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La vie en français~

Because there is a Spanish thread, so let's have a thread for talking about French stuff.

French stuff I like: baguettes, croissants, poutine, omelettes, croque-monsieurs, éclairs, quiches, crêpes, king cakes, bisques, onion soup, brie, gruyère, and (for nostalgic reasons) Code Lyoko.


  • Gallina seráfica
    French stuff I like:

  • Recently started playing Jeanne d'Arc for PSP.
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    Also been learning Spanish, which is also a Romance language and thus related to French.  Or something like that.

    I used to learn French at a community college when I was a kid.

    French, I remember, has obnoxious pronunciation, as opposed to Spanish which is far more straightforward.

    But I did learn the French E sound and the French U sound...the latter of which, it turns out, is regularly used in Cantonese Chinese.
  • Gallina seráfica
    Ouais, French is the odd one among romance languages when it comes to pronunciation. It really is hard to learn.
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