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I'm addicted to Minecraft

edited 2011-01-10 03:11:06 in IJBM meta
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If I get bored, BAM! A MOD!

Heck, I got the mo mobs mod. In 14 horses I found a Pegasus and a Unicorn

I'm excited over a mutant flying horse and a horse that only approaches virgins and is usually adored by little girls. All because it is a mod for Minecraft (Mind you, through breeding, this can result in a Nightmare, which sets the ground on fire, or a Black Pegasus, which is a flying Pegasus/Unicorn that presumably impales pe-DAMNIT THERE I GO AGAIN!)



  • You play a lot of a video game you really like? Truly, this experience is as horrible as it is unprecedented.
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    Gelzo, it's one thing to play it a lot. It's another to play it to the point that you get sleep deprived
  • A flying horse that sets the ground on fire? I gotta check that out.
  • No rainbow star
    No, the Nightmare doesn't fly. The Black Pegasus does

    And D: My laptop crashed. Most games just make you go back to an earlier save file. Minecraft? Days of work, deleted

    The whole save is gone. All that mining, all that farming, all that... Everything. Gone

    Would it be cheating if I hacked back in my three prize horses and my 6 pumpkins after that? Because even if it is, I don't care. That is bullshit, what just happened :(
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