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I've got no contempt for American society

edited 2012-02-16 17:35:58 in General

This puts me at odds with a good number of people.



    I have contempt for certain trends in American society.

  • Pah. Foreign policy is where most of the hate comes from, though a misguided near religious belief in rugged individualism doesn't help. Anecdotal evidence, but the majority of jingoistic brats I've seen on the Net tend to be American, and I trace that to the US generally not being exposed to other cultures that much.


    ^Someone's never met Right-wing British patriooooots.

    Not that that makes that jingoistic assholes on our side any better.

  • Give us fire! Give us ruin! Give us our glory!

    ^^Strange, since the U.S. IS pretty culturally diverse even when not taking into account the massive amounts of immigrant populations dotted through out major cities and beyond.

  • Though you'll never know it from idiots like Doma Doma from Tvtropes claiming that only Hollywood movies are good.

  • I clench my fists and yell "anime" towards an uncaring, absent God, and swear solemnly to press my thumbs into Chocolate America's eyeballs until he is blinded, to directly emasculate sporting figures, to beat the shit out of tumblr users with baseball bats, and to quietly appreciate what Waylon Smithers being gay means to me.
    As one grows up, one realizes that the United States isn't the only country full of racist/xenophobic assholes. Although it does have its fair share
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    I don't presume these are accurate representations of entire cultural environments, but my experience with people on the internet has rigidly adhered (if perhaps by pure chance) to the following stereotypes:

    -American nationalists just don't think any other country is worth their concern, don't know what goes on in them and don't care about their positive or negative points either way, although they have a foggy idea that there's a lot of "socialists" out there.

    -British nationalists will harbor contempt towards another country (sometimes exclusively America) for a laundry list of highly specific, detailed criticisms often based on whatever foreign news was hilarious enough to reach them, kinda like if we were to judge a whole country by its Fark headlines.

  • ^ Anti-Americanism in Britain is usually associated with the left, rather than the right, though. It's more the sort of people who see the US as the incarnation of evil capitalism and/or the protector of evil Israel. My Dad's like that. The patriotic, right-wing crowd tend to be pro-American.

    That's IRL though - there's no accounting for Internet nutcases.

    It's also worth bearing in mind that Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have all got significant nationalist movements that hate the whole concept of the UK. So really, British nationalists tend to be English nationalists (or Ulster Unionists).


  • Mainly I'm thinking of Americans who hate their own country, the kind who often threaten to move to Canada.

  • And then don't for some reason XD

  • No rainbow star
    It's harder than you think to become a Canadian (which is why I'll have to move to the states to be with my girlfriend, among many other reasons)
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