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GMH plays Pokémon Perfect Crystal: the Quest for the Full Pokédex



  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Prize money divisibility by 4 confirmed (see base payouts table, Gen II column).

    This was not the case in gen 1.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Perfect Crystal 2020 edits the last Rocket grunt fight in the Slowpoke well to have his gen 4 lineup.

    Also, now I have access to infinite free pokéballs! One batch per day though.
  • By the way, I've noticed that in this game, while trainers must start on their first pokémon, they sometimes send out not their next pokémon. Apparently this is in the AI now.
    IIRC that was already in the original GSC, wasn't it? At least for some of the smarter trainers.
    Prize money divisibility by 4 confirmed (see base payouts table, Gen II column)
    Huh, I never noticed that. Makes sense so as to avoid having non-round amounts of money.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    By the way, I've noticed that in this game, while trainers must start on their first pokémon, they sometimes send out not their next pokémon. Apparently this is in the AI now.
    IIRC that was already in the original GSC, wasn't it? At least for some of the smarter trainers.
    Yes. I remember seeing this behavior from that Magikarp trainer before.

    Record #42: Slowpoke. And this is my first access to a psychic-type pokémon. Though I did have access to Confusion via Butterfree earlier.

    Incidentally, now that I think about it, my Zubat has two moves that are super-effective against psychic-types.

    FYI I need to log 276 entries in total. That's 250 non-Unown pokémon and 26 forms of Unown.

    Also just got a better poison move than Poison Sting -- Houndour learned Smog. (As a reminder, Houndour is not yet available in the vanilla game.)
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I forgot when the rival battles happen. So, one just happened.

    Seen: Bayleef. I'll get it eventually; I already have the base evolution form.


    I managed to beat him using only three pokémon, L13 Houndour, L14 Zubat, and L13 Mareep. He definitely outleveled me, with a L14 Gastly, L15 Zubat, and L18 Bayleef.

    Incidentally, I think this is the "darkest" team I've yet used to beat him. His team comp definitely has a "dark" theme to it, but this time I literally had a fire/dark pokémon with fire and poison moves, a poison/flying pokémon with bug and dark moves, and an electric pokémon with normal and electric moves.

    He got somewhat lucky with his Zubat biting my Mareep and making it flinch at least a couple times, and putting my Zubat to sleep with his Gastly's Hypnosis for the longest possible period of time. But I pulled off near-loss wins with both my Gastly and my Houndour as shown here.

    (I was hoping for either PSN or BRN status to affect Bayleef but it didn't, despite my trying Smog first.)

    "You only won because my pokémon were weak."

    Dude, you should have brought more than three pokémon lol. But I could probably have taken them on anyway given that the other three in my lineup didn't even see any action yet.

    "I hate the weak." You know, you sound like your namesake, Kishgal.

    And now he says he's gonna wipe out Team Rocket himself. So now he's trying to be Bass lol.

    And guess who decided to show up right after I talked about getting access to psychic moves?


    Record #43: Psyduck

    And now time for a fetch quest. A Farfetch'd quest.

    Record #44: Oddish

    Record #45: Venonat

    Record #46: Paras
    Took a couple tries.

    Incidentally, Paras's national pokédex number is also 46.

    And along with a bunch of new pokédex entries, we also now have a pair of pokémon-friendly scissors. I mean HM01 which contains CUT. But I have to beat up some bugs first in order to use it.

    I should also think about who to teach it to.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I should add that I've also been playing this so far without the use of any items other than berries (and pokéballs of course), so this means no potions, revives, etc..

    Also, extra challenge: going through a gym has to be done all at once. This means challenging all lieutenants and also the gymleader in one go. I'm prepping for Bugsy's gym right now, and incidentally also thinking of leveling up some of my other mons. I've got a team that's all around levels 13-15 right now, which I think are the highest levels I've got in my entire ...set of things that I've caught. (What should I call this? My catalogue/collection/boxes? (Nah, too passive.) My bench or my dugout? (Nah, this is only for my actual team.) My company/squadron/brigade? (Nah, too militaristic.) Maybe my crew?

    Anyway, I've also been looking forward to what moves various pokémon in my crew will end up learning. Because I need a place where I can stick Cut. Preferably on a pokémon that I'll have for quite a while.

    Here's what the Totodile line ends up learning: Scratch, Leer, Rage, Water Gun, Bite, Scary Face, Slash, Screech, Hydro Pump

    I can imagine ending with a moveset that looks like this: Slash, Bite, Screech, Water Gun. I think Scary Face is less effective than Screech. But then I don't know whether to junk Water Gun or Screech for Hydro Pump.

    Bellsprout's line has a stone evolution, after which Victreebel learns nothing. Bellsprout and Weepinbell learn the following: Vine Whip, Growth, Wrap, Sleep Powder*, PoisonPowder*, Stun Spore*, Acid, Sweet Scent, Razor Leaf, Slam

    * (I call these three moves the "powders")

    obviously Razor Leaf replaces Vine Whip, and Sweet Scent is apparently useful outside of battle. Acid is needed before Razor Leaf is learned, because Wrap is pathetically weak. So that's Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent, Acid, Sleep Powder...should I learn Slam? Not sure.

    Chikorita's line has a problematic learnset partly because I'm not sure how useful things would be. It consists of Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf, Reflect, PoisonPowder, Synthesis, Body Slam, Light Screen, Safeguard, SolarBeam. PoisonPowder obviously replaces Growl, and Body Slam replaces Tackle, but I don't know whether Synthesis (healing) or one of the three defensive moves (Reflect, Light Screen, or Safeguard) is more useful. I am leaning toward Safeguard. But I'd kick off PoisonPowder to make room for two of them anyway. But then comes SolarBeam and I don't know what to kick off for it. I guess I can only keep one of those four (Synthesis and the defensive moves).

    Cyndaquil's line has a very straightforward learnset, unlike the other two starters. It's just Tackle, Leer, SmokeScreen, Ember, Quick Attack, Flame Wheel, Swift, Flamethrower.
    Quick Attack and Swift both outclass Tackle, and Flame Wheel is strictly better than Ember. So it's just obvious to replace the first four moves with the latter four.

    If I want a long-lasting pokémon to know Cut, I think I want it to be Cyndaquil. Quick Attack can be strategically advantageous sometimes, but it's only 40 power. Cut OTOH is 50 power, albeit at 95% accuracy.

    Cyndaquil is also a useful choice now because I'm going up against Bugsy.

    The Sandshrew line similarly only learns 8 moves, but amusingly none of them have STAB. They are: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand-Attack, Poison Sting, Slash, Swift, Fury Swipes, and Sandstorm. Again, replacing the first four moves with the last four would suffice, albeit with my qualm about taking out Poison Sting because it gives some extra type coverage...though it is horribly weak. Sandshrew can learn Cut but it wouldn't be active on my team for that long.

    The Oddish line, like the Bellsprout line, stops learning moves when evolved to Vileplume, though it can learn SolarBeam at L55 if evolved instead to Bellossom. Otherwise, its moveset is Absorb, Sweet Scent, PoisonPowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Acid, Moonlight, Petal Dance. Petal Dance is weird, but Absorb is just too weak to keep and Acid makes for a good consistent offense ability. I can imagine a moveset that goes like Petal Dance, Sweet Scent, Sleep Powder, Acid, but I'm not sure about the placement of Moonlight. Nor SolarBeam.

    The Paras line is famous for Spore and having like one possible build where it can defeat Mewtwo in gen 1. Its learnset is just Scratch, Stun Spore, PoisonPowder, Leech Life, Spore, Slash, Growth, Giga Drain. Growth doesn't help with Leech Life unfortunately since bug type was still all physical (and even nowadays Leech Life is still physical), but it can work with Giga Drain. A moveset consisting of Spore, Slash, Leech Life, and Giga Drain seems quite plausible.

    While the Oddish, Sandshrew, Paras, and Bellsprout lines can all learn Cut, I'm not sure I want to teach it to any of them.

    Here's another potential Cutter: the Tentacool line. It learns the following: Poison Sting, Supersonic, Constrict, Acid, Bubblebeam, Wrap, Barrier, Screech, Hydro Pump. Bubblebeam replaces Poison Sting easily, Wrap replaces Constrict, but Barrier or Screech should replace either Wrap or Constrict anyway. Acid is kept, but where Hydro Pump then fits in is anyone's guess. More importantly, I don't see a space for Cut, though even if there were, I'd stop using this at level 30 because that's when it evolves into Tentacruel anyway.

    Another candidate is Teddiursa, which also evolves into Ursaring at level 30. Its learnset is Scratch, Leer, Lick, Fury Swipes, Faint Attack, Rest, Slash, Snore, Thrash. Snore requires Rest to be viable, and I think Thrash (especially at its old power level of 90) isn't as useful as Slash, which also outclasses Lick by a longshot despite how much I want to keep type coverage. Rest, Snore, Slash, and...probably prefer Faint Attack over Fury Swipes.

    Yet another candidate is the Sentret line, but I'd actually stop using it at level 15 anyway. It has Tackle, Defense Curl, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Slam, Rest, and Amnesia. If I wanted to train it further, I could give it Slam, Rest, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, and not sure which one of these two swap out for Amnesia.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    * pick up all berries/apricorns
    * pick up new ball from Kurt and give him another apricorn
    * pick out appropriate team for Bugsy (incl. Cyndaquil, maybe Slowpoke or Psyduck?)
    * catch an additional Poliwag, Slowpoke, and Oddish of the opposite gender

    Psyduck native learnset: Scratch, Tail Whip, Disable, Confusion (L16), Screech (replaces Tail Whip), Psych Up (L31), [Fury Swipes, Hydro Pump]
    target level: 33

    Not sure whether Disable or Psych Up is more useful but that's a question I only need to answer at level 31.

    Slowpoke has two final forms: Slowbro (evolve at L37) or Slowking (trade with King's Rock use a water stone)
    It also has rather weird learnset quirks. First, here's Slowpoke's native learnset:
    Curse, Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Confusion, Disable, Headbutt, Amnesia [L43], Psychic
    Slowbro's native learnset (with duplicates removed):
    Curse, Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Confusion, Disable, Headbutt, Withdraw [L37], Amnesia [L46], Psychic
    Finally, Slowking's native learnset:
    Curse, Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Confusion, Disable, Headbutt, Swagger [L43], Psychic

    First, I think it's too slow to use for Bugsy. It learns Confusion at L20, which is way higher than anything I have right now, and higher than even my rival's max-level mon.

    As for its moveset, Confusion replaces Growl, Disable could replace Tackle if I feel like it (since Tackle is outclassed by both Water Gun and Confusion even without STAB), and Headbutt replaces Disable (unless I dislike Curse for some reason).

    Because Slowking's moveset is basically identical, I can just evolve it anytime. Slowbro is also pretty simple, just raise it to L37. Withdraw, while distinctive to Slowbro, is almost strictly worse than Curse given Slowbro's low speed.

    Curiously, Slowbro -- even in gen 1 -- is an unusual example of a level evolution having an additional move in its native learnset. The only other examples I can think of that are like this are the Caterpie and Weedle lines.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Flying-type: Pidgey, Spearow, Hoothoot, [Hoppip - no flying-type attacks], [Zubat - no flying-type attacks], [Butterfree - no flying-type attacks and already fully evolved], Goldeen

    Rock-type: Geodude, Onix,

    Fire-type: Houndour, Cyndaquil, Vulpix

    In gen 2, poison is no longer super-effective against bug. (Their only interaction now is that bug-type moves are not very effective against poison-type targets.)

    Psychic-type (since many bugs are psychic-type): Psyduck, [Slowpoke - explained above], [Butterfree - already fully evolved],

    Electric-type (in case there's a flying-type bug): Mareep
    But rocks also take care of them.

    Flying-type and psychic-type (in case there's a Heracross): mentioned above.

    Also it appears that, instead of being involved in a mutual advantage, bug is now involved in a mutual disadvantage with fighting: both are not very effective against each other. Well, to be fair it seems this was the case even in gen 1.

    Also, Onix's attack is pathetically bad.

    Also, Onix just learned Bind. Which seems to be a strictly worse version of Wrap (same power, same PP, less accuracy).

    Note to self: want...
    * female Oddish
    * male Slowpoke
    * male Poliwag
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Our third graduation is Record #47 Furret!

    Also it seems Oddish and Poliwag only appear at night.

    Meanwhile, I wish I could put Sweet Scent on speed-dial. Menuing to it takes too long.

    And male Slowpoke get.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Okay, I think I'm ready for Bugsy.

    Current team: L12 Vulpix (Ember, Tail Whip, Quick Attack), L12 Pidgey (Tackle, Sand-Attack, Gust), L12 Goldeen (Peck, Tail Whip, Supersonic), L12 Hoothoot (Tackle, Growl, Foresight, Peck), L14 Onix (Tackle, Screech, Bind, Rock Throw), L12 Cyndaquil (Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember).

    Backup choices: L14 Houndour (Leer, Ember, Roar, Smog), L11 Spearow (Peck, Growl, Leer), L12 Geodude (Tackle, Defense Curl, Rock Throw), L14 Mareep (Tackle, Growl, Thundershock)

    Training this Onix was a pain. And honestly I don't really need to do so anyway since it doesn't evolve by level (but rather by trading stone and doesn't lose any learning capability from evolving, though it loses STAB on Rock Throw).

    But I wanted to have a Rock Throw pokémon, and one of my main team on Blue was Geodude/Graveler, so I wanted a change.

    Vulpix needs to be trained to 31 before evolving.
    Pidgey needs to get to 18 and 36.
    Goldeen, 33.
    Hoothoot, 20.
    Cyndaquil, 14 and 36.
    Houndour, 24.
    Spearow, 20.
    Geodude, 25 then trade stone anytime.
    Mareep, 15 and 30.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Also Psyduck learns Confusion at level 16 and so I just stopped bothering with it.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Female Oddish get.
    Male Poliwag get.

    Time to tackle the gym. Or peck and ember and rock throw it, preferably.

    I think is the precursor of double battles.

    Their opening Spinarak used Scary Face to slow me down...but bet on doing it twice for some reason, even though it got to go first on the second turn already, and that was enough for my Hoothoot to finish it. My Goldeen took care of their Ledyba, whose only response was Tackle. Well, I outleveled them anyway, and my Goldeen even gained a level up off of this.

    Bug Catcher Al opens with a L12 Caterpie. No, seriously, a level 12 Caterpie. Why? Why not evolve it to a Butterfree? Why?
    Then he sends out a L12 Weedle. Why not evolve it to a Beedrill? Why?
    Well, it did at least cause my Pidgey to spend its PsnCureBerry.
    Anyway, when he loses he says that girls don't like bug pokémon. This, right after I just fought Amy & May.

    I happened to reorder my team to put my Vulpix first, and then Bug Catcher Josh sends out his "grown-up pokémon"...
    ...and here I was expecting Butterfree or Beedrill, but it's actually Paras.
    This is rather unfortunate for him.
    To his credit though, his Paras did not lose in one turn, and managed to paralyze my Vulpix.

    Bug Catcher Benny, who keeps looking everywhere, tells me that bug pokémon evolve young...and he sends out a Level 7 Weedle, which he could not have gotten unless he stopped a Weedle from evolving into Kakuna.
    Then, however, he finally sends out a Beedrill! Too bad it doesn't do anything but Fury Swipes me, twice then quintice.
    But he didn't save the best for last, because it turns out he has an entire evolutionary chain in his pocket. His Kakuna only Hardened once.

    My Pidgey's now L14 btw, albeit with less than half HP.

    Let's open with a Cyndaquil against Bugsy.
    He sends out a L15 Metapod. Again, why. Even though it manages to survive my first hit with half or more health, and it actually uses Caterpie's moves, I take it out with my L12 Cyndaquil's Ember, critting the second time.
    I let my L14 Onix fight his L15 Kakuna (again, why) so it gets its moment of fame. I'm a little disappointed that it just Hardens and doesn't even bother trying to poison my Onix. But it goes down in a two-hit KO too, coincidentially also with a second-hit crit.

    And now for his L17 Scyther. I open with my now L13 Hoothoot, and while Fury Cutter proves ineffective against it, the Scyther erases its remaining HP with a Quick Attack. Finally, some action! I bring out my Goldeen, and after Scyther throws a Fury Cutter at it (doing not that much damage), Goldeen gets in my team's third peck on Scyther, but Scyther recovers using a Gold Berry. A couple Pecks and Fury Cutters later, and Fury Cutter takes down Goldeen, and now I'm starting to remember what Fury Cutter does, which is that I think it just deals increasing amounts of damage when used consecutively. (Perhaps I should have trained up that Psyduck to have Disable?) And after that, down goes my Cyndaquil, and my Vulpix manages to not get in a Quick Attack (not that it'd have mattered anyway at this point) before also getting run over by Fury Cutter, and my Pidgey also gets run over of course.

    So let's try this again.

    By the way, depending on which of the twins you walk up to, you get a different message, and a different opener opponent.

    In this new timeline:
    Hoothoot vs. Ledyba
    Pidgey vs. Spinarak (no-damage win, level up)
    Hoothoot vs. Caterpie (level up)
    Cyndaquil vs. Weedle (level up)
    Vulpix vs. Paras (no-damage OHKO)
    Goldeen vs. Weedle (no-damage win)
    Goldeen vs. Kakuna (no-damage win)
    Goldeen vs. Beedrill (Beedrill gets 2 and 3 hits)

    This time let's prep a different starter. I think Fury Cutter needs consecutive hits, so my Cyndaquil and Pidgey will need to go first against it after defeating both Bugsy's other pokémon since they have Smokescreen and Sand-Attack. (An alternative strat could involve Houndour using Roar to force Scyther to enter or exit.)
    Let's open with my Vulpix so it gets some XP and hopefully goes up to 13.

    Vulpix vs. Metapod (no-damage win)

    And he sends out Scyther immediately!
    I send out my Cyndaquil, since it's not quite at full and I have a full-HP Pidgey to play with.
    Scyther: Leer. Cyndaquil: Smokescreen.
    Scyther: Quick Attack (miss). Cyndaquil: Smokescreen.
    Scyther: Quick Attack (hits for a lot of damage). Cyndaquil: Smokescreen.
    Scyther: Quick Attack (miss). Cyndaquil: Ember (does a little more than 1/5 damage).
    Scyther: Quick Attack (KOs Cyndaquil).
    Send out Onix, because apparently it likes doing Quick Attack today (which Onix resists).
    Scyther: Leer (failed). Onix: Screech (failed).
    Scyther: Fury Cutter (miss). Onix: Screech.
    Scyther: Fury Cutter (miss). Onix: Rock Throw (KOs Scyther). The Scyther didn't even have a chance to use its Gold Berry.

    I was surprised that worked that well...but upon thinking about it further, Scyther (bug/flying type) is 4x weak to rock, and I totally forgot about that until now. I should have sent out Onix against it first.

    Onix levels up off of this. Apologies to Cyndaquil.

    Vulpix vs. Kakuna. Vulpix sets burn status on Kakuna with Ember while Kakuna uses String Shot. Second turn, Kakuna goes first and returns the favor by setting poison status on Vulpix with Poison Sting, causing Vulpix to spend its PsnCureBerry, while Vulpix then unnecessarily crits with Ember, taking down Kakuna.

    Amusingly, Vulpix leveled up and learned Roar. (Everything on my team is now L13 except for L15 Onix.)

    And Bugsy confirms to me what Fury Cutter does: "If you don't miss, it gets stronger every turn." Sounds similar to Rage, basically, but it's dependent on not missing, rather than stopping using it. Fury Cutter retained its increased power even when Scyther stopped to use something else, because it hadn't yet missed.

    And now I have the Hive Badge!
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    ...now that I've re-read the first page of the thread, this is actually roughly when I started logging my progress the first time I tried playing this.

    Seems like I dealt with Fury Cutter in a much more interesting way back then.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    And now to fix my team so I don't stumble over every single wild rock-type.

    Also I rediscovered the Move PKMN w/o Mail feature. I don't know why it has to be "without mail" but it's not like it matters for me since I don't have anything with mail.

    Cyndaquil is learning Cut, and I looked up levels near Blackthorn City (the last gym city in the game and the place where the Move Deleter is) and they are well lower (in the 20s) than when Cyndaquil learns Swift (36) (which is when I'd need to deal with wanting to get Cut off of Cyndaquil or probably Quilava at that point). This timing is good.
  • I don't know why it has to be "without mail"
    I've always thought it was a programming issues about having mails within boxes, what with having to deal with items that use several bytes worth of memory. At the very least, if boxed pokes could carry mail there would need to be a limit as to how many mail there can be, and by extension they'd need to work on programming a way for the game to know that the limit has been reached.
    What I've never know is why they felt the need to specify in the Move option's name that it has to be without mail.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Current team comp: L7 Ekans (started at L4), L13 Cyndaquil (with Cut), L13 Hoothoot, L11 Spinarak, L5 Poliwag (the second one) (started at L4), L14 Mareep

    Come to think of it, I should have brought something that knows a sleep move and maybe also Oddish for its Sweet Scent.

    Now that I have a bunch more money, I just bought a load more pokéballs. And let's clear out more of the alphabet.

    Record #48: Unown G
    Record #49: Unown C
    Record #50: Unown H
    Record #51: Unown E
    Record #52: Unown D

    That's as much alphabet soup as we can get for now.

    By the way, the early game really hates Ekans.
    It starts with Wrap and Leer.
    Then it learns Poison Sting at level 9.
    Only at level 15 does it learn an attack that doesn't suck: Bite.

    It and Spinarak get screwed about the same. Spinarak is slightly better because it learns Scary Face, even though it also gets Constrict instead of Wrap, which is probably even worse.

    So there's a sign in the Ilex Forest saying "watch out for dropped items", and I did see various ball icons indicating items.
    But, I decided to just mash A as I walked places...
    ...holy crap, it actually did something!

    Anyway, now I have a Headbutt TM. I don't need to be as careful using it, but I still wanna make sure I don't unnecessarily erase moves.

    Mareep's learnset: Tackle, Growl, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Cotton Spore, Light Screen, Thunder.

    Cotton Spore replaces Growl, but I'm less certain whether I want to let Light Screen replace anything. Thunder, too. I can see multiple viable movesets.

    Fortunately I can delete Headbutt anytime, so I think I may want to replace Tackle with it right now. And since my TMs are infinite-use...I can do this anytime!

    And, because I forgot the evolution levels... Record #53: Flaaffy.

    And in the very next battle...Record #54: Quilava.

    And lol, surprise Bug Catcher. He mentions that he headbutted a tree and got it to drop a pokémon he'd never seen before. So I tried it on the tree next to him.



    wait, what

    I wasted all this time training up a Hoothoot (which is still in my party right now), lol.

    And yes, it's underleveled. It should only exist at level 20 or higher. And yes, I confirmed that this is indeed in the vanilla game, so it's not like this hack added this.


    And yes, I just did this. It's kinda lulzy. Anyway, time to throw one of the Great Balls I picked up at it.

    Record #55: Noctowl


    She's talking about the Ilex Forest's guardian.

    Amusingly, I know she's wrong. =P
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    I wasn't thinking about pokémon that have the same cry, but then suddenly this happened.

    Record #56: Ditto

    Record #57: Abra
    (caught on the first turn with a Fast Ball! IIRC, this hack fixes the bug and so all the pokémon that are prone to fleeing give a Fast Ball a catch advantage.)

    My team is kinda beat-up at this point, but the Day-Care Center conveniently has a PC. Thank you, discount Pokémon Center.

    Come to think of it, I never really did think about the issue of being able to catch later evolution stages later in the game. But, to actually plan this out would require me to read lots of spoilers...I kinda don't want to do that...

    And I just got the Odd Egg. I don't feel like raising it at the moment, so let me stick it in the PC.

    And right outside the Day-Care Center:


    N.B. This officer only challenges you at night.

    He's also the first non-gymleader zero-radius trainer that I've encountered. Well, okay, technically, Picnicker Liz and Bug Catcher Wayne (Ilex Forest) are de facto zero-radius trainers, but I don't know whether they have a nonzero radius for challenging people to battles because they always face the wall.

    Seen: Growlithe (and also Scyther and Machop, which I forgot to mark earlier)

    Officer Keith's Growlithe knows Roar. In gen 2, Roar actually does something in battle -- it forcefully switches out your pokémon unless you have no others to use.

    Aaaaaand I've arrived at Goldenrod City. It's probably a good stopping point. I've left a bunch of trainers unfought, between Ilex and Goldenrod, so we'll come back to that later.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I'm a little over 1/5 of the way done with the entire pokédex.

    Apologies to Joey; our battle will have to wait. I'm a little far from home.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Just so I've confirmed this: q8qijdsvlshf.png
    I can buy all the evolution stones I want, anytime.

    I also currently happen to have 3333 pokédollars.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Notes to self:
    bring temporary pokémon with mail to person on Rt 31
    catch another Abra to trade for Machop then check ID numbers against Lucky Number show again
    Liz wants to battle
    Ralph wants to battle
    pick up berries/apricorns
    retrieve fast ball from kurt
    Joey wants to battle -> He's got a Level 15 Rattata this time! I used my newly traded-in Machop, which was at level 11 and had Low Kick. It happened to crit and delivered a OHKO. That was pretty spectacular:

    note: Randy's trainer # is 01001, Mike's trainer # is 37460

    seen: Diglett (I thought my L7 Oddish could handle this L10 Diglett but then it used Magnitude...) (I thought my L11 Poliwag could handle this L14 Diglett but then it used Magnitude...)
    seen: Mankey
    seen: Bulbasaur (Gina's, of course)
    seen: Snubbull

    Record #58: Jigglypuff
    Record #59: Machop (from trade) (comes with a Gold Berry!)
    And Totodile has finally reached level 18...which means...
    Record #60: Croconaw

    Pokéfan Brandon still has his kid in a pikachu costume.

    The only downside of a traded pokémon is that they tend to have nicknames I don't like. I generally keep the species name, but I can't revert traded mons to that.

    Meanwhile, I think I'll keep Randy's pokémon around until I get it to evolve into Fearow.

    Or possibly even after that. Since apparently I need not actually give him the same pokémon. He'll take anything, as long as it's got mail for him.

    (I don't know if he'll take mail that I've written on stationery I've bought. If he does, I don't know if he'll accept mail on a different stationery item, or mail with a different message.)
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    bonus find:


    This reminds me of an old friend of mine who refuses to play with players who use newer Magic the Gathering cards. He once said: "They banned my cards, so I banned theirs!"
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Record #61: Snubbull
  • edited 2021-07-04 19:58:34
    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Time to Headbutt some trees.

    Record #62: Exeggcute

    Upon reaching Level 17, Spinarak FINALLY learns an attack move that's not pathetically weak. It can now deal exactly 17 damage at a time, with Night Shade.

    Joey's new L15 Rattata knows Hyper Fang. This is actually a reasonably dangerous move.

    PINECO used

    awww frick

    seen: Pineco
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    okay, here's another Pineco, time to ca--
    PINECO used

    That's it, I'm putting my Hypnosis Poliwag first.

    okay here's another Pineco

    good, Hypnosis worked!

    ugh, Bubble does so little damage

    uh-oh, it woke up
    PINECO used

    okay, bringing a higher-level Poliwag with Water Gun this time, and also a Bellsprout with the more reliable Sleep Powder

    ooh, Water Gun critted and brought it down to red! and it's asleep!

    oh i ran out of vanilla pokéballs

    i can just chuck a great ball at this

    Record #63: Pineco
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    it's confusing why this takes so long to happen

    (It happens much earlier in newer games.)
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I'm out of regular pokéballs and I should have bought some before headbutting more trees, but I headbutted trees anyway, and now I had to waste my sample Lure Ball on an Aipom.

    That's okay, I'll get more later, and I have no immediate use for it anyway.

    Record #64: Aipom

    Gina has an item for me, but there's also a Qwilfish swarm going on on Route 32.
    *picks up item*
    Gina had a Leaf Stone. That'll come in handy! Thanks, Gina!


    oh hey there

    And now I suddenly wish I had a Lure Ball. Oops. But I just reminded myself to actually buy pokéballs.
    And it's okay anyway; I got this Qwilfish down to very low HP and put asleep. Thanks, Gastly!

    Attempting to catch this is awful though. I wasted a ton of attempts, and eventually just threw a Great Ball at it.

    Record #65: Qwilfish

    Yep, I regret using my Lure Ball.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I think I'm gonna keep Randy's Spearow and train it into a Fearow before giving it to his friend.

    I like the experience boosting it has. I wouldn't call my Spearow "Kenya", but whatever.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    My Gastly now knows how to do this: 72kp0bh0g6bp.jpg

    Probably without the obscene hand gestures, though, since it doesn't have hands.

    seen: Pikachu (Picnicker Brooke's), Marill (Camper Elliot's), Voltorb (Juggler Irwin's), Magmar (Firebreather Walt's), Tangela (Schoolboy Alan's)

    My Croconaw needs to learn Bite, so bye-bye Leer.

    Juggler Irwin's...level 2 Voltorb? what? ...oh, I see. More like Arithmetic Series Irwin.
    Edit: it's Arithmetic Sequence Irwin, since it's not a sum (i.e. not a series).

    Wait...how did this one Voltorb Screech me more than three times in a row? I used no defense up moves or items, and I thought Screech lowers defense by two stages at a time, maximum six stages lowered, and I got Screeched at at least 6 times in this battle (no switchout either).

    Aaand I just found that my phone's address book is full. Oops. Let me boot off Bill's number to get Irwin's. (I confirmed that I can re-get Bill's number anytime.)

    Unfortunately I'm actually out of space for Schoolboy Alan's number. I guess it's time to kick off numbers that are actually useful to me. Picnicker Liz seems to be the weakest link, as someone who only has rematches and nothing else, though technically Fisher Ralph and Hiker Anthony are also in that same boat, since their info (swarms of Qwilfish and Dunsparce, respectively) are rare mons that I've already picked up. Or I could just cut out Joey, but Joey's a meme, and if I rematch him all the way he'll get me an HP Up...

    I guess I'll kick off Liz for now. Sorry, Liz.

    But this raises another completionism feature I guess...rematch all the rematchable trainers, all the way.
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