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Dungeoncrawler's Academy - Interest Check + Signup (Xpost from Heapers' Hangout)

edited 2013-04-13 12:57:46 in Roleplaying
yea i make potions if ya know what i mean

So, you know me and my crazy ideas for games. Here's another one of those, which is inspired somewhat by Little Witch Academia and another somewhat by roguelikes (not the in-joke roguelike, the actual genre of game), though you need not necessarily be familiar with either of those things.

Essentially! Players will RP students at the Dungeoncrawler's Academy. A school built on top of The Great Dungeon, an enormous underground labyrinth that extends hundreds of floors and thousands of feet deep, and remains unmapped to this very day. Our story begins on the players' first true expedition into the dungeon, and will follow repeated trips until the players eventually become the first to reach the very bottom! Along the way acquiring lots of powerful magic items and shiny treasures.

Now, despite the clearly RPG-inspired settings, I haven't quite hammered out the mechanics yet, so currently this is more interest check than signup. I just wanted to pitch the idea and see if anyone would be interested.

this will be happening over there. So if you don't have a Heapers' Hangout account, sign up and just put the name of this RP in your application reason and I'll approve you as soon as I can.



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