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Diamos: A Fantasy Text Adventure RPG

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>You wake up and blink. You remember falling asleep in a hotel. Not a log cabin. Dear lord, it's going to be one of those days, isn't it? You check yourself to make sure you still have everything. Shit, no gun or anything. You still have your clothes at least. Your wallet has been replaced with a coin purse containing 500 shining coins to spend. You have a backpack now that may be filled with various supplies. On your wrist is a crystal. Beyond that, you can't tell anything else without looking closer

>Basic Commands:

>Otherwise, try out different things. I'll ignore commands that I will not accept, but don't think that because one thing is off limits, another isn't. The commands I'm most likely to ignore are of the variety of, "Fuck the police and ride away on a tricycle while wielding a toddler as a weapon"


    >Examine Crystal on wrist.
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    >You examine the Crystal. It glows different colours and seems to fill you with a calming aura as you look at it
    >Open door.
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    >You open the door and see a lovely field outside

    A lovely field with butterflies over a metre tall flitting around, birds setting small fires, hedgehogs shooting electricity at worms...
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    >Search backpack for Pokeballs.
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    >You search your backpack. While a reasonable guess, there are no Pokeballs. Besides, you would have seen a reference to Pikachu by now
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    >Search again backpack for some sort of weapon.
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    Note: You COULD open your inventory. That includes pockets, briefs/boxers, the backpack, etc.

    >You find a knife in it. You also find a lighter. That could be useful for killing the butterflies if they attack
    >Search Backpack for some sort of communication device.
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    >You find no sort of communication device among your inventory
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    >Go back in cabin.

    >Search cabin for anything useful.

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    >You find a book of matches, a pen and paper, and, most interestingly, a book on magic. It includes an illustration of the crystal you have on your wrist on the cover
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    >Put everything in your inventory except the book.

    >Read book.

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    >You put the book of matches, the paper, and the pen in your inventory. The backpack seems to have quite a bit of room, more than possible

    >The book has several sections

    -Basics of magic
    --Life Force
    --Oz Crystal
    -How to capture creatures
    --Elemental Signs to use
    -Basic Spells
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    >Read the "Oz Crystal" section.
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    >"The Oz Crystal is a crystal that produces life force. Dormant crystals are mined and used by Conjurers to cast spells and capture creatures. These crystals allow one to purify their life force - also known as Oz - more easily. This purified Oz allows one to use it for any sort of element. Note that a Conjurer can use magic without a crystal. They will have an affinity, and certain elements will be easier than others to capture creatures with or cast magic from. The crystal tends to glow with the colours matching a person's element. Multiple colours means that they are aligned with multiple elements, but are weaker at all of them as a whole. Pure white means that they are are able to use any class, but few humans demonstrate pure white"
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    >Read Basics of Magic.

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    >"Magic is defined by four basic components: Art, Music, Language, and Life Force. Please read each section for more details"
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    >Read Art, Music, Language, and Life Force in that order.

    (Can I do all that at once?)
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    ^ Yes. It will take a while to type it all up however
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    >"Art is one of the branches of magic that allows it to function. Allowing the change of elemental energies in life force, these changes are best seen on purified Oz (See Oz Crystals for more information on purified life force). The intricate movements allow you to link it with any deity or concept, but the basics taught to beginners would be the six main elements: Light, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Dark". The book lists each symbol which you won't have to worry about as this it a text adventure. Information is beside each symbol.

    >"Light - Tends to be best combined with healing magic"
    >"Earth - Tends to be best combined with defensive magic"
    >"Fire - Tends to be best combined with offensive magic"
    >"Water - Tends to be best combined with illusory magic"
    >"Wind - Tends to be best combined with boosting magic"
    >"Dark - Tends to be best combined with underhanded magic such as poisoning spells"

    >"Light and Dark are both effective against each other. Earth is weak to Fire and strong on Wind. Wind is weak to Earth and strong to Water. Water is weak to Wind and strong to Fire. And Fire is weak to Water and strong to Earth"

    >"Music affects the ebb and flow of magic, influencing its shape and form. Without the right rhythm and tempo, a fire ball spell meant for a single target could end up blasting you in the face as an explosive self targetting spray. There is no set rhyme or reason as to what rhythm or tempo does what, at least no set system that is easy for beginners to understand, so it is recommended to stick to simple spells as they are more margin for error"

    >"Language affects what kind of spell it is. The fire ball example earlier could instead be healing or cause you to hallucinate if the wrong words are uttered. The words are in the ancient tongue, and tend to literally lay out what the spell will do. For example, one of the more powerful spells translates directly to Goddess' Light, which is a comforting, healing spell reminescent of the light that falls from the Goddess Alphight. It seems to adjust for accent, so don't worry too much about exact pronounciation"

    >"Life force is what keeps you and all creatures alive. There are two kinds of creatures. Cryscon and Cryscin. Cryscin are non magical beasts, and Cryscon are magical beasts. Humans fall under Cryscon and are one of the few that can produce life energy. The rest kill each other for this source to fuel their own lives and to cast bestial magic. Yes, even the massive butterflies with Valentine's hearts for wings want to siphon life energy off of you. Not all will kill, however, and some will just stay near to feed off of excess life force excuded.

    >"You use this life force to conjure magic. When you run out, you won't die, but merely become exhausted, as humans are one of a handful of Cryscon that can survive long enough without Life Force to regenerate it to levels needed to live. However, in that time, you may be devoured, so NEVER over exert yourself"
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    >Scratch head then read "how to capture creatures".
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    >"Cryscon can be weakened and captured using symbols that match their element. There are seven main elements and thirteen sub elements in total. The sub elements match certain main elements (for example, metal can be subdued with earth). The higher the intelligence, the harder it is to capture the creature. Hence why humans cannot capture other humans. When a creature is captured, it is put into the shape of a card that is stronger the stronger the creature within it (however, even the weakest creatures in this form have been known to survive brief dips in molten lava)".

    >"When the creature is subdued, you make a symbol in the air based on the trait you want to match up (beginners should stick with the main six elemental symbols - deities fall under the seventh symbol so attempting to use this symbol when it would be most useful is considered stupid) while concentrating on the target. The capture should be done. The card will contain the species name and the individual's name (the individual's name can change if you 'convince' it to change its name)"

    >The way the book put quotes around 'convince' has convinced you that the author may be slightly off their rocker
  • >read "elemental signs to use" and "basic spells"
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    >The elemental signs is more or less the same as the signs section of the art section. The basic spells includes a list. A few pop out at you, such as a spell to light up dark areas and a minor healing spell
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    >Put book in inventory.

    >Equip knife.

    >Go outside.

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    >You add the book to the backpack before swinging the pack onto your back. Holding the knife, you go outside, where you see a variety of creatures
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    Give us fire! Give us ruin! Give us our glory!
    >Look for those fire birds.
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    >You find some nearby, bullying some mice clad in armour who are futiley attempting to attack the air borne birds
  • Give us fire! Give us ruin! Give us our glory!
    >Use Symbol of Fire to try and capture a bird.
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