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Built-in icemakers in refrigerators are one of the most useless features

edited 2024-06-30 16:16:54 in Meatspace
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Posting a one-sided rant about a topic almost feels like it doesn't belong on the internet in the year 2024, but this is IJBM.

Icemakers are these big bulky mechanisms for automatically freezing water and producing chunks of ice. They're a popular feature that's built into refrigerators (i.e. fridges) these days (since fridges generally contain both a fridge side and a freezer side). Usually there's a dedicated water line that's fed into the fridge to feed this mechanism, so sometimes it's combined with an exterior dispenser that can dispense both the ice and the water into a cup, but there are some models that just have the icemaker by itself.

And they're, like, useless. You can do the same with ice trays, plus you get to look at the water in them before putting them in the freezer.

Sure, you can't make ice in as large batches unless you get a ton of ice trays, but how often will you need that much? If you're throwing a party and need drinks with ice, you have time to prepare. If the party is happening suddenly, then it's not as important of an occasion. And If you just want to put ice in a drink, a couple manually-loaded trays of twelve blocks each should be more than sufficient.

Meanwhile they take up a huge chunk of space in the freezer. Space that can be used to, y'know, actually store stuff. Even worse when they're attached to a dispenser, since that means they're forced to be on the outside of the fridge.

Heck, you can buy a bunch of ice trays, fill them with water, and stack them on top of each other, and make ice that way! And that space can now be swapped out for something else if you happen to buy groceries in bulk and have lots of frozen foods you need to store.

Plus, why run an extra water line to the fridge when you can already get stuff from your tap? It's not like the water's any different. Oh, you can put a filter in the fridge...well you can put a filter on the tap or use an external pitcher filter, too.

Did you just want to chill your drink? There's a fridge right there. There's a freezer right there if you want to chill it faster. Also there's ice in the ice trays in the freezer, if you really want ice immediately.


  • "you duck spawn, refined creature, you try to be cynical, yokel, but all that comes out of it is that you're a dunce!!!!! you duck plug!"
    Technically speaking I agree with your arguments, yet about every time I heard someone speak about it they were quite fond of the device. I guess it falls somewhere between capitalism and people just liking fancy features.
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