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Silly geographical comments (or whatever you'd call this)

in Meatspace
Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
A thread for stuff like "Meanwhile in Florida" and "Meanwhile in Poland". And anything else anyone wants to add, of course.

Since this doesn't really fit into the IJBMer Updates thread anyway, particularly when there's another conversation going.

> mention that there are these random palm-like plants sprouting in the middle of friggin nowhere, like not near any other palms
> ask what they are
> someone identifies them as saw palmettos
> get to comment the following:
so i guess here in Florida you can just be doing your own thing and then suddenly saws start popping out of the ground for no obvious reason

(FYI, saw palmettos don't actually have their "sawblades" until entire leaves have emerged. It's only the leaves' stems that have the serrations. Also they grow slowly. And they're spread by birds and other fauna. They're basically like palm trees with pointy leaves, minus the trunk, because they don't grow any higher than being a big mass of pointy fronds several feet high.)


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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I heard about these a lot during a massive rugby tournament a couple of years ago, and since then I hear about them less frequently. Mostly referenced in relation to the Afrikaaner version of uh... let's say an "Uneducated Chad" (with vague farmboy frontier connotations, the type of guy who knows De La Rey by heart and barely understands it's patriotic message).

    However, finding examples online is practically impossible. Whatever, here's a bacuzzi (that is to say a jacuzzi in the back of your bakkie/single-cab pickup truck).
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I just now noticed that the OP has a larger font size than the comments do.

    I wonder if I should delete that from my OP and then repost it separately.
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    Ultimate Forum Poster
    I feel this thread will see some good use. Have a lazy Google Images search link.
    Also I just learned there are loads of [place] 2077 videos on Youtube.
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    How about images, do they still go to images thread even if it's about stuff happening only in X?
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    When I was a kid, I was pretty into a South African sitcom called "The Coconuts". It was about, well, uh:
    A white South African family ignores the warning of a mysterious old man not to park their holiday caravan in the burial grounds of his ancestors. They laugh him off and wake up the next morning totally transformed into black African people!

    Reword this and it was basically the lyrics to the super peppy theme song.

    Anyways, in the second season premiere, Patience the maid has an intense Bollywood dream sequence in which she is becomes an Indian lady, and she sings the following:
    I don't need to be stealing,
    'Cause I bargain very well,
    You say R500,
    And I say halfajee,
    I don't need to be stealing cause I bargain very well~!!!

    To be clear this is a white maid who has like... Slide Digivolved from black to Indian.

    The first season of the show show seems to be on YouTube but otherwise scrubbed from the collective consciousness (and reruns), presumably because if anybody but me remembered it existed anybody who had ever been on it would be super-instacancelled.

    Oh I found a description of S02E01:
    The episode starts where Season 1 left off with the Mbulis all having turned Coloured, and with Amandla toting a 6-month old Chinese baby. Patience is Indian. This all turns out to be a dream complete with Bollywood sequence, from which Patience awakes in the first few minutes. From then on, she is still white and the Mbulis are again black. In reality, Amandla is nearly nine months pregnant. The family has to deal with the stress of the imminent arrival of Amandla’s parents, as she insists on having the baby at home and needs her mother’s help. Amandla also has to make sure that Patience constantly wears a pregnancy “suit” in case the unborn child turns out to be white, so they can say that Patience gave birth to it.
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