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What other forums do you guys use, if any?

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Has friends besides tanks now
I ask partly out of harmless curiosity, and partly because I might branch out if a particular forum interests me.

To start: I occasionally visit Something Awful and Giant in the Playground.


  • No rainbow star
    Ctrl+Alt+Del (specifically The Missing Link subforum) and occasionally the Minecraft forums
  • One foot in front of the other, every day.
    TVT. Hurr.

    These two are my mains, though.
  • a little muffled
    I still follow a couple threads on TVT, and I hang out on the official Magic: The Gathering forums as well as MTG Salvation.
  • That's the thing, I don't. Except for the TVT forums. 

    Let me use this as a place to explain something: I have essentially only ever belonged to one forum at a time. Before I started playing NationStates in early high school, I never belonged to a forum, period. Then in spring 2006, freshman year, I joined NationStates, joined a region called Charis, and joined their forum. It was small and relaxed and a great if somewhat sheltered introduction to forum culture.

    And that was it for years. That forum and then a series of successors when we merged with another region and formed Uroca. We kept dying off and coming back, but around the time that the Uroca forums gave out for good, in my senior year of high school, I got into outdoor warning sirens.

    So the airraidsirens.com forums were my main forum for late high school and into freshman year of college. Also around this time were some faltering Uroca revival attempts. And oh yeah: I finally dove into TV Tropes, which I had been technically introduced to back in senior year. And I found the forums, and began to hang out there more and more.

    At some point I walked away from the siren forum, discouraged by the lack of freshness and lack of appreciation for my contributions. TV Tropes forum was basically everything to me from then on, and I am still very much a regular, if not exactly a frequent poster. But I've been with these forums from the beginning, since the previous incarnation of IJBM2 actually. 

    So this and TVT stand equal as my only two. As I said at the start. Thank you for reading. If you even did.
  • Tinier Me and Gaiaonline very rarely.

    Also hang around on Vocaloid Otaku. n/////n;;
  • No rainbow star
    ^ What's Tinier Me?
    I'm on-and-off with a bunch of forums. Superhero hype, TV Tropes, My Anime List, a toku one I now lost the address to... ;_;
  • Besides this forum, I mainly go on Something Awful's forums. 
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    Thane of rum-guzzling and necromancy

    [redacted], Anime-Planet, [redacted], and [redacted] and [redacted].

  • Tv Tropes for general media, SA for MMA & Pro-wrasslin, occasionally ENWorld to catch up on D&D stuff.
  • Give us fire! Give us ruin! Give us our glory!
    SA, TVT, this place, /tg/ (if that counts), and most recently the miniwargaming forums.
  • We Played Some Open Chords and Rejoiced, For the Earth Had Circled the Sun Yet Another Year
    Lurking on SA, occasionally posting on /mu/, searching for a new music forum.
    Oh I guess /co/ counts as well.
  • Hi! I’m a magical teenage princess from the faraway planet Asteria.
    TVT, though I'm much less active there lately, and AARoads.
  • I'm surprised no one said anything to the effect of "Wait, sirens? How is one "into that"? There's a forum for that?"

    That's the reaction I usually get.

    It's a good think I don't have more forums. I waste enough time on these two and Facebook and used cars/real estate as it is...
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    She gets the pills from her skills, and she gets her skills from the pills.
    Lurked SA before the paywall, TVT, Neopets, imnotokay.net.
  • Evergreen - There's actually an example mentioning that forum on a trope page I edited recently. I think the trope was "the forum veteran who's mean to new users", although I can't remember the exact name. Was that one of yours?

    I only really use IJBM and (less often now) TV Tropes. I like to pretend I have a non-online social life...

  • Kichigai birthday!!
    Several boards in 4chan,and the Japanese Memes thread in Know your meme
  • Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder’s eye on the last Day.
    I don't really post anywhere else. :/
  • Here, TVT, & Drowtales forum.  I'm not all that active on any of them at the moment.
  • captainbrass: I think that actually was me! Yeah, that was ages ago, but I did mention it there. I forget what the trope is called too...
  • Likes cheesecake unironically.
    The only forum I regularly visit is TV Tropes. There are other forums, but I visit them very infrequently.
  • I used to go on the Giant in the Playground forum too. Lately, though, just this corner of the web. 

    I'm surprised no one said anything to the effect of "Wait, sirens? How is one "into that"? There's a forum for that?"

    Maybe if I didn't know CA.

  • You can change. You can.
    IJBM, TvT, lurk SA when in need of image macros, same with 4Chan and that's about it.
  • probably human
    Pretty much just this and TV Tropes.

    SA if you count reading Lets Plays, and I do sometimes check out their SS13 forum.
  • Here, TVT and Starmen.net
  • A continuously decreasing number of TV Tropes' threads.
  • Just TV Tropes and occasionaly a Sims 2 forum. I used to go to the forums on Behindthename.com, but to be honest they started to bore me to death.
  • EGS forums, TVT, aaaaaaaaand, that's it.
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