Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of Morty with far too many Gengars.

    In the meantime, I'm considering a few options:
    1. Mint Berries for everyone!
    2. Overlevel.
    3. Dear Eevee and Ditto, please make me another Eevee so I can raise it at night.
    4. Saying hello to Magnemite and Scizor (Scyther -> Scizor at level 25).
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    Thought of yet another strategy: trick Gengar into using Dream Eater on a waking opponent who uses Encore.
  • You'd basically have to either eat a big hit, luck out on exactly when you wake up, and/or outspeed Gengar.

    1) Eat a Dream Eater while asleep, then randomly wake and hit Encore.  Painful AND luck-based.
    2) Eat Dream Eater while asleep, then randomly land Encore with Sleep Talk.  Painful and luck-based.
    3) Wake with an item, null the Dream Eater, then pray to Arceus you out-speed Gengar for the Encore.  Situtational, because Gengar is hellza fast.
  • BeeBee
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    AFAIK, Encore is completely useless in single player until at least Gen 3 when you could breed it on a Wobbuffet.  Any other situation, you're better off just going for a sweep.  Encore is for screwing with real people.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Bee wrote: »
    You'd basically have to either eat a big hit, luck out on exactly when you wake up, and/or outspeed Gengar.

    1) Eat a Dream Eater while asleep, then randomly wake and hit Encore.  Painful AND luck-based.
    2) Eat Dream Eater while asleep, then randomly land Encore with Sleep Talk.  Painful and luck-based.
    3) Wake with an item, null the Dream Eater, then pray to Arceus you out-speed Gengar for the Encore.  Situtational, because Gengar is hellza fast.

    Wait, countering with a Mint Berry means I Encore Hypnosis, not Dream Eater, and I can't Encore on the turn I switch in.

    I could Encore Shadow Ball, though, but it'd be unlikely.  If I put out a mon weak to Ghost, then switch it out, then the switch-in turn has Shadow Ball, but Gengar will switch to Hypnosis for his next turn anyway.

    Probably better use for Mint Berry would be Thunder Wave.
  • This is for Morty, right?  Isn't Girafarig just south of you?  Normal/Psychic.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Bee wrote: »
    This is for Morty, right?  Isn't Girafarig just south of you?  Normal/Psychic.

    Actually, it's not normally available in Crystal, but in this edition it's on Route 43 (Mahogany Town / Lake of Rage), at night.

    Incidentally I just realized why I haven't seen a Mareep yet.  Those aren't normally present in Crystal either, but they're on Routes 32 (Violet City / Union Cave), 42 (Ecruteak City / Mahogany Town), and 43 on Gold/Silver.  In this edition they're present on Routes 42 and 43, in the morning.

    I also should get up early so I can catch Cyndaquil in the Burned Tower in the morning.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Let's take a detour.

    Venturing to the Burned Tower again.  After blowing my entire wallet on 20 Poké Balls and 15 Great Balls, of course.  Trying to find that elusive Cyndaquil that is supposed to show up here in the morning.

    ACQUIRED: Hypno, Granbull, Haunter, 10:00 AM.

    ...well, that didn't work.

    Let's get some errands done.  Like picking up another Mint Berry, and catching another Krabby to give to that guy who hails from a place with very few crabs but many frost-birds.  Or something.
    ACQUIRED: Articuno.

    Tim's Articuno outclasses the Krabby in like every stat except Attack, and gives me access to my first Ice-type move, Powder Snow.

    Meanwhile, an Egg appeared at the Day Care!  Now to leave my Eevee and Ditto longer, and get four more Eggs.  My current team: Scyther, Magnemite, Croconaw (Surf), Gloom (Cut), Onix (Strength), and an Egg.

    I also picked up more apricorns and got two Heavy Balls from Kurt.  From now on, Kurt will be making multiple balls per day because I will have more than one to give him at any given time, and he can make several balls of one kind in a day.  I'm getting three Level Balls (Red Apricorns) the next day.

    SEEN: Spencer's Sandslash, Brent's Lickitung (which successfully Stomped all over my Magnemite), Marvin's Gyarados, and that last guy whose name I forgot's Slowbro.

    Frickin' Team Rocket toll collectors.

    ACQUIRED: Farfetch'd

    Fisher Tully tries to tell me how big the Rattata he lost to is.  I suspect it's a Raticate.

    Scyther grows to level 18 and gains False Swipe, which will take HP down to 1 if it would overhit.  This will be very useful for catching stuff.

    So after nearly KOing a wild Farfetch'd with one Thundershock, my Magnemite Tackled it...only for it to not go down.  This made me check its stats.  Attack 19, Defense 36, Spcl.Atk 42, Spcl.Def 28, Speed 22.  Its attack power really IS pretty crud.

    Marvin, how in the world did you get those Level 10 and Level 15 Gyaradoses?
    He's not the only one, there's also a level 19 Slowbro in these parts.

    Meanwhile, Kishgal is off interacting with NPCs.  He made fun of Pokémaniac Ron's Nidoking.
  • Seriously?  The dude trades you fucking Articuno before you even take down Morty?
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Bee wrote: »
    Seriously?  The dude trades you fucking Articuno before you even take down Morty?

    This romhack uses existing in-game trades to give you gen 1 legendaries.  At least, it does this to give you Articuno and Moltres (which are the ones I have so far).  It's not a perfect decision, and ideally a hack would have made them unique wild encounters like they were in gen 1.  But oh well, I'll accept it for what it is.  I won't actually be using them against Morty anyway, in the spirit of fairness.

    Meanwhile...it's nighttime now.  And you know what means!

    ACQUIRED: Girafarig, Marill.

    SEEN: wild Noctowl, wild Venomoth.

    This site is actually really useful: http://www.dragonflycave.com/gen2capturecalc.aspx

    Incidentally, very consistent with a proper probability distribution, it took me three tries to capture a level 17 Girafarig at 1 HP (with False Swipe) using Great Balls.  (Probability was 38.672%.)  Too bad I didn't have a Level Ball on hand yet; those amount to free Ultra Balls if I use them right.

    And here it is...a level 5 Chikorita, on Route 39, at night, just as promised.  I False Swiped it and it is asleep, so I should have a 29.297% chance with a Great Ball.  Should be able to get it in like four balls, hopefully (though yes I know that probability doesn't work like that).

    It took six Great Balls, FYI.

    ACQUIRED: Chikorita!

    Also I dunno why this hack made Chikorita appear at night.  Its pokédex description says "It loves to bask in the sunlight.  It uses the leaf on its head to seek out warm places."

    Meanwhile, my Eevee and Ditto have produced a second egg, necessitating that I keep them somehow separate.

    I also realized that I derped and forgot to pick up something from Schoolboy Alan.  And I also forgot to give Kurt multiple apricorns at a time...so I only picked up one Level Ball.  But at least just now I picked up a Thunderstone from Lass Dana.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    At 09:59:53...with just seven seconds to go...

    Cyndaquil (catch rate 45)
    level 5
    ball: Level Ball
    my opposing mon: level 24 or 25
    status: Asleep

    HP IV of 0-15

    You have a 100% chance of capturing it per ball. Thus, you are guaranteed to get it in a single ball.

    cmon%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsnpinr59y.png YES%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsxj7nmdfw.png

    ACQUIRED: Cyndaquil

    I want to thank the Academy Kurt's ball-making skills, my Scyther with its False Swipe, and my Gloom with its Sleep Powder.

    I now have all three Johto starters.  (Kanto starters are located in Kanto.)

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    It's morning in America Johto again!  And you know what that means!  I can catch me a Mareep now!  Let's go to the grasses of Route 42 and wait!? what happened to the wild pokémon encounter musi--
    hoooooooooly crap.

    Okay, this is more like it.  And Cut takes it down about 60%, now to use the low-powered Absorb and--dangit%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpssi0zdjgt.png it has to crit.

    Okay fine I'll just use Cut this ti--not%20again%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zps4fabbxwv.png--not again.

    Thankfully, third time was the charm, as I'd learned to False Swipe it at that point.  Mareep has a high catch rate, so 1 HP level 14 Mareep asleep has either a 94.141% or 94.153% chance to be caught with one regular ball.  Which is exactly how I caught it.

    SEEN: Raikou
    LOGGED: Mareep

    I'm going to go back to using "Logged" instead of "Acquired".

    Meanwhile, I figured out from internet sources that the devteam finally found a use for the "Area" feature of the Pokédex -- specifically, to indicate where a unique roaming pokémon has fled to.  Raikou seems to be hanging out in Route 37 at the moment.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Berry harvesting.  Going around.  And then suddenly...

    Anyway, my Scyther at level 24 actually outspeeds Morty's Gengar (as does my own Haunter actually) so I'm going to put Scyther away for now so it doesn't evolve into Scizor at level 25.  Instead, let's raise another mon that depends on happiness...Togepi!

    As you may recall, Togepi's moveset currently consists of Growl, Charm, and Metronome.  Time to have fun.

    Flame Wheel
    Scary Face
    Double Kick
    Encore (applied to a Sandshrew's Defense Curl, which was bad timing)
    Stun Spore
    Psych Up (against a Sandshrew with like four Defense Curls)
    Pin Missile
    Roar (after wasting 8 uses of Metronome)
    Sludge Bomb
    Smokescreen (these last two move sound like a political campaign)
    Explosion (sigh...)
    Selfdestruct (sigh...Togepi, you're not helping me raise you!)
    Karate Chop
    Mirror Move
    Ice Beam
    Razor Wind
    Dig (again)
    Selfdestruct (again...fuck Metronome)
    Leech Seed
    Cotton Spore

    Anthony the HIker has some new pokémon!  A level 16 Geodude...and a level 18 Machamp!  Nice upgrade!

    SEEN: Anthony's Machamp

    The Day Care has a third egg for me now.  I'm still raising the second one though.

    Anyway, right now I'm in Route 42 trying to raise my Togepi and also trying to catch a Heracross.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    It suddenly struck me that Togepi's moveset is basically telling me "PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME GO INTO BATTLE, THE MOST I CAN DO IS A DESPERATION ATTACK THAT IS OBNOXIOUSLY UNPREDICTABLE".  Rather, I should instead just run around and let its happiness increase as I run around with it, while leveling up something else.

    Such as my Krabby, whose first attack is Bubble, and which learns Vicegrip at level 12, and then I suddenly realized just how completely shit Krabby's special attack is...but how insanely awesome its physical attack stat is.  At level 13 its stats are Attack 36, Defense 32, Spcl. Atk 13, Spcl. Def 13, Speed 19.

    Still trying to get that Heracross, in the meantime.  I'm now in Azalea town.

    I'm kinda amused that the wild pokémon's cry isn't played when it falls out of the tree asleep.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Anthony isn't the only trainer who's upgraded.  Gina the Picnicker has,
    too.  She now has two level 14 Hoppips and an Ivysaur.  Meanwhile, my
    level 17 Togepi drew Horn Drill from Metronome.  Heh.

    Anyway, I heard that the trees behind the Slowpoke Well worked well for finding Heracross.  Tried that for a while, but it didn't work.  Then I tried the trees behind Kurt's house...one popped out almost immediately.  Unlike other nighttime mons, these aren't asleep.  And they flee...though due to a bug (no pun intended), the Fast Ball doesn't give me any bonuses with these.  Fortunately, my Haunter has Mean Look and is level 25, compared to its level 10.  Unfortunately I paralyzed the Heracross with Lick by accident rather than Hypnosis'ing it first.

    It's got a 45 catch rate, but thanks to the Level Ball...

    HP IV of 0-15

    You have a 66.797%
    chance of capturing it per ball. Thus, you have at least a 50% chance
    of catching it within 1 ball and at least a 95% chance of catching it
    within 3 balls.

    One Level Ball did the trick.  Note that my chance with an Ultra Ball would be 33.594% and a regular ball 16.797%.  I love these Level Balls.

    LOGGED: Heracross

    Meanwhile, Tully calls me that he beat a wild Golbat that was this yuuuuge, and Gina has another Leaf Stone for me (proving that these rematch trainers will give the same item repeatedly), and my second Eevee egg is close to hatching.  Good night for now!

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    current choices against morty:

    haunter, level 25 - to glass-cannon duel gengar with its own hypnosis.  outspeeds gengar, but unfortunately only armed with lick and night shade, but ghosts aren't known to have that much HP.  gengar won't hypnotize haunter though -- just go for the super-effective shadow ball.  doesn't matter which as haunter's defense and spcl. def are both a shitty 37 (attack 42, spcl. atk 67, speed 63).
    scyther, level 24 - also outspeeds gengar.  give it a mint berry so it can outspeed gengar one more time.  armed with pursuit, a 40-power dark move.  better than nothing despite its spcl. atk being the weakest stat.  (stats in order: 64, 47, 36, 48, 59)
    gloom, level 26 - doesn't outspeed gengar, but has a better sleep move, sleep powder.  arm with a mint berry and send out initially or after a KO.  nothing else it has is useful though (absorb, cut, acid).  (stats: 47, 49, 57, 52, 38)
    onix, level 25 - doesn't outspeed gengar, but has a usable stab physical move (rock throw) and also can screech.  excellent defense means she could tank a shadow ball when switching in, but needs mint berry to be effective.  (stats: 34, 96, 30, 38, 48)
    magnemite, level 25 - doesn't outspeed gengar, but has thunder wave (guaranteed paralysis, which also reduces gengar's speed) and thundershock (and good spcl. atk, 59). (stats 27, 50, 59, 39, 31).  steel type resists both ghost and psychic.
    granbull, level 23 - excellent attack (69), decent spcl. atk (42), horrible speed (29).  knows lick and bite.  (stats 69, 45, 42, 42, 29)
    hypno, level 26 - all stats okay (attack 48, defense 46, spcl. atk 51, speed 46 so it doesn't outspeed gengar) except high spcl. def (72), and armed with confusion, hypnosis, and disable.  will be hit with shadow ball (which targets defense).
    croconaw, level 26 - a staple with okay stats overall (59, 53, 45, 47, 47) and both bite and surf.

    everything other than haunter and hypno will be targeted by hypnosis + dream eater.  haunter and hypno will be targeted by shadow ball.

    or i can level up my hoppip, seems like it might potentially outspeed gengar and have sleep powder (currently level 15)

    or i can cheat and bring out level 30 celebi lol (heal bell, safeguard, ancient power, future sight, stats 65/65/68/68/72) or even level 29 crobat (leech life, supersonic, bite, confuse ray, stats 65/61/54/60/94)

    number of available mint berries: 5
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Doing my rounds again, by which I mean picking up berries, apricorns, and Kurt's balls.

    Eevee hatched!  This is the second one.  Now to hold the third one.

    Krabby is now level 19.  Krabby is now level 20.  Unfortunately for me, I picked something that evolves at level 28.

    And just in time, my (first) Eevee and Ditto have yet another egg!

    I now have six Mint Berries, so that means it's high time I go have my rematch with Morty.

    Here's my present team now:

    Croconaw :L26 78 HP (water) Scratch/Bite/Rage/Surf 59/53/45/47/47
    Haunter :L25 66 HP (ghost/poison) Lick/Hypnosis/Night Shade/Mean Look 42/37/67/37/63
    Magnemite :L25 58 HP (electric/steel) Thunder Wave/Thundershock/Supersonic/Sonicboom 27/50/59/39/31
    Gloom :L26 75 HP (grass/poison) Absorb/Cut/Acid/Sleep Powder 47/49/57/52/38
    Onix :L25 59 HP (rock/ground) Strength/Screech/Bind/Rock Throw 34/96/30/38/48
    Scyther :L24 77 HP (bug/flying) Quick Attack/False Swipe/Agility/Pursuit 64/47/36/48/59

    All my mons are holding Mint Berries, except Haunter who has a PrzCureBerry.  All are mons that need more experience to eventually evolve, or (in the case of Gloom) I would like to get more experience before evolving.

    "You're going to help me reach that level!" - Morty

    Croconaw goes first and one-shots Morty's level 21 Gastly.

    Croconaw goes first and deals well over 50% damage to Morty's level 21 Haunter.  Haunter uses Curse which KOs itself.  Croconaw grows to level 27!

    Against Morty's level 25 Gengar, I send out my level 25 Haunter.  Haunter goes first with Hypnosis but misses.  Gengar one-shots Haunter with Shadow Ball.
    I send out my level 26 Gloom.  Gengar outspeeds it, as expected, and attempts Hypnosis, which fails.  Gloom attempts Sleep Powder, which also fails.  Gengar again attempts hypnosis, which fails.  Gloom again attempts Sleep Powder, which succeeds.  I switch out Gloom for Croconaw; Gengar is still asleep.  Bite has 60x2=120 power (super effective) but Surf has 95x1.5=142.5 power, making it better than the 75-power STAB Thundershock that even my Magnemite has, so I choose Croconaw.
    Gengar outspeeds Croconaw, as I expected, but it stays asleep.  One Surf deals just under half the Gengar's HP in damage.
    Gengar stays asleep another turn.  Another surf takes Gengar down to very low HP.
    Gengar fails to wake up on its following turn, and just for fun, my Croconaw Bites it.  Morty's almighty level 25 Gengar has fallen.  And I didn't even use any Mint Berries!  But we're not out of the woods yet...there's one more to go.

    Against Morty's level 23 Haunter, I send out my level 24 Scyther.  (I want that Scizor!)
    Scyther outspeeds Haunter and uses Pursuit (40 power without its special effect), dealing just about 1/3 the Haunter's HP in damage.  Haunter is Spiteful and deals 3 PP damage to Pursuit (which has 20 PP so I'm not concerned).
    Scyther uses Pursuit again, leaving Haunter with about 1/3 its HP left.  Haunter uses Mimic and learns Pursuit.
    Scyther uses Pursuit again, KOing Haunter.
    Scyther gains 621 experience points, which isn't enough to make it evolve.  lol.

    LEADER MORTY was defeated!  "I'm not good enough yet..."  Hot shit you made me stress like mad over the rematch with you.  I gotta say, you're damn good already.  That Gengar has a nasty, nasty combo, and relatively few weaknesses.

    "All right, this BADGE is yours."  I'll gladly accept it.

    Perhaps I should have screencapped more tense moments, but it was too tense for me to remember to screencap stuff.  So here are just three.

    haunter%20vs%20gengar%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpszr6ddjbi.png Morty%20defeated%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpsg4zwwfyn.png after%20battle%20with%20morty%20Pokeacutemon%20Crystal%201.1%20Emu%20Edition%201.3B_zpse49gdrpl.png

    Funny thing is how my entire team except Haunter is at full HP.  (Haunter fainted of course.)  Of course, with that Gengar, it was a pretty all-or-nothing deal, because Dream Eater heals the user, and Shadow Ball is a 120-power attack thanks to STAB.  (240 against my Haunter thanks to type advantage, because for some reason Ghost is super effective against itself.  Seriously, why is it?)

    Anyhow, now we can finally use Surf outside of battle!  And it's also like 11:33 PM so I'm going to go to sleep.

    Speaking of sleep, though, I just realized this: Hypnosis has a 60% accuracy for causing sleep status, but Sleep Powder and Lovely Kiss have a 75% accuracy -- the best one can get aside from Spore.  Both Exeggcute/Exeggutor and Jynx can learn Dream Eater from a TM...
  • Seriously, man.  That Girafarig you caught would have trivialized that fight.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I have now officially entered Kanto.  I can't do much there yet but it's still a milestone.

    Current playtime logged is 62:08.  It's a few minutes late from when I should be.  This also includes time that I've turbo'd through (since I'm playing on emulator and have that perk), but then again it doesn't include time I've spent out-of-game thinking about the game, so we'll call it even.  My Pokédex counts 125 seen and 82 logged.

    Oh, also: SEEN: Tentacruel, Seaking, Quagsire.

    GOT: Mystic Water, and my first Mysteryberry.

    Come to think of it, checking Wooper's moveset, I think I'll pick it up after I'm done raising my Krabby.  It doesn't ever get a better water move than Water Gun.  Next things to do on my list include lots of surfing.  I'll probably keep my Magnemite around because, y'know, water mons.  Also Gloom because it has Cut (I need to find a new Cut mon).  And carrying one egg and two happiness-based evolution mons.

    I can now explore Union Cave and (if I bring out my Hoppip who has Flash) Dark Cave.  Also I think I can get a Natu and a Smeargle from the grass in the Ruins of Alph.  I can also do stuff in Mt. Mortar (maybe?), get the shiny Gyarados in the Lake of Rage, traverse Route 42 "properly", and go south from Olivine City.  Well actually I might be walled by some waterfalls, like I was when I tried to enter Kanto...
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Bee wrote: »
    Seriously, man.  That Girafarig you caught would have trivialized that fight.

    How does that Gengar's AI respond to Girafarig? Does it whiff Shadow Ball against it or go with Hypnosis?
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