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Having a baby at home!?!?

edited 2011-05-23 01:46:24 in Meatspace
So my wife and I are doing something called Hypno-birthing (I know it sure sounds weird.

Basically It is where you relax yourself to the max to not feel (or minimize) pain during birthing. Thats right. And that's right, no pain meds, no hospital. Only midwives and husband for support.

Apparently, many women have actually succeeded in having a pain free (or very close to pain free) births! Even people I know.

Heres a little history.

Long ago when plato and other philosophers would write about births, the word "pain" was almost never associated.
After the time era, women and birthing became looked down upon. Birthing was "gross" Unclean. Women were unclean and considered gross themselves often.

This lead to self consciousness, and fear in women. As time Comrade Went by, there was more and more reported pain. Hypno birthing calls this Fear tension pain syndrome.

In the 50s women would not be allowed to see their husbands during birth but rather be forced into a birthing room, and knocked out with a drug. Many believe this was unfair to women and to their babies. (It was actually very hard on the infants)

Well so some lady decides she's not going to put up with it anymore. Everyone called her crazy and actually wouldnt even let her do a drug free birth with her husband presant until her third birth were she threatened to get a new doctor. Anyways, all Comrade Went well with her because she decided fear was not going to play a role.

It has taken years for this to take off, but now her story lives strong as many people begin to use her method, and have success might I add. Find more here

Well this is what my wife and I are doing.

Are we crazy!?!

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