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A little error can lead to a lot of paranoia

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About a month ago, I got my school computer's Hard Drive replaced, after repeated Kernel Panics. Everything seemed to go well, and when I got home I went onto to another website to basically discover... that they forgot to install the website-filtering software they used for home use.

I didn't know if it really was an error(It could have been the root of the repeated kernel panics) or not, but I decided to take my newfound freedom and run with it. And then I realized that they could track the history and the cookies, and I contemplated just reporting this as an error. And the question is... should I do it? I don't want to give up my newfound freedom, but at the same time, it feels wrong trying to hide it and eventually get in trouble.


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    What are you able to do without the filter that you are not able to do with it?
  • Without the filter, I can access sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and other sites that are non-essential to school. The usual suspects when it comes to school filtering.

    With the filter, it blocks a plethora of sites including those, but also blocks specific "obscene" words in Google, even innocuous words like "Sword" or "Ghost." It can get exceedingly irritating if I want to look up things of that nature for homework.

    It's a choice between eventually getting in trouble or accepting a hilariously draconian filtering software.
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    What sort of school are you attending?
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    "I will grant you two wishes; one for each testicle."
    InPrivate browsing.

    It doesn't keep cookies or history.
  • ^^A generic high school, knee-deep in debt from spending most of their cash on crap Macbooks.

    ^Well, I use a Mac, so I use Safari's equivalent.
  • MrWMrW
    edited 2011-12-13 15:33:07
    Well, I told tech support about it. They said I wasn't in trouble, it was their mistake. I just have to present a screenshot of my computer on Youtube.

    I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a blow to free speech, because the censorship software they use at home is... draconian, to say the least.
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    ...why did you tell them?
  • MrWMrW
    edited 2011-12-13 16:05:47
    Because I wanted to be honest. It was stupid, in hindsight.

    And, I'm also actively collecting proxies for my own use.

    I wish I could have stopped myself from saying it. -_-
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