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Nobody else finds Gluttony from Fullmetal Alchemist...

edited 2011-01-08 13:02:00 in Media
...sympathetic. He's the most tragic character in my eyes, but nobody else ever seems to care about him.


  • I love him. He's so cute.
  • But he fails at everything he tries to do. His only friend is dead. His dad is abusive. He is the most tragic character in the history of fiction. Plus, he's fucking hungry.
  • Yeah, he doesn't seem evil, just stupid.
  • edited 2011-01-08 14:10:34
    I think some people find Gluttony to be sympathetic. I have even heard people call him a woobie before (I think I saw that in the anime/manga subforum on TV Tropes). I agree that he does seem somewhat pathetic and I believe the many times he gets blasted apart to regenerate again adds to that.

    I am not quite sure why many people do not find him sympathetic, but perhaps it is because he seems like a monster considering he eats people. I think that the less monstrous a homunculus seems the more one may be able to relate to it. That is part of the reason why I believe that Lust may be easier for people to like than Gluttony.

    I am not sure about any of this though and given that Gluttony eats people, I cannot say I particularly like him.
  • Gluttony is sympathetic but he also eats people so it's hard for me to find him cute.
  • yea i make potions if ya know what i mean
    He, uh.

    Eats people.

    Like, literally eats people.

    Hard for me to find him sympathetic.
  • I found him cute and amusing even when eating people. I never did watch all of that show...I wonder if I would find him sympathetic. Likely.
  • Yeah, I can definitely see him as a woobie.
  • I've barely read/watched FMA, but even I know Gluttony is so cute! Woobie indeed.
  • My friends laugh almost every time Gluttony gets gorily exploded. They are truly monsters.
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