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Say you made a sandwhich...

edited 2012-02-13 05:41:26 in General

It's a pretty good sandwich, it's got lots of things you like in it, and some things you don't but they're necessary for the sandwich to function.


Then, someone comes along with a bag of jelly beans and says "here, put these jelly beans on your sandwich". Now, it's not that you dislike jelly beans, in fact you think jelly beans are great. It's just that they don't go with the sandwich you've made and if they don't work out it can ruin the entire sandwich you've lovingly crafted. So you decide not to bother with the beans but you do munch on one every now and again, straight out of the bag. Is that so bad? Is it so WRONG to not feel you NEED jelly beans on your sandwich just because everyone else says that a sandwich isn't complete unless you have jelly beans on it? Cause if you have a jelly bean sandwich, you're going to find you have to take out some of the stuff you DO like to make room for stuff that makes the jelly beans work!



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