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People who try to open doors to personal spots (bedroom, bathroom, etc) before knocking

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Just happened to me. They nearly walked in (one of the few times I forgot to lock the door). People, KNOCK FIRST! If the person doesn't answer, THEN try the knob!



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    But you never had any to begin with.

    ...There are bathrooms without locks? (Yeah, I know you said you forgot, but people are generally going to expect the door to, be, yannow, locked.)

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    If one is in a rush or whatever else, they may not remember to lock the door behind them (fuck, in grade 1 a kindergarten teacher ended up causing me to expose myself to her whole class by assuming every single kid in an elementary school would remember to lock the fucking door. Yes this problem is probably responsible for my oddly specific fear of closed, unlocked bathroom doors (very rare I forget to lock it due to that))
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    The way they try to open them, they seem to try to fling it open. And I never hear a hurried run to or from the door. Sometimes they shuffle along as they talk to someone, then try to FLING it open. So it's as if they assume that it is always empty

    These bathrooms tend to always have the door open if nobody is in it either

    Anyways, this also happens with bedrooms and the such

    I swear, one day I'll be about to open the door, it will swing open and smash my face, and I'm going to end up with a police record >.<
  • International roomies that plague you with questions while you're browsing shock vids is always good for a laugh, though.

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