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Anime/Hentai Artists and High Heels

in General
☭Unstoppable Sex Goddess☭
People spend hours and hours grinding out animu titties, willowy porcelain grils with tight, tender portioning and flawless asses, luminous eyes, you know, the works.

That shit fine. Is cool.

Then comes shoes. Like, listen mother fuckers, I'm pretty sure you've seen a high heel shoe. They're in a majority of the porn you watch, they have pictures of them on google at every possible angle. Hell, you can type in "russian high heel pornography sites" and you'd fine 3:4, Portrait and Ersatz-Skew of every high heel foot on the fucking planet. Hell, if you a hot boy, with scuffy hair, I'm sure you can wander into any Rue21 or DSW and ask if you can draw feet. Girls will eat up the chance to show off their fucking fine legs to some pandering artist, ego-trip 1000/10 "American Dream references" [Maybe we should watch Black Mirror]. Fuck you. Moving along.

Basically you can take a few seconds and draw the heels equally long. If you a lazy bitch who dont wanna erase your test lines, THEN LOOK UP THE Ellie-821, it's glass, no1curr!

BUT THEN IT HAPPENS. Somebody draws a lump, then adds a line under it, and then adds the stiletto. It's a trapezoid with a stick coming out of it, or a potato with a long barb. They used up all their creative PHALLOUS MAGNUS juices on drawing the frame, on making those perfect legs, and then let them terminate into some kind of stylistic failure that they either cut off at the bottom of the page, or display some kind of GROSS ASS FOOT STUMP WITH BLADES. 


Are you guilty of the crime of DRAWING BAD HIGH HEELS? I'll fuck you up, little boy. With my actual high heel. Right in the fucking eye mate, you put that shit in front of your computer, you make those lines work for you.


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