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Not Being Able To Sleep

edited 2012-02-26 20:13:21 in IJBM meta

Not being able to sleep is a real problem for me. See I've found that if I don't keep my mind busy, I start to have really dark thoughts that scare me quite a bit (suicide, murder, paranoia, all kinds of things) so I try to keep my mind occupied on other things all the time. I do this through reading, writing, playing video games, watching movies, doing homework anything really. Anything that keeps me busy.


Now this is a problem when I can't sleep, because the longer I try to GET to sleep the longer I'm not keeping myself busy and the more thoughts I begin to have.


This just bugs me.


(This is the same reason that I'm not a fan of short distance public transport)


  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intrusive_thoughts

    They can rise to such a level that you may need therapy for it. Might also stem a bit from fear of having your emotions go out of control, perhaps, seeing as you sometimes have quite violently hyperbolic reactions to stuff? Again, therapist might help with that.

  • Yeah - if this is happening a lot, you should probably seek help. Try your GP first.



    On a more serious note - yeah, go get some help. These happen, but they shouldn't be keeping you awake at night.

    The real annoying thing is that these thoughts are apparently normal. Yes, because thinking of ripping out your eyeball is productive.

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