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When quicksave and quickload keys are next to each other and can't be redefined

edited 2012-02-17 08:38:36 in Media
But you never had any to begin with.

Dear developers: This is a terrible idea, and there is not one reason why it should be seen otherwise. Accidental saving and loading is a vile cancer upon our very souls.

Yours sincerely, F67


  • Or possibly worse, when quicksave and quickload are the same key, just with different modifiers.

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Well, actually, if you make one with and the other without, preferably load without and save with, then it's not that big a deal.

    The most important bit I'd say is to make sure that it's easier to load than to save, but it's not easy to accidentally load when saving.

    Standard practice established between Windows SNES9x and VBA is that F1~F9 are load and Shift+those are save.

    Nestopia used to have 1~9 for save and Shift+those for load, but this causes a lot of muscle-memory grief.  Fortunately, it's newer versions put Shift on save and make load the vanilla buttons.

    An old version of SNES9x for Mac has you actually go to completely separate screens for loading and saving, which was also rather nice, since it (1) gave you more time to make sure what you're doing is what you want to do, and to choose which slot you wanted, and (2) there were twelve slots instead of the typical ten.  I haven't used SNES9x on Mac for about a decade now.

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    I never use quicksave and quickload. I win.

  • But you never had any to begin with.

    Now all your games take twice as long to play. :P

  • if u do convins fashist akwaint hiz faec w pavment neway jus 2 b sur

    It's a relic from my early gaming days (read: little kid who's still in kindergarten), when I didn't even know I could quicksave or quickload, so I did it the long way. Eventually, I got used to it.

  • @GMH: I really really REALLY hate save keys being a modifer + the load keys. I can't count how many times I've suddenly been teleported halfway back through the level because I pressed F5 a fraction of a second BEFORE I hit shift instead of a fraction of a second AFTER.

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    ...good point.


    In that case, the old Mac SNES9x system is the best.  Bring the user to a state selection screen with screenshots of the states in each save slot.

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