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This TT RPG idea from /tg/

edited 2011-12-05 22:48:37 in IJAM
One foot in front of the other, every day.
How about this for a 4e setting /tg/? The setting takes place inside of
an mp3 player, and the standard power sources for classes are instead
replaced by very broad musical genres, with paragon paths becoming more
focused on a style (rock to metal, etc). The players are a group of
songs in their respective genres fighting to remain wanted by The User,
the overdeity representing the guy who owns the mp3 player. Other NPCs
are also songs, usually minor favorites, with bad guys being songs who
have outlived their use to The User, forever being skipped yet not
granted true oblivion by him, attacking other songs in order to
strongarm their way into The User's ears. While The User is the only
true god, the divine classes worship the artists themselves, finding
meaning and hope within their lyrics.

HP doesn't represent
wounds or determination, but how much The User likes you as a song.
Gaining levels means you are more liked, while being killed means he is
bored of you and deletes you off of the mp3. Your second winds and
healing surges are tapping into a part of your song to pull through,
such as catchiness or a particularly haunting refrain).


Along with a picture of a vocaloid.



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