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    I just finished watching Johneawesome's let's play of the Danganronpa main games, the one that got me into the series in the first place. I thought I wasn't going to post about it again but I guess my obsession still hasn't died down.

    That means I saw the last part of V3 for the second time like I said I would and I... liked it, actually. I guess knowing what to expect and how to take it the least whiplashy way really helps. Also not experiencing it while sleep-deprived. I guess I can still dislike it on the basis of it being the devs' way of saying that there'd be no fourth game, at least for a while.

    Anyhows, I was expecting more of the "things you only notice after the first time" effect but that didn't deliver, what I noticed the second time around didn't change things drastically, in fact, knowing who the V3 mastermind was made some scenes to be less emotive. A couple inconsistencies, too. I did notice some stuff I wasn't supposed to miss the first time around, though.

    And while I wouldn't say I liked 2's last part more than I did the first time around (which was a lot), I no longer agree with some of the issues I had with it.

    Also, I don't care what anybody says, I loved V3's chapter 3. I've also learned that I'm one of the few people who didn't dislike Angie, and that most people don't try so hard to figure out who the culprit is before the Class Trial starts.

    Besides that, for some reason recently I've been looking to watch games instead of playing them, so I'm thinking of what let's play to watch next. I finished watching one for the first Ace Attorney game a while ago, I liked it but for some reason it didn't leave a strong impression on me.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    A couple inconsistencies, too.

    Yeah I think I went over the inconsistencies in my head the first time I played it but I'm mostly over it now.

    I still don't really like the ending since it's a da-da-ist sort of movement that doesn't really provide for what I personally expect from a story.
    I've also learned that I'm one of the few people who didn't dislike Angie

    Oh my gosh I quite disliked her. I was actually glad when that thing happened.

    I've always wondered if I'd like Ace Attorney but in an extremely mild way.
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    You should change that attitude of yours or else Atua will punish you~
    Yeh, I still think I'd have preferred a more conventional ending, an ending with more answers and less casting doubt about the previous ones, and that doesn't suggest that [ everything that happened in the rest of the universe was pointless ]. Still, even at the time I thought it was a bad idea with good execution, it's hard not to feel for the characters however bizarre their plight might seem, and I thought the stuff to [ blur the line between the Danganronpa show and game ] was clever.
    I'm still miffed about chapter one tho.
    Anyhows, I think imma watch a 999 let's play.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    that doesn't suggest that

    I thought it was more along the lines of everything had happened but then at some point people became very nihilistic and self-aggrandizing to the point that even the Remnants of Despair and despair herself lost all 'meaning' in terms of that like, causing despair matters and obviously before that Hope had given way.

    Like despair had worked so well that all that was left was doing things for no reason.
    And then obviously the world had ended in this way but even the tiniest modicum of hope that could come from human beings who knew this was destroyed.

    Yeah I think everybody is mad about chapter one.
    even at the time I thought it was a bad idea with good execution,

    That's a good way to put it.
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    The color coding got messed up.
    And yeah, that's a good way to interpret it. I don't believe what's suggested but of course that's just me after processing all that and coming to terms with the info we get.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    WayForward's Nintendo Switch Project is a New Bakugan Game

    I am not going to buy an NSW. I am not going to buy an NSW. I am not going to buy an NSW. I am not going to buy an NSW.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Of course you can't buy a NSW. Real estate the size of an Australian state is probably not easy to afford.
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    If you live in Australia they're easy to find tho.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Just started playing Polyroll: https://hofstudios.itch.io/polyroll

    It's one of at least a few games that show clear inspiration from the 2D Sonic games. In this regard, it's even more like Sonic than Freedom Planet. (I haven't yet played Spark the Electric Jester.)

    You play as a roly-poly (i.e. a pillbug), which can roll around as a sphere, and you have one button for jump and one button which you hold for charging your spin. And as long as you're in ball form, you deal contact damage to things. And you go through one level at a time, and you've got springs, spikes, shields, and so on. And even the ground is textured kinda like old Sonic games.

    Though this game has its own takes on Sonic's mechanics. The world maps lets you revisit stages. The shields, for example, are a spike shield (immunity to spike damage), a magnet shield (to attract gems), a feather shield (for slow fall), and a bomb shield (which lets you drop bombs, which break certain blocks). And you pick up gems, but you don't lose all your gems when you get hit -- rather you have a few hearts, and every 10 gems regains you a heart. And each level has secrets, and (at least in the first area) finding those secrets unlocks a bonus level where you can get extra heart capacity (specifically in a challenging race against time using the bomb shield).
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    So I've looked at various games in that giant itch.io Racial Justice Bundle. There's a lot of interesting stuff here, some of which is quite nice.

    Stuff I've tried so far:

    * Dragondot 3 ( https://nmccoy.itch.io/dragondot-3 ) - I did not expect this to be such a nice game. I thought it would be some crappy experimental game, given how basic it looks. But, if you're okay with being a dragon represented by a dot, you get to enjoy a pretty strong depth of gameplay. Its exploration is reminiscent of Zelda 1, down to some of the map features, but its combat is different -- your basic attacks are two swipes and a bite, and if you hold the attack button you get a ranged fire breath. You also get money from defeating enemies, which you can (but don't have to) use to advance your abilities, but the size of your treasure hoard also contributes to your HP.
    * Ghost Grab 3000 ( https://crowbarska.itch.io/ghost-grab-3000 ) - arcadey game. Crisp graphics, vivid soundtrack, simple concept that's easy to pick up. And you can customize your loadout to optimize for certain traits at the expense of others. My only qualm about this is that for some reason I have to use mouse, which doesn't make sense since I don't actually need to point in-game, just click. This in turn means I have to use WASD rather than my preferred arrow keys, for movement. Otherwise, I'm having lots of fun weaving in and out of tons of ghosts and their pink shots, and for whatever stupid reason I'm trying to go for full wave clears rather than just trying to clear stages normally. And I'm using a speedy, low-health chassis for my games. (Also the enter key is used for nuking the entire field, which is awkward, but so I picked a setting that traded away nukes for other stuff.)
    * Double Cross ( https://graffiti-games.itch.io/double-cross ) - This action platformer looks promising except for the fact that I think there's a slight lag when my computer runs it, and also I haven't felt like learning how to WASD.
    * The Tail Makes the Fox, episode 1 ( https://reineworks.itch.io/the-tail-makes-the-fox ) - A VN set in hell, starring various demons. Didn't really seem to be my thing.
    * Highway Blossoms: Remastered ( https://vnstudioelan.itch.io/highway-blossoms ) - a VN about a journey through the American Southwest. Sekai Project published this elsewhere, I think, but not here for some reason. But the fact that they'd be involved suggests the strong level of polish. Nice art and also nice writing; this is a pretty engaging story so far.
    * Hidden Folks ( https://adriaan.itch.io/hidden-folks ) - hidden object game. Have been wanting to mess with such a game for a while, though I wish this were in color, since the black-and-white nature of this game makes it super difficult to find some things.
    * Glittermitten Grove ( https://twinbeard.itch.io/glittermitten-grove ) - management game where you tell fairies to build a settlement, or something like that. I haven't gotten the hang of this yet.
    * Flufftopia ( https://smokesomefrogs.itch.io/flufftopia ) - short clicker game. Short enough that it's completable in about a half hour, so it's not one of those needlessly tiring timesinks.
    * Pixel Fireplace ( https://hammertail.itch.io/pixel-fireplace ) - literally just a fireplace simulator. The logs even burn out after a while, unless you use a special command to keep them burning indefinitely. Not really a game (unless the point is to find Easter eggs, if any?), but vaguely amusing and could serve a niche purpose.
    * Halloween Forever ( https://poppyworks.itch.io/halloween-forever ) - Nice action platformer. Has various secrets to discover, eventually leading to 8 different playable characters, each with their own twist on the ending, plus some other secrets. Neither too hard nor too easy; good for quick playthroughs.
    * Radical Solitaire ( https://vectorhat.itch.io/radsol ) - Ever hate unwinnable Solitaire games? Play this game instead! Can't do anything with the cards in the stock? Move one to GET RAD and see what happens!
    * Galactic Wars ( https://volcanobytes.itch.io/galactic-wars ) - horizontal shmup. Seems fun but I am no good at it. I wish there weren't a fire rate limit though.
    * Vision Soft Reset ( https://th3shark.itch.io/vision-soft-reset ) - "a metroidvania where you can see the future", and this is indeed a game mechanic you make use of heavily. (It doesn't seem to take much inspiration from Bunny Must Die, so it might be of its own lineage.)
    * Curse of the Crescent Isle DX ( https://1amowery.itch.io/curse-of-the-crescent-isle-dx ) - seems like a platformer reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. 2, but with at least the added twist that enemies you hold can do special things.
    * Adventures of a Radish ( https://sorceressgamelab.itch.io/adventures-of-a-radishfull ) - simple Mario-style platformer, with bosses at the ends of worlds. A bit too simplistic, in my opinion, though the bosses being cheesable is amusing to me.
    * Dusk Child ( https://sophieh.itch.io/dusk-child ) - mini-metroidvania. Pretty nice.

    Games I picked up but haven't tried yet

    * Lenna's Inception ( https://tccoxon.itch.io/lennas-inception ) - some sort of fantasy adventure, with a NES/SNES look, possibly Zelda-inspired.
    * Wakamarina Valley, New Zealand ( https://cavesrd.itch.io/newzealand ) - simulator where you walk through natural areas in New Zealand.
    * One Night Stand ( https://kinmoku.itch.io/one-night-stand ) - VN about the aftermath of romance, I think?
    * The Ground Itself ( https://everestpipkin.itch.io/the-ground-itself ) - tabletop RPG "about places over time".
    * Tanglewood ( https://bigevilcorporation.itch.io/tanglewood ) - indie game for Sega Genesis.
    * Shipwreck ( https://brushfiregames.itch.io/shipwreck ) - top-down adventure/action/exploration game?
    * Lingotopia ( https://tristan-dahl.itch.io/lingotopia ) - language learning game.
    * Celeste ( https://mattmakesgames.itch.io/celeste ) - movement challenge platformer.
    * Mini Ghost ( https://franfistro.itch.io/mini-ghost ) - something related to Ghost 1.0, a metroidvania in the Maze of Galious style, from the same dev as Unepic. Mini Ghost even has MSX-style retro graphics.
    * Tiny Dangerous Dungeons ( https://adventureislands.itch.io/tiny-dangerous-dungeons ) - mini-metroidvania with Game Boy styled graphics.
    * Realm of the Ghost King ( https://mantiseyelabs.itch.io/rotgk ) - quick-play roguelike?
    * Witch Thief ( https://cardboardkeep.itch.io/witch-thief ) - 3D action combat.
    * Dimension Drive ( https://2awesomestudio.itch.io/dimension-drive ) - vertical shmup where you can dimension-swap between two playing fields.
    * Hellenica ( https://thedragonloft.itch.io/hellenica ) - strategy RPG.
    * Moon Child and Sun Knight ( https://sakevisual.itch.io/moon-child ) - visual novel.

    Games I already had before:
    * Mu Cartographer ( https://titouanmillet.itch.io/mu-cartographer ) - not yet played
    * 2064: Read Only Memories ( https://midboss.itch.io/rom ) - not yet played
    * Anodyne ( https://han-tani.itch.io/anodyne ) - Zelda-like game.
    * Social Justice Warriors ( https://nonadecimal.itch.io/socialjusticewarriors ) - internet argument simulator.
    * Nuclear Throne ( https://vlambeer.itch.io/nuclear-throne ) - not yet played
    * Super Win the Game ( https://piratehearts.itch.io/super-win-the-game ) - not yet played. probably also a metroidvania like its predecessor You Have To Win The Game.
    * Bleed ( https://bootdiskrevolution.itch.io/bleed ) - 2D action platformer. played only briefly.
    * Spooky Ghosts Dot Com ( https://zertuk.itch.io/spooky-ghosts-dot-com ) - small metroidvania. Good game.
    * Super Hexagon ( https://terrycavanagh.itch.io/super-hexagon ) - not yet played
    * Dreaming Sarah ( https://asteristic.itch.io/dreamingsarah ) - surreal and psychological adventure platformer. Good game. This bundle has its sequel I think.
    * LOVE ( https://thatsmytrunks.itch.io/love ) - not yet played
    * Blue Rose ( https://whitecat.itch.io/blue-rose ) - not yet played.
    * Blitz Breaker ( https://boncho-games.itch.io/blitz-breaker ) - arcadey action game. Seems pretty nice. You may remember a former IJBMer, nowadays known as Jane; I was introduced to this game on one of her streams.
    * Secrets of Rætikon - ( https://brokenrules.itch.io/secrets-of-raetikon ) - metroidvania?
    * Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human ( https://ycjy.itch.io/aquaticadventure ) - seems nice but it didn't run at full speed on my computer so i put it down.
    * The Real Texas ( https://kittylambda.itch.io/the-real-texas ) - honestly I don't know what this is.
    * And Yet It Moves ( https://brokenrules.itch.io/and-yet-it-moves ) - physics-based puzzle platformer.
    * Paranautical Activity ( https://codeavarice.itch.io/paranautical-activity ) - not yet played. I think this is that game that got banned from Steam for a while because the dev threatened Gaben, lol.
    * OXENFREE ( https://night-school-studio.itch.io/oxenfree ) - not yet played
    * Picky Pop ( https://froachclub.itch.io/picky-pop ) - a casual-puzzle game played with something like dominoes. Another game that Jane streamed, and might have been her first one on HH, even.
    * They Bleed Pixels ( https://spookysquid.itch.io/they-bleed-pixels ) - challenge platformer. not yet played

    ...and this is just part of it. I haven't even finished giving this whole bundle a preliminary look-through.

    edit: darnit, i looked through the list and now i have 28 more tabs representing things i'm interested in
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    "I've come to the conclusion that this is a VERY STUPID IDEA."
    I've also started checking out a few games from the bundle. Just puzzle games so far, ranging from decent (reky, A Snake's Tale) to pretty good (LYNE, Golf Peaks). I'll get around to some of the more in-depth entries eventually.
    Glittermitten Grove - management game where you tell fairies to build a settlement, or something like that. I haven't gotten the hang of this yet.
    There's a trick to that game, if you're not aware (major spoiler):

    (Thanks for the edit. The spoilers worked in the preview, but not in the actual post. I don't mess around with the formatting all that often, so there are some quirks I don't know too much about.)
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    The formatting for a togglebox is [ toggle ] [ / toggle ]. The spoiler tag doesn't work for unknown reasons. :(
    I fixed your post for you.
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  • "you duck spawn, refined creature, you try to be cynical, yokel, but all that comes out of it is that you're a dunce!!!!! you duck plug!"
    Free game alert: there seem to be some new freebies over at Epic.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Big RPG sale going on on GOG right now, includes both JRPGs and WRPGs: https://www.gog.com/promo/grand_rpg_sale (ends in two days and change)

    Also on sale right now: https://www.gog.com/game/chasm metroidvania with procedurally-generated elements. those of you who've played the castlevania games may recognize some design sensibilities, particularly with regards to the combat/animations. also has an endless mode that's basically a one-way door randomizer. (highlighting this specific game because i like it.) (also ends in two days and change)

    Also there's a sale on multiplayer games: https://www.gog.com/promo/20200729_midweek_sale (ends tomorrow morning US time)
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    I thought this was interesting:

    Besides that...

    Find 100 Coins
    Brick Climbing for 100 Coins
    Navigating for 100 Coins
    Slipping Through 100 Coins
    Seek 100 Coins
    Spelunking for 100 Coins
    100 Seething Coins
    Sifting Through 100 Coins
    Waterlogged 100 Coins
    100 Coins Under the Snow
    Pumping Water for 100 Coins
    Hiking for 100 Coins
    100 Big and Small Coins
    Time Ticks for 100 Coins
    100 Sky-high Coins
    Sliding Through the Course
    Beating the Princess' Record
    Toad's Generous Gift
    Toad's Practical Present
    Toad's Fancy Favor
    MIPS' Can't be Late
    MIPS' Can't be Late Again
    Fishing for Red Coins
    Red Coins Towering Over the Castle
    Heavy-footing for Red Coins
    Sliding Through Red Coins
    Red Coins Above the Clouds
    Bowser's Hidden Red Coins
    Bowser's Red-hot Coins
    Bowser's Last Red Coins
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    I have begun playing MtG Arena.
    Despite how often I post about the game, I'm actually out of touch with it, last playing it seriously ~15 years ago and on-and-off casually since and rarely playing with real people, but this will probably change if I really get into it.
    I've only done the (mandatory?) tutorials so far, though.
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    I got lucky, the reward for my first "normal" victory was a red-green deck, exactly the two colors I was using. I ended up making some semi-aggro deck with lots of stuff that targets my creatures and stuff that makes me draw cards when I do so. I went 14/~3 with it or something like that.
    I played until completing the daily quest, that's a lot, I hope one doesn't have to do that every day so as to miss on stuff.
    Regardless of that, I think I'll stop playing before long, or at least I should, my intention was to use the game to practice vocabulary, but in Japanese card names are way too small to read, at least if not on 4k and you need a microscope to read the furigana. As for French, it's readable of course but it's not very... I think engaging is the right word; I read a card's name, understand it (probably after a dictionary lookup) and then don't pay attention to it anymore. Perhaps if I get into the habit of reading flavor texts...
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I played until completing the daily quest, that's a lot

    This sounds tedious.

    I tried playing the Pokemon TCG on my computer once but I gave up before I even finished the tutorial stages. The whole reason I was doing it was to redeem codes from my physical cards, which I haven't even collected in ages, and I could never figure out how to do that either.
    Perhaps if I get into the habit of reading flavor texts...

    I don't think anybody ever really does this.
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    This sounds tedious.
    I had fun, but yeah it's easy to tell it's one of those things that gets old fast and that you shouldn't stop when it starts feeling more like a chore.
    I'm counting on it normally not being that long, perhaps those 15 victories were the requirements for several days' worth of quests, like in Hearthstone where each day you get a quest but you don't have to do it that day and let them accumulate instead.
    I don't think anybody ever really does this.
    I do! A lot of MtG people do, actually, Wizards puts a lot of effort into making them interesting/funny/clever/lore-y, so I think they're worth my time.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    Oh, Pokemon flavor-text was always really tiny/dull, but it was fun sometimes. Usually when it was the good sort of creepy; like which Pokemon eat which other Pokemon.

    I'd get back into it if it weren't so costly. You have to really be prepared for each expansion, and one is due in a few days. I feel like if you're going to collect Pokemon, you should do the whole current series rather than just starting from whatever expansion. It's an inhibitive* way to look at it but it actually helps me save in the long run!*

    I mean, it'd also be time-consuming if I ever came up decks.

    *Spellcheck tells me this is not a word but I am sure it is, and I can't google it right now.
    *Since it means I don't buy any at all.
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    I know Hearthstone's flavor texts are written by people who aren't nearly as funny as they think they are.
    perhaps those 15 victories were the requirements for several days' worth of quests
    Oh gosh they're not, it's 15 victories per day, that alone is well beyond what would be considered casual play.
    Well, okay, I noticed the gold/card reward for the first few victories are much greater than the last ones, especially the first one. I'm guessing it's intended as a soft cap with a hard cap for the most commited. Experience rewards are constant, but if I'm understanding this correctly you eventually stop receiving rewards for leveling up before long unless you purchase this real-money currency pass thing, so maybe it's not that big of a deal to do them.
    Anyhows, I went 10/7 today. For a while it seemed like even with disconnects I'd have a win/loss ratio like yesterday, but things stopped going my way and had a five loses streak. I noticed right away my opponents had much better decks than before (and UW aggro-control with lots of flyers seems to be a common archetype), it was to be expected but with the change being so abrupt I'm guessing matchmaking rankings (or whatever they're called) get updated once per day or something.
    Oh, and I got a mythic Wildcard, i.e. something I can trade for any card of the highest rarity, many of which are very strong. Perhaps too strong, being Wizards' money-making gimmick. I bet I'll never be able to decide what to use it for.
    Also I've noticed the client is very finicky when it comes to connections, some small network hiccup that you otherwise wouldn't notice causes the client to disconnect, sending you to the logging screen and likely causing a game loss.
    I've never understood why pretty much no game allows you to reconnect without sending you back to the logging screen, I know it's complicated connecting these things up then setting up the game, but with how much money is invested in these projects and how much of a benefit it'd be, I find it odd it's not implemented more often.
    (Edit: Or otherwise keep assets in memory for when the time comes to get back into the game.)
    Edit: Spelling.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    that alone is well beyond what would be considered casual play.

    Yeah that's weird.
    unless you purchase this real-money currency pass thing

    Sounds unfair, but most of these commercial free-to-play things are.
    being Wizards' money-making gimmick

    The gimmick is breaking the game?
  • edited 2020-08-10 06:07:33
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    Sounds unfair, but most of these commercial free-to-play things are.
    Strictly speaking, that currency (gems) can be obtained by free-to-play means (I already have some) although of course it's not as easy as putting money. As I understand, it's unusually easy to get the real-life currency in this game in comparison to other games.
    Either way, can't complain, I think I have the means to make plenty of workable stuff without spending a cent.
    The gimmick is breaking the game?
    It's more like pushing the limits of what's acceptable. Sometimes they push too hard.
    From I've been reading lately while violating my no-Reddit rule a recent example is this guy, who was intended to be a feature card to sell the set, intentionally made to be powerful and turned out to be too powerful, having a tendency to win games single-handedly and had to be banned.
    Also lots of stuff got banned recently.
    Strictly speaking rarity is not supposed to be related to power level, but while that's true of the other rarities, mythic rares are clearly intended to be special in that they're either very good or if not good, at least to have some big effect that makes them stand out.
    Of course, the better some cards are, the worse others are by comparison. I'm guessing there's some gambling logic in there where having a few big rewards is more attractive than having them more spread out.
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  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    dat bowser rotation drumbeat
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    This is on sale right now. (All versions of it are on sale I think. But this one is probably the best bang for the buck.)

    The reason I'm posting this is because the reviews are hilarious. There are currently two reviews with text posted:
    rating: 1/5
    subject: NO MALE CHARACTER

    rating: 5/5
    subject: no male character

    no male character


    (These aren't the only ratings on the game, but other people have left ratings without reviews.)
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