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Cryscon (OOC)

edited 2011-12-23 15:54:18 in Roleplaying
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You awaken in a village, groggy. The building you are in is small and appears to be a single room, with one bed, a chest of drawers, a nightstand, and a single window. On the nightstand is a lantern, and beside the bed is a bag of supplies. Next to the lantern is a single crystal attached to a bracelet, what appears to be a trading card, and a map of the village. There are other buildings here. Other people!


Welcome to Daimos. A land full of magic and adventure. That text adventure thread? A test (although I'll still be running it (if I get around to it (maybe))). This RP is the real deal

Below you can select the element you want to be aligned with, your starting Cryscon (the card), and your supplies (bought with points)


Earth - A cold, calculating element, this element is highly defensive. Specializing in this will grant you very sturdy earth spells and allow you a closer affinity to creatures of the earth type, but you will have a penalty capturing fire types

Fire - A wild, passionate element, this element burns through all in its path. Specializing in this will give you access to highly destructive fire spells and allow you to capture fire types more easily while having issues with water types

Water - An emotional element, its spells are of a fickle nature, capable of trickery. Giving you the ability to fool opponents, it will also give you a closer bond to water types while making wind types not so willing to be captured by you

Wind - A calm, thoughtful type, its spells are designed to cripple the target. Allowing you to inflict status conditions more easily, it also makes bending wind types to your will easier while making earth types harder to capture

Dark - A vicious, cruel type. Like fire, its spells are destructive, but they combine status and strength to torture the target as much as possible. Dark types will love you and light types will resist capture

Light - A loving, motherly type, its spells are typically used to cure people. Light types will gladly join your side due to this, while dark types will not like you

Starting Cryscon (Note: Type decides type weaknesses, resistances, bonuses, etc. This may not have a dice system or anything, but this stuff is still important. Classes decide things such as what weapons the creatures can use, what attack cards can be applied, stuff like that):

Floweak - A green cryscon with a round base, a large pink or purple flower around its stout bulb, and a long beak that ends in a bulbous shape. It gets around by flapping its petals to lift off
Type: Plant/Wind
Class: Plant/None

Flammaworm - An orange Cryscon with a yellow belly, it has a large spherical head that splits halfway to make a large, toothless mouth, and it has a conical tail that starts as thick as the head is wide, and tapers off to a point at about two times the length of the head. It has two large eyes and two bat like wings
Type: Fire/Wind
Class: Insect/Miscellaneous/Serpent

Croakit - A greenish blue frog with a lilypad twice its size attached to its back. It tends to croak a fair bit.
Type: Plant/Water
Class: Amphibian/Marine/Plant

Crystal Bird - A very small bird with a frosty sheen on its feathers that makes them look like crystals. It comes in a variety of colours and is related to phoenixes. It is the world's most common phoenix type and one of the world's most common creatures, showing that type =/= strength
Type: Wind/Ice/Phoenix
Class: Bird/Miscellaneous/Spiritual

Dustunny - A brown rabbit Cryscon that is always followed by a cloud of dirt. It uses this dirt to blind predators so that it can get away
Type: Earth/Force
Class: Beast/None

Sparkog - A large, yellow hedgehog with sharp, lightning bolt-shaled quills on its back. Each quill has a fibre attached to it, so when it gets stuck in an attacker it can send a jolt of electricity down the line and into the target
Type - Earth/Thunder
Class - Armoured/Beast/None

Inventory - You get 5000 points to spend. Any left at the end is converted to coins on a 1:1 ratio. Try to think about how you'll fit everything into an (admittedy large) bag

Lantern (0.5 litre (half a day)) - Start out with
Town Mal - Start out with
Oz Crystal - Start out with
Bag (Large) - Start out with

Oil (1 litre can) 200
Tent 1000
Cooking Set 700
Flint & Steel 300 (Gets to be cheapish as somebody can just choose a fire Cryscon/fire alignment)
Compass 200
Whistle 100
County Map 100

Carving Knife 300
Short Sword 500
Buckler 100
Bow 800
Arrows (10) 100
Quiver (20 free arrows) 250
Staff (6 feet long) 150

Bandages (5) 50
Burn Ointment (1 Dose) 100
Antiseptic (1 Dose) 50
Antidote (1 Dose) 100
Blanket (1 Person) 50

Bestiary (Common Creatures) 300
Basic Spell Book (Matching type alignment) (10 spells) 500
Basic Spell Book (Other types) (10 spells) 700


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    Bump 1 of 3

    :V I have a campaign and everything!
  • If you must eat a phoenix, boil it, do not roast it. This only encourages their mischievous habits.
    You'll wanna tell people what the game is about first :V
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    ...Bleh this is why I should not get really involved in something. Because I forget something obvious

    Cryscon is a game of my creation. It takes place in the world of Illusoria. There are three kinds of life forms in the world - Animals/Plants/Fungi/You get the idea, Cryscon, and Fiends. There is a bit of a balance between all this, but humans are more dominant due to some special features about them

    Cryscon and Fiends are often captured by humans and some other powerful Cryscon and Fiends and made to battle. Humans are very easy to kill so it's understandable that they do this (although a well armed human or a human well versed in magic could take on some of the most powerful Cryscon)

    Basically, in this case you're humans from our world that were transplanted into this world

    Any other questions (I really should be leaving this post for a time that isn't 2:42 AM in the bloody morning...)?
  • If you must eat a phoenix, boil it, do not roast it. This only encourages their mischievous habits.
    What's it about? The game/plot itself?

    How does the game/system work?
  • As someone who enjoys the concept of elemental powers too much at times, I must put here that I am making a ":<" Face at the seeing the stereotypes in play here!

    "Earth is defense" Let us ignore the traveler's aspect of earth for a moment and ask one very important question.

    What element can't manipulate earth for its needs?

    Fire can melt stone, Water naturally degrades the earth, and Wind can toss heavy boulders like it was nothing.

    I mean honestly, It's always bugged me that these concepts aren't explored in new and interesting ways.

    But I do apologize for side-tracking a bit, let's get on with the conscious questions about the thing.

    Fire as hot and passionate. And yet, most of the let-lived flames are those that fervently and silently hold their jobs.

    Campfires, Cooking fires, fires used to create smoke signals.

    Ok, now here's where I bring up the same question I asked you before, for


    You mention that it's an "Emotional Element"

    But I just don't see it, not with the way Ice, a subset of water, is so brilliantly portrayed as Emotionless.
    Many sailors at sea will comment that the sea is an unending force that bows before no one and doesn't ask any questions and it doesn't even bother to checks its pockets for gum.


    >Calm, Thoughtful.

    >Hurricanes, Tornados

    Sorry, I apologize, just a few things that [bug] [bug] [bug]
  • If you must eat a phoenix, boil it, do not roast it. This only encourages their mischievous habits.
    Fire is seen as very hot and passionate because it consumes. It will, given time, burn itself out, as it destroys the very fuel that gives it life. The most intense fires are the ones that burn out fastest.

    Water, on the other hand, is generally quite placid- but only on the surface. Dip your feet below the water, and you can be dragged away by the undercurrents. Similarly, even the three states of water can represent a range of emotions- from the cold, still fridgidness of ice to the hot rising steam, I'm sure you can see where I'm coming from.

    Earth is seen as solid and unchanging because, well, the Earth is solid. Additionally, many of the common elements associated with earrh, like stone, wood and metal, are quite tough in themselves.

    The wind I'm not sure of.
  • In quite a few ways, Fire can be used as a metaphor for life in general in that sense, that it's an ever-consuming source of power that would threaten itself should it start to consume too much. But what I'm saying is, It can be multi-tiered like Water,

    As for Water, I really didn't have a solid platform there.... Pun not intended.

    I just felt it was worth mentioning.

    Earth, Meet earthquakes.

    I think what I'm mostly peeved about is the fact that it seems to be driven off of one-tiered stereotypes instead of seeking to include several of the other things that life has in store.
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    The wind I was thinking more of a breeze instead of wild and powerful weather. Nice, calm, peaceful, listening to it can clear your head. Yes, I am aware that wind is more commonly stereotyped as either aloof and fanciful or wild and crazy, but hey, I always felt that it was more an element of the mind

    Cygan, there is no real system in play here. It's a forum rp so it's based more on rping well (I'd be controlling NPCs myself and a character to go with everyone else) than dice rolls or anything. I WAS working on a system, but that will take a LOT longer to figure out (especially with my zero experience in GMing tabletop games - I have GMd forum rps though). The point system for choosing starting equipment does come from that system though

    As for the plot, I'm not sure what I can give away without spoiling =/ So I'm not sure what you want me to explain there

    EDIT: Counterclock, those are the general traits, yes. But don't think that each element is just limited to those. It just tells you more what to expect. A lot of spells are open and would encourage playing around with them creatively (e.g. try using a defensive earth spell to crush a foe with a barrier that they can't break through, or use a really destructive fire spell to instead reign in someone in a controlled manner)
  • If you must eat a phoenix, boil it, do not roast it. This only encourages their mischievous habits.
    As for the plot, I'm not sure what I can give away without spoiling =/ So I'm not sure what you want me to explain there

    Think, whether it will be like, lighthearted, or fairly dark. What sort of world is it set in- medieval or technological? What's the tone, theme, etc.
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    Ah, ok

    Well, it will be a bit serious, but it shouldn't get too grim dark. I'd say think of the first Final Fantasy game in terms of how dark it is. Should have room for some lighthearted moments though

    The world is a mix of medieval and technological - different tech has advanced compared to our world (e.g. weapons tech is stuck in the medieval ages so the most advanced you'll get is cannons and crossbows, but transportation is far further ahead with things like living motorcycles). I'd say that as long as posts make sense and people aren't being excessive with one line posts it should be fine. Theme... Well, if anybody has paid attention to questions I've asked in Writing Discussion, they'd probably guess Balance (I'm hoping I understood you right with Theme)
  • If you must eat a phoenix, boil it, do not roast it. This only encourages their mischievous habits.
    I haven't kept up with Writing :V

    That sounds cool, at least. I'd wait until after Christmas to seriously try and find players, though, as people now will be more'n a bit busy.
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    Well I can always let the thread sleep and bump it on the 25th since I'll have 3 bumps then
  • If you must eat a phoenix, boil it, do not roast it. This only encourages their mischievous habits.
    Yes, do that
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    Ok, this seems like a good time to bump this thread
  • Oh wait, I'm a part of Kingdom Hearts IJBM again.
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    Bumping this
  • If you must eat a phoenix, boil it, do not roast it. This only encourages their mischievous habits.

    The other suggestion I have is to work more on your crunch- rules and such.

    You have a lot of fluff, but very little crunch.

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    It's more like one of those rpgs where it's, "Is this reasobable? Yes? Then fine. No? Sorry, can't do that"

    Think of it as a far more expanded version of that text rp I was running
  • If you must eat a phoenix, boil it, do not roast it. This only encourages their mischievous habits.

    It's a freeform RP, then.

    Hm, I'm not sure how many here would be interested in that.

  • OOOooooOoOoOOoo, I'm a ghoOooOooOOOost!

    I'll look into this a bit more in the morning.

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    ^^ And now I FINALLY know the name of this kind of rp

    ...Kind of sad that it took years to find out
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