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It legimitately bugs me that

There will never be a great big shitposting night like there was that one time
That this site (no offense) is functionally dead
That I don't know anywhere else where I can log in and just be an idiot and it's cool
That my childhood is dead and nostalgia just hurts
That nothing will ever be like it was

My bad for being sentimental but wow, time flies when you're not paying attention. I miss... everything. I miss youth and my (general lack of) innocence. I miss when everything was pointless and it was fine, as opposed to everything just being pointless. Then again it is nearly 3am here and I am in an altered state of mind so who really cares lololol


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    There are still places where you can shitpost, though obviously that depends on the kind of shitposting you do, and also on how durable or how anonymous you want your account to be.

    also lol 3am
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    Yeh, it bugs me too that this site ain't what it used to be, or all the other things that aren't what they used to be.

    I remember back then trying to make things so that eventually not everything would be pointless, but in the end that was pointless too.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    As a kid, I had this general disconnect between the shows I watched and real life. That is; how come these shows can have the mostly same cast for seasons who are friends forever and yet I can't seem to hold on to friends year to year?

    This was probably made much worse by my shunning of social media.

    Anyways I learned this lesson pretty early on so I don't feel distraught about these things.
    eventually not everything would be pointless

    This is a feeling I can't shake. In all honesty, I felt that writing DapperMan I was adding to toy history, and it genuinely gave me a strange but intense sense of meaning, but the effort kind of ate me up and I genuinely wasn't willing to work as hard as I could at it in certain ways.

    Maybe I should try again?
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    how old is ash anyway

    But yeah, one could say it is a rather strange, yet fortuitous, thing, that we are still around and still continue chatting with each other.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    how old is ash anyway

    He's eternally ten like Horie Yui.
    that we are still around and still continue chatting with each other.

    I think we're all somewhat similar in some way but that feels like a weird thing to say considering how we're super totally not at all very similar. It's probably some fundamental way only an outsider can observe properly.

    hopefully it's not procrastination
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    oh ship
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