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That New Phyrexia is called "Nueva Phyrexia" in Spanish

edited 2011-08-20 08:27:12 in Media
As opposed to "Nueva Pirexia" (pronounced with a hard P) like everywhere else, including that same set.

I'll cool story, bro this myself so you don't have to.


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    I wish Phyrexia was better.
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    Wait, its Spanish name isn't "Niu Fairexia"?
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    Your Spanish sux, Glenn.

    I wish Phyrexia was better.


    I'm only waiting for the new Duel Decks because come the fuck on, it's Nicol Bolas.
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    Translated versions of Magic
    There's your problem.
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    I've never played Magic. Is it fun? Would I get them and then actually have a use for them, or would they just sit in my room?
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    Depends on how many people play Magic in the surrounding area.

    If you're only going to play online, just download Cockatrice and annoy one of TVT's magic players for a game.
  • $80+ per session
    I like only physical cards, but yeah I would probably mostly play online, if the game is any good.
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    a little muffled
    I've never played Magic. Is it fun?

    Would I get them and then actually have a use for them, or would they just sit in my room?
    Both. Even if you play Magic for hours every day, you will have more cards than you need soon enough. I wouldn't recommend investing a lot of money in physical cards unless you either know a bunch of people who play or are interested in tournaments.
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    What is fun about Magic? Just to give a little insight, the only card games I've played have been Yugioh and Pokemon, and I found those both fun.
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    The fun about magic (To me, that is) is the deck building and all the possible combinations. You can come with some really outlandish ideas based on the mechanics of the game.

    Not to mention that there are so many archetypes around the decks (Control, aggro, etc etc) and there is so much fun in exploring each one and learning its advantages and disadvantages and combining and etc etc.

    And then, there's commander. Commander is hilarious fun, alright.
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    It sounds fun, alright.
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    Not that I actually know if it's not done better in other TCGs, but I like the synergy that goes into a deck, and the creativity and strategy involved to attain it both when deck building and when playing.

    Oh, yeah, and definitely don't buy physical stuff if you're not going to be an active player in real life.

    There's your problem.

    B-but, the translated versions are pretty good. The Spanish one is, at least.
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    a little muffled
    It's similar enough to Yu-Gi-Oh in its appeal, I'd imagine. The game mechanics are very different, but it's pretty similar at the most basic level. You've got your monster creature cards, you've got your spell cards, you do stuff with them.

    @Stormtrooper: Is it? Maybe they're better now, I dunno. I used to hear about screwups like this in foreign versions all the time.
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    Also, it is pretty self aware and funny sometimes, for a TCG (Jaya's quotes, Unhinged, Unglued, etc etc)
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    I like Godsire
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    I is sad that Godsire is not a Legendary and as such, I can't make it my general. 
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    Not being legendary means there is more than one, which is cool.
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    Well, yeah, buuuuuuuuut...a RGW commander that can spawn 8/8 creatures? Come on, that just leads to amazing combos.
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    @Juan_Carlos: I thought that Spanish's transliteration method was to take the sound and recreate it using pronunciation rules.  Such as with "beisbol".
  • edited 2011-08-20 18:20:02
    You can change. You can.
    EDIT: Wait, that was dumb. Gimme a bit and I'll edit this post. 

    Also, isn't it pronounced "Firexia"? With an i pronounced as in, say...edit?
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    I decided I'm gonna get into this game. Where do start?
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I don't know; I've always pronounced it "fye REX ee ah".
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    ...That actually sounds better. 

    Click on the link, register, download the program and then install it. After that, run Oracle (an application that comes with Cockatrice that allows you to download cards per set)

    I recommend downloading all of the cards (Mostly because most of the people who play here, like Nyktos or me like to use every possible card) After that, it's just a matter of asking one of us to play you or join a room if you want to (I recommend the first one because...well, you know it's easier to learn with people you know)

    Also, if you don't wanna build a deck yourself (Which is admittedly a pretty daunting task when you're getting into the game) I recommend checking the Duel Decks.  Try first using the monocolor Planeswalker decks (Such as Chandra, Jace, Lilliana, Garruk and Eslpeth) in order to get a proper feel of each color, what they do, etc etc. As you go along, you can either tweak and customize those decks or simply ditch them a create one of your own. 

  • $80+ per session
    Kay. Thanks :3
  • edited 2011-08-20 18:48:46
    The demo versions of Magic: the Gathering Online and Magic: the
    Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers have some pretty nice tutorials.

    Huh, apparently they removed MTGO's trial version. Shame, I was about to suggest that.
  • edited 2011-08-20 18:43:21
    a little muffled
    @Vivi: If you want help learning to play, there's this. I haven't used it, but I remember an older version being pretty good.
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    Why didn't you bastards give me anything like that back when I started. 
  • $80+ per session
    Thanks guys. After I feel I'm ready maybe we can play.
  • You can change. You can.
    And here I was thinking I could tteach you so one day you'd kill Haven. :<

    Or Zudak.

    Or Nyktos.

    Or the three of them at the same time. 
  • ^^^ Because we love to see you confused and stuck (more like stack, amirite?)

    Serious answer, I thought you already had the basics down.
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