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People who think RPGMaker games make legit games

edited 2011-05-13 13:55:51 in General
Morgan Freeman is God
Why do people insist on making games in RPGMaker? Just program a game from scratch, RPGMaker games are pretty much guaranteed to suck, with rare exception.

I know, it's easier said than done, but really...


  • a little muffled
    Bad RPG Maker games are infinitely better than bad games coded from scratch.
  • I'm surprised you have to pay for this thing. Also: Yume Nikki is the only major game I can think of built with this.
  • Morgan Freeman is God
    Probably because it's one of the few good games made with it.
  • Yeah, seriously.  And when you learn to program, make sure you learn Assembly.  Because all those other languages are way too high-level and relatively easy to use.

    Seriously, though, I don't see the problem with it.  Yeah, it's true that games made with it generally won't be so great, but people have fun with it so... I dunno.  It doesn't seem so bad.
  • Morgan Freeman is God
    I'm just upset that when people make a fan sequel to a game like Final Fantasy, they immediately think "RPGMaker!"

    If I could do a fan sequel, I'd do one of professional quality. If I could.
  • a little muffled
    But you can't, and neither can anyone who doesn't have a team of skilled programmers and a team of skilled writers, all of whom are unemployed and yet willing to work for free.

    RPG Maker allows you to do a far better job than you'd likely be able to do on your own in your spare time otherwise.
  • That's right, if you could. I'm guessing some of the people who want to make games don't have the skills to make games with anything more complicated, so it's either this or nothing.
  • Morgan Freeman is God
    I really just kinda hate the stock sound effects and animations, really.
  • Well you'd have exactly the same problem if people programmed games from scratch.

    Programmers aren't generally known for their artistic ability after all, and so it'd still either be shitty original art and sounds, or stuff ripped from other games.
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    GuyInWhite: Since you advocate putting effort into programming things well, how about a compromise: You make a hack of RPG Maker that includes custom sound effects and stuff.
  • What difference does it make how it was made so long as the end product is good? You're bound to get games that suck either way.
  • ☭Unstoppable Sex Goddess☭
    I really just kinda hate the stock sound effects and animations, really.

    Then don't use them. It allows you to implement EVERYTHING you made into the game engine itself. Thats one of the main things I am tripping on right now, due to my tedious 32x32 icons for...7 items so far. Making a game is a lot more than dragging and dropping, otherwise EVERYONE would have made an amazing game, which of course, will never happen.

    The amount of things that come from it may be horrible, but there is something about Sturgeons that makes it so the bigger fish is always the most appreciated.

    And there is also an in-game script writer for things you can't see in the executable. If you know the code, you can make the game system. The problem with using other avenues like Pygame, Java or C++ is the fact that you will need to learn A LOT of the base code before being able to do anything significant like....make a sprite shoot a particle and do damage to an object (6 Part Tutorials for that shit, seriously?). RPG maker is easy, and all of the extra bulk is still there to access. It just adds the suplemental extra material so you can get your head around what works.

    Which reminds me I need to work on my game again.
  • Rare exception? Oh please, I only download RPGMaker games that have their own TVTropes page and I haven't been disappointed so far.
  • As a petty and vindictive person, I have to take extra steps not to appear petty and vindictive.
    All those people making games in the Unreal engine suck, and need to stop!
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