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"You are too young to be this cynical"

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I hear this a lot on the internet and in real life but when you consider the economy, the job market, Ukraine, school shootings, job politics and a variety of other things, it is somewhat difficult to not be cynical. I am not a cynic myself but when is it considered to be too young to be cynical?


  • 1. 1 year old is too young to be cynical.

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  • I read a few articles on it and there seems to be a consensus that twenty-somethings, teenagers and children are too young to be cynical especially since they haven't been tested yet.

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  • Why is it dumb?

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    I think cynicism is based very much on one's experiences and upbringing.

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    So it really doesn't matter what age you are because your views are influenced by your experiences and upbringing.

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    Judging by her outlandish attire she's some sort of free-thinking anarchist

    Kraken wrote:


    You tell someone "You're too young to be this cynical", you're saying that you have a preconceived idea of what age it is for someone to have a certain state of mind, and that you don't actually care about their personal experiences.

    Which makes you the asshole.

    Thank you for saying this. My dad's last girlfriend used to go on about this with a dippy tragic look on her face. Took everything I had not to fire back "Bitch aren't you a little old to be this naïve?" 

  • So age is just a number in this regard, huh?

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