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Russian Othodox Church official wants to forbid wearing miniskirts in public

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Of course, this has no chance to be passed, and even if it was, exactly what could the church do to enforce it, but seriously - is that guy completely insane? (sigh) This one suspects that zombies ate his brain while he wasn't looking.


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    Heard it all before.

    (referring to the story, not calling you out for posting it)

    Women, said Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, can't be trusted to clothe themselves properly.

    It's worse than I thought.
  • a little muffled
    It seems like wearing miniskirts outside in Russia would be a bad idea anyway.
  • hey, it's not like there is winter all 12 months. Summer is quite warm
  • "It seems like wearing miniskirts outside in Russia would be a bad idea anyway."

    The Russian winter is what separates the REAL attention whores from the wannabes.
  • yea i make potions if ya know what i mean
  • I'd consider wearing miniskirts in Russia a symptom of madness rather than a cause :P

    I can see where they're coming from, but facepalm nonetheless at the extremely misogynistic way of going about it, and they really don't have any right to try taking it to the state level.
  • Blaming women for the male gaze. Typical.
  • It just annoys me when women wearing t-shirts with text on them complain about people looking at their chest. Maybe if there wasn't anything to read, I wouldn't be trying to, hmm? :P
  • Blaming women for the male gaze. Typical.

    Well, to be fair there's rather little other reason for voluntarily wearing something that skimpy.
  • Women dress mostly for themselves, not for men. There are plenty of reasons to wear sexy things without trying to attract a mate; sometimes it's just fashionable or comfortable.
  • Life needs a greater supply of these macros. 

    Anyway, sheepskin boots + miniskirts/shorts + heavy jacket = lolwut 

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