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"The KKK condemns the WBC! Even hostile racial supremacist organizations have standards!"

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My arms are falling off!

Time and again on sites like FB and Tumblr, I see people passing around stuff about how even the Ku Klux Klan opposes the Westboro Baptist Church and therefore has more standards than the WBC.

No, because the WBC also frowns upon racist organizations, so the feeling between both is mutual.

And, they're both scummy organizations that deserve dissolution, so I wouldn't give either of them credit.

Also, obligatory mention of Fred Phelps's recent death and how he and the WBC are examples of people we should strive not to be.


  • In reply to his recent death, I want to say "and nothing of value was lost".

    Though, that raises an interesting philosophical question: What value, if any, does a person like him actually have to society?  Was there any value in, say, his group's trolling the 1st Amendment?

  • They serve as an example.

  • They serve to unite everyone in mutual hatred. 

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    "They serve as an example."

    This. As an anti role model in fact.

  • Basically you know how in this day and age "don't be that guy" is such a popular saying?

    WBC is That Guy.

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    All that really matters is we could be friends~☆

    Isn't That Guy a bit milder as a concept (in that it usually doesn't involve nonsensical, raging hatred and is more along the lines of something like the Nice Guy thing)?

    They serve to unite everyone in mutual hatred.

    I like this better.

  • They serve as an example.

    This has been toted in this thread as though it's actually a good thing, but in truth it actually ignores the titles and original post's message. Other people aren't looking at WBC and saying "This group represents things that are terrible and shouldn't be instilled into younger generations" they're saying "At least my discrimination isn't as bad as the WBCs"

    Good people didn't need examples of bad people, and bad people are still going to be bad regardless of their disgust at these groups.

  • It's not a good thing. I never meant it as such. They do bad things, and so we can look at them and know the bad things we shouldn't do.

    As to people comparing themselves with WBC, it's not really something you can stop. Folks did the same thing with CWC. Really, readily will readily race to the bottom and declare themselves second-to-last place as a point of pride, and there's nothing we can do about it.

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