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When multiple events line up to my benefit

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Has friends besides tanks now

So I have this essay that's due tomorrow, right? And of course, I just started it yesterday, and only got a paragraph in before I went to bed. So I was like "shit, tomorrow's not going to be fun". So what happens? In Wind Ensemble, the teacher/band director decides to use the last twenty minutes of class to play the CD from last night's jazz festival, for the school's performances, so we got to use the time to do work. Then I worked on it during lunch a bit. And in Intro to Law, I generally get some time to do whatever on the laptop. And in Physics, we had a test. I was freaking out, but the test turned out to be much easier than I had expected (I hope), and so I had about 45 minutes to do more work.

tl;dr: I wrote four paragraphs on an assignment for a different class during school, without any workshops


  • We Played Some Open Chords and Rejoiced, For the Earth Had Circled the Sun Yet Another Year

    On Tuesdays, my early morning biology class meets in one of the school labs, to do an assignment that we will not have time for. This Tuesday, though, I forgot almost entirely about it, and went upstairs with my breakfast (teacher usually lets us eat in the classroom), to find a sign saying "2/14 Pd. 0 Meet in Lab". naturally I was pretty tired, and the teacher doesn't let us eat in the lab, so I sat down on the floor in front of the class to eat.

    Just then, my former English teacher notices me walking by and tries to open the classroom door for me, so I explain to him the situation. So he invites me to sit inside the teacher's room on that floor, and I start eating.

    Then, out of nowhere, he asks me "Do you have anything going on today?"

    Confused, I say "No."

    He then tells me: "I'm taking my class to a production of Richard III starring Kevin Spacey, and two of my students dropped at the last minute. Want to go with us?"

    Since I couldn't think of anything I had going on that day, I say yes.

    tl;dr: I got to see Kevin Spacey hamming it up like a boss because I forgot I had lab one day

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